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This Websie was created on November 21, 2016, by Dr John WorldPeace JD for the purpose of IMPEACHING DONALD TRUMP from the office of President of the United States in the event the does not resign while serving as President Elect prior to being sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2016.

President Obama has said, he will work against all the unAmerican policies and programs that Donald Trump attempts to delete, thwart or enact. President Obama is with me and the majority of American voters who by a margin of over ONE MILLION votes rejected Donald Trump as President of the United States and his Alt-Right, Isolationist, Racist agenda. Donald Trump does not have a mandate from the Americans who voted on November 8, 2016: Hillary Clinton does. Donald Trump is in office due to the unAmerican Electoral College that should have been repealed over a hundred years ago. In America, the majority rules. The Electoral College is a manipulation of the vote that allows the installation of a President who was not elected by the majority of voting Americans. This is clearly contrary to American Democracy and is a dark if not evil defect in American Law.

I am against virtually everthing that Donald Trump represents from the unlimited accumulation of wealth, a refusal to be charitable to relieve the suffering in the world and to promote uplifting programs, his racism, his focusing on Muslims as secondary citizens, his isolationism in the non-stoppable growing Globalism, his constant lies, his arrogance with regards to just about every one and every country in the world. His refusal to show his income taxes so that Americans can clearly see his bias toward his Empire and potentally contrary to American interests both local and globally. And much more that you can read about below.

My main website is I am an advocate for peace and WorldPeace (world peace needs to be written as one word so it is viewed as one thing, not two) but I am not a pacifist. I am not against everything Donald Trump is for. You will see that below.

I have degrees in Political Science, Accounting and Law from the University of Houston. I am a U S Army Veteran. I have been officially self-employed as a web designer since October 2003. I have pursued my art for over 5 years, Poetry for over 46 years, religious writing on all the major religions with more emphasis on Christianity all my life. I am a spiritual Christian not a religious one; meaning I attend church regularly but I am a member of no church. In fact, I am not a member of anything organization. I consider all membership as creating an Us v. Them mentality which is an impediment to WorldPeace. We must see each other first as human beings.

My signature statement is "How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all religions, all races, all nationalities, all gender designations and especially the equality of women) if we do not include everyone in our vision of peace? The answer is we cannot.

I do not have and will not ever set up a political (other than a political campaign) or religious organization. I do not solicit money. If you want to contribute to WorldPeace then buy my art, books, etc or employ me as a web designer and if you so desire pay me a bonus above what I charge. All money will go toward the advocacy of peace. I do not own a car or a home or more that $3000 in personal assets and not more than $1000 in business assets. The web design business is not one that requires more than a minimal investment in tangible assets. My business and my art and writings etc do have value no doubt but there has never been an evaluation of any of my creations.

I refuse to spend my life accumulating money for the sake of increasing my power and status in the world human society. My power and status comes from who I am and not what I own. My charity focus is primarily centered on creating jobs that allow people peace of mind and the ability to support their loved ones.

I have a significant web site at I probably live the most open life on the planet. Virtually nothing about me is hidden.

The foundation of peace in the world human society and the level of peace in the world human society is controlled by governments, the law and religions. All have reached their limit in significantly increasing the level of peace in the world. It is time for a break out.

I am qualified in politics with a political science degree and running for Governor of Texas in 2002 as a Democrat. I lost the primary in March 2002. I have studied politics all my life with a major interest in American Politics and much study regarding Nazi Germany looking for how sane people could be lead to insanity and undeniable evil.

I am qualified in the law with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree and 20 years of practicing law in Houston, Texas.

I am qualified to speak about all the major religions of the world because as you can see from I have extensively self studies in all the major religions. I have always been a Christian. I am not a born again Christian. I believe in the red letter words of Jesus in the Bible as a foundation for my personal relationship with God. All the rest is just commentary (much of it edited for political power and control). I believe Jesus was resurrected. Something no other human being has accomplished. Therefore I am a spiritual Christian.

However, that being said, the law of the human race must remain secular. A democracy must embrace all religions. A secular democracy is defective when it makes any pronouncement that any race, religion, nationality or gender of human beings should be considered secondary citizens simply by being a member of a certain classification of human beings.

I believe criminals should be brought to justice and if their crimes are heinous, they can be executed. But the law is so corrupt in every government the death penalty is usually reserved for those without power or money.

You cannot execute an infinite immortal soul. You can only terminate a finite mortal body. And all that is happening with capital punishment is the shortening of a life before its time. In fact, all human bodies die.

Again if you want to know what I believe, read all I have published on my website.

I am not adverse to running for President of the United States as a Democrat or 3d party if that is necessary in my mind to prevent Donald Trump from having a second term in 2020. Right now the will of the American majority was a rejection of Donald Trump as President of the United States. We need to focus on the interim elections in 2018 and make the House and Senate Democratic to throttle back Donald Trumps unAmerican activities.

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Commentary by By Dr John WorldPeace JD during the Presidental campaign of Donald Trump.


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Dr John WorldPeace JD Anti Trump Commentary February1, 2018 to February 28, 2018


Another Rat, albeit a pretty Rat, is jumping the TRUMP ZERO sinking ship.
Have no doubt what Hope or anyone else says, she got a wake-up call and reality check yesterday in her visit to testify in Congress. She sees she is going to have to sink the TRUMP ZERO boat with her "Little White Lies" confessions. She does not like the idea of trashing her life at 27. Her boyfriend Porter was flushed a few weeks ago. 666 Kushner is under attack. If TRUMP ZERO cannot protect 666 Kushner, then no one is safe. Actually, TRUMP ZERO threw 666 Kusher overboard. And now he is going after Sessions again. The whipping boys and girls are thinning out.
There will be more rats following Hope out the door. Her leaving is a clear message; everyone for themselves. She knows TRUMP ZERO cannot protect her from what is coming. Smart girl.
Funny you hear about these people leaving for one reason or another but you don't hear about anyone new coming on board.
I said many months ago there was going to be a mass exodus. This is a big pretty rat leaving. Thank you Hope. Thanks for letting us see the hope of a USA without TRUMP ZERO sooner or later.
TRUMP ZERO the greatest of the great is running short of "do or die" supporters on his staff. I am really looking forward to all the books that are going to come out about the reality of the TRUMP ZERO White House.
Is it possible that Hope really did have sex with TRUMP ZERO.
Someone wrote the other day, that the Fall of TRUMP ZERO is going to be a bigger deal than Watergate and the Fall of Nixon. I agree.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180228


About this article
Hope Hicks to Leave White House Communications Job

Ms. Hicks, who had been considering a departure for several months, did not indicate what her next job would be, but she said that she plans to leave the White House in the coming weeks.

OK Folks, here is the logic.
1) 666 Kushner does not have Top Secret clearance. 
2) 666 Kushner goes to a meeting with foreign dignitaries. 
3) 666 Kushner makes statements in the meeting that are contrary to information that he is not allowed to see.
Only TRUMP ZERO can make sense out of insanity.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180228


About this article
Kelly, Kushner tension simmers amid West Wing uncertainty

The existing battle-lines between Jared Kushner and chief of staff John Kelly are further entrenched and new diplomatic challenges have arisen after the decision to downgrade Kushner's security clearance, people familiar with the matter say.

Mueller is inching his way into the corrupt shady slimy world of TRUMP ZERO. I have said since before the nomination by the Republicans that if TRUMP ZERO tried to be president it would bring down his entire shady house of cards. I have dealt with too many people like TRUMP ZERO in my career; not as allegedly rich as TRUMP ZERO nor spread out internationally like TRUMP ZERO, and I know his type. I know that anyone who lies as much as he does, anyone who is obsessed with money is always dirty. And the hedonistic sex and booze and dope are usually part of it. I think TRUMP ZERO is a closet drug user and maybe alcoholic. But he seems predominantly a sex addict and I have absolutely no doubt his sex addiction is being hidden by the Secret Service.
Now TRUMP ZERO for the first time realizes that he cannot get rid of Mueller. TRUMP ZERO STUPID has forced all his staff that go in front of the Congressional investigations and Senate investigations to stonewall and not answer questions. This is barely acceptable to the Republicans but after the midterms when the Democrats control the House, impeachment will be a big Green Flashing Neon Sign with IMPEACH written on it. The Stonewalling means that Mueller is the only one who is going to get to the truth and I see no way for TRUMP ZERO to get rid of Mueller now that he is telling his staff to stonewall the House and Senate investigations. In a word, TRUMP ZERO is painting himself into a smaller and smaller corner.
Also, the dirt I have always alleged on the TRUMP SNAKE 666 Kushner has reached a point where Kelly was forced to reduce 666's security clearance. And again we see another TRUMP MEME will all kinds of shady financial deals internationally.
I understand money laundering, and shell corporations and tax shelters and all kinds of legal and illegal money manipulation. I know how these TRUMP clones operate. Take all the millionaire Republicans in the Senate and House and all the backers of the huge PACs and you will find the motherlode of TRUMP MEME's.
And if you don't believe they are all totally in line with TRUMP ZERO just look at the radical pro-rich Americans and giant American corporation CEOs Presidents and Chairmen of the Boards and interlocking directors of the major corporations. The average American has about as much chance of wrapping their heads around this as a clam.
And this does not even get to the insane corruption that is Netanyahu and the Zionist and all the foolish manipulated Evangelical Christians.
The list of conservative wrong-headed Americans who supported and continue to support TRUMP ZERO are going to have a giant wakeup call to the depth of their ignorance as TRUMP ZERO is slowly roasting thanks to Mueller and company and keeping the light on for the Democrats after the November elections.
I feel better each day that American Democracy will survive. Even with TRUMP ZERO stonewalling any attack on Russia. I have no doubt now he is being blackmailed by the Russians. TRUMP ZERO's arrogant gamble was that he could build a wall around his dealings with Russia and Putin probably indirectly for many years before he decided he could hoodwink all of America and become President and then profiteer to the max.
Well, the worm has turned as they say.
The TRUMP ZERO dog and pony show has crested and there is nothing but bad news and worse bad news coming until this FALSE PRESIDENT is flushed into a jail cell. Actually, I am seeing TRUMP ZERO starting to think about suicide. He cannot live in jail. He is not a survivalist like OJ Simpson. Simpson is a piece of trash but he would rather live as a dirty snake than die. TRUMP ZERO cannot live as anything but a rich clown at the top of the American Social Pyramid. And in truth, I see his mind going. Too many variables, too many blind alleys, too many boobytraps for TRUMP ZERO to negotiate.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMP ZERO hair job poison pill for American and the world.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180228


About this article
Mueller team asks about Trump's Russian business dealings as he weighed a run for president

Investigators for special counsel Robert Mueller have recently been asking witnesses about Donald Trump's business activities in Russia prior to the 2016 presidential campaign as he considered a run for president, according to three people familiar with the matter.

The problem is not the dealers. The problem is the American users who buy from the dealers.
Legalize all drugs. Put them next to the booze in the liquor store. Prohibition of booze did not work, prohibition of drugs has never worked. And same same with prostitution and gambling.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180226


Trump reportedly wants drug dealers to face the death penalty

President Donald Trump would "love to have a law to execute all drug dealers here in America," sources told Axios.

SURE FOOL. You are the yellow belly coward that ran from Vietnam as fast as you could go. Besides you are toO fat to run into anything but a MacDonald's Franchise. Drive in I mean.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180226


About this article
Trump rips officers over Florida shooting: ‘I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon’

"I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon," president tells governors.

An American Embassy in Jerusalem is against the will of God. What God has taken from the Jews, only God can return. The United States cannot override the abandonment of the Jews by God when they crucified Jesus in 33 AD.
The Christian Evangelicals are at the front of a movement to force God to deliver on the doom and gloom of the False Book of Revelation.
The Nazi regime of Adolph Hitler and WWII in Europe and the world was as close as real world history will ever get to the prophecy of the False Book of Revelation. In that sense, the Book of Revelation appears to be true. But the Book of Revelation has no truth regarding with a Second Coming of Jesus. There can be no Second Coming of Jesus because, by his own words, Jesus is moment to moment present in the world since his resurrection; the only Second Coming of Jesus.
The Evangelical Christians have made and continue to make the way of the Lord God crooked. I will repeat the warning of John the Baptist "Make straight the way of the Lord." This means to abide by God’s laws and do not modify them, most especially in regards to the Ten Commandments and particularly with regard to TRUMP ZERO.
TRUMP ZERO is a pathological liar, an adulterer, he does not honor the Sabbath in any way, he worships money and not God, he is killing uncountable numbers of Americans with his revocation of health insurance, he is a thief in that he has stolen untold millions of dollars through his bankruptcies.
If you think God is going to restore Israel through TRUMP ZERO, you are delusional. God does not work good through A Godless man.
Let me make clear the evidence.
1) Jews believe that all Christians are delusional in the belief that Jesus was the Messiah and more so they reject the Resurrection of Jesus. This alone is enough to stop any sane and true Christian from empowering a nation of radical unbelievers.
2) Jesus said no one knows about the end times but God. The False Book of Revelation is contrary to these words of Jesus. Jesus said even he did not know about the end times. Yet we have The Book of Revelation probably written by John the Elder, a disciple of the Apostle John on the Isle of Patmos just after the year 100 CE.
3) Netanyahu is every bit as corrupt as TRUMP ZERO. He has an arrogant whore mongering son, as is TRUMP ZERO, a whoRe monger and adulterer supreme. Netanyahu has a thieving wife every bit as focused on money as Melania Trump who used her body to gain billions through marriage to TRUMP ZERO. Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Solomon, and David were not evil souls like Netanyahu and TRUMP ZERO. These stellar men of God were nothing like TRUMP ZERO and Netanyahu.
4) Sheldon Adelson, a minor party in this coming drama of an American Embassy in Jerusalem, made millions that he stole from those who gamble. The reality of gambling is that you cannot win. You make a bet on a number. The chances of that number coming up is 1 in 36. In other words in my example, you have to pay $1 36 times to win once statistically speaking. The gambling house pays $30 when you win. So you pay $36 to get $30. That is the basis of the profiteering all gambling casinos. The player against the house cannot win in the long run. Only in a game like poker where the casino runs the game and takes a percentage but the players are playing against each other and not the casino. The casino is nothing more than a paid dealer in a poker game. A casino representative does not participate in the poker game. Skill between poker players creates winners. But playing against the casinos on the casino’s machines is a losing reality. A person cannot win over the long run, a lifetime of gambling. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.
So Sheldon Adelson has stolen untold billions from rich and poor alike. It is a greasy business. And the politicians have allowed this predatory behavior on the ignorant. Do you really think God needs a thief’s money to re-establish the Jews in Jerusalem? If you think that you are foolish and ignorant and have never read the Christian Bible regarding the ways of God.
5) The last nevi'im ("spokespersons", "prophets") mentioned in the Jewish Bible are Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi, all of whom lived at the end of the 70-year Babylonian exile. The exile formally ended in 538 bce, when the Persian conqueror of Babylonia, Cyrus the Great, gave the Jews permission to return to Palestine.
6) The last prophet of God for the Jews was Jesus Christ who was conceived by the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified, died and buried. On the third day Jesus rose from the dead. The Jews who forced Pilot to crucify Jesus as a heretic and Jews today believe the reality of Jesus was a lie. He was not the Messiah and was not resurrected by God is the Jewish take on Jesus.
7) I, Dr. John WorldPeace JD, have been called by God to bring this message as every Christian preacher claims that he was called by God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This calling is a personal, unprovable, assertion by anyone who makes it. A prophecy is an assertion about the future. You can never tell who is a true prophet until the time of the prophecy has passed. In the meantime, prophets are really just messengers. I am a messenger.
8) Modern day scientific research on the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo prove in fact the headcloth and burial shroud of Jesus and are proof, forensic evidence, that the resurrection of Jesus is TRUTH.
9) When Jesus died, the veil in front of the Holy of Holies, God’s residence among the Jews in the Second Temple of Solomon, was torn in two. This is interpreted by Christian clergy to be the evidence that God withdrew his presence from Jerusalem and the Jews.
10) In 72 CE, the Romans razed the Second Temple of Solomon and disbursed the Jews out of Israel. The Jews being the alleged Chosen People of God means God used the Romans to disburse the Jews out of Israel.
11) In the sixth century, God brought forth Muhammed who founded Islam. After the death of Muhammed, God turned Jerusalem and the rest of Israel over to the Muslims. THIS IS AN
12) Muhammed was the progeny of Ismael, the first born son of Abraham by his wife’s servant Hagar. The second born son of Abraham was Isaac by his wife Sarah. To both Sarah and Hagar, God, per the Jewish Torah written by Moses, were told the progeny of their individual sons would be without number. Today, there are about 2 billion Christians and 2 billion Muslims. There are about 15 million Jews. Incidentally, there are about 8 billion humans on the earth. Half are Western Religionists of Jews, Muslims, and Christians. and half are Eastern Religionist of Hindus, Buddhist, and Taoist. These two spheres of religious beliefs have no direct theological connection between each other.
13) The Jews claim to be the Chosen People of God. And that may have been true before the crucifixion of Jesus by the Jews but it is not true presently. After the crucifixion of Jesus, the holiest shrine of Judaism, the Second Temple of Solomon, was razed, the Jews were driven out of Israel, Jerusalem and Israel were turned over to the Muslims, and the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque were erected on the Temple Mount where the Temples of Solomon once stood. Further, to show God’s abandonment of the Jews, God allowed Hitler and the Germans to exterminate 6 million Jews.
The first great indictment of the Jews was enforced by the Romans. The Second Indictment was the rise of Muhammed and the Muslims. The Third Indictment is what the Jews refer to as the Nazi/Jewish Holocaust. With these historical events, the last happening as recently as 70 years ago, it is obvious that the Jews are no longer the Chosen People of God.
14) All Christians absolutely believe that Jews who do not convert to Christianity are doomed and will be destroyed per the Book of Revelation.
15) Jesus was at the least a Jewish Rabbi by the statements of the Jews. He was of the Jewish progeny of Abraham through Isaac. So in Jesus, you have all the Jewish traditions and history and the designation of one of the Chosen People of God as a prophet and Messiah to the Jews. When the Jews rejected the truth of Jesus and his Resurrection, the title of Chosen People of God was bestowed by God onto the Christians. It has been through the Christian Jews that God has made the progeny of Isaac without number. The old Jewish religion of Judaism has been relegated to 15 million members worldwide about equal to the Mormons out of the Christian faith and the Bahai’s out of the Muslim faith. This cannot be denied. The present remnants of the pre-crucifixion Judaism and its followers have been rejected by God according to the Christians. This seems to be obvious.
The fact that the Christians have prospered and the Jews have been marginalized is the Fourth Indictment by God against the Jews.
16) Further, the premier Christian Nation is America. No one can doubt or deny this. The postage stamp nation of Isreal was authorized by President Harry Truman of America and is not supported by the dark soul that is TRUMP ZERO.
The fact that the dark soul of TRUMP ZERO supports Israel is the Fifth Indictment of the Zionist.
17) Here is the reality. ALL Christians believe that the unconverted Jews to Christian Judaism are doomed. The twisted confused minds of the Evangelical Christians is two-fold: 1) They think they know God’s plan through the false Book of Revelation and that they can force God’s hand by supporting the line of the prophecy of the Book of Revelation to return the Jews to possession of Jerusalem and Israel. The sick contorted vision of the Evangelicals is that they support the Jews return to Israel in order to hasten God’s destruction of the unconverted Jews. THIS IS ABSOLUTE INSANITY. The manipulation of God by humans by itself is Absolute Insanity.
18) The Chosen People of God are the Christians. The New Jerusalem has America since its founding.
19) The Evangelicals are highly invested in the Book of Revelation and they are very reluctant to abandon it as False; much less the false preachers who have made millions talking about Jesus who rejected wealth and false preachers who have made millions off promoting Israel and the End Times and Second Coming of Jesus. Both doctrines are False as is the basis of these False Teachings, the False Book of Revelation.
20) Let me be perfectly clear, 1) the support of Israel by American Christians is against God’s will. 2) The support of Israel, an apartheid state, a maintainer of a Palestinian concentration camp in Gaza and in 58 Palestinians Refugee camps in the Middle East are absolutely contrary to the founding political principles of The New Jerusalem, the United States of America.
Let me also point out, that the Jews and Muslims are brothers and sisters with the same Father Abraham. And the prosecution by the Jews of the Muslims (specifically Palestinians) stamps the Jews with the mark of Cain for killing their brother (and sisters) who are Muslims.
“Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” And Cain said, “ I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” God asked, “ What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground. Now you are cursed from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand.” Genesis 3:9
So it was with Cain, So it is with the Zionist.
Christians give lip service to God but in truth, they do not believe in God. For these False Christians, and the rest of the world, all will witness the dramatic judgment of God in response to any attempt by any individual to return the old Judaism to Israel which God has undeniably given possession to the Muslims who will share it with the Christians the progeny of Isaac. The greatest judgment against the Jews is the fact that after enduring the Nazi Holocaust, they did not become rabid advocates for human rights in the world human society but created the Zionist Holocaust against their brothers and sisters the Palestinians.
One last critical factual historic fact. All the Jews were absolutely sure that the Jewish Messiah would come as a warrior to rid Israel of the Romans 2000 years ago. THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Now we have this delusional band of contemporary Evangelicals who believe in the False Prophecy of the Book of Revelation and who think they KNOW God’s mind. HOW TOTALLY RIDICULOUS AND PRESUMPTIVE AND QUITE FRANKLY THIS ARROGANCE OF THE EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180224

John WorldPeace
February 26 · 
Nothing to investigate. The guards got paid to walk around the school and eat donuts. Putting their lives in danger was not specific in their contracts with the schools.
The chief just needs to fire the cowards and pay the illegal Mexicans to protect the schools against Americans.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180226


About this article
Governor orders investigation of response to Florida shooting

Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Sunday ordered an investigation into the response to the deadly shooting two weeks ago at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School "for there to be full accountability."

This woman, Ivanka, should take 666 Kushner and go away to the Arctic, the new tropical paradise, and build condos for rent. To say she believes her father is a Puritan makes me want to throw up. I am more disgusted looking at and reading about her than dealing with TRUMP ZERO. You know TRUMP ZERO is such a con man. Did you get the part where he has sex with whores because all whores are known liars and can be challenged? No problem with the most lying president ever. He knows about liars.
Melania and Ivanka are both air-heads. They need to wear Burkas and be silent. Or go and join the Kardashian dog and pony show that so many Americans follow intensely. Worthless one and all which is their right. No problem. I expect Ivanka to head out with a basket of free NRA pistols to the nearest elementary schools along with Melania (to say one or two words in broken English on bullying) on a TRUMP ZERO hair job campaign to do something about school murders.
All those billions of dollars and Melania could careless about speaking much better English. The thing that Texans hate most about Mexicans and other Hispanics is their broken English or what is called TexMex. If you are going to come and live in America you need to speak American is the Texas mindset.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180226


About this article
Ivanka Trump: 'Inappropriate' to ask her about father's accusers

Ivanka Trump does not believe the women who have accused her father of sexual misconduct, adding that it's "pretty inappropriate" to ask her about the subject.

Syria is absolute proof as to the worthlessness of the UN on any significant issue with regards to human life.
The United States, Russia, China, Britain, France's ability to stop any significant action against human beings in their spheres of influence (Russia in Syria, China in Tibet, America in Israel against the Palestinians) is the rotten core of the United Nations. Not to mention the lesser nations, Turkey against the Kurds, Myanmar against the Muslims, etc
Enough of this. I am moving to bring the UN under the same intense light that I have focused on TRUMP ZERO hair job.
The League of Nations failed because the US would not support a global agenda that might interfere with its agenda. Then came WWII.
Now the UN has the Gang of 5 imposing chaos on the world human society at their leisure. Will there be a WWIII, I doubt it. The world is too economically interfaced and interconnected for a global war or even a significant local one.
But people are dying by bullets and already to some degree by global warming. The worlds richest are preying upon the average citizen in the world and in essence making economic slaves out of them. The wealthy individuals and the global corporations are manipulating minds and mining money from 99.99% of the world's NOT RICH.
TELL THE UNITED NATIONS DR JOHNWORLDPEACE JD IS COMING and not quietly. Maybe a few other self proclaimed peace activist will get off their backsides and actually make a serious commitment to increasing the peace in the world human society. I have sent out a call for serious peace activist to join me in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the purpose of increasing the peace in the world human society. So far, no response. AS EXPECTED.
"Life is a daring adventure or nothing." Helen Keller 
"Blessed are the peacemakers." Jesus 
"Store up treasure in Heaven by going around doing good on earth." Jesus
Dr John WorldPeace JD 


About this article
The Latest: DM: Putin orders daily pauses in Syria's Ghouta

The Latest on the war in Syria (all times local): 4:10 p.m. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu says President Vladimir Putin has ordered daily "humanitarian pauses" in the besieged rebel-held eastern Ghouta in Syria. Shoigu said in a statement on Monday that the cease-fire will...

FOLKS this is my vision for TRUMP ZERO. That his evil life is reduced to ashes and that of his children. The fall this guy has endured is really unparalleled. It is like the fall of Hitler or Mussolini.
People decided this guy must be marginalized and it did not take any lawsuits. The people turned on him and wiped out his whole life.
I want to see TRUMP ZERO in this exact same position. And have no doubt it will happen. He has already lost his momentum. He had a little bump last month but his path is down, steadily down.
HEY TRUMP ZERO hair job, the end is near for you. The people are awakening and finding out as you say, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN was nothing but a TRUMP ZERO NOTHING BURGER.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180226


About this article
Weinstein Co. is set to file for bankruptcy after sale talks collapse

Weinstein Co. will seek bankruptcy protection from creditors.

____Well Folks, it sure seems like the TRUMP ZERO tweeting and rabble rousing is slowing to a halt. In a word, nothing good coming out of the TRUMP ZERO presidency. He is an ignorant nothing, he is an anarchist, he is a traitor, he is a racist, an adulterer, a pathological liar, a worshiper of GOLD, a deconstructor of America. The list is long.
Right now he has pulled about every possible diversion out there. There is nothing for him to talk about that he has not already talked about.
He is a total failure as President. The College and University professors voted him worst President ever.
He got a little bump from the Stock market but we all know the game. Hey TRUMP ZERO what did you do for us TODAY?
In 9 months, you are going to see a route of the Republicans in the mid-term elections that is going to be unprecedented. And then you will see TRUMP ZERO impeached by the Democrats. Who knows for what. Lots of choices.
The government will shut down for two years until the 2020 presidential elections. Shut down in the sense that nothing is going to happen.
I have a long commentary about TRUMP ZERO AND JERUSALEM and TRUMP ZERO going against God's will in supporting the Jews. I will post that shortly.
TRUMP ZERO has no agenda, no belief in America, no real belief in God. He has nothing proposed legislation wise. The Mexican Wall is a joke. The InfraStructure is going nowhere. His immigration plan is dead in the water. He can't fill vacancies throughout the government bureaucracies because no one wants him on their resume.
There no pride in saying you worked in the TRUMP ZERO hair job White House.
Thirteen months and the big mouth empty head is out of gas.
I TOLD YOU SO. Since TRUMP ZERO hair job won the Republican nomination I have been telling you so.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180225


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CNN Poll: Trump approval slides, matches lowest point of presidency

President Donald Trump's approval rating in a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS stands at 35%, down five points over the last month to match his lowest level yet.

This really makes me laugh. TRUMP ZERO hair job says he is going to recognize Jerusalem as belonging to the Jews. His first step is to move the U S Embassy to Jerusalem in support of the Jews.
Now within a few days of announcing the move will take place in May this year, the Jews close one of the holiest of Christian sites.
Now you ignorant Evangelicals, what do you now understand about the Jewish claim that "Israel is a Jewish State FOR JEWS."
It means as soon as possible all Muslims and Christians are going to be barred from the Christian and Muslim sites in Israel and probably from Jerusalem. And the Jews are going to scrape off the Muslim Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque from the Temple Mount and build the THIRD Temple of Solomon.
In 100 CE, the Jewish religious heirarchy issued a decree that Christain Jews would be prohibited from entering the Synagogs. Then there were no more Jewish Christians, just Gentile Christians.
Now you ignorant Evangelicals understand that the Jews think Jesus was a Fake Messiah and not the son of God and not the Savior and was not Resurrected. The Jews believe even to this day that Christians are delusional. They just play nice with the Evangelicals to get what they want, an infidel-free Israel (infidels being Christians and Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus, Mormons and so on).
So this is just the first attempt to close the religious sites in Israel to all but Jews.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180225


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Sacred Jerusalem church shuttered in dispute with Israeli authorities

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat wants to tax church properties; the church says they should be protected by international law.

Racism between Blacks and Whites is a long way from dead. All the Baby Boomers will have to die off to significantly reduce it.
I was raised in the South, Houston, Texas, and my brain immediately registers when I am talking to a Black person that they are Black. My brain then immediate overrides those thoughts. But I cannot block seeing color of Black people on contact.
It just shows how effective that brainwashing was when I was a kid. I wondered why racism was so ingrained in the South. Then I realized that today there are a lot of WWII veterans still alive. And the ones who fought in the Pacific still have negative feelings about the Japanese.
We are 70 years beyond the end of WWII. But those vets are still around.
I was born in 1948 and there were still a few Confederate Veterans alive then. But all the way into the 1920's there were a lot of CSA vets. And that mindset was very much in place among those veterans and the KKK was active. So when my Grandparents were born in the 1900's all that racism was being actively passed on. And the same on into the late 1920's when my parents were born.
The point is that the racism was there in the 1950's because there were only 85 years since the end of the Civil War. The shadow of Racism from the Civil War has cast its long shadow right up to the present; carried and maintained by Baby Boomers.
The integration in the 1960's allowed the White children to interact at school with the Black children and witness first hand that the prejudicial things said about Blacks was just not true.
The Republican Party is the party of White Racism and will linger for another 20 years when 98% of the Baby Boomers are dead.
Black baby boomers know the truth of this. It is sad but true. Anyone who denies this is naive.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180224


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Michael Steele blasts CPAC official for 'painfully stupid' insult about his race

Steele was critical of CPAC's communications director, who said Steele was chosen as RNC chairman because he was black.

Here is a connection with 666 Kushner to a high-level serious prosecution of a Chinese Billionaire. Jared Kushner is a TRUMP ZERO MEME. Both are liars and thieves and Money is their God.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180224


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China Prosecuting Tycoon Who Considered Kushner Investment

China prosecutes insurance tycoon who mulled investment in Manhattan skyscraper owned by Kushner family.

John WorldPeace
February 23 · 
From the article: 'In addition to China, the department sanctioned ships from Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Marshall Islands, Tanzania, Panama and Comoros. It did not blacklist ships or companies from Russia, even though Russia is suspected of supporting the illicit trade."
Why does Russia get a pass? Again?.
TRUMP ZERO hair job is being blackmailed by Russia.
TRUMP ZERO hair job has a hard to deny hands-off policy toward Russia.
The Facts and the Truth are going to come out. And when they do it will translate into: TRUMP ZERO IS A TRAITOR.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180223


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Trump to Announce Harsh New Sanctions Against North Korea

The action was a clear signal, near the end of an Olympic Games marked by a rapprochement on the Korean Peninsula, that his pressure campaign would not let up.

Sounds like more gun sales to me. That is TRUMP ZERO for you. He see the money aspect in every issue. The TRUMP ZERO follow up would be "Foolish children are unarmed children." How many new gun sales would that be. Then giving babies guns when they are Christened.
My solution is to get rid of the violent video games, violent movies, violent gangster rap, a new war for every new generation of Americans, a 230 years tradition. Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
My solution, serious bully counseling, serious counseling for troubled children, oh yes more abuse and alcoholism information provided students so they can see what a normal home looks like. Oh I forgot, get rid of the Bullying poster child TRUMP ZERO. Who has TRUMP ZERO - hair job not bullied?
You know committing adultery is really a form of bullying that crosses over into sexual abuse and spousal abuse. But many Republicans and Evangelicals give TRUMP ZERO a pass on that every day.
You know water boils at 212 F. It does not boil at 211 F. That is kind of how it is with TRUMP ZERO -hair job. That extra tension he inserts into the society every day about racism, sexism, fascism, attacking law enforcement, big talk about nuclear bombs over Korea, insulting heads of state...the list is long.
The point is, that extra degree in tension pushes normal and OK human beings over the edge. All the personal problems we all have, add the tension of a raving lunatic TRUMP ZERO - hair job and what do you have?
Throttle back TRUMP ZERO - hair job and see what happens. Hey, GIVE PEACE A CHANCE.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180222


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Analysis | Trump supports arming some teachers in the U.S. Other countries have different ideas.

A leading European expert on the issue called the U.S. debate “absurd,” warning that it may increase the number of shootings.

Some people will say anything to get their 15 minutes of fame. Look at this woman. What do you see? Another White Racist. Blue eyes even. Until she opened her mouth it was not obvious. The white guys flanking her may have given a clue. The Republicans found a woman who finds nothing wrong what TRUMP ZERO grabbing and other abusive acts toward women. You know what TRUMP ZERO says "A $130,000 woman is good to find.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180222


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GOP congresswoman claims ‘so many’ mass murderers ‘end up being Democrats’

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-N.Y.) did not give evidence to back up her claim.

Friends, the conservative right has spun completely out of orbit. The TRUMP ZERO - hair job DEEP STATE CONSPIRACY has infected the minority who elected him.
I cannot believe what I am hearing from the FAR RIGHT.
What you are hearing is panic. The end is coming for the insanity of the Far Right, the Moral Majority, the Tea Party, the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN lie, the Fascist, the White Racist the Christian Evangelicals, Mike Pence, Sarah Palin, Rush LimFool, FOX news. I do not mention TRUMP ZERO - hair job because he believes in nothing but self-promotion. He is a rabble-rouser, cheerleader for the extreme right, basically White Baby Boomers. He is nothing more than a tin drum being banged by the poster child for all those with Wooden Heads: TRUMP ZERO -hair job.
All will be flushed back down the toilet from whence they came in 9 months.
The liberal foundation of American Democracy will prevail. The women have united and will seriously attack and push back against a future where women continue to be marginalized as second class citizens globally. The children become the new adults - The Children will lead. I pray the Blacks, Muslims and true Christians rise up as well.
As Jesus said, let the dead bury the dead. Time to flush the far right if not marginalize them and get on with the global reality of WorldPeace, increasing the peace in the world human society, creating a more sane and just global society, giving American Democracy a new birth of freedom, and promote the truth that America with all its predatory flaws are the Chosen People with an All Inclusive Democratic Proclamation of truth and justice and within whose borders undeniably all races, all religionists, all nationalities, all genders live in peace. That is what America brings to the world: The reality that increasing the peace is a possible dream. A rejection of elitist, exclusiveness is rejected for all-inclusive democracy. The reality that as goes American society in peace internally so can follow the world of nations.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180221


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Right-Wing Media Uses Parkland Shooting as Conspiracy Fodder

Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and Jack Kingston express suspicion toward the teenage survivors. The website Gateway Pundit claims they were coached.

Imagine these children taking on the responsibility of their parents;
to allow them to be children and fight for them against corrupt politicians of both parties who value power more than truth and responsibility to protect children at school.
How cynical will these Millennials become? I am talking about every child in the United States of America who now goes to school in fear of their lives; Who are turned aside by politicians because they do not have the right to vote.
Will these children understand how corrupt politicians really are? How corrupt American Democracy is?
Will they go forward and make a difference and throw the bums out, or join the corruption? Who knows?
But the truth is that every child will carry forward the events of these shootings for the rest of their lives. They have been undeniably negatively imprinted. The question is how will it change the future of America. (The rest of the world human society is not enduring these mass murders in their shools. THINK ABOUT THAT. WHY? ONE ANSWER: TRUMP ZERO personally and those who voted for him and support him.
Think about it !. Children who are in danger go to the most logical place for help, their politicians elected by their parents, and they are turned away; Marginalized.
How incredibly contrary to increasing the peace in the world human society. TRUMP ZERO is the leader of those as predatory and greedy as he is.
I say to all these children, I am doing all I can. I am doing what I deem the most effective way for me personally to combat the apathy of Americans. I hear you and I am with you and yes politics is ruled by money and your value in the political realm without the ability to vote is marginal. Worry not, the time when you will be able to vote is rapidly approaching. I pray you will not be like my peers of the 1960's who virtually all sold out and became part of the system they were protesting. These are your grandparents I am talking about. Politically they are not credible role models.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180221


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Highlights: Students Call for Action Across Nation; Florida Lawmakers Fail to Take Up Assault Rifle Bill

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 people were killed last week, arrived at the state capital late Tuesday.

TRUMP ZERO JUNIOR is just like his lying father. Doing business with TRUMP ZERO directly is no different than doing business with his son.
Give me a break !
How much more of a direct path to TRUMP ZERO can India have. Everyone now knows that TRUMP ZERO is a liar. He will say anything, do anything for those who praise him. Now exactly how much more praise and confidence is there than doing big business with the President of the United States? IF YOU WANT THE SUPPORT OF KING TRUMP ZERO, BRING HIM ALMS AND PRAISE.
Yes TRUMP ZERO JUNIOR is right, they are losing lots of deals because at this point TRUMP ZERO is not willing to totally ignore those who are calling these deals a violation of the 25th Amendment. The deals they are giving up are the deals that would not be on the table if TRUMP ZERO as president was not personally open for business.
If these deals were fully transparent and TRUMP ZERO would open up his tax returns to public view, the 25th Amendment could be fully evaluated. That is not going to happen except through the persistence of Robert Mueller.
What is going to happen in my mind is that as soon as TRUMP ZERO is out of office, the lawsuits are going to start and they will be going on after TRUMP ZERO is dead and gone. With the Democrats running the government, and TRUMP ZERO a regular citizen, he will be open to all kinds of attacks, executive orders, and legislation regards ex-Presidents.
Anyway, the TRUMP ZERO cancer is spreading through TRUMP ZERO DNA.
My hope is that one of the first orders of business for the empowered Democrats will be to pass laws stopping the President from doing business as soon as January 2019.
We can only hope. Just know that I will have less mercy on corrupt Democrats than I have with TRUMP ZERO whose corruption is rampant, unprecedented, and anti-American, if not traitorous.
I have no organization at this point. I have no assets to protect at this point. And I have no need for either. I have my art, my books, and commentary, my web design business and have no need to be supported by the public through political office.
Does anybody really understand that I can live on $2000 a month or less, half of which is provided for by Social Security and my health insurance is the Veteran's Association because I served my country in its time of need. "If you don't desire much in the way of assets, little will seem like much."
Both sets of my grandparents had no real assets and lived securely in peace. They both struggled in their youth during the Great Depression and my father's parents carving a living out of the Texas prairie starting out life together in a chicken coop with no running water, a small iron stove and no indoor plumbing.
I lived next door to my mother's parents and spent a lot of time on the farm with my father's parents during the summers. I saw how people who are not focused on money but on family and peace in an adequate life can live. My father's parents were Christians but their lifestyle was really Zen Buddhist. They would not have even begun to understand what that is even if they were told. It would have been beyond them.
The point is that I was greatly influenced by these grandparents, all who were alive until I was 29. When I was in the Army in Italy in 1971-2 I saw 5 generations living in one compound all over the countryside. Imagine the support of children in that environment.
My greatest pleasure is to simply walk in nature, observing, listening, communing with God in peace. Being alone under the stars at night in a place that is not marginalized by light pollution and getting a true perspective of how small and insignificant life on earth is; and an immediate reminder that there are no assets in Heaven, however, one defines Heaven.
I love the freedom of my unpaid commentary. I love living contrary to the greed oriented valuing of money as the sole worth of a person; spending my time in meditation and peace and writing my poems and painting my art without much concern about being the richest poet or artist in the world. What that allows me to do, is to go places in those endeavors without skewing my vision by being influenced by some patron with a lot of money dictating any aspect of my creativity.
And I heard clearly the voice of the Lord Jesus saying, " Do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, they do not sow or reap or gather into barns and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they?"
I am not a card-carrying Christian and will never be, but I live the Peace and Harmony aspects of the teachings of Jesus. I have the faith far greater than a mustard seed. As much as possible, I live a spiritual reality even as I am incarnate in a human body.
Believe me, friends, this is a radical philosophy because if everyone lived it; Capitalism would crash overnight and the world human society would panic. But for those with true faith in Jesus, it would make no difference.
"People laugh at my saying these things. If they did not laugh their lack of faith in Jesus would not be so obvious."
Being at peace does not require being a pacifist in this contemporary world. TRUMP ZERO is an anarchist and corruptor and dark soul. He aspires to be the Beast in the Book of Revelation which I know to be a False Christian teaching but the definitions and terms of which I feel free to use to make many points.
Make straight the way of the Lord. Do not make the truth of the Lord crooked by supporting what is forbidden in the Ten Commandments.
FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE SO INCLINED AND CALLED, COME TO ALBUQUERQUE with your assets and skills and join me. Do not come here with the intention to suck up the benefits of this welfare state. I have planted my WorldPeace Banner here. I welcome like-minded souls. But know I have no organization to support anyone with money and will not begin one. I fully reject any position of authority over others through some organization I have created. Come on faith and your faith will give you peace. The path of fame and fortune is a lie. It is a future built on sand that will end in destruction like everything in this reality that is begun, initiated or is born; most especially your body without which you cannot live in this chaotic primal earth dimension, dreamscape. Contact me when you get here. My soapbox is Facebook.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180221


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Luxury property ad blitz heralds Trump son's visit to India

“Trump has arrived. Have you?” shout the barrage of glossy front-page advertisements in almost every major Indian newspaper.

Mueller is building his own Wall brick by brick around TRUMP ZERO - hair job. Not the kind of wall TRUMP ZERO has been talking about. The TRUMP ZERO wall is to keep people out, The Mueller wall is to keep TRUMP ZERO and his sycophants in. When Mueller is finished I think the wall will be so high that TRUMP ZERO WILL BARELY BE ABLE TO SEE THE SKY which will look like the head of a straight pin.
I am sure that Mr. Mueller will agree to you having a golf ball to play with like Steve McQueen in his prison cell in THE GREAT ESCAPE.
My only question really is will you get as big as O J Simpson did in jail? You are half way there already..
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180220


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Former Skadden Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Lying in Russia Investigation

The attorney was interviewed by the special counsel about work he did in Ukraine with Rick Gates, who went on to serve on President Trump’s campaign.

As a Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter and Chartered Life Underwriter all that TRUMP ZERO - hair job is doing is making the insurance companies profitable by allowing them to just insure the healthy.
When you get sick, you lose your coverage and have to go to pool of high health risk individuals who are denied health care.
So it is just an offer for people to gamble that they are not going to get sick. Give them a policy that is worthless.
You see what people cannot afford is catastrophic illnesses like cancer. Most people will survive financially with a low-end illness.
Great plan if you are healthy. Great Plan until you get seriously sick at which time you are taken off the plan and given no alternative.
This is just more TRUMP ZERO - hair job corruption and screwing the majority of Americans to boost the profits of health care corporations who support his evil.
Here is a little bit of reality under the old systems that Obama was trying to change. A person has OK insurance and gets real sick. Now the claims adjusters get a bonus on how much profit they bring to the company. They make profit for the company by staying within the allocated fund for claims in their area of expertise. So that really means when the adjustor runs out of money, he will start denying legitimate claims and crash families economically. The claims adjusters are the hatchet men of the insurance industry. People who can live with the suffering of people who have paid their insurance premiums but just got sick at the wrong time, like just before the corporation fiscal year-end.
TRUMP ZERO - hair job is the most predatory of a whole corporate culture of predators. People dying, sick, destitute are the red meat of TRUMP ZERO - hair job. And this is ongoing in every area evil that is his soul. It is the reason I have contempt for everything he does. My contempt is grounded in reality.
I dont blame the people who voted for him. They are just uneducated and inexperienced in the ways of the real world. You are not going to dig up a more worthless predator sociopath than TRUMP ZERO - hair job.
TRUMP ZERO - hair job will be flushed out of the system in time. And things will go back to normal. But in the meantime, A LOT OF INNOCENT AMERICANS WILL DEAL WITH SEVERE SICKNESS AND THE WORRY OF NO MONEY FOR CARE, AND A LOT OF PEOPLE, CHILDREN ARE PEOPLE, WILL SUFFER AS THEIR PARENTS WATCH. Suffering in a hospital that has the cure but denies it to the poor. Imagine that.
I dont know of anyone but myself who attacks TRUMP ZERO - hair job on virtually every position he promotes. I spent a whole lot of time asking questions of what is wrong with big systems that harm people and reduce the level of peace in the world society. When others were partying and watching TV, I was studying the cause of stagnation in the level of peace in the world human society.
No one has the scope of knowledge I have in these major areas of American Democracy. I understand the secular political perspective and I understand the religious perspective. And TRUMP ZERO - hair job only cares about making money.
Know the day will come when his body will lie in the dirt and he will leave this reality with nothing except his bad deeds. His knowing right but refusing to do it. Money and Sex do not exist in the spiritual world. How will he occupy his time when his passion is not available in any form.
He is headed to a place of purging where there is no light, no sound, nothing to sense of any kind; no one to talk to. An infinite darkness and void. No way to measure how much time is left in this hell. He will go there. I can assure you of that. It is the ultimate wakeup call for those who follow darkness and impose it on others for no reason but to boost one's ego in the false belief that a person is better than others. A huge lie. A huge delusion. There is a God. There is a hell beyond any imagining. All souls are immortal. That is the ultimate Democracy.
I used to believe that people were really not evil. But when I was about 50 I realized that there are more than a few truly evil people in the world. I never understood why people would embrace evil in a transient, mortal, finite world and be willing to pay for it in a infinite immortal reality. Infinity forever is a really long time to exists in a dark void alone. Burning in a fiery hell would offer a sense of pain and suffering as opposed to absolute nothingness. An understanding of total and complete aloneness. Think about that as hell.
Jesus said we would be accountable for every word. I absolutely believe that. We are accountable for the deeds we do personally and for the deeds we do through evil agents. Yes, all Americans to some degree own the evil acts of TRUMP ZERO - hair job.
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear. Make straight the path of the Lord (you make the straight path crooked when you enable a president to commit adultery, tell constant lies, desire what belongs to others, kill with corrupt legislation, worship gold and not God.)
And I heard the voice of the Lord God saying,"Mene, Mene, Tekel upharsin." Daniel 5:25
Though periods of darkness come and are endured by the world human society, the darkness will not last, the light will come in due time, Always the light will come. A single point of light dispatches all darkness.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180220


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Trump pushes insurance that doesn't cover pre-existing conditions

The Trump administration is moving to expand the use of temporary insurance, which could offer customers a cut-rate option while raising premiums elsewhere.

Making a political speech at a huge TRUMP ZERO business transaction in India is exactly what the 25th Amendment is all about. Profiteering off the Presidency. What a blatant example of corruption TRUMP MEME JR is.
And no one, Democrat or Republican is saying anything. See how TRUMP ZERO - hair job has beat all these politicians into submission. Makes me sick.
Corruption a First Grader can understand gets a pass from All Senators and All Representatives.
But not me. No pass. Makes me sick.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180220


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Donald Trump Jr. arrives in India to help sell apartments

The eldest son of President Donald Trump has arrived in India to help sell luxury apartments and lavish attention on wealthy Indians who have already bought units in Trump-branded developments.

The United States has nothing to offer in resolving the Palestinian v. Zionist Occupation. 50 years is enough time. Israel is a corruptor, arrogant, thieves of Palestinian land. Let Nikki Haley explain why TRUMP ZERO - hair job supports a Zionist Apartheid state when it is abhorrent to American Democracy. Why Israel annexes the Occupied Territory against international law. Why the United States ignores the Palestinian concentration camp that is Gaza and 58 Palestinian refugee camps in the Middle East. And why the Zionist refuse the right of return to the Palestinians the Zionist Terrorist drove out of Israel. You never hear the United States mention any of this.
The US comes to the Palestinian v. Zionist travesty as a thinly veiled joke. Laughing all the way at the Palestinians for the last 50 years.
Since we now know that Hope Hicks was having an affair with Porter that only leaves Nikki Haley as the one having an affair with TRUMP ZERO - hair job according to Michael Wolff's book.
Nikki Haley needs to quit the TRUMP ZERO dog and pony show and get a real job. I think Kentucky Fried Chicken is hiring someone to fix the DHL catastrophe.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180220


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Abbas, Haley exchange strong criticism over Middle East at U.N. Security Council

The Palestinian president accused the U.S. of abdicating its commitment to Middle East peace, while the U.N. ambassador said Abbas is shortchanging his people.

Why would TRUMP ZERO - hair job deny what he bragged about on his infamous tape? "The ability to grab and kiss women and how much they liked it. Other than the two that got $130,000 + not much bragging by women about how they were assaulted by TRUMP ZERO hair job.
He is the champion Worst President Ever. He could be the world champion assaulter of women. Why is he pushing away that title after bragging about it and so many women wanting to give him that award?
I can't wait until the Steele dossier is made fully public. You know the one where TRUMP ZERO - hair job was doing very naughty things in a motel room with Russian ladies of the night.
A very conflicted creature is TRUMP ZERO - hair job. ROTFLMAO
I don't understand why TRUMP ZERO -hair job will not engage me on Twitter or Facebook. We can bill it as The Veteran vs. the Yellow Bellied Draft Dodger and his $50 million military parade.
Dr John WorldPeace JD


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Trump Denies Woman's Allegation Of Unwanted Kissing In Trump Tower
In a pair of tweets, Trump denied the allegation from Rachel Crooks, which has been known for months, while also criticizing the Washington Post. But the president got key aspects of the story wrong.

____John WorldPeace

February 20 · 
In TRUTH. How many are you beginning to feel embarrassed for TRUMP ZERO hair job and his delusions of grandeur?
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180220


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Analysis | Another peek inside the imaginary world where Trump is an unalloyed success
In one tweet, at least three false claims.
____All the corrupted attempts by the United States for 50 years to play like they want peace between Israel and Palestine must be rejected as just what it was, the greatest lie and play against the Palestinians in all American political history.
Enough of America as the sole arbitrator. Enough of he TRUMP ZERO LIES and sad jokes coming out of the mouth of Nikki Haley. Enough.
The UN guarantees every human being a citizenship and America and the Zionist have been able to deny that to the Palestinians for 5 plus decades. Enough.
Abbas needs to expand his call to all the nations of the world. The supreme five are all corrupt. The UN Charter needs to put an end to this exclusive veto power in the UN structure to make the UN more democratic and just.
AMERICA is the greatest nation in the world but it has been the wrongful manipulator and predator focused on every nation in the world at one time or another.
This Evil son-in-law of TRUMP ZERO, 666 Kushner, is a monstrous sick Zionist joke foisted on the world. 666 Kushner, TRUMP MEME, and the bearer of the relationship to the number 666, his family owns the bankrupt 666 Firth Avenue project in New York, every Evangelical touts 666 as the mark of the Beast from the Book of Revelation, but are quiet about this reality. WHY? Answer: Ignorance.
I do not believe in the False Book of Revelation. Jesus is not coming back because Jesus never left per his own words, "I will be with you always." I have never been to a church on Sunday that did not speak to Jesus presence at the service in many ways. Yet the Evangelicals believe in his presence but also in his second coming. The second coming was the resurrection of Jesus.
I mention 666 to call out the Evangelicals who hang everything on the 666 as the mark of the Beast and yet when confronted with a real person as the son-in-law of the Darkest President in American History, as 666, they say nothing.
Bring on the entire world of nations to arbitrate Palestinian Nationhood. Purge the illegal land grab by the Zionist of the Occupied Territories. That is what I advocate.
I have said that the darkness and evil and anarchy of TRUMP ZERO would bring resolution to many bad things that presently exist in the world human society. And with the Palestinian issue I see that TRUMP ZERO going all out to give all of Palestine and all of Jerusalem to the Zionists is going to actually bring about Justice for these people who the Zionist have interned in the concentration camp known as Gaza and 58 other Palestinian refugee camps in the Middle East. Enough is Enough. 50 years is enough of denying citizenship to the Palestinians. Enough is enough of Americans, A Democratic Nation supporting an Apartheid Postage Stamp Nation of Isreal, A Zionist Nation of Jews for Jews and their concentration camps and their LAUGHING AT THE IDEA OF JESUS AS THE MESSIAH. You cannot be a follower of Jesus and support a nation who is charged with crucifying him 2000 years ago and who were disbursed by God as a result.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180220


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U.S. says ready to talk Mideast peace; Abbas calls for conference

The United States is "ready to talk" Middle East peace with the Palestinians, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said on Tuesday in remarks directed at Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during a meeting of the U.N. Security Council.

WOW I have been targeting this TRUMP MEME since he first rose to the top of Israeli politics. He is the rotten core of Zionism. As I have said many times before, I like Americans but not the KKK, Germans but not Nazis and Jews but not Zionists. I am an absolutist with regards to stopping fascism anywhere and everywhere in the world.
If the world human society could rid itself of Netanyahu and TRUMP ZERO in the same year, there would be cause for great joy and celebration and the world human society would take a giant step toward increasing the peace globally.
The Palestinians would have their nation and we could then focus on the great tragedy and proof of the ineffectiveness and need for a new Democratic charter for the United Nations. We could focus on Syria.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180220


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Netanyahu Faces New Accusations: Did His Adviser Try to Bribe a Judge?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was already accused of accepting nearly $300,000 in bribes. The latest allegations could amount to obstruction of a criminal investigation.

Boy or boy, Thank you Robert Mueller. It appears more and more every day that you are living up to my expectations that you will gather up all these fascist TRUMP DOGS and put them in cages where they belong. I know as an ex attorney the way the right prosecutor can carve up the most arrogant of the arrogant. You are the right man for the job and I applaud your patience and obvious multi-level approach to making sure that not only is TRUMP WORLD razed to the ground, a message of the most serious warnings to any would-be dictator and fascist about trying to pull a TRUMP ZERO huckster max bamboozle on Americans in the future. He is the minority president. Now through you, Robert Mueller, America is going to get back on track sooner than later. TRUMP ZERO his family and his advisors and department heads must be purged from American Democracy and everything that TRUMP ZERO and company touched be fumigated and sterilized.
And goodbye to the Republican Party. I feel the TRUMP ZERO truth is going to be devastating to all his supporters not to mention false Christians the ones most guilty of enabling the Godless TRUMP ZERO.
A new day is dawning on American Democracy. We are the Chosen People. We are the light to the world. And the Darkness will never overcome it. Amen.
Dr John WorldPeace JD


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Mueller charges lawyer with lying about interaction with Rick Gates

Special counsel Robert Mueller has filed a charge against a lawyer for lying to investigators about his interaction with former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates in September 2016.

I am glad to see that there are a lot of other people who think like I do that the problems with America from false missile alarms in Hawaii to school shootings are owned by TRUMP ZERO. He said he could do the job. I always knew that was a joke. I really have strong negative feelings toward those who make excuses and apologies for the most incompetent moron who has ever been president not to mention he is not competent to even be a low-level janitor in the White House.
This dog has had his day. This ongoing school shooting tragedy is bad enough without expecting a wooden-headed hair job to actually have an idea about how to proceed in solving it or anything else.
He needs to go to a whore house someplace where he can really be outstanding by paying $130,000 per hooker. I would vote for TRUMP ZERO as president of pimps.
AMERICA must carve out this cancerous tumor from American politics. The whole world is laughing at us. They have figured out how to live without American leadership. Now they are moving to laughing at the TRUMP ZERO dog and pony show Circus.
This generation of children are living in fear and wonder at the chaos that is TRUMP ZERO. This generation has been permanently and irreparably scarred by TRUMP ZERO and his Republican gang. Tell me if they are not going to be the most cynical generation of Americans ever. And to think in WWII real Americans led the world in wiping out the fascism that is the core manta of the White Racist hater of everyone sitting his at his desk in the oval office choking down Big Macs and watching FOX NEWS for clues about his next move.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180220


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Poll: Majority blames Congress, Trump for not doing more to prevent mass shootings

A majority of Americans blame Congress and President Donald Trump for not doing more to prevent mass shootings, a new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds.
John WorldPeace

February 19 · 
Shared via AddThis
The thought of TRUMP ZERO pardoning these indicted Russians is Insane. It is beyond arrogant corruption.
Who would have thought that America Democracy was so fragile and defenseless against a Rogue President and dictator wannabe.
But there it is. Conservatives actually advocating TRUMP ZERO insulating himself with pardons. If he did that and got away with it, that would set a precedent that would leave American Democracy on the edge of collapse moment to moment.
When I was in college finishing my Political Science degree, a professor, Tilemma I think was his name, said that American Democracy was just an experiment and subject to collapse. He said American Democracy was an anomaly; a one of a kind first, and the odds were really against it survival based on history.
Up until that moment, I thought America was safe from collapse. I thought it was solid for ever and ever.
Well now there is presently a Rogue traitorous president, TRUMP ZERO, who could care less about America or Americans. And to my astounding horror there are actually Republicans who are suggesting to TRUMP ZERO to just pardon everyone and end the Russian investigation. Even at this moment, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that there are enemies of the United States, Republicans in the White House, the House and the Senate.
I saw this with Nixon but I thought that the right people would stand up and shut Nixon down. And I was right. Another Nixon sits in the White House. Another Republican. And I no longer feel secure in believing that America will survive.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180219


Conservatives urge Trump to grant pardons in Russia probe

As special counsel Robert Mueller builds his case, relatives of former national security adviser Michael Flynn are among those pressing the president to use his unique legal power and "put these defendants out of their misery."

____Children are being murdered at school and TRUMP ZERO is focused on Oprah. So figure.
This is absolute proof that TRUMP ZERO 1) has no clue on what to do about the school shootings. 2) since his grandchildren are protected by the Secret Service he has no reason to prioritize the matter.
Where is the legislation TRUMP ZERO should be pushing that will allocate $50 billion dollars to pay for national school security?
Hey, where is Betsy DeVos the TRUMP ZERO head of the Department of Education? I have not seen anything coming from her. You know the one who is cutting back the education department to help TRUMP ZERO - MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Did anyone see her on the scene of the shooting with TRUMP ZERO?
In other news, we see a movement of children having to take their security into their own hands. I know what the problem is here. A little less than half of all those children have parents who voted for TRUMP ZERO who their children all calling to account.
And those parents have to choose between not criticizing TRUMP ZERO and supporting their children's demands to be secure in school.
This is a breaking for point TRUMP ZERO. This issue which I am sure will build faster than the MeTOO women's movement (because these children are all very savvy with social media) is going to attack TRUMP ZERO for doing nothing.
Education is already in shambles in America. And Betsy Devos is busy deconstructing the Education Department. She has been very successful. The Education Department is nowhere to be found in this conversation. Are Betsy Devos and TRUMP ZERO indicating they only work inside the schools on teaching not safety?
Why is not TRUMP ZERO working with the FBI on this issue? Where is the TRUMP ZERO plan for the FBI and national and local law enforcement to solve this issue of dead school children?
On that's right, TRUMP ZERO is too busy dismantling the FBI.
I call upon America to get active and get rid of TRUMP ZERO. The only voice out there is that of the children. And Dr John WorldPeace JD.
Where is McConnell?
I hear this great silence in America. Why. The silence of what to do is deafening.
Here is what to do. 1) More money to the FBI to investigate all these many many many children who are marginal shooters. I am talking $25 billion to start. 2) Increase the Federal Government oversight of gun permits. Another $5 billion to bring it to the level that it needs to be. 3) A demand that the NRA speak up about assault and semi-assault weapons. A demand for a plan. 4) A plan from McConnell and Ryan for a joint bill to immediately speak to the issue of monitoring suspects by the FBI, increased oversight on gun permits, a joint plan that involves the NRA. 5) Another $5 billion to seriously come up with more classes about bullying that are Nationally mandatory in every class. 6) A submission to the president from every school in the nation of children who are potential shooters and $5 billion dollars to follow through on the program. Something in all these areas. 7) Oh yes, not a penny for a Military Parade. 8) A consideration of what the National Guard in each state can do to contribute to solving this problem. 8) Immediately call a national meeting of school counselors to give input on this matter with significant input from the Ph.D.'s in all the universities in America. 9) $5 to set up Departments in the major universities to speak to this issue of bullying and rogue children. To get to the root cause. 10) A Warning Sign list from TRUMP ZERO, the Senate, the House (all controlled by Republicans) to be presented to children in every school as to what to look out for and who to be concerned about and who to report. Another $5 billion will do the trick.
Hey TRUMP ZERO, pick one of the above. Take some time off from your adultery and tweeting about Oprah. Maybe a little less time going out of town to play golf.
And hey you TRUMP ZERO supporters: Here is a question for you. Why has there been NO SCHOOL SHOOTINGS OUTSIDE AMERICA? You know why! Because they did not elect an anarchist as president. They did not buy into the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN lie. If you want to know why there is none of these school shootings in the rest of the world, we need to spend another $5 billion to bring these leaders of these education departments to America and give input. If you want to know how to stop school violence, go to the countries where they have no school violence and ask why?
See how much can be done?
Why is this only happening in America? Answer: TRUMP ZERO as president. How many people thought that a vote for TRUMP ZERO and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN would kill children in our schools. There is no plank in the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN for a MAKE OUR CHILDREN SAFE AND SECURE AGAIN.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180219


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Trump slams 'insecure' Oprah

President Donald Trump described Oprah Winfrey as "very insecure" and accused her of "biased and slanted" after an interview on CBS's "60 Minutes" that addressed his presidency.

TRUMP ZERO is a traitor. He is following the Hitler playbook. He is an anarchist and dictator wannabe. First job in that playbook is to control the media.
I have said this since TRUMP ZERO won the Republican Primary. I have been loud and aggressive about it. No one more so that me. Just check my websites and my Facebook account.
I am glad these power players from the past are starting to speak up.
Why are they starting to speak up? because they see that TRUMP ZERO will never change? They are seeing that American Democracy is vulnerable to an anomaly like TRUMP ZERO.
When the Republicans and Evangelicals began to support him wholeheartedly, the danger of TRUMP ZERO really got real.
I said all along if the Republicans backed TRUMP ZERO it would end the Republican party.
Now we have children with more clarity of vision than their parents and the Republicans.
I see no way for TRUMP ZERO or the Republicans to reverse this trend before November.
ONE MORE SCHOOL SHOOTING and there is no more Republican Party.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180218


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David Gergen: President Trump's attacks on media pose 'growing' threat to America

David Gergen, a longtime presidential adviser, warned that distrust and discord among the American public threatens our democracy.

The idiot RUSH King of fascist Republicans is a fool.
Hey Rush just how big a parameter around every school in the nation are you advocating. And who would pay for this?
Your kind are on a short fuse. America is going to wholesale terminate all you White Racist fascists from positions of power.
White Power has run it race.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180218


Limbaugh suggests armed security is only answer to mass shootings at schools

Conservative talk radio star Rush Limbaugh on Sunday returned to the argument that allowing conceal weapons in classrooms -- not demonstration or blaming the NRA -- is the way to stop school shooting, speaking three days after 17 people were fatally shot in a Florida high school.

TRUMP ZERO does not know what to do about this other than take the money from the NRA and expect this passion will burn out.
TRUMP ZERO does not know what to do. Even if he cared enough to do something he does not know what to do.
All he knows how to do is take down government departments to leave people without the protection of predators like the NRA. They sell violence. They own the Republicans.
There is a bigger problem for TRUMP ZERO and the Republicans here. TRUMP ZERO, attacks the FBI, calls all his prostitutes liars, caters to the Zionist, gives the rich a huge tax break and wants to increase spending after he gave away the bank, he is not going to build a wall, he hates Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks, non-Whites. His administration is full of liars, racists, fascists. He is the king of the swamp. He is the king of deniers about the Russians. He is the only head of state on the planet denying climate change.
TRUMP ZERO is a White Trash Traitor and that is all he ever was and all he cares about being. I have been saying this since the Republicans made him their standard bearer. WAKE UP.
A children's movement will be all it will take to finish him off. And these kids and their supporters, especially if the Reality TV and other actors back their play, it will begin a terminal pushback against TRUMP ZERO. These kids can keep it up for 9 more months and God help TRUMP ZERO if there is another mass murder of Americans by Americans before November. That is the worst case scenario, God forbid, for TRUMP ZERO and the Republicans. Who thinks they can survive another school shooting?
These children who now go to school in fear of their lives are going to go directly to there parents and ask "WHY DID YOU VOTE FOR THAT SCUM BAG FOR PRESIDENT." If you voted for TRUMP ZERO you own this issue and all the rest of his acts of anti-Americanism. Are you TRUMP ZERO supporters even worried that your children are going to die at school. Are you concerned that you have taken away a part of their childhood; their right to enjoy being children when they are children?
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180218


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Advice from a survivor of the Florida school shooting: It's time to start ignoring Trump.

"The things that [Trump] mentions when he brings up [the FBI], he's trying to blame somebody, and we can't let him do that,” the Parkland student said, calling Trump's conduct after the shooting “disgraceful."

This photo of TRUMP ZERO with this article makes him look like a Zombie or a deer in the headlights.
TRUMP ZERO is either a Moron, an Idiot, hopelessly Incompetent or a Traitor.
I know lots of very rich people that are dumb as a box of hammers outside their niche in life. I think this experience and understanding is not common to the average person. Making a lot of money does not require smarts. It requires doing the same thing over and over and over. Becoming an expert in that one and only one area.
It seems that TRUMP ZERO is one of those people. He does not understand government. He has no plan or intention to do something about the election meddling. He is still singing the same song about he did not collude nor understanding that he is the big fish and his indictment would come at the very end of Mueller's investigation.
All Mueller has to do is find one email link between these Russians and anyone on the Trump team and TRUMP ZERO goes down in flames.
If TRUMP ZERO does not get in gear with something to challenge the Russians, if he does not quit giving them a pass on everything that comes up against them, come November the voters are going to have no choice but to see him as out of his league or just a TRAITOR or being blackmailed by the Russians with that Sex Tape in Moscow he denies like everything else Russian.
Within as little as a few months, the Republicans are going to have to decide to burn TRUMP ZERO. If they do not burn him, then the voters both Democrats and Republicans are going to have to turn the government over to the Democrats and terminate the Republican Party.
The Republican Tea Party movement failed. The Moral Majority failed. Now we have TRUMP ZERO racist politics of the far right and it is going to fail too. Fascist governments do not survive. Italy, Germany, Japan.
TRUMP ZERO has no clue as to what to do about the school shootings. He only knows how to deconstruct. He does not have the savvy to understand much of anything about politics and therefore is at a loss at trying to evaluate a course of action for anything important. Like I said, he is a one trick pony: ie Slum Lord.
He has used every diversion possible. He has repeated his lies over and over about the Russians and all his prostitutes. His adultery.
The TRUMP ZERO circus is no longer funny and is running out of gas fast.
AND again he has no clue what to do.
It took 13 months to move the needle over to serious doubt about this guy's sanity and competence. The Russian investigation is going to heat up to stop it in November. And if Trump is not leading, which he cannot, he has staked his claim that there is no collusion, when that is not the issue at the moment.
The question is how do you keep ignorant people from taking the Russian bate, being manipulated by the Russians again in November. Yes everyone who voted for TRUMP ZERO was naive. Not capable of making valid decisions in the current world affairs.
Sorry, the ignorant, naive, uneducated were Duped by TRUMP ZERO and his hucksterism and by the Highly sophisticaled Russians. There it is.
Again people who have done well in life think they understand politics and manipulation when they see it, but thye do not. The best thing would be for them to Trust the Democrats in November and stay away from all Republican candidates, then get serious about making the right choice in 2020.
The Christian Evangelist need to understand their brand of Christianity is false. The time has come for Christianity to wake up. That will be the Second Coming of Jesus metaphor. The reality of the corruption of Christianity of Jesus by politics and the religious bureaucracies discarded and the Love your Neighbor, everyone is your neighbor, the world is one village, truth of Christianity and the America way in many things.
America is the premier government on the planet.
I absolutely believe in a more sane reality of Christianity taking over the minds of the rest of the present non-Christian world and we are at the doorway of that new Christianity, For delusional Christians, I hear the voice of the Lord Jesus saying "Let the dead bury the dead. Take up your cross and follow me."
I look at absolutely nothing without considering the real tangible world and the complete integration of the spiritual world manifesting in the real world. That is the truth. That is the way things are. I dont deal with people's facade, I only deal with their spirits and always have. I don't see what others see because I am not impressed by the dust that is the foundation of every reality in this temporary dimension. I see God as the driving force and billions of spirits incarnate in the dust and billions and billions of other supporting the incarnate.
What is going on with TRUMP ZERO is a significant number of Americans being confused in the world of dust as being the true reality. It is not. The spiritual reality is the infinite and immortal truth. And in that realm, TRUMP ZERO is a Dark Angel.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180218


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Republicans and Democrats slam Trump after he rages on Twitter about Mueller's Russia indictments

Politicians from both sides of the aisle spoke about the implications of Robert Mueller's recent indictments, criticizing President Donald Trump in the process.

Every American who is not 100% Native American is directly or indirectly (children of immigrants) an immigrant. PERIOD. No exceptions.
America has always been all inclusive and democratic.
And guess what, America is the premier nation in the world of nations and the world human society because of its all-inclusiveness.

America is what it is because America has taken the cream of the crop from all nations of the world. We have harmed every nation on the planet by taking the best and brightest out of their nations and welcomed them to America.
TRUMP ZERO is a White Racist and therefore White Trash. He is a baby boomer like me. We are the last remnants of the anti civil rights era of the 1960's. Laws that were put in place back then forced America to give up its Black Racism. There was an end to segregated schools except in the Christian community. The White Racist Christians set up Religious based schools to fight integration and promote segregation and those schools and that system still exists. That system extends into the 20% + of colleges and universities in America that are supported by White Racist Christians and significantly influence America today.
At the worst, these are foolish ignorant people who believe in creationism and not in science. They are the climate change deniers.
I am an absolute follower of Jesus and not a religionist of any stripe. I am not a card-carrying member of any religion and never will be. I quit all that when I changed my name to John WorldPeace in April 1988. Religions do a lot of good in the world human society but they also promote ignorance and Racism and intolerance for other religions and most appalling the subordination of women globally. The Jews, Muslims and Christians and their derivitives Mormons and Bahai's all declare women as second-class citizens. And this alone is an impediment to increasing the peace in the world human society.
In everything TRUMP ZERO does, he is trying to turn the clock back to the 1950's and the post WWII world.
TRUMP ZERO is proof that America has a very anti-American core of citizens. But the good news is that they are in the minority. TRUMP ZERO is the minority president because of the skewer of the popular vote: THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. That is the only way that a piece of White Trash like TRUMP ZERO as defined by his racism, anti-nonChristian bias and promoter of women as second-class citizens and sex objects could become the minority president.
I have a constant sick stomach the cause of which is a poison pill that resides in my stomach called MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMP ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
TRUMP ZERO is the end of all that is rotten in America. When TRUMP ZERO is out of office and dead, America will be free to conform American society into a reality in sync with the Founding Fathers and their Foundation Documents of ALL PEOPLE WITH EQUAL RIGHTS OF LIFE LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.
The finite mortal human body is a generic vehicle for viewing a limited dimension of the All There Is. The human body is no more than any other tool, metaphorically like a pair of eye glasses through which we view a distinctive aspect of the Infinite Oneness. The nature of this dimension is one of duality: light and dark, beginnings and endings whereas the Infinite Oneness is not one of duality: there is no time nor space, no past present or future, just the NOW.
The point is that I have always been aware of this distinction: that my body was not my spirit (soul) I knew from the first time at a very young age that I heard someone say that Blacks were just upper level monkeys. I knew that this was a lie. And I have resisted that lie and fought that lie my whole life, The KKK regarding Blacks, Nazis regarding the Jews, Zionist regarding Palestinians, Evangelicals regarding non-Christians.
America is a Christian society but the foundational documents were secular; meaning above religion with regards to human rights in this dimension.
TRUMP ZERO is a dark soul. I am a light soul. I am his nemesis and the nemesis of all those who are aligned with him.
Racism is a lie. TRUMP ZERO is a beacon of all the evils of Racism. TRUMP ZERO is a traitor to everything that is truly American and so are all those who support him.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180218


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Opinion | Mr. Trump to the ‘dreamers’: Drop dead.

By refusing any compromise, the president sealed the fate of those he said he’d help.

DOES ANYONE think that without Adolph Hitler in power, that Nazi Germany would have exterminated 6 million Jews? It would not have happened.
Now would the increased violence and chaos and White Racism, religious intolerance, the severe demeaning of women, the bullying, the lying, the chaos in American society exist if TRUMP ZERO was not doing it every day?
No way. Do you think the efficiency of the FBI is not downgraded due to TRUMP ZERO'S attacks on the FBI. Do you think men and women of the FBI are not worried about their jobs? And that worry translates into inefficiency,
Yes, TRUMP ZERO own school killings. Cop killing. Racial violence. abuse of women, unequal pay for women, less opportunities for Blacks and Muslims and women.
You fools who say his insanity and vicious anarchy is not degrading America are just stupid.
When I used to sell businesses in person, cold calling, I could always tell what the owner was like by talking even briefly to the receptionist.
TRUMP ZERO is making us all lesser Americans.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180217


World Peace Peace Page - John WorldPeace - World Peace Now - Give World Peace a chance - World Peace quotes - World Peace images, World Peace symbols, World Peace graphics

World Peace is the hope of humanity. This is John WorldPeace's Message of Peace and World Peace: and prayers for peace and world peace. Peace, WorldPeace, World Peace, world peace prayers, world peace quotes, World Peace images, World Peace symbols, World Peace graphics, John WorldPeace

Listen folks, 666 Kushner is a liar just like daddy TRUMP ZERO. He gets caught in a lie and he amends his paperwork. Three times now. Is it any wonder he cannot be cleared. He is the biggest rotten egg in the TRUMP ZERO administration.
Nepotism, that is what we are talking about here. How many laws and regulations have focused on for centuries is an attempt stop the nepotism and the negative effects of it.
TRUMP ZERO is the administration of misfits, traitors, liars and other worthless people There has been a constant flow of reports about the dark souls and incompetents surrounding TRUMP ZERO.
In time, the only one working at the White House is going to be TRUMP ZERO who will spend his days watching Fox News and bringing more strippers, prostitutes and porn stars to his bedroom at $150,000 each.
Chaos Chaos Chaos. That is what the TRUMP ZERO White House dog and pony show has been about for 13 months. Chaos management for 13 months. Anarchy Supreme for 13 months.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180217


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Kushner's access to top-secret info threatened by Kelly's changes to security clearance process

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said the White House will no longer allow some employees with interim security clearances access to top-secret information

Everytime there is some degree of information coming from Mueller that shows an ongoing investigation, with indictments, TRUMP ZERO tries to globalize that information to the entire investigation and claims NO COLLUSION.
Someone needs to tell CLOWN TRUMP ZERO that it will not over until the FAT LADY SINGS. And it looks like that is going to be a long time coming.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180217


About this article
Trump defiant as Mueller charges Russians

Special counsel Robert Mueller indicts 13 Russians and three firms over election meddling.
John WorldPeace

February 17 · 
Let me say this Folks about the FBI. TRUMP ZERO has put so much chaos into the FBI with his stupid clown based management style, how do you expect anyone over there to be able to concentrate on their work.
It is not the FBI. It is TRUMP ZERO doing everything he can the thwart the Mueller Russian investigation.
People wanted TRUMP ZERO to drain the swamp. Well he is not draining the swamp but what he is doing is creating chaos in every government department. He is gutting long establish procedures. He is unable to fill positions to keep these departments running.
Don't blame the FBI Director. Put the blame where it belongs, on TRUMP ZERO.
Let me assure you that things are going to get worse. Mueller is closing in on TRUMP ZERO and the more he closes in, the more chaos TRUMP ZERO is going to create. There has never in the history of the United States been a more destructive bumbling idiot in the White House than TRUMP ZERO.
Not to mention that he is a bigger crook than Nixon and he is backed up by the entire Republican Party. The Republican Party is in control of the presidency and the House and Senate and they have nothing more than a Chinese Fire Drill in place because Americans elected a Clown President.
Elect a Clown, expect a circus. The business of the government is not getting done because of TRUMP ZERO. Children are dying. Children and adults are suffering without health care. The long-established protections for the citizens against the predatory corporations and the rich are being dismantled by TRUMP ZERO.
I say there is a greater chance this school killer would have been caught if TRUMP ZERO had not spent the last year trying to destroy the FBI.
NOT TO MENTION, that TRUMP ZERO has no clue what to do about these school assaults. He has no idea what to do about anything. What he does know how to do is create chaos and destroy everything he touches and put corrupt money men and women in charge of all the critical government department.
The buck stops with TRUMP ZERO. Every day America is on a fast track to Hell because TRUMP ZERO is in office. Notice I did not say leading our country. TRUMP ZERO could not lead a one-man band.
He is obviously good at committing adultery. Other than that, I have seen nothing in the last 13 months that he is competent to handle. He is a TV news addict. He probably could make it as a Clown hair stylist.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180217


About this article
Pressure mounts on FBI director to resign as Florida community reels

Pressure is mounting on the FBI director to resign after his agency admitted it failed to investigate a warning that the man accused of killing 17 people at a Florida high school possessed a gun and the desire to kill.

Tell me how TRUMP ZERO can do so much to fight terrorism from Muslims NOT and gang violence from illegal Mexicans NOT but has no clue how to deal with School Shootings, Church Shootings, Cop killing?
The problem is TRUMP ZERO. The tension, chaos, and anarchy he creates. The constant lies. The constantly bullying. The never ending affairs. THAT IS THE PROBLEM. TRUMP ZERO.
He can't or won't fix TRUMP ZERO will he? Especially with so many White Racist and Evangelicals supporting him and enabling him despite his adultery and lies against the Ten Commandments.
Enough of this guy. Enough of someone who just knows how to tear down America. AND no knowledge how to build or fix anything. His only serious accomplishment was to transfer billions of dollars to the rich with his predatory tax plan.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180216


About this article
As Florida Shooting Survivors Beg for Action, Trump Opts to Lie Low

As with the Rob Porter scandal, it appears his goal is to stay out of the spotlight and wait until the controversy blows over.

TRUMP ZERO disrepects everyone. He attacks the FBI, the Justice Department. He talks hate against the Muslims. He talks hate against the Hispanics. And these kids are sitting in class with Muslims and Hispanics. And he takes away health care and puts parents in fear and they pass this fear verbally and non verbally down to their kids.
Kids have cell phones. They hear the hate of all these ultra-conservative anti American jerks in the media. TRUMP ZERO is not one to compromise. A consummate liar. A man who sows chaos and chaos and more chaos.
He lies about everything. And then KellyAnne Conway goes on the media along with Sarah Sanders and double speaks and says TRUMP ZERO is not a liar. He is profiting off the government. No one does anything. He screws prostitutes and we put the prostitute on the media.
The Evangelicals are saying Jesus is coming so let's let the Zionist start a war in the Middle East. The good things taught in church are neutralized with all the Second Coming and end of the world Armageddon Evangelical nonsense. Jesus never left. He is not coming back. Jesus is right here right now watching all this. That is a fact.
We pump up the Gangster Rappers with millions of dollars. The parents and kids are dying of opiates. The violence in the movies. Now TRUMP ZERO wants a military parade not as respect for our soldiers who have won some great war but to let a yellow bellied draft dodger stand on a podium and play Hitler and Stalin. Makes sense, lets talk gun control and have a military parade.
You know what. Not one single solution out of the twitter account from TRUMP ZERO. He knows the only solution is for him to resign. To shut his big lying mouth. That is the solution. He is the problem. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMP ZERO poison pill for America and the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, you are seeing what having this poison pill choked down your throat is doing. THE WHOLE WORD IS IN DISBELIEF AS TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA.
TRUMP ZERO is not going to change. All his lies and whore mongering and racial hatred and constant dividing; you are crazy if you think he is not pushing these kids indirectly over the edge. TRUMP ZERO is sowing chaos and anarchy everywhere. He is showing these kids how to lie and make trouble. He is the poster child for not being cooperative or loving or forgiving.
Who is going to deny that American society is wired to the max. The Senate is finally trying to actually compromise on immigration and TRUMP ZERO is doing what he always does, issuing proclamations that it is going to be his way or no way.
Ask yourself what it would be like to be Hispanic and TRUMP ZERO almost daily saying that Mexicans are nothing but vermin from the south.
TRUMP ZERO talking about the war on terrorism. We have had many school shootings this year and cop killings and how many terrorist attacks? Yes that is right. It is not about terrorism as much as school shootings.
Bullying. WHO IN HELL DO YOU THINK IS THE KING BULLY ON THE PLANET. TRUMP ZERO that is who! Can you think of a more public poster child for bullying
You people, you Evangelicals, who cheer on this crazy TRUMP ZERO, you are taking his chaos and anarchy and bringing it into the home every night after these kids read about TRUMP ZERO every day. Tension. Tension. Tension.
If we don't Impeach TRUMP ZERO or force him to resign, then it is going to get worse.
Gun control is and always has been stupid. No way I want to disarm Americans when there is a maniac in the White House spewing anarchy. We have more to fear from TRUMP ZERO and his promotion of a Fascist state than anything else right now. It is not time to talk about gun control.
There is no president to look up to. The Evangelicals are certainly no role models. Who are the role models, THE KARDASHIANS. Money talks. Money votes and guess where the money is voting. REALITY TV. People who in my opinion have no redeeming value in the world human society, dominate the social media.
You have Bruce Jenner and his sex change. Nothing personal but this is not the act of a stable human being. And these Kardashian and Jenner girls having babies with God knows who. Look at them as role models. Look at TRUMP THE WHORE MONGER. These people are all in the same clan of anarchits and cynics with contempt for the average person.
Look at the demeaning of women by TRUMP and KellyAnne Conway, and Sarah Sanders. Women. Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, our law enforcement all under attack from the White House.
There is no hope anywhere for these kids to find peace. There is no place for peace. The ones who are bullied. The outcasts. The bullying promoted to max by TRUMP ZERO. And TRUMP NOTHING Melania's cause is anti-bullying. Realy if it was not so tragic it would be funny. You talk about someone who hates the White House and America, look to Melania.
WOW you think pushing these marginal kids over the edge is not part of NO GOOD NEWS in the media.
TRUMP ZERO would have us overlook the fact that he is an arnarchist, liar, fornicator, divisive divisive divisive White Racist. It trickles down folks and it gains momentum with all his enablers. There is no shining light in the White House. There is no positive influence in the world in TRUMP ZERO or anyone around him.
The man of dignity who TRUMP ZERO attacked with neverending Birther lies was a decent man. He has a decent family. He was and is the role model. But being Black is his sin. Being Black was all the vicious TRUMP ZERO needed to call out the darkest devils of human nature against an honorable man.
Guess what folks. There is no solution. No gun control. No guards and metal detectors at every school entrance. None of that.
GUESS WHAT FOLKS, TRUMP ZERO is working hard to propagate his brand of anarchy worldwide. We have to clean house at the top. We have to cool down the hate coming from the White House, then we can begin to heal.
Everyone who voted for TRUMP ZERO and continues to support him owns these school shootings. Everyone who did not vote for TRUMP ZERO and does not support TRUMP ZERO and is not working day and night to IMPEACH HIM, owns the death of every single one of these children.
This is the only immediate solution. IMPEACH TRUMP. NOW.
For those of you who think I am a false ADVOCATE FOR PEACE. You are insane. Now is not the time to be a pacifist. Now is the time to speak out. To fight lies with truth loudly. To attack with all possible shouting until AMERICANS wake up and see that TRUMP ZERO is not just an idiot president, he is really, really a very dark soul who has many many Christians forgiving his lies and his adultery by ignoring the Ten Commandments. What hypocrites.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 18/0215


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Florida school shooting suspect booked on 17 counts of ‘murder premeditated’

Investigators now attempt to uncover motives behind the carnage at a school on the edge of the Everglades.

Folks, let me say this. In this article, there is no mention by Senator Warren of her writing and presenting a bill in Congress whereby the President of the United States reads an apology to Native Americans for the genocide against them or an official apology for Slavery.
America needs closure and some healing on the Genocide and Slavery issues.
I say this knowing that TRUMP ZERO will cut his tongue out before he reads it to the world.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180214


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‘Let’s talk about Pocahontas’: Elizabeth Warren addresses Native heritage claims and slams Trump

"I've noticed that every time my name comes up, President Trump likes to talk about Pocahontas,” Warren told the National Congress of American Indians.

Every one of these TRUMP ZERO dogs are skunks. They tear down long run departments benefiting all Americans or act like they are above the law. FLUSH this guy.
Let me say FOLKS, that Trump has made war on all the departments of government, first and foremost the FBI, CIA, Justice Department. Now we are hearing from these departments. They are fighting back the way that 30+ years bureaucrats know how to do. These people were around before TRUMP ZERO and will be around after he is history. Just like every other president since day one.
"Screw us? They ask.- NO SCREW YOU TRUMP ZERO." 
Hey TRUMP ZERO - EXTRA STUPID, you may have claimed you were going to drain the swamp of politicians but you forgot about the real power of the government in these career bureaucrats who see politicians come and go. I PRAY I DONT DIE LAUGHING TODAY.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180214


About this article
VA secretary improperly accepted Wimbledon tickets: Report

An IG report says David Shulkin spent the majority of the trip sightseeing.

Well, folks here is a follow up to my comments this morning about this $130,000.
Let me say that Mr. Cohen is the most stupid lawyer on the planet.
He just took down all the TRUMP ZERO barriers there were. He thinks he took the heat off TRUMP ZERO but he put the spotlight on himself. Why would he pay Stormy $130,000?
Now he will have to answer that question. He should have burned TRUMP ZERO. But to do that he would have been fired by TRUMP ZERO.
Mr. Cohen's days are numbered. And I mean days.
Now TRUMP ZERO is chest deep in the Porter/Kelly (all women are liars) house of lies AND the Stormy Daniels sex for hire matter.
TRUMP ZERO - EXTRA STUPID and his STUPID lawyer now have to watch Stormy Daniels make millions off a book. ROTFLMAO.
TRUMP ZERO - EXTRA STUPID keeps making the Russian Connection a non-event as his sexual escapades are going to sink his boat. "This is what happens to a man who starts thinking with the wrong head."
As the Stormy Daniels saga unfolds, more women are going to come out of the woodwork as they see that TRUMP ZERO - EXTRA STUPID can be brought down and made to pay money on the way down.
"For want of a nail a horseshoe was lost. For want of a horse a general was lost. For want of a general the battle was lost. For want of a battle win the war was lost." It is always the little things that come back to bite you. Or in this case fold a house of cards.
This TRUMP ZERO - EXTRA STUPID Reality TV should send a message to any would-be President, dont try it if you are not a lawyer. TRUMP ZERO is EXTRA STUPID because he is not a lawyer and cannot fully question his lawyers before they act. They are talking a different language. One full of nuances and pot holes and booby traps (no pun intended.) LIke Clinton the lawyer said "It depends on what the meaning of is - IS. ROTFLMAO.
We are about to have a Clinton type Impeachment. But with TRUMP ZERO - as they say in the movies as opposed to Reality TV - WITH A CAST OF THOUSANDS.
I love to see shyster (a person, especially a lawyer, who uses unscrupulous, fraudulent, or deceptive methods in his or her lawyering.) lawyers bite the dust.
REMEMBER YOU HEARD IT from the only independent fearless (but not stupid) honest (not for sale) play by play commentator in America.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180214


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Porn star 'free to discuss' Trump story

The porn star's lawyer says 'everything is off now' that Mr Trump's lawyer confirmed a payment to her.

Is there anyone who cannot see the TRUMP MEME in Netanyahu. Corrupt. Arrogant. Liar supreme. Zionist racist as opposed to a White Racist. We can all see why Obama wanted nothing to do with this creep and why TRUMP ZERO loves him. Both have bad hair. You would expect the president of the United States to have worse hair than the little corrupt ruler of a postage stamp nation, right? As a guy who happily discarded long hair decades ago, these little clownish peacocks with their attention to hair and lack of attention to their physiques make me ROTFLMAO. You would expect the president of the United States to appear physically a bigger glutton than the leader of a little postage stamp nation of Jews for Jews claiming to be the Chosen People of God. WOW who needs reality TV for entertainment?
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180214


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Israeli Opposition: Netanyahu Should Quit Due to Corruption

Israeli opposition leaders call on Netanyahu to step down in wake of police recommending corruption charges.

How often have we seen a major story about a negative event associated with TRUMP ZERO thas was re-spun two or three times and still we do not have the truth; even with a congressional investigation?
What we have to consider is all the lies that TRUMP ZERO has fostered and his sycophants have not had to lie about because there was just not enough space to report all of them.
How often do we have to call on these highly placed individuals to give us some idea of the truth of what came out of the lying mouth of TRUMP ZERO and his lackeys?
Nothing has changed 13 months after the lying TRUMP ZERO crossed his fingers and took the oath of office last year.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180214


About this article
White House Let Rob Porter Keep Job Even After Receiving Final F.B.I. Report

The F.B.I. chief upended the White House’s timeline of events, also saying the bureau delivered its first report on Mr. Porter months earlier than officials had said.

This is some extreme dirty laundry. TRUMP ZERO is an adulterer and Hope Hicks and this scheister lawyer Michael D. Cohen's are liars like their client TRUMP ZERO. Scheister Cohen is a typical extremely high paid attorney. As with TRUMP ZERO it is all about the money they take to skew the truth. I can tell you that this guy did not pay $130,000 out of his pocket as a friendly gesture much less without reimbursement.
The stripper is lying by not speaking. This scheister lawyer is lying by not speaking. Hope Hicks is a liar. Pretty face, dark soul. A younger Kellyanne Conway and thinner Sarah Sanders. By the way, Sarah Sanders graduated from Ouachita Baptist University. This is a typical Evangelical Christian no doubt. "The thou shalt not lie" and "Do not commit adultery" commandments do not apply to them. Sarah is a clone of my sister with a Christian degree.
There is a culture of lying that permeates every corner of the TRUMP ZERO presidency and his children.
Doe anyone know of any matter where TRUMP ZERO has told the truth? That would be major news.
My opinion of Michael Cohen, based on my 2 decades practicing law, is that he is an unindicted criminal.
The smirk on his face says it all. SCREW EVERYONE. MONEY RULES. And because money rules, he got reimbursed in some way for the $130,000. Money for these scheister lawyers is the mark of winning. Giving it away would mean being a loser attorney. Typical "sell your soul to the Devil" mindset.
Repeat: Stormy Daniels is some ongoing serious dirty laundry on TRUMP ZERO who is also supported intensely by the Evangelical Christians, also known as White Racist.
I doubt I would shake the hand of TRUMP ZERO due to concerns and disgust of where his hand had been.
For me to endorse TRUMP ZERO in any way would mean that I would accept him as a role model for my children and their children. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I feel a need to wash my hands just due to typing this commentary.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180214


About this article
Trump’s Longtime Lawyer Says He Paid Stormy Daniels Out of His Own Pocket

Michael D. Cohen, who worked as a counsel to the Trump Organization for more than a decade, said he was not reimbursed for the 2016 payment.
John WorldPeace

February 13 · 

"I am not prejudice! I treat all Black folks the same." TRUMP ZERO.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180213


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Trump's 87 picks to be federal judges are 92% white with just one black and one Hispanic nominee

President Trump's nominees for federal judgeships are overwhelmingly white, which hasn't happened for 30 years.

What a Circus. What a show. Elect a clown manifest a circus.
Chaos. Anarchy. Incompetence. Clueless.
Reality TV on steroids in the White House.
What do you think of your Clown President America? Now you know the difference between the scripted Trump of The Apprentice and the bumfuzzled reality of an unscripted TRUMP ZERO as president.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180213


About this article
People are leaving the Trump White House in record numbers

Donald Trump is breaking records! Just not in a good way.

TRUMP ZERO is all about big dreams and bad moves to make a facade of him being the greatest President EVER.
We are going back to the Dubya Bush huge economic hole that he passed on to Obama who cleared it. And TRUMP ZERO was elected to drive the economy back into a hole.
But the problem is, as the article says, the Baby Boomers are going into their retirement years. The post-WWII opportunities are gone. There is no basis for an economic boom. The best chance in my opinion is going to come in mining asteroids and colonizing the moon, I think Mars is going to be an underground civilization but I believe that humans are not going to be able to withstand the radiation of Mars. The future colonies are going to be on the dark side of the moon.
TRUMP ZERO'S fossil fuels mindset is a dead end. Economically and Ecologically. China has the reins to the future world economy because they have a cheap labor force. America is on a path to slow economic decline and a much lesser international presence.
The Muslins in the Middle East are going to see that they must reach an accord like Catholics and Protestants or they are going to be left with nothing but a dead dog economy based on oil. They will go back to goat herding in the desert.
We need a long-term economic plan and TRUMP ZERO is not the one to design it. He will design a hype plan that will fly high in the short run and crash and burn in the not so long, long run.
My hope is that TRUMP ZERO is going in 3 more years not 7. No way I believe that America has any chance of a long-term growth with TRUMP ZERO as president. And I know now that TRUMP MEME PENCE is one of the world most ignorant human beings. There is no comparison between TRUMP ZERO and TRUMP MEME PENCE; TRUMP ZERO as Einstein to Pence's Ricky Retardo. Sitting in the stands in Korea he looked stupid. Lost. Asking himself what's for lunch and when he was going to get warm again.
The good news is that America will survive TRUMP ZERO. But for now, the future to me looks like China rules and America begins a very very long run slide downward. Why? Because there is no fire anymore. Just a bunch of money men playing economic games to pile up lots of money which will be passed on as their body rots in the dirt. All that money and in the end no one knows their name. Just another rotting carcass.
America's Legacy to its children is not going to be much. A desert planet with few animals and not much beauty. I live in the high desert of New Mexico and the lush green of Houston and the Gulf Coast is nowhere to be found here. I have learned to enjoy the sparse brown beauty of the desert. I have always seen the entire American Bread belt as a vast desert due to climate change and the permanent relocation of the Trade Winds. And sadly the end of the Garden of Eden earth and it morphing into the Planet Dune.
Worry not my peers you will be dead before the only thing outside your window is dust. Worry not, I will tell your children and grandchildren that my generation left them the sick and dying planet that is their reality. And it was all so unnecessary. Look at all the planets out there. Nothing like the blue marble that is our present home. Nothing.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180213


About this article
Analysis | Trump’s new problem: There’s growing talk of a downturn in 2019

Trump wants a Reagan-like economy. He might end up with a sagging one more like George H.W. Bush's.

Three things from this article.
1) From a practical standpoint, you cannot make this much change at one time. You end up with total chaos. You just can't make it happen. So what we have is another TRUMP ZERO insincere play to his base. The way to do this is slowly. But that means decades not in the time frame of the Trump Zero residency in the White House.
2) No one can read this and see it as anything but a TRUMP ZERO desire to make full-scale war on the poor. You can't read this and not see his utter contempt for the poor. and people of color.
3) This is a no-brainer. If the government cannot guarantee jobs, the government cannot make jobs a requirement for assistance. And no one can guarantee jobs will be available. Just another BS TRUMP ZERO play to his base and a ratchet up of chaos and tension that is already far out of bounds.
4) I see TRUMP ZERO as a dog who has just entered the dog pound. He is put in a cage with 20 other dogs. And he just goes around barking at every dog in there. That is all he does is bark bark bark. Nothing accomplished. Barking, a one trick dog. He knows nothing else. Just bark. bark. bark. At night if he has the access he barks at the moon.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180212


About this article
Trump wants to overhaul America’s safety net with giant cuts to housing, food stamps and health care

Budget proposal would try to tilt benefits programs in a more conservative direction

Let me say first that I in no way an advocate violence of any kind against anyone nor the threat or perceived threat of violence.
That being said, I have been wondering how long it would take before something like this happened. Before TRUMP ZERO came personally face to face with the product of his anarchism.
TRUMP ZERO is harming a lot of people with his policies. He has shown himself to be a pretty vile, vicious and arrogant person. He has done everything in his power to create chaos and conflict within the American society.
And he will not let up. He is as vicious and as much of an anarchist today as the day he was inaugurated. He does not need to worry about terrorists, he needs to worry about enraged home grown Americans. He needs to worry about Libtards that are just as motivated as the most radical Neo-Nazis.
TRUMP ZERO is putting his entire family in jeopardy by pursuing his determination to create chaos in every corner of America.
There is no place to hide. No amount of Secret Service agents that can protect TRUMP ZERO or his family from a determined psycho.
TRUMP ZERO keeps inflaming people with his deep state conspiracy. If he really believes that, then he should believe that he is not safe. Even if he does not believe it, he should know that he can never be safe. Nor his family.
The people who provide security for Americans (FBI) have been viciously and maliciously targeted by TRUMP ZERO as part of his deep state conspiracy to get him.
Well if TRUMP ZERO really believes that, and if he remembers the Kennedy assassination that is still to this day unresolved, TRUMP ZERO needs to realize that it just takes one focused individual to go criminal and cause pain and suffering.
All Americans live in a glass house. All Americans are subject to criminal and terroristic acts. No data is secure. Hackers can achieve any breach they set their mind too.
When I worked for a high-end burglar alarm company in the late 70's, I asked the President of that Company if any of the very high-end security we sold worked. He gave me an indirect answer. He said the higher levels of security attract the higher levels of criminals (hackers).
TRUMP ZERO has made enemies globally and nationally. He says there is a deep state conspiracy out to get him and at the same time talks like a man who believes he is bulletproof. This is just another very serious disconnect between reality and what TRUMP ZERO says and what TRUMP ZERO believes.
It has only taken 13 months for TRUMP ZERO to get his first wake up call; that being President of the United States is dangerous enough without undermining everyone, moreso attacking those who are charged with protecting him (FBI).
One terrorist, one surface-to-air-missile, that is all it would take. All the security around Ronald Reagan. Yet he took a bullet on a street corner that almost ended him. Drones are lethal and there is no way TRUMP ZERO is surrounded by an invisible electronic shield 24/7. 911 almost saw a jetliner fly into the White House. Think about that.
And I would also point out, that when you are a nation that has been at war constantly since its founding, and few generations of American have been without their living veterans and consider how many Americans have been trained by America be killers on a global scale by all methods and means, America starts looking very scary.
I like so many, was drafted out of my peaceful life, taken away from all I knew, and inserted into a world that had one and only one objective, to make me a killer of Vietnamese. To act without thinking. To kill as state of the art infantryman without remorse. I was a hunter as a child, I understood blowing up animals, gutting them, eating them, without a thought. And I was part of a family of stable veterans going all the way back to the Revolutionary War. So I had no real problem with the training I received and I had no problem setting it aside when I was honorably discharged.
But I saw plenty of men who were not doing well as forced killers in training. Being an assassin for one's country is not something that comes naturally to anyone. They worked on me for 11 months and then by the Grace of God, I was sent to Italy and not Vietnam. But I was very much prepared to be a killer for God and country.
America is a violent society. Look at how many cops have been murdered lately. Look at how many school killings, and a church massacre in Texas. And all the violent video games and the constant exposure of every generation to Stallone, Swartzenegger, Tom Cruise, warriors as heros in movies. These movie icons made a lot of money keeping new generations of American pre-worked and prepared for a potential job of USA killer. They own a serious part of violence in America.
Of course TRUMP ZERO cannot relate to this becaue he is a yellow belly coward as they say. And what is that coward wanting to do, have a military parade where his Draft Dodging cowardice can stand on a podium and tout the glory of America's top of the line elite machine men, women, robots and drones. They are looked on with awe without of thought of what they are in awe of.
And that same TRUMP ZERO thinks he is bulletproof. He thinks he can push war and chaos and be immune to that chaos and warmongering.
Yes, my fellow Americans we have inherited a violent nonpeaceful warrior society and we have pumped up the volume. We have brought to our doorstep what we most fear. A dystopian society with an unstable dark president.
A blind man can see the darkness that we are bringing to America.
I am Dr John WorldPeace, an advocate for Peace and WorldPeace but I am not a pacifist, and I was trained by my country how not to be a pacifist.
And from the Bible MR TRUMP ZERO, "If you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind. Hosea 8: 7. Do you think this does not apply to you personally.
Friends, I have been an advocate for peace all my life, and specifically since I changed my name in 1988 to John WorldPeace. I have endured much abuse for appearing to be passive. Much abuse. What I am saying is radical. Peace is radical. Americans hate peace and moreso hate those who seriously advocate it. I am an advocate for peace and WorldPeace but I served my country and gave to Caesar what is Caesar's.
I will never embrace one thing that TRUMP ZERO embraces. I am not a traitor, I am not a coward, I am not a war monger. I am an advocate for peace. I will speak my mind. And I will take the abuse for being anti-war, anti-TRUMP ZERO. I have found my path in this dystopic world.
We have entered the dark forest and much darker it will get before light returns to America. And we each own this reality, each and every one of us. Have no doubt we deserve everything we have created. Jesus is present, always has been. He is not coming, he never left. By his own words, he said it. He has been here for 2000 years in great loving sadness. And so very very few have any remorse about the America each one has helped to create.
I pray for the safety of everyone. But we live in a violent dystopia world human society we have created and under a Rogue President we elected and allowed to be elected.
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180212


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Vanessa Trump sent to hospital after letter that held contained corn starch

Vanessa Trump was taken to a Manhattan hospital as a precaution after a letter with a white powder was mailed to husband Donald Trump Jr.

As an artist myself, among other things, I will tell you there is not much art that I respect. But these are powerful paintings. They are a threshold to what is coming after TRUMP ZERO. They are portraits of true Americans slandered daily by TRUMP ZERO.
Amazing work. Certainly work belonging in the National Portrait Gallery.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180212


About this article
Review | The Obamas’ portraits are not what you’d expect and that’s why they’re great

Former first couple chose African American artists who created compelling likenesses for the National Portrait Gallery.

Folks let me give you a bottom line heads up if you don't already get it.
TRUMP ZERO is a rich guy. He could care less about those who are not on his level. He gives no consideration that the had a smart but dark mentor father to teach him the real estate biz, send him to college and give him a $1 million to start his own business.
TRUMP ZERO believes he is a self-made man. He is not. His dad was. But not him. Without his upbringing due to his father's wealth, he would be selling rubber dog feces on 5th avenue.
TRUMP ZERO has studied manipulation all his life. Most especially the propaganda of Hitler. He understands manipulation. All that information is available. I studied all of it 4 decades ago. The art of manipulation. the art of deceit. Advertising. Selling. University level psychological studies. I don't watch TV. It is dummied down info for the lazy.
I read mostly nonfiction books with a lot of PhD notes at the back.
I do watch movies but when I watch them my mind knows I am watching fantasy. I dont allow my businessman self to read junk with no PhD references that I can check. Those who have not spent a lot of time in college do not know how to research to get the truth. They do not know when they are being fed lies and manipulation.
I have had two major questions in my life. 1) When I was young and found out I was going to die, I was astounded. And I researched what death was all about until I resolved what I am doing here and how I got here. Mostly that info is in religious and spiritual texts. You want to have my level of understanding, just read all the major sacred texts of all the major religions and then mix and match until that information makes sense to you.
2) This second question was critical to my philosophy since the first year of college when I was taking some advertising related courses in insurance. Here is the question. DO YOU EAT CHEERIOS BECAUSE YOU LIKE THEM, OR BECAUSE THE TV INFLUENCED YOU TO BUY AND EAT THEM? This question determines whether you are living a free standing life or a life of being manipulated. So I know all the tricks and manipulations that are coming out of TRUMP ZERO'S mouth. And let me tell you he is very efficient in firing his little tweets for MAXIMUM effect and manipulation. He wastes little time with non-manipulative communication.
This is why I am his Nemisis. He is an Evil Pied Piper. His global subtle message is, if you are White, understand I am the Great White Hope for the world. He has no feeling for anyone or anything. He lives in a universe of his mind where he is God. He works every moment to make his actual presidential power match his vision of TRUMP ZERO AS GOD in the real world.
Democracy is a joke to him. It is a support system for the weak. It is the mantra of the useless people and especially the useless non-White people on the planet to take money from the rich like him who worked hard for what they have. As above, many of the rich these days have inherited that money and overall they are more ignorant than those on the bottom of the economic and social pyramid. TRUMP ZERO'S absolute reality is that he wishes he could find a way to Exterminate all the weak and poor people in America and the world. He has three children who all feel superior to all the rest of the human beings on the planet. TRUMP ZERO ARE EXCLUSIONARY ELITISTS.
Bottom line, related to this article, TRUMP ZERO is determined to destroy every safety net in society for 90% of those who dare to breathe the air in TRUMP ZERO'S WORLD. Yes, he is that evil. Yes just like Hitler. But TRUMP ZERO knows that he has an expiration date that is maxed at 8 years, one of which has already passed. Hitler had no end date. Democracy will correct itself.
BUT IN THE MEANTIME, TRUMP ZERO is working non stop in his little evil genius mind to further marginalize the people on the bottom of the social pyramid. America Democracy is about lifting up and TRUMP ZERO is about tearing down.
You all have seen over the last year what he is doing but you do not understand, you do not believe that such an evil soul could be sitting in the White House. Well he is evil. In everything he does. He gives huge tax breaks to the rich and then complains that there is no money to pay for what he wants. And everything he wants to buy puts money in the hands of the already rich. He is 100% 24/7 about the transference of wealth from poor to rich.
I will slow him down. I am his complete opposite. I am of the mindset of the founding fathers. He is of the mindset of Hitler, Stalin, Putin. Mao lifted China out of the 15th century to a powerhouse and soon to replace America as the leader of the world of nations. It was a costly revolution but it unlike Nazism and pure communism has survived and IS CONQUERING. Xi and Putin know America's days are numbered. They know TRUMP ZERO is incredibly advancing both their agendas.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180212


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White House budget proposes increase to defense spending and cuts to safety net, but federal deficit would remain

The White House projects a large gap between government spending and tax revenue over the next decade, adding at least $7 trillion to the debt over that time

This is some serious payback. These abused and assaulted woman may succeed in bankrupting Weinstein financially.
I cannot imagine any large corporation in the United States not working on an inventory of their potential liability. If these women break Weinstein, they will break more companies. The lawyers will have a feeding freezie.
My question is where is TRUMP ZERO in this mix of female abusers and predators.
Why should the president be above the law? The predator in chief who according to his comments about Portman just does not get the problem. He still seems to think it is all frivolous nonsense like the Mueller Russian investigation. He seems to believe all women are liars looking for an unjustified payday.
I think TRUMP ZERO is capable of raping a woman and then as a defense claiming that she enjoyed it.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180211


About this article
Weinstein Co. Sale In Doubt Due to Attorney General Intervention

A deal to buy the troubled Weinstein Co. is in serious doubt as the New York attorney general has threatened to intervene, according to a source familiar with the situation. An investor group led b…

Netanyahu says Israel needs to work with the Russians on Syria and Iran because the US is not in the mix.
Well I guess TRUMP ZERO'S America First, Isolationism is working.
We don't have the respect of the Zionist even after TRUMP ZERO threw Netanyahu the Jerusalem bone and alienated the Palestinians in so doing. Seems like Netanyahu and TRUMP ZERO are brothers in stabbing friends and foes in the back.
The US backs Israel no matter what in the UN and the arrogant Netanyahu says the US is not in the mix.
Japan and South Korea have begun conversations with China as has the European Union.
TRUMP ZERO's plan to take America out of world politics is working it seems.
All the while TRUMP ZERO wants a military parade. Why? TRUMP ZERO is withdrawing America from global politics. Who cares about a showcase military parade that will not be necessary for a retiring America.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - The TRUMP ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180211


About this article
Israel Says U.S. Not in Syrian ‘Game’ as Russia Seen Dominant

Israel is counting on Russian President Vladimir Putin to keep confrontations with Iran and Syria from spiraling into war as the Trump administration mostly watches from the sidelines, a senior aide to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.
John WorldPeace

February 11 · 
I agree with the article premise that TRUMP ZERO'S base is in "communal mode". I wrote on this a few days ago.
The difference is that I went further in that I laid out the core communal issue. White Racism. The Border Wall is to keep out Brown Mexicans, Hatred of Muslims is a White Race issue, Evangelical Christians believe in a White Jesus, stopping welfare is a White Race issue because most of the people on welfare and entitlement plans are non-White, Immigration is a White Race issue as evidenced by TRUMP ZERO'S statement about "S..thole Nations" (Africa & Haiti) non-White nations.
Yes, the TRUMP ZERO base is communal and the underlying issue is TRUMP ZERO is a White Racist who attacked the number one Blackman, Obama, with his lying Birther Issue. TRUMP ZERO went after Black Obama with a vengeance. No one can say TRUMP ZERO is not a White Racist. TRUMP ZERO is at one with his base. Fortunately his base is in the minority and were it not for the Electoral College, he would not be president. He is the minority president. End the Electoral College.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180211


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Opinion | For Trump supporters, rejecting him would mean rejecting their own values

His voters never wanted him to keep his promises. They wanted someone who would believe in making them at all.

As I said yesterday, Israel is TRUMP ZERO's proxy to start a war with Iran.
Folks let me make something clear to all Americans who are too dense to comprehend TRUMP ZERO. TRUMP ZERO wants a war with Iran and Netanyahu is his lackey to start such a war.
Unlike North Korea and its wanna-have nuclear arms program, Russia has parity with the United States with regards to nuclear missiles.
Putin is not going to be pushed around in any way. Putin wants the old Soviet Union back. Putin took the Crimea without much effort and with no UN push back. It was and is pushing for control of the Ukraine. And Russia is firmly entrenched in Syria and significantly partnered with Iran.
The War Mongering Zionist are not fighting Iran. They are not teaching Iran a lesson. They are irritating Putin and Russia.
TRUMP ZERO has a big ego but nothing much compared to Putin. Putin is a man of action because of his firmly established dictatorship of Russia with a facade of a democracy. Russia is Putin. Putin is Russia. 
America is America and TRUMP ZERO is just TRUMP ZERO.
Russia can neutralize the silly arrogant little Zionists and their inflated egos in world affairs.
Russia can neutralize Isreal within about 5 hours I would think. All the little toys of war that Israel has can be neutralized within a few hours.
Do you think TRUMP ZERO is going to threaten Russia over Israel? Do you think TRUMP ZERO is going to Nuke Russia over Israel? Do you think TRUMP ZERO is going to send American ground troops into Israel to fight Russians occupying Israel? If you think that go back to reading the Fox News Funny Papers.
Consider the acts of God on the matter. 1) When the Zionist crucified Jesus, the veil in front of the Holy of Holies in Solomon's Temple, a place reserved for God in residence in Israel, was torn in two meaning God withdrew his presence in Israel. 2) Solomon's Temple was razed and the Jews disbursed out of Israel 40 years later. 3) God raised up Muhammed and the Muslims in the 5th century and gave what was Israel to the Muslims. 4) God through the Muslims established the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount, the prior location of Solomon's Temple. 5) God allowed the Nazi's to exterminate 6 million Jews in WWII. This is what God has done to the Zionists in the last 2000 years.
Now after allowing the Romans to remove the Jews from Israel and allowing the Nazi's to exterminate 6 million Jews, you would think the Zionists would get the message that the crucifixion of Jesus was a withdrawal of God's support for the Jews.
But the Jew's have learned nothing over the last 2000 years. The final statement from God it seems will be the turning over of Israel to the Russians and the internment or the extermination of all Jews in Israel. The ultimate executioners would be the Iranians. Israel would become a protectorate under the control of the Russians it is renamed.
Now this is the political reality of the Zionists.
Now here is the Christian take on the matter. There will be a great war, Armageddon. The Jews will be allowed to convert to Christianity or be exterminated by God himself.
You see the political reality for a War Monger Israel and the Christian reality for the Jews are the same.
The Zionists in either scenario, are doomed. And without a political future or a God blessed future, the only other future for Israel would be aliens I suppose. A scenario where the Zionist turn away from God and pray to the aliens to help them.
God has spoken it seems through the Muslims and their main proxy Iran and its patron Russian and through the Christians as to the potential fate of Israel and the Jews.
To use a baseball metaphor. The Romans against the Jews, STRIKE ONE. The Muslims against the Jews, STRIKE TWO. The Iranians and Russians against the Jews, STRIKE THREE. And that means the world of the Old Jews as opposed to the world of the New Jews, the Christians, Rule. The last of the 12 Tribes of Israel will disappear from the earth.
Personally, my take is that the Zionists are suicidal. They always have been. And my personal read of the situation is that God is not going to be happy with TRUMP ZERO, an American, going against the undeniable acts of God with regards to the Jews since the crucifixion of Jesus.
If I am wrong about all of this, all I can say is that no one has challenged my interpretation politically or Christianity wise. The Zionists are doomed if they do not face the apparent reality of their potential future of annihilation.
Regarding the political reality with regards to the Jews and God, I would expect some pushback against Americans enabling the Jews contrary to God's historical plan to support the Muslims in Israel and God's plan to support America as the New Jerusalem.
Biblically without the False Book of Revelation, the Americans and Christians should be partnering up with the Muslims, not the Zionist.
God promised Hagar the mother of Ismael the firstborn of Abraham that her descendants through Ismael would be without number. There are almost 2 billion Muslims in the world human society and they control the Middle East.
God promised Sarah the mother of Isaac the second born of Abraham that here descendants through Isaac would be without number. There are over 2 billion Christians in the world. Through Jesus the Christians are the inheritors of the Jewish religion. And the most Christian nation is America who is at present the premier nation on the earth.
There are about 5 million (not billion) Jews in the postage stamp nation of Israel created by the United States through Harry Truman and another 7 million worldwide.
REALITY CHECK: the Old Jews are not the Chosen People of God. The Christians are the Chosen people of Isaac and the Muslims are the Chosen people of Ismael just as the Old Testament book of Genesis written by Moses said things would be in time.
If I am a minority of One, the truth is still the Truth. So far no one has challenged me on any of the above. NO ONE.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180210


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Israel warns Iran after strikes in Syria

Israel launched raids targeting Iranian and Syrian sites in Syria after intercepting a drone.

All this speculation is nonsense. TRUMP ZERO is an egomaniac and a Rogue President. He will keep as much chaos in play as possible. His end game is to win. To control. To thwart. To be the center of attention. He has no loyalty to anyone much less the United States. He can rattle the world with a tweet. That is what he loves. Mind Screwing everyone. He is the consummate performer. The most powerful man in the world acting out a fantasy of himself as a global puppeteer.
He is a sick man. There is no logic in anything he does but the logic of staying at the center of attention.
He likes being at the center of chaos. He likes to build up people's hopes and then crash them. It is the aphrodisiac of power that he loves. Power to do more bad than good and chaos is not a good thing.
He is an evil genius of sorts. He is a genius at manipulation. And as president, he has so many American and Global options for game playing.
He is about manipulation and control. That is what he studies. HIs measure of all things is what is being broadcast in the media because that is where the majority of his base gets their thought for the day.
I will admit that he is just as disruptive and divisive today as he was the first day in office. He gathers energy from creating chaos. It is a drug to him.
Sadly every day that goes by his skills increase. He loves the nuances of creating chaos.
Can this go on for 3 more years? I think he may well be able to keep up the energy. But what will be left of America is anyone's guess.
There has never been a president without any kind of loyalty to America or any human being or any concept. He is a kid, banging on a piano. Annoying as many people as possible.
The world of nations has already begun to isolate the TRUMP ZERO cancer. Nations are moving to the Chinese camp. Trade is about to get totally out of control with tariff wars. The Palestinians are moving to gather support in the world because they found out the United States and Israel have been playing them for 6 decades. Corrupt and naive are the two words that best describe the Palestinians.
TRUMP ZERO has forced the world to deal with Palestine and the Jews. And as Netanyahu knows, he has one friend, the Zionist have one friend in the world. But as each day goes by that friend is squandering its power. The Zionist are on a path to final destruction.
TRUMP ZERO has absolutely turned America on the world stage into a Reality Show. A buffoon among nations. The world of nations is slowly day by day isolating America.
The good news is that the Republicans will self-destruct never to rise again. Whatever process that comes post-TRUMP ZERO, an Evil Buffoon will never again get a nomination. There can only be one TRUMP. His time as president will be more studied than any other president. And one thing that will be found is a politician that followed the Hitler playbook to the max.
At the end of the TRUMP ZERO term, Americans will look at the landscape and see a core meltdown. The photos of post-WWII German cities will be the metaphor for the destruction of America.
Humpty Dumpty (America) sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the Kings horses and all the Kings men will not be able to put America back together again.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180210


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Trump's memo block is a block of checks and balances

The immediate result of President Donald Trump's decision to block the release of a Democratic memo on the Russia investigation is to expose him to charges of hypocrisy.

Well, folks, TRUMP ZERO unleashed Netanyahu and the Zionist with his Jerusalem declaration to start up a hot as opposed to cold war in the Middle East. Their target is Iran but it looks like Syria is where they will begin.
War is a distraction for the indictments coming against Netanyahu, it is a distraction for TRUMP ZERO to have his boy Netanyahu stoke up a live-fire war in Syria.
It is what all the Evangelical Christians are praying for, Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus. That is their hopes for TRUMP ZERO their designated messenger from God. HOW STUPID AND IGNORANT.
Netanyahu is the overtly most significant war monger in the Middle East. Sure there is ISIS and the Taliban, but Netanyahu and the Zionist have nuclear weapons provided by the United States long ago. Not to mention the backing of the United States through TRUMP ZERO.
"When you sow the wind you reap the Whirlwind." Thus says the Lord.
Military parades in Washington DC with TRUMP ZERO presiding from some high platform like Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin. TRUMP ZERO giving Netanyahu the nod to push a war in the Middle East from Syria where the Russians are significantly integrated. A war that will push tensions with Iran. Russia and Iran are allies in Syria. Push Russia you push Iran. Push Iran and you push Russia. Russia has not fear of acting as in The Crimea and the Ukraine and in American elections with their proxy TRUMP ZERO.
The Zionist are crazy enough to push a war because they actually believe they are God's Chosen People. The facts of history show God leaving Israel at the crucifixion of Jesus when the veil in front of the Holy of Holies was rent. The destruction of the Second Temple of Solomon by the Romans in 72 CE. The disbursement of the Jews out of Israel IN 72 CE. The rising up of Muhammed the progeny of Ismael the first son of Abraham and the giving of Israel to the Muslims in the 6th century. The building of the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. The death of 6 million Jews by the Nazis in WWII. NO the Jews are not the Chosen People of God.
The Chosen People of God are the progeny of the Jews through Jesus. Netanyahu laughs at all Christians who believe in a False Messiah and a Faked Resurrection. I believe that all this being true, and the Christians supporting the Zionist who have the mark of Cain, when God has obviously abandoned them, is going to bring onto Christians God'S irritation.
The Evangelical Christians are as delusional as the first century Jews who were looking for a warrior messiah. No one understood a Messiah of Peace. The Book of Revelation is a False Teaching and those who embrace it are courting disaster. Only the most supreme Arrogance, individually or collectively would claim to know the mind of God.
The truth is often paradoxical. And the Truth of Jesus the Peaceful Messiah was the most paradoxical of all religious events.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180210


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Israel Attacks Targets in Syria After Iranian Drone Enters Israeli Airspace and Jet Crashes

Israel said it had launched a major attack after its F-16 came under Syrian fire. The events appeared to be Israel’s first direct engagement with Iranian forces in the Golan Heights.

Rachel Brand leaving the Justice Department bothers me. She is smart enough to know that working for TRUMP ZERO is a really bad career move. I should not say working for him, I should say working in a position where he could attack her and seriously trash her career.
I also think that there must be a high level of serious talk among the employees at the Justice Department that Trump is locked and cocked to fire Rod Rosenstein. And she does not want at 44 years old to put her career in jeopardy.
I compare Trump to a rabid dog circling his prey, Rod Rosenstein. I think among TRUMP ZERO'S promoting a military parade and slowing down the release of the Democratic response to the Nunes memo and other distractions, he is focused intensely on Rosenstein as his next move to weaken the ongoing Russian Investigation.
I think no matter what TRUMP ZERO does, firing Rosenstein never stops running in his vicious brain. I think what will come out sooner or later, everyone who is working for him has a shot at a lucrative book deal, not to mention paybacks from others everywhere, is going to astound and sicken all Americans. I believe he is that evil, that much of a psycho and sociopath. I wish I could shake the feeling, but I cannot.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180210


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Third-highest ranking official at the Justice Department stepping down

Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, in office for only nine months, is leaving the embattled department.

On a personal note, let me say that I took a week to step back to evaluate my absolute determination to shut down TRUMP ZERO by any and all nonviolent and legal means possible. My resolve has been strengthened.
There is no one more focused and determined to stop the TRUMP ZERO march to dictatorship and the destruction of American Democracy.
I will proceed on the path I have held onto firmly since TRUMP ZERO won the Republican nomination. I will not back off. But I will also not deal in lies.
Let me share a rather startling revelation about those who support TRUMP ZERO. A revelation I just fully realized in the last week.
I have been asking myself over and over why are there any supporters of TRUMP ZERO. How can TRUMP ZERO day in and day out screw his base and they still chant his name.
Here is the global historical factual reality. Homo Sapiens came out of Africa somewhere around 100,000 years ago. At that time there were other species of human beings. Neanderthals, Denovisians, Homo Erectus and a few more. ALL WERE WIPED OUT. Where Homo Sapiens went, in time the other species were terminated. Presently the Homo Sapiens are bringing on the sixth extinction, the termination of plants and animals in their innate drive to control everything and discard and terminate what they consider useless in their insane desire to control everything.
In America, right now with regards to TRUMP ZERO, there is only one measure on the table that demands support and allegiance to his Evil Soul. That factor is White Racism. The fact that TRUMP ZERO is a ruthless white male is what his base supports. White Racism has many covers like Christianity and economics, and immigration, in the open conversation but the huge elephant on the American Stage is White Racism
TRUMP ZERO got his start with the Obama Birther lie. TRUMP ZERO used that as a mighty weapon because he fully understands the power of White Racism. TRUMP ZERO used the Blackness of Obama to begin his rally of American Whites.
TRUMP ZERO'S White Racist supporters are not stupid. They see what is happening. They see America going in the wrong direction, they see how TRUMP ZEROS's Tax Package screws everyone but the very rich. But TRUMP ZERO supporters prioritize White Racism. They will pay just about any cost for a White Racist leader. To live in a White Racist society makes twice the taxing a cheap price for White Racism.
When you seriously think about this, you will see the truth of it. As a White Male, especially one who is a Veteran, warrior, and one who has the highest level of education with three degrees, the most important a law degree, I am assumed to be a White Racist by White Racist. It has always been so and still is the way it is. Only if I scream WorldPeace in a White Racist face do they get it. They have great difficulty not seeing me as a White Racist.
So the point is, White Racists feel free to talk all the White Racist trash in my presence. I have heard it all my life. It is all-consuming. I heard it from my father and my radical Christian White Racist sister and my inlaws. It is crucial to her reality that she support White Racism. Not just her world but her cosmology of the entire Universe is dependent on White Racism. And more specifically White Christian Evangelical Racism.
So there it is. Wipe away all your other theories about why TRUMP ZERO is able to do what he is doing and it comes down to White Racism. Remember TRUMP ZERO'S father was a veteran of White Racist wars against allowing low rent muddy people to live in his slums. TRUMP is German and I feel pretty sure his father was as much of a Hitler supporter as Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh were due in no small part to their hatred of the Jews.
HERE IS THE HOPE FOR AMERICA. TRUMP IS THE MINORITY PRESIDENT. There are more muddy people and liberals, and globalist, and independents, and true Christians than there are TRUMP ZERO supporters.
TRUMP ZERO is the minority president. Obama is proof that WHITE RACISM has seen its day. Take your faith in the election of Black Obama and TRUMP ZERO as the minority president.
DEMOCRATS must not lose their resolve to do the right thing and end the TRUMP ZERO presidency. The November 2018 midterm elections and the presidential election of 2020 will put the final nail in the power of the White Racist. There can be no letting up, DEMOCRATS and Independents rule IF THEY GO TO THE POLLS.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180210

After all these many months, the Democrats are still learning that TRUMP ZERO is a rogue president. He is a liar, he is a manipulator of the law, he is a would-be dictator. The Democrats should have put the release of the memo on the table in order to keep the government open.
The Democrats gave up the DACA hold they had on the budget 3 weeks ago and nothing went forward on DACA. A second shut down happened and the Democrats again let DACA go to the rear of the bus.
TRUMP ZERO read that as a win for himself and a basis to grab more power and issue more abuse to the Democrats.
I think he is laughing his head off at how weak and stupid Democrats are.
I also believe that TRUMP ZERO is underestimating the will of the Democrats. If the memo does not get released I believe one of the Democrats will release it anyway. Then we have a constitutional crisis to decide if the President can manipulate the law and open the door for the Democrats to manipulate the law.

Only a very foolish person at this point refuses to see that TRUMP ZERO is going to use his increasing lawlessness to grab more power. I keep repeating, it is a Hitler grab for power. TRUMP ZERO is a serious assault on American Democracy.
More than one article has been written over the last year that says that TRUMP ZERO is about winning at any cost. American Democracy is a joke to him. He will sacrifice American Democracy to win whatever game he is playing.
He has less and less respect for Democrats everyday. He has more and more contempt for Democrats every day.
I think the Republicans are playing with fire. I think they believe that the Republicans will rule in November. But all the polls seem to still show that TRUMP ZERO has a firm lock on his White Racist Christian base, he is still the minority president.
There is no electoral college skewing that will be applicable to any election of any politician come November.
Bottom line, treat TRUMP ZERO like the lying mangy dog he is and fight him on everything. Put everything on the table for every vote. That is the only way you rein in TRUMP ZERO.
He is pushing for the Holy Grail which is to shut down the Russian investigation. That never leaves his twisted mind.
TRUMP ZERO is focused on winning and becoming a dictator in every way he can. He is obsessed with the idea. He thinks he is playing by the rules of scripted TV. Scripted TV is fantasy.
Everyday TRUMP ZERO is focused on several very collateral questions: Can I run the government of the United States like a reality TV show. Do the rules of ratings rule the American Voters? Are they really as stupid and passive as I believe they are?
TRUMP ZERO attacks on all fronts. He has thrown out another red herring in his proposed Military Parade. This act is a turning of the head of the American Eagle on the Great Seal from facing toward peace to war. This is an argument that is far beyond the average American to understand. It is too subtle. This is Hitler tweaking everything possible to move American Democracy to a TRUMP ZERO dictatorship.
Most Americans are not leaders. Most are not insanely driven by power and ego. They do not believe anyone can be as focused as TRUMP ZERO on becoming an American Dictator as is TRUMP ZERO.
The average German did not believe the evil of ADOLPH HITLER and even less so can the average American evaluate the great evil that is TRUMP ZERO.
TRUMP ZERO has not reduced his resolve since the day he focused on winning the Republican nomination for President. And once he won that he has been all in, in every way, to become the undeniable American Dictator.
The average American really does not believe this is possible. All I can repeat over and over is ADOLPH HITLER. ADOLPH HITLER was not reality TV. There are still many Americans living whose parents were terminated in the war to stop ADOLPH HITLER.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180210


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Trump Blocks Release of Memo Rebutting Republican Claims

President Trump blocked the release of a classified Democratic memo, setting up a potential showdown with Congress over the fate of its contents.

Sounds like what I have always maintained, THE ZIONIST ARE THE BIGGEST THREAT TO PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST.
The False Book of Revelation embraced by the ignorant Evangelical Christians on this matter are cheering the Zionist on in hopes of bringing on Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus.
The Second Coming of Jesus was the Resurrection of Jesus. Jesus said I am with you always. Where two or more are gathered I am there. Meaning the Evangelicals will tell you Jesus is present at every one of their church services and yet they are waiting for him to come again. Go figure that out.
Jesus never left. He is either present or not. Can't have it both ways. Not one Evangelical will stand up on Sunday in church and Proclaim that Jesus is not present. And turn around and saying they are expecting him to come again.
In the meantime, THE ZIONIST keep pushing war in the Middle East while constantly saying IRAN is the war monger in the region. Iran gave up nuclear weapons, the Zionist do not even admit they have them.
These are the same Zionist who crucified Jesus 2000 years ago and still advocate that those who believe that Jesus is the Messiah are delusional. The Zionist crucified Jesus, God tore the veil to the Holy of Holies in Solomons Temple, as he left Isreal, and 40 years later allowed the destruction of the Temple and disbursed the Jews, and gave the land of Israel to the Muslims in the 6th century, The Muslims who are the progeny of Abraham's first born Ismael and obviously preferred over the progeny of Isaac the second born of Abraham. Those are the modern day facts.
Isreal is trying to draw America under the MORON LEADER TRUMP ZERO into a much-expanded war in the Middle East as if two Iraq wars were not enough.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180207


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Syrian air defenses respond to 'new Israeli aggression' near Damascus:

Syrian state media said early on Wednesday that Syrian air defenses had responded to what it described as "a new Israeli aggression" in the countryside around Damascus.

A Russian/Nazi like military parade is the most stupid childish moron thing I have ever heard of. Military parades are for giant victories at the end of giant wars. We have no such wars going on and I doubt we will ever again experience such a thing. It is now about drones, nukes, and soon robots and computer hacking.
EVERYWHERE with the IDIOT TRUMP ZERO, he reaches back to the past.
And I doubt he has looked at the Great Seal of the United States where the Eagle is looking to his right, the side where he is clasping olive branches as in peace. Military Parades do not promote peace. They do not reflect as United States oriented to Peace First.
This is just more Hitler insanity; Cold war Russian Red Square parades. The ultimate TRUMP ZERO fantasy. HImself as a great warrior king. When he is a draft dodging CLOWN. As a Vietnam Era Vet I resent a draft dodger playing General.
He is the kind of officer that would die of friendly fire because he would be as incompetent and dangerous to his men as a military officer as he is as President.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180207


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ROTFLMAO TRUMP ZERO is a real kick in the pants. 13 months into his presidency and he still has his lackeys walk back what comes out of his ignorant lying mouth.
What an absolute worthless disgrace is TRUMP ZERO.
He is a creature with a wooden head. 
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Trump was 'joking' when he accused Democrats of treason, White House says

President Donald Trump was "clearly joking" Monday when he accused stone-faced Democrats of treason for not standing and applauding during his State of the Union address, according to multiple White House spokespeople.

Here is the reality. Every day TRUMP ZERO'S evil appointees tear down more and more protections for the average Americans to the benefit of the predatory rich and the corporations they own.
Then he gives all these ignorant Americans a blurb about how great things are in America and how much better off they are. And they believe it.
If I become PRESIDENT IN 2020 I will do everything I can do to bankrupt and incarcerate these Imps of Satan who are destroying these departments. These traitors to America. I am sure I can find some laws to make them personally responsible or bankrupt them with attorney fees they will have to pay for a decade or two in the courts defending themselves not to mention labeling them as pariahs and keeping that in the public forum until they are dead. There will be paybacks for these sociopaths.
I will also replace all these appointed department head positions with civil service department heads to stop the chaos created by one evil man or woman to degrade American Democracy.
I feel with Democrats in control in 2020, every TRUMP ZERO Executive Order will be reversed. Companies that relied on them to destroy the environment etc, will be shut down and therefore bankrupted. And all these appointee department head jobs eliminated. An end to the Electoral College. And Federal Laws that take away ill-gotten millions from corporate heads who have harmed all American citizens.
I will close all the doors to future corruption and traitorous acts that TRUMP ZERO has used to take down America.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180206


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Democrats lash out at consumer watchdog amid reports the agency is dropping Equifax investigation

Equifax faced heavy criticism last year after a massive data breach and its bungled response. But, so far, regulators and lawmakers have yet to take any action against the company.

Everyone working for TRUMP ZERO is either constantly high on sorting his feces or using just plain old fashioned dope and pot.
And all the rest of us are just brainless Democrats who will believe anything and give him credit for being a genius. Problem is in truth he wakes up in a different world each morning. Clean slate. Everything said prior to wake up has been erased.
THERE ARE NO GREATER MORONS THAN TRUMP ZERO AND HIS STAFF. Do you think these sycophants are going to put working for TRUMP ZERO on their resumes??? How embarrassing.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180206


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White House spokesman: Trump has not focused on the stock market

A White House spokesman claimed on Tuesday that President Trump has not focused on the stock market, despite his repeated praise for Wall Street’s post-election rally.

Sure are a lot of false alarms being sent out by the government since TRUMP ZERO began gutting all the government departments with his appointees. But look at the money he is saving putting Americans in danger. SMART GUY RIGHT.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMP ZERO poison pill for America and the world.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180206


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False tsunami warning sent to East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean

Some residents along the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean received a false tsunami warning on Tuesday morning.

(RESPONDING TO THE COMMENT: And WHY didn't this guy post this (JWP on Feb 3 at 6:58 Pm posted GET OUT OF THE STOCK MARKET) BEFORE Feb. 3rd...? He's no Nostradamus, I can tell you that for sure...)
FIRST: Nostradamus wrote a 1000 quatrains the vast majority were nonsense or never connected up to a real event. If I wrote a 1000 comments about the future, I would have a 20+ times higher percent of reality following my comments than Nostradamus but the vast majority would still be nonsense on this path, in this dreamscape at this time (but true in one of the parallel universes.) LOL. The most obvious about everything is the most hidden. Despite all the book burning during the course of human civilizations most all the deep questions have answers written down in some culture at some point in the past. But if you have a conservative limited view of this reality of an infinite quantum universe you will never be able to act in sync with the commentary about human behavior. Jwp.
The stock market bores me and so I don't really pay attention to it. But something caught my attention and I realized how fast the market moved up over the last two years and how out of proportion it was and so I made a strong but casual comment. GET OUT OF THE STOCK MARKET. The next day the market began to drop.
Also, I have been self employed since 1972 when I got out of the Army in the insurance, accounting, tax, law and now web design biz. My businesses have grown at a rate of 30% per month in some cases. I got into the accounting/bookkeeping biz in 1981 when the small businesses were moving from CPAs to internal computerized bookkeeping and I began doing websites in 1998 and opened my biz in 2003 when the "must have a website for your biz got started.
My first evil first ex-wife killed the accounting tax and law biz in Jan 1986 and my youngest son tried to blackmail me in the web design biz in Jan 2007 so I shut that biz down when I had 432 websites in production and 45 employees after 27 months in that business. And due to that chaos my second ex-wife left the marriage. The first two marriages lasted 19 years each.
Business essentially bores me compared to my art, creative writing, political commentary and WorldPeace Advocacy which are far far more dynamic. My idea was to build businesses my wife and children could run while I directed their activities but pursued my own interests. I dont talk to ex-wives or 3 of my four children. I live my own life far away from their treachery. Happily.
Further, I know how to shut down Google. I have seen that future since 2002. And amazingly no one has seen that reality except me. If they had seen it, it would have already happened. The huge money that was coming from my web design biz was going to self-finance the Google challenge. All my businesses have been self-financed and started from scratch. I could care less who believes what. I have the documents to prove what I say about my businesses but I have never written down or spoke to anyone about how to shut down Google. I have mentioned to people I knew how to do it. Of course they all laughed. If they had not laughed their ignorance would not have been so obvious.There are still many, many ways to tap into the internet and computer and software technology for billion dollar fortunes.
But I would rather try to change the world which is a much bigger challenge to me. Not to mention one that is never ending unlike making a 100 billion dollars will end. My headstone is not going to say "He made a lot of money." But "He tried and made progress increasing the peace in the world human society." I am someone who definitely marches to a different drum beat.
Looks like the whole world market took a 4% dive yesterday, not just America. Just shows you how interconnected the world financial markets are and how they are all using very sophisticated computer models that can predict the market. At one time in the late 1900's I was going to just focus on arbitrage (buying and selling money 24/7) Too boring just watching stock market indexes 24/7.
Warren Buffet requires too many employees and too much work looking at financials company by company industry by industry. Boring even though computer software can easily crunch the basic numbers and find the best bets in the stock market.
The market adjustment has a way to go yet before it calms down. Another indication of the bad and stupid mindset in the money markets was the EXTREME roller coaster warning of CRYPTOMONEY over the last month. That movement is insane and shows the mindset of the super gamblers on the planet, money changers. You all have fun. The majority of investors should be out of the stock market. Only the stock brokers come out churning stocks in the latest fads.
And in response to the comment that this is not 1929. That is true in the sense that the globally integrated money men will not let the market fully crash. But the greed and careless attitude about the average person in the world human society: that has not changed and probably never will. Top end legal stock manipulation hurts a lot of people with some money to invest but not the most basic knowledge about economics, business, stocks and investments. I sold insurance but refused to sell their stock investments all the way back to 1972.
The market has gone up because everyone with a brain knew that a pro business predatory guy like TRUMP ZERO was going to push the market up because everyone thought he would just by his being president. But they also knew the TRUMP ZERO bubble would not last more than a few years. And here we are.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180206




OK, Folks, I am not going to say this article is alarmists and silly but that is pretty much what I think it is.
First, I think the violence of video games has had a very negative effect on children. Now children will migrate from those nonproductive games out of boredom to more interest in things of substance.
The smart kids are going to graduate college with a Bachelors at 12-13. These kids were born in the Third Millennium are going to be less subject to being manipulated because they have a global database of kids to give the truth about just about everything.
Sure sexual maturity is going to be there at puberty. There will not be much kids don't know about sex at 13. And they will also know the burden of having children.
They are going to ignore the present hypocrisy and manipulation that exists in religion. And the corruption of politics. Kids are going to trust their friends and discount the lies and manipulation that permeates the massive amount of information. There are children now who are more saavy than any adult. They just don't know that they know, if you will.
By the time children reach 13 they are not going to be naive. The ones that do not have the technology are going to be at a huge disadvantage. That is for sure.
Children at 13 are going to be ready to take on a role in society at 13 but they will hold off until 18. There is a certain amount of street smarts they will have to learn.
Regarding learning let me give you a fact that I know from personal experience but have never read about.
I took a speed reading course my last year of college and I learned that the only throttle on how fast I could read a novel was the rate at which I could turn the pages of a book. I got up to 100,000 words a minute in 4 weeks by practicing 1 hour a day.
What happened was that I found that when reading a novel I did not see the words. I saw the book unfolding in my mind just like a movie. In two minutes, I could be through a novel and then I could take as long as I wanted to allow the novel to move up fully into my consciousness.
I have known since the late 70's that computers would be able to flash pages on a fast computer screen in nanoseconds. You cannot reach max speeds with scrolling. You need the information to flash.clearly on the screen for a nanosecond and then flash then next screen. I am talking about reading a 300-page novel in less than a 30 seconds and retain it for as long as you would reading the old fashion way.
There are no computers wired the way. I am talking about a computer that can flash pages at the rate of one page per nanosecond. The technology is available but the software is not.
Now if you want to learn calculus assuming you have the math training to take calculus, this is how you would do it.
The mind is faster than any computer. It can take in information as fast as the fastest scanner.
So you get all the calculus books that would give you a full understanding of calculus. You load it up into a computer program flashing textbook pages in nanoseconds. Then you watch the video that would take maybe a half hour to show you start to finish everything you would read, study and be taught. Do it about 20 times over two days.
If you do that. You can pass any calculus test on any level the third day.
The subconscious mind will take in the video and each time it is watched the mind would analyze and store it and refine the indexing of the information and cut the duplicitous data and information..
It will be just like in the movie Matrix where they put in a tape and run it for a minute and the receiver would have expert knowledge. No doubt the more you do this, the faster you subconscious would convert the knowledge to be easily consciously accessible.
I am talking about reading all the news at 8 am and be done with it by 8:10. Everything. Local, National and International news.
The trick is not to think. Just allow your eyes to focus on the computer screen and go into a low level of meditation where you are not blocking the flow.
I am talking about in one month a 10 year old could have learned virtually all the history, geography, English, other languages, economics, math, science, medicine, astrophysics, sociology, psychology, literature, poems, art, music (as in reading music and hearing it in your head.) etc
That is the future. And I am telling you that as soon as someone builds the flash player this future I have described will begin.
Then you connect all those human brains physically with the internet and literally within years all the nonsense and the manipulation of civilization to date will be put in its place.
People could have working knowledge of all Einstein's knowledge in a week. And within less than a month be qualified to teach it.
The real problem is getting all human knowledge, including the minutia, accessible and into the flash reader I have described.
You will not be able to manipulate children when they have this level of knowledge.
It takes 10 billion atoms to make a cell. 10 billion cells to make a human brain. When these things evolved in the past things made a giant leap. The last step is to hard wire 10 billion human brains. It can happen within 5 years or less. The world will be nothing like anyone, other than myself, can imagine. I have seen the future. I feel I come from the future the same as I have come from the past.
When you open your mind to this factual reality, and I have found no one who can, you will know what I know. It is available to anyone who desires to know. But it is not available to those with no drive and those who have wasted their brains with coffee, cigarettes, dope, booze etc. You cannot live in the reality I am talking about with an addled brain. These stimulants will cause a jumble of all the information that the brain is trying to assimilate. A person trying to take in this much information without a clear mind may well go crazy. I don't know. They may smoke their brain.
This article is about children not being able to assimilate all the data in order to process it as an adult. I am telling you that these people in this article came up in the snail age of learning. And their brains have been permanently throttled. They are in a mental box. A lifetime of parents and family and stupid incompetent conservative teachers and religion and restricting jobs. (Do you understand that A students get the really good jobs because they are conformists. IE The big law firms hire the conformist that prove they are conformist by their straight A's. The big law firms, engineering firms, accounting firms, medical schools and hospitals DO NOT WANT FREE THINKERS.
I can see how these people in this article would be concerned but in a few years, they will see that everything they think and have thought all their lives is basically straw in the wind.
As the Bible says: "A child will lead them. Actually children of the Third Millennium."
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180204


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Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built

A group of Silicon Valley technologists plans to call attention to the dangers of tech, including working on an ad campaign aimed at 55,000 public schools.

You know this incompetence reminds me of the guy who pushed the Nuclear incoming button last month in Hawaii.
Well Commander in Chief TRUMP ZERO who does not know the difference between Asians, much less the difference in Asia nations takes responsibility for this. The buck stops at TRUMP ZERO.
Who is running the Pentagon these days?
Did I hear a rumor that after TRUMP ZERO is done with the Department of Justice and the FBI, he is going after the Pentagon?
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180204


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The Pentagon took its Nuclear Posture Review offline after mistakenly labeling Taiwan as part of China

The report was back online on Saturday.

WOW can you believe this???
Roy Moore was not racist enough in Alabama.
Now we are down to the bottom of the Republican barrel.
First TRUMP ZERO the American Traitor.
Then Roy Moore the pick of TRUMP ZERO.
Now a full-blown no-nonsense Neo-Nazi. When will TRUMP ZERO endorse Art Jones, the Holocaust denier???
Let the good times roll right TRUMP ZERO? Right Republicans? We thought you were scaping the bottom of the barrel with Trump. But Roy Moore was below TRUMP ZERO. And Lo and Behold now we have Art Jones. The best the Republicans have to offer in Chicago.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180204


About this article
Holocaust denier to become Republican nominee for Illinois congressional seat

Art Jones the sole GOP candidate for state’s third congressional district, according to Chicago-Sun Times

Sounds like the TRUMP ZERO plan of ethnic cleansing. You know "Israel a nation of Jews for Jews".
Take the Palestinians land, resettle them, religious cleansing. Now the Black people, racial cleansing.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You know how TRUMP ZERO loves his flattery. Purge those Black people from the S...hole African nations.
Sounds like the Nazi plan. You know the Nazi Holocaust for Jews. Resettle them. Take their land. Take their property. Take their lives.
MAKE ISRAEL GREAT AGAIN. Religious cleansing. Racial cleansing. Palestinian cleansing. Israel for the Jews. Zionists uber alles. God's Chosen People. TRUMP ZERO'S Chosen People.
TRUMP ZERO loves his little postage stamp nation more and more every day.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And we know how TRUMP ZERO loves his flattery.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180204


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Israel Begins Sending Deportation Notices To African Migrants

Around 20,000 men, many of whom are applying for refugee status, are being threatened with indefinite incarceration if they do not leave.

The pushback against the Nunes Memo has started and is picking up steam. I think the release of the Nunes Memo was a move that is going to go as bad for TRUMP ZERO as did his firing of Comey that immediately resulted in the appointment of Mueller.
I think as far as Nunes goes his credibility is gone. He is now seen as nothing but the biggest TRUMP ZERO sycophants in DC.
I am uplifted to see some "America over Trump" Republicans pushing back against TRUMP ZERO. Especially the comments of John McCain.
This week we will see if TRUMP ZERO allows the Democratic Memo in response to the Nunes Memo. If he doesn't he is going to give his attack on the Justice Department and the FBI some serious legs; fuel on the fire if you will.
I totally agree that TRUMP ZERO does not get that all government employees are not first loyal to him but to the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America and the preservation of the United States of America.
TRUMP IS IN A HOLE AND STILL DIGGING. That light that TRUMP ZERO sees at the end of the tunnel has become an even bigger train since the Nunes Memo.
A call to all Americans to come to the aid of America is going to swamp the call to TRUMP ZERO FASCISM.
FASCISM IS AN EVIL POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY. Germany, Italy and Japan are the best examples of the abuses of Fascism and of the fate of radical fascists government and their leaders.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180204


About this article
Nunes ‘abused’ his power on intelligence committee, former CIA director says

John Brennan took issue with a Republican memo on alleged FBI deceptions. 

Friends, I am 13 friends short of Facebook's limitation of 5000 friends. I can understand that limit in that over the last 11 months I have added about 4500 friends and I no longer see many posts of my original friends. In the past, when you reached 5000 friends FB would allow people to click a link to follow you. That option is no longer available. The only alternative recommended by FB now is to turn your personal profile page to just a Page and all your friends will become followers. Basically it downgrades you FB presence.
My solution is to start removing friends who do not support my postings via likes and shares and who have less than 100 friends and replace them with FB users who have greater than 1500 friends and eventually to only users who have 4500+ friends.
What this will do is eventually put me in touch with 5000 friends and indirectly with 5000 friends times 4500 friend each.
What this will do, is allow my reach to extend potentially to 22.5 million FB users. Right now I would say my average friend has about 250 friends so my reach is only 1.25 million FB users.
To date I have not solicited friends who do not have at least 50 mutual friends with me.
Facebook plays games with submitting potential friends to each user. FB could search its base of users and push any user up to 5000 friends globally within a week.
Somehow FB's parameters for me shifted most of the suggested friends to those in the Chicago area. I live in Albuquerque. But this does not really matter to me because my posts are focused in America and the global community.
Facebook has censored my anti Zionist postings related to TRUMP ZERO'S actions as president, to Closed Groups and stopped my use of their advertising. So I quit trying to post outside my profile.
Regardless of what Mark Zuckerberg claims to be his desire for an open community, I know this does not apply to posts against Israel and the Zionists. I will repeat something you have heard from me often.
I am pro Americans anti KKK. I am pro Germans but anti-Nazis and neo Nazis. I am pro Muslims and anti ISIS and the Taliban. I am pro Jews and anti Zionist. I am not anti-semetic.
But the truth is that Muslims and the original Jews are both semetic peoples. And the most vicious anti Semitism is Zionist vs. Muslims.
I am a globalist because it is the only logical future path to increase the level of peace in the world human society. I am an advocate for peace and WorldPeace but I am not a pacifist. This has been my agenda since I was 8 years old and more specifically since 1988 when I legally changed my name to John WorldPeace. I will never veer from this agenda.
Peace be with you.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180304 (since 1998)


World Peace Peace Page - John WorldPeace - World Peace Now - Give World Peace a chance - World Peace quotes - World Peace images, World Peace symbols, World Peace graphics
World Peace is the hope of humanity. This is John WorldPeace's Message of Peace and World Peace: and prayers for peace and world peace. Peace, WorldPeace, World Peace, world peace prayers, world peace quotes, World Peace images, World Peace symbols, World Peace graphics, John WorldPeace
_____The Zionists continue to illegally, by international law, annex parcels of Palestinian land occupied since 1967. 51 years of occupation and no one seems to be interested in stopping the Zionist aggression.
This aggression and annexation makes a farce of the Zionists constant cry babying over the lands confiscated by the Nazis and never returned by the Europeans after WWII.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a milestone document in the history of human rights. Drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the Declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948 (General Assembly resolution 217 A) as a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations. It sets out, for the first time, fundamental human rights to be universally protected.
Article 15.
(1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.
The Palestinians have no nationality. The United Nations has refused to honor Article 15 with regards to Palestinians due solely to the Zionists and their protector the United States of America. It is incredible that the United Nations is so lacking in resolve to do justice for the Palestinians.
Article 9.
No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.
The Zionist maintain a concentration camp which detains 2 million Palestinians in Gaza.
Article 13.
(1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement and residence within the borders of each state.
By denying Palestinians a state, the United Nations allow the Zionist to restrict the movement of Palestinians in the Palestinian Territories.
Article 17.
(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.
The Zionists have deprived Palestinians the right to return and have arbitrarily deprived Palestinians of their property.
Article 25.
(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
The Zionist are keeping the Palestinians in Gaza and in the 58 refugee camps and the West Bank in abject poverty.
Article 28.
Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized.
Except Palestinians and denied by the Zionists.
The international community considers the establishment of Israeli settlements in the Israeli-occupied territories illegal under international law, because the FOURTH GENEVA CONVENTION of 1949 prohibits countries from moving population into territories occupied in a war.[1][2][3][4][5] Israel maintains that they are consistent with international law[6] because it does not agree that the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the territories occupied in the 1967 Six-Day War.[7] The United Nations Security Council, the United Nations General Assembly, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the International Court of Justice and the High Contracting Parties to the Convention have all affirmed that the Fourth Geneva Convention does apply.[8][9]
Numerous UN resolutions have stated that the building and existence of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights are a violation of international law, including UN Security Council resolutions in 1979, 1980,[10][11][12] and 2016.[13][14] UN Security Council Resolution 446 refers to the Fourth Geneva Convention as the applicable international legal instrument, and calls upon Israel to desist from transferring its own population into the territories or changing their demographic makeup. The reconvened Conference of the High Contracting Parties to the Geneva Conventions has declared the settlements illegal[15] as has the primary judicial organ of the UN, the International Court of Justice[16] and the International Committee of the Red Cross.
The position of successive Israeli governments is that all authorized settlements are entirely legal and consistent with international law,[17] despite Israel's armistice agreements all being with High Contracting Parties.[18] In practice, Israel does not accept that the Fourth Geneva Convention applies de jure, but has stated that on humanitarian issues it will govern itself de facto by its provisions, without specifying which these are.
The Zionists are international terrorists and feel they are above the law and are protected by the United States of America, who within its borders is a Democratic government based on non-discriminating laws.
The United States is not an apartheid state nor does it support any apartheid state except that of Israel.
Zionist Israel is a rogue nation that the United States supports as being above the law.
51 years is long enough for inaction by the United Nations as a body and all the individual nations outside the dictates of the United Nations Charter with regards to allowing the Zionist to make the Palestinians the only human beings on the planet without a Nation.
The Palestinian injustice is no doubt a motivation for Muslim nations and Muslim individuals to support and create terroristic acts in the world human society. Palestinians must be given a nationality by the United Nations and this injustice thereby eliminated as an excuse for Muslim terrorist organizations such as ISIS and the Taliban. The injustice of the Palestinian issues is a recruiting boon to ISIS and the Taliban. It verifies the discrimination of the Palestinians in specific and Muslims in general by the United Nations as a group and all the nations of the world individually.
The above speaks to the secular legal case against the Zionists.
I have elsewhere spoken of the Religious reasons against the abuses against the Palestinians by the Zionists as being wrongly supported by Christians worldwide and contrary to the acts of God since the crucifixion of Jesus by the Zionist religious bureaucracy in 33 AD.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180204


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Israel legalises West Bank outpost after settler killed

Israel granted legal status on Sunday to a previously unauthorised outpost in the occupied West Bank in response to a Palestinian shooting attack last month that killed one of its residents.

_____TRUMP ZERO is using his outdated Cold War mentality, fear mongering, and his generals as top advisors, to fund the military industrial complex. That is all that is going on here. Funding the military industrial complex, increasing the value of those stocks owned by TRUMP ZERO'S rich friends. Tactical Nuclear weapons are going to force China and Russia to respond to this new arms race. No money for health care but an open check book to the military industrial complex which does nothing but create a global nuclear arms race.
In the meantime, not a dime spent to track Russian interference with the American elections.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMP ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180204


About this article
China derides 'Cold War' US nuclear plan
China joins Russia in condemning a newly-announced US policy to develop smaller atomic bombs.

This is just another TRUMP ZERO program of cutting budgets that will cause harm to Americans. There is little or no consideration given to the reality that global mobility can spread diseases that gain a foothold in America and will kill who knows how many.
When disease and sickness move into a population that has no immunity, the effects can be significant.
All these unique diseases can be weaponized and very easily disbursed in major cities in the United States. It is a greater threat than missiles and bombs because it can be brought into America and released without detection.
Knowing what is going on disease wise in the world is a good investment.
The alternative would be to fund this research in the United Nations but TRUMP ZERO and the Republicans consider virtually all money spent at the UN a waste.
Bottom line, an insignificant amount of money is saved and American lives will be lost. TRUMP ZERO feels his money isolates him and his family from suffering and dying from these diseases so the budget is cut.
These diseases fly into the United States every day. There is no Isolation, America First, Nationalism, anti-globalism that is going to protect Americans from imported diseases that we are not prepared to control due to lack of prior knowledge.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180204


About this article
CDC to cut 80% of overseas epidemic programs

The former chief of the CDC says the decision to cut 80% of its epidemic prevention activities overseas could pose a grave danger to the United States.

The Dow Jones has increased by 30% in a little more than two years. FOLKS THAT IS A BUBBLE.
THE PEOPLE WHO CONTROL THE GLOBAL STOCK MARKET KNOW A CRASH IS COMING BECAUSE IT IS A MANIPULATED BUBBLE RIGHT NOW. The problem is they know they are playing with fire but want to push a bit more to make more money. If they miscalculate, CRASH. Pigs get Fat and Hogs get Slaughtered. The problem is when these money men CRASH THE WORLD ECONOMY the world human society suffers. This human suffering is something that does not factor into the obsession to have more money than one human being could ever spend.
Jesus says, if you create misery, you become accountable. PERIOD. Individually or collectively, you become accountable.
GET OUT. At the least, seriously re-evaluate your risk in your investment portfolios.
The Media is pushing the DOW not increased value in companies. The net worth of companies have not increased in 2 years by 30%.
Stock Prices are inflated and most of that has to do with the psychological effect of the election of Donald Trump and his pro-business policies.
Stock market crashes are mostly Republican related. As in 1929.
I have a law degree and accounting degree and worked self employed in those areas and tax and insurance for decades. I am not an ignorant neophyte regarding economics. I have always considered the stock market just high end gambling and therefore newer invested. And in general, it bores me.
I AM THE ONLY ONE SOUNDING THE BELL RIGHT NOW. A STOCK MARKET CRASH IS COMING. It is not going to be as severe as 1929 but a lot of people are going to be wiped out and the US Economy is going to take a serious dive.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180203


Dow plummets 666 points, capping worst week in 2 years

U.S. stocks fell sharply on Friday after a stronger-than-expected jobs report sent interest rates higher.
John WorldPeace

February 3
FOLKS, this is laughable. TRUMP ZERO IS A MORON.
The Russians are manipulating our elections and TRUMP ZERO is fighting the Cold War. TRUMP ZERO has made no efforts, nor has the Republican Party to stop the Russian attack on American democracy through our elections.
TRUMP ZERO is a Russian aligned TRAITOR.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180203


About this article
Trump taking tougher stance on Russia nuclear threat

The Trump administration on Friday announced it will continue much of the Obama administration’s nuclear weapons policy, but take a more aggressive stance toward Russia. It said Russia must be convinced it would face “unacceptably dire costs” if it were to threaten even a limited nuclear attac...

Folks, if this article is true, then the Republican Party has fallen in line behind TRUMP ZERO and America has made a giant step toward becoming a fascist state. Equality, Liberty and Justice for all, is on the chopping block. The discounting of women, racism, closing of immigration, moving wealth to the richest, abandonment of welfare and entitlement programs, and overall, the foundation of TRUMP ZERO, a nation of lies and deceit and cover-up and an end to the rule of law. Embracing the manipulation of our elections by foreign powers. IN 13 months, there has been no priority given by TRUMP ZERO or the Republicans about an all-out effort to stop the Russian attack on our elections; which would be the end of American Democracy, all democracies.
From the article:
"There were protests from some in the party Friday. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) issued a statement saying that attacks on the FBI and the Justice Department serve no interests other than those of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Mueller investigation, he said, must be allowed to proceed without interference.
“Our nation’s elected officials, including the president, must stop looking at this investigation through the warped lens of politics and manufacturing partisan sideshows,” McCain said. “If we continue to undermine our own rule of law, we are doing Putin’s job for him.”"
What is interesting is that McCain's voice was drowned out by the press. The truth of John McCain was pushed to the back of the bus.
Hopefully, this article is just Nazi propaganda.
A government shut down is on the table in five days. Again, no press on this of any significance. Why?
There is hope. More than a little hope. TRUMP ZERO is the minority president. And his overall approval rating is 40%. The polls indicate that the TRUMP ZERO minority is less now than a year ago.
I will not believe at this point that come November, TRUMP ZERO'S approval rating is going to be in the 50% range much less the 60% range which is what I think it is going to take to keep the Republican Fascist in power.
I REPEAT, America is on the Adolph Hilter, Nazi fascist path. The lies, false propaganda, destruction of the Department of Justice and the FBI, the packing of the courts, more money for the military. I REPEAT, Hitler came to power in a legitimate democratic vote.
AND OVERALL, things are very quiet. I think politically our leaders are all dumbfounded about what is happening in and to America.
THE GOOD NEWS, HITLER AND THE NAZI'S CAME TO A BAD END. But remember what it took to end slavery in America and what it took to snuff out the Nazi insanity in Europe.
MY FALLBACK OPINION IS FROM THE BIBLE: "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has never overcome it." John 1:5 TRUMP ZERO IS A DARK BEAST.
The primal nature of man is dark. Homo Sapiens out of Africa, wiped out all the other species of mankind, Homo Erectus, Neanderthals, Denovisians, Peking man, Solo man, Florian man. Homo Sapiens have wiped out flora and fauna all over the world and humanity is experiencing the 6th Extinction. If you want to use the Bible as factual history, Mankind was so evil that God wiped out everyone but Noah and his family. Fascism is the political mantra of Homo Sapiens. We are at a cross road into a new age and the question is whether we will become an all-inclusive democratic world human society or a world human society of Fascist nation states promoting elitism and exclusion and constantly at war, until nuclear war which TRUMP ZERO is promoting, sends homo sapiens back to the Stone Age?
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John Worldpeace JD 180203


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Analysis | This is the week that the GOP truly became the party of Trump
From the enthusiasm at the State of the Union to the Nunes memo, Republicans have gone all in with the president.