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This Websie was created on November 21, 2016, by Dr John WorldPeace JD for the purpose of IMPEACHING DONALD TRUMP from the office of President of the United States in the event the does not resign while serving as President Elect prior to being sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2016.

President Obama has said, he will work against all the unAmerican policies and programs that Donald Trump attempts to delete, thwart or enact. President Obama is with me and the majority of American voters who by a margin of over ONE MILLION votes rejected Donald Trump as President of the United States and his Alt-Right, Isolationist, Racist agenda. Donald Trump does not have a mandate from the Americans who voted on November 8, 2016: Hillary Clinton does. Donald Trump is in office due to the unAmerican Electoral College that should have been repealed over a hundred years ago. In America, the majority rules. The Electoral College is a manipulation of the vote that allows the installation of a President who was not elected by the majority of voting Americans. This is clearly contrary to American Democracy and is a dark if not evil defect in American Law.

I am against virtually everthing that Donald Trump represents from the unlimited accumulation of wealth, a refusal to be charitable to relieve the suffering in the world and to promote uplifting programs, his racism, his focusing on Muslims as secondary citizens, his isolationism in the non-stoppable growing Globalism, his constant lies, his arrogance with regards to just about every one and every country in the world. His refusal to show his income taxes so that Americans can clearly see his bias toward his Empire and potentally contrary to American interests both local and globally. And much more that you can read about below.

My main website is I am an advocate for peace and WorldPeace (world peace needs to be written as one word so it is viewed as one thing, not two) but I am not a pacifist. I am not against everything Donald Trump is for. You will see that below.

I have degrees in Political Science, Accounting and Law from the University of Houston. I am a U S Army Veteran. I have been officially self-employed as a web designer since October 2003. I have pursued my art for over 5 years, Poetry for over 46 years, religious writing on all the major religions with more emphasis on Christianity all my life. I am a spiritual Christian not a religious one; meaning I attend church regularly but I am a member of no church. In fact, I am not a member of anything organization. I consider all membership as creating an Us v. Them mentality which is an impediment to WorldPeace. We must see each other first as human beings.

My signature statement is "How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all religions, all races, all nationalities, all gender designations and especially the equality of women) if we do not include everyone in our vision of peace? The answer is we cannot.

I do not have and will not ever set up a political (other than a political campaign) or religious organization. I do not solicit money. If you want to contribute to WorldPeace then buy my art, books, etc or employ me as a web designer and if you so desire pay me a bonus above what I charge. All money will go toward the advocacy of peace. I do not own a car or a home or more that $3000 in personal assets and not more than $1000 in business assets. The web design business is not one that requires more than a minimal investment in tangible assets. My business and my art and writings etc do have value no doubt but there has never been an evaluation of any of my creations.

I refuse to spend my life accumulating money for the sake of increasing my power and status in the world human society. My power and status comes from who I am and not what I own. My charity focus is primarily centered on creating jobs that allow people peace of mind and the ability to support their loved ones.

I have a significant web site at I probably live the most open life on the planet. Virtually nothing about me is hidden.

The foundation of peace in the world human society and the level of peace in the world human society is controlled by governments, the law and religions. All have reached their limit in significantly increasing the level of peace in the world. It is time for a break out.

I am qualified in politics with a political science degree and running for Governor of Texas in 2002 as a Democrat. I lost the primary in March 2002. I have studied politics all my life with a major interest in American Politics and much study regarding Nazi Germany looking for how sane people could be lead to insanity and undeniable evil.

I am qualified in the law with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree and 20 years of practicing law in Houston, Texas.

I am qualified to speak about all the major religions of the world because as you can see from I have extensively self studies in all the major religions. I have always been a Christian. I am not a born again Christian. I believe in the red letter words of Jesus in the Bible as a foundation for my personal relationship with God. All the rest is just commentary (much of it edited for political power and control). I believe Jesus was resurrected. Something no other human being has accomplished. Therefore I am a spiritual Christian.

However, that being said, the law of the human race must remain secular. A democracy must embrace all religions. A secular democracy is defective when it makes any pronouncement that any race, religion, nationality or gender of human beings should be considered secondary citizens simply by being a member of a certain classification of human beings.

I believe criminals should be brought to justice and if their crimes are heinous, they can be executed. But the law is so corrupt in every government the death penalty is usually reserved for those without power or money.

You cannot execute an infinite immortal soul. You can only terminate a finite mortal body. And all that is happening with capital punishment is the shortening of a life before its time. In fact, all human bodies die.

Again if you want to know what I believe, read all I have published on my website.

I am not adverse to running for President of the United States as a Democrat or 3d party if that is necessary in my mind to prevent Donald Trump from having a second term in 2020. Right now the will of the American majority was a rejection of Donald Trump as President of the United States. We need to focus on the interim elections in 2018 and make the House and Senate Democratic to throttle back Donald Trumps unAmerican activities.

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Commentary by By Dr John WorldPeace JD during the Presidental campaign of Donald Trump.


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As we get closer to the great Middle East Peace deal from 666 Kushner we have a voice from UK Independent in sync with mine that the peace deal is nothing but a typical Native American Treaty about trinkets and cash and broken promises from A to Z on any deal.
This article pretty much says what I have said. The 666 Kushner Middle East Peace Plan is total nonsense. What it does is deny the Palestinians a state and therefore a citizenship. They will not become Israeli citizens. The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 15 guarantees all human beings on the planet a citizenship. This will not be a part of the 666 Kushner farcical Peace Plan.
To offer cash is to treat the Palestinians as nothing more than a Native American Tribe of ignorant savages.
But here is one fact I think you can count on, The Temple Mount will never be a legitimate part of Israel. I believe if that is attempted there will be a worldwide jihad of annihilation of all Jews. It will be a Muslim dictate in line with Nazi Germany's decision to exterminate all Jews in Europe and then the world. No way 15 million Jews globally can withstand a jihad by 2 billion Muslims.
If the UN allows anything close to what 666 Kushner is about to propose, there will be a lot of blood. The suicide bombers of Hamas from 1989 to 2008 will become a global reality. No Jew much less Zionist will be safe.
The hope is that the majority of the world is opposed to the United States and Israel's Middle East Peace Plan. What is not going to come out in this peace plan is the amount of money the US and Israel are prepared to pay corrupt nations to join this conspiracy against the Palestinians in specific and Muslims in general.
This is a very dangerous event that is approaching.
And to all you Evangelical Christians who believe in the False Book of Revelation, (which I do not even though I point out the terminology) here is your 666 Kushner. The most obvious is the most hidden. The flagship property of Jared Kushner and his family's real estate empire is "666 5th Avenue".
"The name of the beast or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for the number is that of a man; and his number is 666." Revelations 13:17
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180628 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The 666 Kushner Middle East Peace Plan.
About this article
'The 'ultimate deal' that Jared Kushner is proposing for Palestine would strip the people of all their dignity'
After three Arab-Israeli wars, tens of thousands of Palestinian deaths and millions of refugees, does Kushner really believe that the Palestinians will settle for cash?

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This is about as concise an article about the present political environment and TRUMPEE ZERO and Republicans that you are going to see on the internet, social media, the news.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180628 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The TRUMPEE ZERO party and the Republican Party.


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Ex-Republican Operative Steve Schmidt: 'The Party of Trump Must Be Obliterated. Annihilated. Destroyed'
A candid conversation with the former GOP power player


Friends the worm has turned as they say. The Blue Wave is real and the dirty racist dogs like TRUMPEE ZERO are history.
I have advocated for 30 years that until women become a full partner in every aspect of the world human society we are never going to achieve a significant increase in the level of peace in the world.
This is from my Book of Peace first published in 1988, the year I changed my name, under the section on Sex.
"There is no logical basis for continuing to discriminate against women. 
Women are not property, nor are they inferior to men. Women as a whole are generally physically weaker than men but that is not a valid reason to subordinate women in any society. Men and women are complements of each other and the sooner that women are allowed to assume an equal role in society, the sooner we will have a whole society.
When the yoke of frustration due to sexual prejudice is removed from the backs of women and they are granted a truly equal status in society, a great wave of inner peace among women will harmonize the earth with the love and nurturing which is their nature and their collective love will counter-balance the innate aggressiveness of the masculine orientation which presently dominates the planet.
Inner peace comes to women when they are allowed an equal status in 
From the article: "Many Democrats and left-wing activists say that a November "blue wave" won't happen without strong campaigns on the far left."
I absolutely agree. And I am the unidentified leader of the ultra-left.
America is in a watershed moment. Everything is going to change between now and the end of the TRUMPEE ZERO presidency.
I am pushing very hard to get the 8000 pages on my website edited and 95% in book form. I have 51 books already written and I have begun to publish the first book with Amazon's CreateSpace. My intention is to have all this work done by the November elections and then based on those results will craft a detailed campaign for the presidency in 2020.
I am the ultra White liberal who has lived a life of conventional Americanism; Insurance, Accounting, Tax, Law, Web Design, self employment, long term marriages, 4 children, 9 grandchildren, an Army vet and 3 sons who were Marines, grounded in Christianity. Yet politically I have always been a true liberal regarding American democracy. All humans have a right to equal treatment across the board in American Democracy. True American Democracy is all-inclusive and democratic. TRUMPISM is elitist and exclusionary. And that is the clear distinction that is going to dominate the 2020 race for president that I fully expect to take place.
I just wrote this comment in a FB posting responding to the 400+ likes I received after posting my blue MAGA cap two days ago.
This is how I see MAGA: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World. Now I want to erase that image and attitude from my mind with - WorldPeace: Make America Great Again in Blue. I want people to remember in the long term my slogan not his. I want to wipe out this Red smear he has made on the world. Let me give you a negative example. The swastika is a religious spiritual symbol that is thousands of years old that is used globally. The Nazi appropriated it and I dont know if in a 1000 years people will wipe out the negative bent that has been applied to the swastika. Well going the opposite way. TRUMPEE ZERO has created a slogan I hate and I want to wipe it out. I want to overshadow it. And when I become president I will wipe out everything he has done the way he is trying to wipe out Obama's legacy. This is how bad I dislike TRUMPEE ZERO. As president by Executive Order I will decree that his official portrait after he leaves office will be hung in the main bathroom of the capital and an empty space where it should be hung.
I absolutely do not want any harm to come to TRUMPEE ZERO. I absolutely believe it is critical for the future of America that TRUMPISM/REPUBLICANISM run it full course to cast a shadow on the next 500 years of how close American came to insanity.
TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president. He is not my president. We must kill the Electoral College that corrupts pure majority rule in American politics. The Electoral College is what gave us a minority president. It is what gave us a Clown president.
No one has my credentials. No Democratic candidate is going to touch the resume' that is my life. You can see it all at This is what I have to get organized and published. It is a massive undertaking. 1 in 20,000 voters will read all of it. Look at what I have there and ask yourself if there is any Democratic Candidate for President on the landscape or horizon that is going to hold a candle to me. Not going to happen. I am fully prepared to take on this TRUMPEE ZERO Republicanism challenge.
I am an Advocate for Peace and WorldPeace but never accuse me of being a Pacifist. TRUMPEE ZERO and his gang will never respond to a pacifist.
I have very high hopes for this November. The women of color are going to lead the Blue Wave.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180628 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Women of Color as the Blue Wave coming in November.

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The Democratic rebellion might finally be here
A stunning upset win against a longtime Democratic incumbent in the New York primaries has many talking about a 'Democratic Spring.' 28-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beat Rep. Joe Crowley in New York's 14th district.


Dr John WorldPeace JD's response to people telling me that TRUMPEE ZERO has coined and trademarked the words MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
Let me make something Perfectly Clear (to quote Nixon) once TRUMPEE ZERO looks at my websites especially http://impeachpresidenttrumpusa.comhis lawyers will know that TRUMPEE ZERO is not on my level. Not even close. He is in the first grade on national and local political issues, religious issues and definitely WorldPeace issues, not to mention the constant reminder that he is a draft dodger (not to mention I have 3 sons who were Marines and a son-in-law who was in the Navy and a father who was in WWII in the Army and not his father or sons or son-in-law have been in the military and I have direct ancestors in the Civil War and the American Revolution), not to mention I practiced law for 20 years and know full well how to tie things up in court. Also know that I reject everything he is from a liar, to adulterer, Fake Christian, worshipper of money (I have no assets, so where can he take anything away from me). He will view me as the mother of all perfect storms that will definitely rain on his parade. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN was an inclusive campaign slogan of Ronald Reagan and TRUMPEE ZERO tried to trademark it but that trademark has never been challenged in court so whether it is valid or not, who knows? And my slogan is WorldPeace: Make America Great Again in Blue. It is exclusive to Make America Great Again after TRUMPEE ZERO and the Republicans have taken America down. It is a reaction to TRUMPEE ZERO'S slogan. I am not interested in appealing to Republicans and my slogan is a Rebuke of Republican Politics. If TRUMPEE ZERO sues me, there is no telling how many Blue Dog Attorneys will join the fight with and for me Pro Bono (free) to have a chance to go at TRUMPEE ZERO. And there is the problem that TRUMPEE ZERO never sued anyone for knocking off his Trademark which means he has waived his rights if he even has any.. Also that was his slogan for the 2016 elections. We have a new day now; a new election. HIm suing me will be campaign gold for me. And I can assure you he will never debate me. NEVER. You think his walk around while Hillary spoke in the debate was cute, (HIllary is a pacifist, I am not) you have no idea what I have in mind to top his act in any debate. He opened the door to outrageous behavior in a campaign. Now I will show him how it is done. All his little cute name calling and other childish nonsense. I will school him in the Art of Humiliation and there will be nothing he can do to stop me. And no matter who is advising him, there is no way that all of them can anticipate what I have already worked out. In my run for Governor of Texas in 2002 I coined the phrase Don't Fornicate with WorldPeace and Who is going to vote against WorldPeace? I think those are good slogans for 2020. And never forget, he is the minority president. Now he is even more of a minority President. And look at the volume of commentary I can and have put out on TRUMPEE ZERO. I will attack everything he says and does in real time. I dont need a bunch of Sycophants to teach me the law or politics or anything else relevant to running an aggressive campaign. I will have an Army of anti-TRUMPEE ZERO friends to bring me all the dirt you can imagine on this guy, ROTFLMAO. He will call me crazy. And he will be right in a sense. I would respond with "You never know what a crazy guy will do". I am a very serious candidate for President 2020. Have no doubts about that.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the 2016 TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
And know this, when the campaign is over I will have effectively branded DJT as "TRUMPEE ZERO" for posterity.
I am an Advocate for Peace but I am not a Pacifist !!! Dr Jwp JD
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180627 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The Make America Great Again slogan.


IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP | Impeach President Elect Donald Trump | DUMP TRUMP
IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP | Impeach President Elect Donald Trump | DUMP TRUMP


K Friends, I just received the first Prototype of my MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in Blue cap for my Presidential 2020 Campaign. It will be a week before the changes I made will be finished. When the changes are complete I will open my On-Line store for Political and WorldPeace items. Also in the picture is one of the T-shirts that will also be available. All the monies coming in on these items will be invested in increasing the inventory and creating other related items. These caps and other items are designed to challenge the Red hats of TRUMPEE ZERO at every forum in the National and World arenas.
Dr John WorldPeace JD

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There is no head of State who is as petty and childish as TRUMPEE ZERO.
It boggles my mind that TRUMPEE ZERO has a massive immigration problem on his hands, much of which he created himself, and he finds time to attack the Red Hen restaurant with lies.
He is just a fat kid with a really big mouth yelling out schoolyard nonsense.
I really think the job of president has overwhelmed him, which I have said all along it would, and he is lost and bored.
I think things are going to get worse for him. I think this Middle East plan that 666 Kushner is going to foist on the world is going to make the immigration debacle look like nothing much. One thing it will do is show the world how biased the United States is toward Israel and how much blind hate there is for Palestinians and Muslims.
People are bored with TRUMPEE ZERO. The tariff war is going to start hurting American businesses more and more. It is more of a slow burn than taking children away from their parents.
The Obama Care issue won't go away. TRUMPEE ZERO has shown how one determined clown can destroy years of work to bring universal health care into reality. It shows how fragile American Democracy really is.
It is critical that the Democrats take over in November and hopefully impeach and convict TRUMPEE ZERO. But the truth is that it is going to take the rest of TRUMPEE ZERO'S term to actually get rid of him.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180625 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The Red Hen Sarah Sanders nonsense..


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Trump tweets attack on 'filthy' Red Hen restaurant that turned away Sarah Sanders
'I always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside,' president claims


Statement of Life Purpose of Dr. John WorldPeace JD
My primary purpose in this life is to challenge the predatory nature of homo sapiens globally. My focus is a more sane and just world. There are a huge number of global issues that decrease the level of peace in the world human society. There is a determination to turn the beautiful earth into a sterile desert. The UN is a joke. It promotes and ignores more things that decrease the level of peace in the world human society than it does things that would increase the level of peace in the world human society.
My focus is on politics, local and global, religious bias which creates secular injustice, the global ecology, racial prejudice, bias, and injustice, economics, colonizing the moons and planets of the solar system, the harvesting or asteroids and comets for profit that will impact on the global economy. And my focus is generally on all aspects of increasing the level of peace in the world human society. My focus is on the least chaotic and most peaceful method of promoting the transcendence of the world human society out of it primal predatory mentality.
The control of the UN by the USA, Britain, France, China, and Russia leads to incredible levels of chaos, death, prejudice and injustice. The political structure of the UN makes it corrupt and impotent. The nations of the world need to draft a new Democratic and Just resolution for the UN’s political structure and if it is not adopted all the nations of the world need to withdraw from the United Nations and form A United Federation of Nations. It must be secular. It must recognize the equality of women. It must be color blind. It needs to have a President and an Upper House of 2 representatives per nation and a lower house based on the population as an overall structure.
It is my intention to have a citizenship from each nation of the world such that I become the first world citizen. I generally have no desire for kingship or any formal position in any political or religious organization. That being said, I may run for political office if I feel it will further my goal of increasing the level of peace in the world human society. My intent is to be a global advocate for increasing the level of peace and justice in the world human society. I have no intention to set up any kind of organization. I will work through the United Nations and its successor and within national politics and religious and spiritual organizations. In all cases, I will be an advocate for increasing the level of peace and justice in the world human society. It is my intention to live a minimalist life to prove that the accumulation of wealth is not necessary for a happy and successful life and that it, in fact, creates confusion and chaos in one’s life as well as the world human society. Without assets or an organization, I will be above being influenced by power centers. The only power I will have is the power of the truth of the aspects of my Advocacy of WorldPeace.
I will constantly update this Statement of Purpose. I have no intention of setting up any kind of dynasty. When I leave this reality it will become obvious who will take my place, if anyone. 
I am one human being with one message: WorldPeace. More succinctly; increasing the level of peace in the world human society. Everything else I communicate is just commentary on the primary message. My family are those who are in harmony with increasing the peace in the world human society. My family discounts biology. All men are my father, brother, son. All women are my mother, sister, daughter.
I do not belong to any organization. I am not a religionist but a spiritualist. The difference is that religion is a corporation. Spirituality is a direct relationship with God. Religion gives lip service to spirituality but its reality is political power and domination. When the spiritual teachings threaten the secular political goals of a religion, the spiritual teachings are subordinated to the corporate survival.
I am American because I was born in America from American parents. I am White and male by virtue of genetics. I am a follower of Jesus. The most important teaching of Jesus is that we write our own script in life. Ask and Receive, Seek and Find, Knock and Enter. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains. If you believe in me you will do the works I do and greater works than these will you do. We write our own script as individuals and members of any group. All prophecy is subject to change in this reality. The second teaching is Do unto others as you want to be done to you, which is about secular political justice. Love one another is the spiritual corollary to Do Unto Others.
Dr John WorldPeace JD
June 25, 2018.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180625 file: Dr Jwp JD Statement of Purpose.

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Friends this 666 KUSHNER MIDDLE EAST PEACE PLAN is the most absurd news item, I have read since TRUMPEE ZERO campaigned for the Republican nomination.
1) Let me set the background for everything TRUMPEE ZERO does. One, he lies. Two, everything that comes from the White House is half-baked. Three, TRUMPEE ZERO talks down to everyone and he has irritated Canada, Mexico, the nations of the European Union, China, and even Russia to an extent. All of these nations are going to have to be in favor of the 666 Kushner Four, TRUMPEE ZERO does not have the brainpan for anything more complicated than eating Big Macs. Five, even if TRUMPEE ZERO had some degree of intellect and understanding of domestic and global affairs he has no patience to hear about them. Six, TRUMPEE ZERO breaks deals, a) Paris Accords b) Iran nuclear deal c) NAFTA d) WTO agreements. Those are the big deals. Then there is Obama Care that was not replaced but destroyed. TRUMPEE ZERO does not have the brainpan to craft something as complicated as Obama Care.
Knowing the above, who in his or her right mind would do business with this Huckster? What nation can seriously do business with him. And on top of all that, he is a racist. He is a racist that ignores the extreme racism and anti-semitism of the Zionist. Yes the Palestinians are Semites the sama as Jews of the Middle East.
2) Look at the reality of the great TRUMPEE ZERO Immigration plan grounded in a 2000 mile fantasy wall. The entire TRUMPEE ZERO immigration fiasco is FUBAR. There is no plan. Why? Because TRUMPEE ZERO is after headlines and nothing else. Why? because he is about creating chaos and tearing down everything Obama and everything Democratic. Tell me you can look at American Immigration and tell me you think there is a dog's chance in Hades that TRUMPEE ZERO is going to wrap his head around the 70 year old Palestinian problems. ROTFLMAO
3) Let us look for a minute at the Native Americans. Has there been a single Treaty that America honored. All those deals were about trinkets and promises that were all lies to get the Native Americans to sign away their land. Once the treaty was broken the Native Americans had no recourse to the Federal Courts and if they did the courts were packed with racists.
LISTEN: The core of any Middle East Peace deal that 666 Kushner promotes is going to be about buying the Palestinians off with promises that will never be kept. Israel was supposed to pay billions of dollars to rebuild Gaza after almost bombing it into the Stone Age a few years ago. Nothing has been paid. Why would the Zionist pay to rebuild what they deliberately destroyed?
If Palestinians give up a shovel full of dirt for the promise of money, they are idiots.
4) Now consider the truth about Israel. I have been posting this same commentary for months. Commentary based on the Bible and facts over the last 2000 years which the Evangelicals use to support Israel and TRUMPEE ZERO.
Abraham had two sons. Ismael the son of Hagar who was the first born of Abraham. Isaac the son of Sarah, the second born of Abraham. In both cases per the Bible, God told both Sarah and Hagar that the progeny of their sons would be without number.
The legacy of that promise belongs to the Christians and to the Muslims. The Christians, the progeny of Isaac through Jesus Christ. And the Muslims the progeny of Ismael through Mohammed.
There are 2 billion Christians in the world human society and almost 2 billion Muslims. There are about 15 million Jews. God's blessing has been on the Christians and the Muslims not the Jews. Why do I say this?
God allowed the Babylonians to conquer the Jews, destroy the first Temple of Solomon and carry the Jews off to Babylon. 587 BCE. In 538 BCE they were released to return to Jerusalem.
In 33 CE the Jews crucified Jesus the Messiah. At the time of his death on the cross the vale in front of the Holy of Holies (God's dwelling place) within Solomon's Temple was torn in two. This represented the abandonment of the ancient Jews by God.
Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, taught as Jew, died as a Jew. Jesus was the watershed moment in Judaism. It was the moment when Christian Jews became the dominant sect of Judaism. And the Christian took on the title of God's chosen people from the ancient Jews. The ancient Jews are the dead branch of Judaism.
In 70 CE God allowed the Romans to raze Jerusalem, destroy the Second Temple of Solomon and disburse the Jews out of Israel.
In the 600, God rose up Muhammed and gave control of Israel to the Muslims. God also allowed the Muslims to build the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque in the 7th Century on the Temple Mount where the Temple of Solomon existed. Those holy places are still there after 1400 years.
The Muslims controlled all of the Holy Lands until Israel was established in 1948 by Harry Truman President of the United States.
In the 1940's God allowed the Nazis to exterminate 6 million Europen Jews.
In 33 CE when the Jews crucified Jesus, the line of Judaism passed to the Christians (actually Christian Jews because all the original Christians were Jews.) and the old religion of Judaism was marginalized. Over the last 2000 years the Muslims and the Christians have prospered beyond Imagination while the Zionist have been significantly marginalized. They had no homeland.
Christians believe that the ancient Jews are going to hell unless they profess a belief in Jesus.
The support of the Christians for the Jews is nonsense. It amounts to the Christians denying Jesus. Jews do not believe Jesus was the Messiah and they do not believe he was resurrected. This puts the Jews at cross purposes with the foundational beliefs of the Christians regarding Jesus as Christ.
The Evangelical Christians believe in the False Book of Revelation which false preachers promote to increase their assets.
Consider this. In the Book of Genesis written by Moses, God says he will not destroy the earth or humanity again. The Book of Revelation was written by John the Elder a disciple of the Apostle John. In the Book of Revelation it says God will destroy the earth and all non-Christians. The Book of Genesis is the greater authority than the Book of Revelation.
Further, Jesus said no one knows about the time of the end times but God. Jesus said he does not know nor do the Angels know. But John the Elder claims he knows the time of the end based on the happening of certain events. In essence, John the Elder is placing himself above Jesus. This is nonsense. And the Book of Revelation is nonsense. And Evangelical Christians who believe in John the Elder over Jesus are stupid and confused and unable to think clearly.
Now that being said several things become obvious for the truth about Christianity.
1) God has condemned the ancient Jews.
2) The fact that the vale in the Temple of Solomon was torn in two when Jesus died, the fact that the Second Temple of Solomon was razed by the Romans and the Jews disbursed out of Israel in 70 AD, the fact that the Muslims, the progeny of Ismael, were given the land of Israel and the authority by God to build the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount where they stand today, the fact that God allowed Hitler to exterminate 6 million is proof that God has abandoned the ancient Jews.
What this means is that to support the Jews is against God's will if not an abomination.
What I am saying here is right from the Bible and the factual history of the Jews and Israel for the last 2000 years. TRUMPEE ZERO claims that Christians should support the Zionists. Christians as Christians should shun the Zionists.
Now from an American political perspective, we have the following.
1) Israel is an apartheid state. That means that the Palestinian citizens of Israel do not have equal rights with the Jewish citizens. This is the same as South Africa and the United States when the Blacks did not have equal rights with the Whites. A Civil War in the United States was fought for 4 years to end slavery and America as an apartheid state.
Therefore, apartheid states are an abomination to American Democracy.
2) Further, the Zionist maintain a Nazi modeled concentration camp for the Palestinians in Gaza for 2 million Palestinians. Americans died in Germany to end the concentration camps of Hitler. Concentration Camps are an abomination to Americans and American Democracy and Values.
Therefore, Christians who support ancient Judaism are working contrary to God's purposes and against American Democracy and Values.
Americans who support Israel are anti-American in their support of the Gaza concentration camp for 2 million Palestinians trapped there and murdered by the Zionists. Americans who support apartheid states are not true Americans.
That being said here is the reality of Israel.
1) The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, article 15 says that all human beings must be given a citizenship in a nation. The Palestinians do not have citizenship. For 70 years now the Zionists and Americans have prevented them from having a nation of their own. THE PEACE PLAN IS NOT GOING TO GIVE A NATION TO THE PALESTINIANS AND CITIZENSHIP TO ALL Palestinians. The only thing the Zionists are going to agree with is Palestine as protectorate of Israel.
2) The Zionists have annexed territory they occupied after the 1967 war which is against international law. THE PEACE PLAN IS NOT GOING TO FORCE THE ZIONIST OFF THEIR POST 1967 OCCUPIED TERRITORY OF PALESTINE.
3) There are 3 plus million Palestinians in 58 refugee camps in the Middle East that have a right to return to their homes in Israel. THE PEACE PLAN IS NOT GOING TO PERMIT THIS. THIS IS WHERE I BELIEVE THE PEACE PLAN WILL PROPOSE A NATIVE AMERICA BUY OUT OF PALESTINE.
4) The foundational issue for peace in the Middle East with regards to Israel is the rights of the Palestinians. Without the Palestinians participation, a Jewish, 666 Kushner peace plan dooms any peace plan to failure. What the 666 Kushner peace plan will be is a Nazi Germany tactic of taking over lands and dictating rights of those who live there. THE PEACE PLAN IS A JOKE WITHOUT PARTICIPATION OF THE PALESTINIANS. EVEN TO PRESENT SUCH A PLAN IS LAUGHABLE.
5) TRUMPEE ZERO has irritated France and Britain and China and even Russia, the other four members of the UN Security Council. Anyone of them can and will torpedo almost any peace plan developed unilaterally by the United States.
6) This may seem obvious, but the United States is not in a position to enforce any peace plan on the Palestinians. SO THE COMING PEACE PLAN IS JUST ANOTHER NOTHING BURGER TRUMPEE ZERO DREAMS ABOUT AT NIGHT.
8) The only thing TRUMPEE ZERO can create is chaos. What I think is going to happen is when and if this peace plan of 666 Kushner becomes public he will find that the countries who he thinks support it are going to stab him in the back like TRUMPEE ZERO does to his friends. The Muslim Nations are never going to sell out the Palestinians to a Jewish/American dictated Middle East Peace. Such nations would be forever marked as traitors to Islam. THE 666 KUSHNER PEACE PLAN WILL TRY TO TURN SUNNI'S AND SHIIATES AGAINST EACH OTHER AS THE AMERICANS USED CERTAIN INDIAN TRIBES TO HELP WIPE OUT OTHER INDIAN TRIBES.
9) And lastly, for now, the Jews will never take possession of the Temple Mount. Nor will they ever have any more access to it than they have now. And here is the reality, THE NATION OF ISRAEL, A JEWISH NATION FOR JEWS WITHOUT THE TEMPLE MOUNT, WILL BE A NATION DEPRIVED OF IT HEART.
I think this Jewish 666 Kushner Middle East Peace Plan will never see the light of day.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180625 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / 666 Kushner Middle East Peace plan.

World Peace Peace Page - John WorldPeace - World Peace Now - Give World Peace a chance - World Peace quotes - World Peace images, World Peace symbols, World Peace graphics


No one of any intelligence can deny that the Republican Party is in serious jeopardy. The Republican Party has sold out to TRUMPEE ZERO, an idiot, moron, imbecile, traitor.
I want to repeat the warning I have made since the beginning of TRUMPEE ZERO politics; If anyone wants to know how Hitler took over Gernany, all you have to do is look at TRUMPEE ZERO. America is not post WWI Germany but the ability of a charlatan to take over the presidency of the United States, which seemed unthinkable, has gained a lot of traction.
No one can change or fix TRUMPEE ZERO. He is hell bent on destruction of everything he can destroy in hopes that he can control the resurrection from the chaos he is creating.
The immigration issue is the biggest chaotic mess imaginable. TRUMPEE ZERO is flying alone by the seat of his pants. He is totally incompetent to be president of the pigs of the United States much less president of the United States. I think TRUMPEE ZERO is bored with being president and much of what he is doing is simply to entertain himself. He knows now he will never get the grand accolades and respect he thinks he deserves. The people know he is a pariah. And the intelligent Americans should be getting on board to put an end to the TRUMPEE ZERO presidency.
The serious intelligent Republicans are most likely in shock right now that George Will has spoken. The government of the United States is effectively shut down.
The jacket that Melania wore to Texas is the most bizarre political event in history. One day we may find out the truth about that event. Maybe it is simply Melania speaking out loud that she never wanted to be First Lady or any part of politics. Who knows, a divorce may be on the horizon.
The elections in November are critical. TRUMPEE ZERO has to be shut down. Take away the House and that will happen. Take the Senate away from the Republicans and TRUMPEE ZERO will be impeached.
Enough is enough. America cannot allow TRUMPEE ZERO to continue as president for the rest of his term.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180622 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / George Will goes negative on Republicans.


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Conservative Columnist George Will: Vote Against GOP In Midterms
In a column for The Washington Post, the political commentator lamented "Republican misrule" and called out House Speaker Paul Ryan.


TRUMPEE ZERO is the greatest most foolish clown ever posing as president.
I want to know what the percent of crimes committed by these illegals are compared to the crimes of the average American. Tell me the percent of home grown Americans as a percentage of all Americans who have committed violent crimes. And tell me the percentage of criminals among these illegals.
My bet is that the illegals commit fewer crimes.
And more to the point, how many of these incarcerated children are criminals? How many of these children who are 12 and under are criminals? How many of these children who come in with their families are criminals? How many innocent children have been scarred for life by our Evil Clown President?
I am sick to death of this lying manipulative rabble rouser.
His presidency is a failure. With the White House, Senate and House in the Republican control, their accomplishments since TRUMPEE ZERO became president are nothing much. Just a lot of hoopla.
The only thing this idiot moron nothing burger has done successfully is focus on undoing as much as he can of Obama's accomplishments by his executive orders.
We must consider that Obama was a doer. He accomplished things. TRUMPEE ZERO cannot accomplish anything but keeping MacDonald's in the black with all the Mac Burgers he stuffs in his fat gut.
He is a disgusting human being. A creature from the lagoon.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
The Melania Jacket says it all . "I really don't care, Do you?"
Well Melania, yes I do. And further you are now the most ignorant of all the little bunnies that TRUMPEE ZERO keeps around the White House. You have even surpassed Kellyanne Conway the witch of the White House.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180623 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Signing pics of those allegedly killed by illegal aliens.


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Donald Trump Gathers Alien-Violence Victims To Trash Media’s Snatched Baby Border Policy Coverage
Two days after President Donald Trump signed the executive order to “end” his child-snatching border policy, and one day after the First Lady flew to Texas to meet with a few of those s…


Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu
Friends the reality of what happened with Melania Trump yesterday has put everyone in shock. No one knows how to respond. I do. It was a clear message from God.
Melania had the jacket on, took it off for the photo-op and then put it back on. The message was "I am going to the photo-op but I really don't give a damn."
Many of you do not like Christianity mixed with your politics. I am a follower of Jesus but not a member of any church even though I go to two churches every Sunday. One Calvary here in Albuquerque which is a cut down version of Joel Osteen and One Spiritual Center which is a New Age church.
I have been saying for months that TRUMPEE ZERO is going to crash and burn. I also have said that God is going to make his presence known in what is happening with the TRUMPEE ZERO presidency. And it will be undeniable the work of God.
Yesterday, we saw the truth in clear and undeniable English on the back of the jacket of the First Lady of the USA. NO ONE can deny this as a miracle. Not that it was a good thing, but it was like God wrote on the back of Melanie's jacket in plain English the truth.
This reminds me of Daniel 5 regarding Belshazzar's Feast.
"Suddenly the fingers of a man's hand emerged and began writing opposite the lampstand on the plaster of the wall of the king's palace, and the king saw the back of the hand that did the writing." Daniel 5:5
"This is the inscription that was written out: 'MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN'" Daniel 5:25
This writing on the back of Melania's jacket is so bizarre that it can be classified as a miracle. A miracle in the sense that God has branded TRUMPEE ZERO and his wife Melania as dark souls in such a clear manner that only the foolish and ignorant can deny it.
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.
On the same day, Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Ben Netanyahu was indicted for fraud. Ben Netanyahu is a twin dark soul of TRUMPEE ZERO. This is another incident that is really unbelievable. It shows that Ben Netanyahu's power is eroding. Recent leaders of Israel have a factual history of being corrupt.
God spoke yesterday regarding Ben Netanyahu the same way he spoke about TRUMPEE ZERO. And both the USA and Israel are headed for a fall. One that like the events with these two women will be obvious as being from God.
If you do not believe God is the cause of this Melania matter you are seriously delusional. No one has been able to explain this writing on the back of Melania Trump's jacket. And writing that is clear and undeniable. And writing that labels her trip to Texas as a facade and a farce. God has put the mark of Cain on the back of Melania Trump. No doubt the dog and pony immigration show was crafted by TRUMPEE ZERO but he never figured Melania would be so stupid as to wear such a jacket.
And I will mention something else I will write about in another posting shortly. 666 Jared Kushner, the peace envoy to the Middle East.
I do not believe in the Book of Revelation at all. It is a false book of nonsense used by corrupt preachers to increase their wealth.
But I do use the terms from the Book of Revelation because those terms are well recognized. And the number 666 is the mark of Satan in the Book of Revelation.
Jared Kushner's flagship property is 666 5th Avenue. As God wrote on the wall at Belshazzar's feast, and on the back of Melania's Jacket, he has clearly labeled Jared Kushner as another dark soul in the TRUMPEE ZERO administration.
What are the odds Jared Kushner would be connected with 666. What are the odds that Melania would wear such an inappropriate jacket? What are the odds that no one would make an issue of it? No one would confront Melania over the totally inappropriate jacket.
No one will ever know if the truth is that "Melania did not pick that jacket to wear and has no idea how she came to wear it." We will never know the answer.
I am the Advocate for Jesus Christ.
And I want to relate one other Bible story about Elijah confronting the priests of Baal on Mt Carmel. I Kings 18:20. Elijah called down the fire of God. And then put to death the 400 priests of Baal. Elijah said he was the only remaining prophet of God.
There are many false teachers who are skewing Christianity with their promoting of the Book of Revelation. God is going to deal with them. God said he would not destroy humanity again after the Flood. The Book of Revelation contradicts that so it is a false book. Jesus said no one knows the time of the End Times but the Book of Revelation written by a disciple of the Apostle John claims he knows God's plan. Jesus said he did not even know or the angels. The Book of Revelation contradicts the red letter words of Jesus and is therefore FALSE.
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.
There is coming a reconning for TRUMPEE ZERO and Ben Netanyahu. America will be put back on track. Israel may well be destroyed again.
TRUMPEE ZERO is promoting Israel and God has punished the Jews unmercifully since they crucified Jesus. When that happened the vale in front of the Holy of Holies in Solomon's Temple was torn in two meaning God had abandoned Israel. 30 years later the Romans destroyed the Second Temple of Solomon and disbursed the Jews out of Israel. God then gave Israel to the Muslims and the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque were built on the Temple Mount in the 7th century. God told Hagar the mother of Ismael the first born son of Abraham that his descendants like those of Isaac the second born son of Abraham would be without number. Jesus was a Jew, born a Jew, lived as a Jew, preached and taught as a Jew, died as a Jew. He is the Messiah which the Jews reject and laugh at as well as the resurrection. God allowed Hitler to exterminate 6 million Jews. Who can deny that. God used Hitler as he used the Romans and even the Babylonians before the Romans to rebuke the Jews. But the crucifixion of Jesus was the last straw and the legacy of the Jews was passed to the Jewish Christians through Jesus now know as the Christians. To support Israel and to endorse the killing of the Palestinians by the Zionist as TRUMPEE ZERO is doing is an abomination to God. The Chosen people of God are the Christians not the Jews. And the Muslims were undeniably given the land of Israel in the 7th century. The mission of 666 Jared Kushner is going to fail in a way that no one will be able to deny it is God's will.
Melania Trump and Sara Netanyahu and 666 Jared Kushner are undeniable messages that enough is enough and God is very much engaged in the world in obvious ways.
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180622 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Melania Trump, Sara Netanyahu and 666 Jared Kushner.

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I have tried to determine if this is fake news. It does not look like it. This is so outrageous that it sure smells like FAKE NEWS.
If it is true the question is what America Media outlet will have the guts to propagate it.
If it is true, this is the dumbest female on the planet.
If it is true she needs to be sent back to New York or wherever in Europe she came from and not allowed to go out in public again until TRUMPEE ZERO is run out of office.
This is what happens when you have the only immigrant that TRUMPEE ZERO approves of even though obviously, she does not understand the English language.
I have no words to respond to a stupid person who goes to show empathy to wrongly imprisoned children with a giant sign on her back that might as well read "I don't give a SH.T. My husband and I are in sync on this issue!"
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180621 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Melanie and I dont give a S..t


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Melania wears jacket saying 'I REALLY DON'T CARE' to visit immigrants
The first lady wore the khaki green Zara jacket upon arrival at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland but changed before she disembarked the plane in Texas.


Friends as I have said over and over, the real decisions regarding the USA and North Korea are made by Xi in China. TRUMPEE ZERO is trying to make America believe that he accomplished something with KIm Jong Un in Singapore.
Kim Jong Un gave TRUMPEE ZERO the Xi message. TRUMPEE ZERO gave a full salute to a Korean General. Kim Jong Un gave TRUMPEE ZERO the one finger salute from Xi.
TRUMPEE ZERO claiming any kind of deal with Kim Jong Un is like any head of state saying they cut a deal with Mike Pence. ROTFLMAO. Or maybe Ivanka Trump Kushner. Or maybe Ronald MacDonald.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180621 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Kim Jong Un reported back to Xi of China about the great summit in Singapore with TRUMPEE ZERO.


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Kim Jong Un ends visit to China with a message for the US
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ended a celebratory visit to China's President Xi Jinping on Wednesday with tea, praise, handshakes -- and a message for the US.


This indictment has been a long time coming. I was thinking that it may never happen.
The positive thing is that it sends a message to her husband, Ben Netanyahu. He did not have the power to stop the indictment.
Hopefully, this is the first step to putting an end to Ben Netanyahu who was the model politician for TRUMPEE ZERO. TRUMPEE ZERO just expanded the role of the king of the postage stamp country of Israel. The one who heads the apartheid state of Israel and maintains the concentration camp for Palestinians in Gaza and the one who killed over a hundred unarmed Palestinian men, women and children last month and injured thousands. If Ben ain't a Nazi then neither was Hitler.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180621 file: Netanyahu wife indicted for fraud.


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Sara Netanyahu, wife of Israeli PM, charged with fraud
In February, police recommended Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted on charges of corruption and bribery.


Friends it is my hope that this whole American Nazi Concentration camps issue regarding illegal immigration comes out into the light.
What has TRUMPEE ZERO really been doing to these immigrants? That is what I want to know.
Prison is bad enough for Americans but TRUMPEE ZERO'S hatred of non-white, Muslims and Mexicans pretty much guarantees that unlawful immigrants, especially children are not treated well in jail.
If you want to lock up immigrants then you need to write the checks to take care of them.
The other alternative is to just pick them up and put them on a plane and deliver them to Mexico city if that is the country they come through. Just contract whatever numbers of airplanes are necessary to fly them all back to the nation they came from.
That is preferred to filling up jails where these illegal immigrants have no rights in America.
You want to end the immigration problem. Here are four solutions.
1) Legalize drugs globally. That will end a lot of violence in Central and South America.
2) Shut down any USA based business that is found hiring illegal aliens.
3) Put those who crossed the border illegally on a plane back to the country of their entry within 24 hours of their apprehension.
4) Change the foundational law in the USA that the children of illegal immigrants cannot become citizens but will be citizens of the country of which their parents are citizens.
In addition, with regards to DACA, these dreamers were promised something from Obama and they should be allowed to proceed. I object to making American laws questionable. I object to a newly installed President making a priority of voiding at will any laws passed in the prior administration.
I agree that any program that offers Amnesty of any kind to illegal immigrants, increases the immigration problem.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180621 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Immigration abuse and solutions.


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Young immigrants detained in Virginia center allege abuse
Immigrant children housed at a juvenile detention center say they were beaten and locked up in solitary confinement, left nude and shivering in concrete cells


Sorry Friends but Ivanka Trump Kushner is a blond air head with a lot of money. She is as sociopathic as TRUMPEE ZERO. She is also ignorant of the fact that her father created the child separation problem and then callously held fast to it until it became obvious he could not fade the heat he was getting.
Go back to sleep Ivanka. Preferably in Russia or Israel.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180621 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Ivanka Air Head Speaks.


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Ivanka Trump faces backlash for tweet about her father’s executive order to end family separations
Ivanka Trump on Wednesday tweeted a poorly received 'thank you' to her father for signing an executive order ending family separations.


Friends here is the very big problem we have with the TRUMPEE ZERO administration.
1) TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president. He was short 3 million votes of being the majority president.
2) The reason is the Electoral College. The Electoral College skews the vote of the majority. This kink in American Democracy thwarts majority rule.
So we have TRUMPEE ZERO, a minority president, tearing down government across the board because that is the desire of his base. But his base is the minority of Americans.
The majority of Americans did not want the TRUMPEE ZERO agenda.
The majority of Americans must sit back and let TRUMPEE ZERO take the majority of Americans where they did not and do not want to go.
The amount of harm that TRUMPEE ZERO is doing to all aspects of America is incredible. He is trying to close the borders. He is a racist. He wants to cut back the size of government. He wants to cut back entitlements across the board and that includes social security and Medicare. He wants to end universal health care. He wants to isolate America from our long-term proven allies. He wants to increase the power of the presidency toward a dictatorship.
What I am saying is that we who do not support TRUMPEE ZERO are in the majority. We ABSOLUTELY must keep this in mind that TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president and he is taking America where the majority of Americans do not want to go.
The biggest problem we have is the destruction to American Democracy and American Values and even Christian Values under TRUMPEE ZERO. We are forced to accept this because the minority president is the legitimate president. It will take decades to undo the damage that TRUMPEE ZERO has done to America and the prestige and leadership of America in the world.
America has always been a melting pot of all religions, all races, all nationalities in the world. TRUMPEE ZERO wants to end that vision. He wants to turn American into another fascist regime as close to Nazi Germany as he can get.
TRUMPEE ZERO is not the president of all Americans. He is the president of his base. He is doing all he can to promote the issues of the minority of Americans who are Republicans, Fascists, Bigots, elitists and exclusionary anti American Democracy and American Values.
It is critical that in November the House and Senate if possible go Democratic. And then it is critical to elect a liberal Democrat who believes in America as the melting pot and leader of the world, to reverse every anti-American act and action that TRUMPEE ZERO has done during his time as President. We must scour the taint of TRUMPEE ZERO politics out of American politics.
MAKE AMERIC GREAT AGAIN (IN RED) is the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (IN BLUE) is to continue the legacy of American Democracy by subordinating and purging the cancerous part of THE REDS agenda as fast as possible which begins with the November 2018 elections and follows with the November 2020 elections.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180621 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Cutting back government.


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White House to propose merging Labor, Education departments: WSJ
The White House plans to propose on Thursday to merge the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.


I think Kevin Costner sums up the immigration problem.
TRUMPEE ZERO like with everything else, has no humane immigration plan.
He has no plan for health insurance. Just destroy what was there. He has no humane Immigration plan. Just destroy what was there. He has no real idea what the result is going to be with his tariff war except China has many many ways to retaliate. He went to Singapore with no plan and came home with nothing much but an empty document and absolutely no idea of how to proceed with North Korea.
TRUMPEE ZERO is totally calloused to the pain and suffering of these children. They have been scarred for life. They are in a prison. There is no other word for it. They have nothing to do. They are fed, given a place to sleep, and a place to bathe I guess. There is no end in sight. There is no way to know how long they will have to endure the hell they are living in. TRUMPEE & Sesssions sociopaths.
Hey all you Evangelicals who put TRUMPEE ZERO in office. Is this really your brand of Christianity? Its not mine. Not even close. You know what Jesus said, "Whatever you do to these children, you do to me."
TRUMPEE ZERO is the worst president ever. He is a giant ZERO.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180620 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / No immigration plan.


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Kevin Costner slams Trump's border immigration policies, says he's 'not recognizing America right now'
Actor Kevin Costner said on “The View” on Tuesday that he does not “recognize America right now” amid the news that migrant children were being separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border.


So where are we going with this? Only people who do not vote for President can work for the FBI. Or only registered Republicans at the FBI can work on anything to do with TRUMPEE ZERO?
I do not know why the Democrats are not screaming back at the Republicans over this.
It amazes me what a rabble rouser TRUMPEE ZERO is and how he can make sane people act stupid.
TRUMPEE ZERO is on his way to impeachment and conviction. His presidency is in shambles and chaos and getting worse every day. He is a raging bull, an idiot, a moron and a huge danger to America.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180620 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Peter Strzok escorted out of FBI office.


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FBI lover Peter Strzok is escorted OUT of the FBI
FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was revealed to have sent a text to his FBI lover saying he would 'stop' Trump, was marched out of the building Friday, following an IG report that criticized his conduct.


Every minute that TRUMPEE ZERO allows this crime against humanity foisted on the children of these immigrants to continue is an eternity for these devastated children. What have they done that Americans are allowing TRUMPEE ZERO to continue this cruel and unusual punishment against innocent children.
The White Racists, the Republicans, the Christian Evangelcals put the creature TRUMPEE ZERO in office. They own the majority share of this attack on American Democracy, American Values and Christian Values.
This is an impeachable offense. Let it begin now.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180618 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / 5 ex First Ladies condemn the immigration children policy of TRUMPEE ZERO.


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All 5 first ladies speak out against family-separation immigration policy
All five living first ladies called for immigration reform to stop family separation this week, with even Melania Trump speaking out on the issue.


Friends, TRUMPEE ZERO is fast forwarding this tariff war with China to try to drown out his cruelty with regards to the immigrant children.
TRUMPEE ZERO has no problem turning the entire world economy into ongoing chaos.
All TRUMPEE ZERO is my friends is a bull in a China closet: what he does not break he defecates on.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - The TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180618 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Ratcheting up the trade war with China..


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Trump threatens China with new tariffs on another $200 billion of goods
President Donald Trump has raised the stakes again in the trade fight with China.


Friends, I have said it for 18+ months, TRUMPEE ZERO is a Hitler clone. He is a sociopathic monster. Jeff Sessions is a sociopathic monster. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is a sociopathic monster.
These people are unAmerican and traitors to American Democracy and American Values and Christian values.
The only event to compare this to is the Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps.
The criminal behavior agains these children is cannot be justified.
You will never find TRUMPEE ZERO apologize for this even though with a phone call he can end it. This is a repeat of his refusal to speak against White Racism.
TRUMPEE ZERO as per usual, as the monstrous creature that he is, refuses to acknowledge any ownership of this crime against humanity.
We finally have undeniable evidence of the callous sociopathic nature of TRUMPEE ZERO and everyone associated with his administration.
What you are seeing with these children is the same contempt we have seen from the TRUMPEE ZERO administration since day one.
This is the naked face of Make America Great Again - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
All Americans own this merciless and heartless behavior that is fostered and promoted by TRUMPEE ZERO. It is supported by the Republicans. It is supported by White Racists. It is supported by Evangelical Christians. These are the primary owners of this crime against humanity.
Anyone who votes Republican in November is doing so knowing the truth about the American Nazi party: The Republicans.
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
No one is as more vocally calling out this crime against humanity by TRUMPEE ZERO exactly what it is than I am, Dr John WorldPeace JD.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180618 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The immigrant children crime against humanity.


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Audio recording emerges of 'orchestra' of crying children in migrant detention center
On the recording, young children can be heard crying "Mami" and "Papa."


Well thank you Laura Bush.
My question is where are all the past presidents on this issue. George Bush, Jimmy Carter, Daddy Bush, Obama, Bill Clinton?
Where is Hillary Clinton?
Where is Ivanka Trump?
What elected Congressman or Senator or running for office American, Except Dr John WorldPeace JD for President 2020, has spoken out against this outrage and violation of Christian and American Democracy and American Values and pure humanity.
TRUMPEE ZERO has gone too far. This must become the last straw to IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT.
This website plus my Facebook timeline is 18 months of Dr John WorldPeace JD challenging the Evil Creature in Chief.
It is time to purge the TRUMPEE ZERO taint from American politics.
If TRUMPEE ZERO wants to have strict immigration then he needs to write the checks to keep the families together. The punishment does not fit the crime. THE CHILDREN have committed no crime to be incarcerated. These children are scarred for life.
This TRUMPEE ZERO policy is an outrage to all Americans, Christians and all human beings.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180618 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Laura Bush op-ed on children caught up in immigration..


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Laura Bush pens scathing column on child separation as part of immigration policy
Former first lady Laura Bush spoke out Sunday night about the separation of families on the US border, writing a harsh criticism of the current zero-tolerance immigration policy being enforced under the Trump administration.


OK Friends here is the proof that TRUMPEE ZERO is a very dangerous man. Here is proof that he is a sociopath in the image of Adolph Hitler. Here is proof he is a liar in the image of Adolph Hitler.
I want to speak specifically to every Christian that voted for and supports TRUMPEE ZERO. You own the acts of this evil creature. You own this unAmerican president. You own this traitor to all American Values and American Democracy. TRUMPEE ZERO is an abomination to the Lord and by supporting a person (creature) who has broken 7 of the 10 commandments you are making the way of the Lord crooked. John the Baptist spoke of nothing but making the way of the Lord straight.
So which is it Christians and especially you Evangelicals? Lord Jesus or Lord Trump: TRUMPEE ZERO.
TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president. He is not my president. He is in office due to the corruption of American Democrat of the core democratic doctrine of the majority rules by the rotten corruption of the Electoral College that must be removed from the law.
The Christians have called for an end to child separation. It is not enough. They must call for his impeachment of TRUMPEE ZERO. Lord Jesus or Lord Trump. Chose !!!
And tell me Friends. Where is VP Mike Pence in this matter? His refusal to rebuke TRUMPEE ZERO means he is unfit as well to be president.
And tell me friends is AG Sessions not as dark a soul as TRUMPEE ZERO? Is he not as much a traitor to American Values and American Democracy.
TRUMPEE ZERO ordered the separation of children at the border. And then as per usual he lied about it. What would Jesus do?
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180618 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The Child separation issue..

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Conclusive proof that it is Trump's policy to separate children from their families at the border

President Donald Trump's administration has repeatedly denied that its policy is to separate children from their parents when families cross the US border illegally, but its own internal documents contradict that.


It is incredible to me how many crises in the world human society are going critical.
The world is 71% water and due to climate warming, certain areas of the world like India are potentially in deadly jeopardy due to lack of water.
I cannot imagine any American putting up with chronic problems of no water for days at a time. I can't understand why these Indians are not in an all-out run to tap the oceans for water.
The world is in no way prepared to take the abundance of water on the planet and move it to areas that are in potentially in danger of running out of water.
These kinds of things have a cascading effect. If a million people run out of water in their area then they are are going to abandon that area and stress other areas.
The results are a disaster of unimaginable consequences.
The nature of human beings is to maintain the status quo even as the worst possible nightmare approaches. No country can help India if it runs out of water because of lack of planning. This is an Indian problem and hundreds of millions of people could die. The entire Indian economy could collapse. And how would that affect the global economy?
The majority of the world human society refuses to believe that there is a global warming crisis. I talk to people often who think the world is too big to unhinge ecology. They think the change in weather is temporary even though the evidence is that global warming is the problem and global warming due to fossil fuels is out of control. In my opinion, we have passed the tipping point. We cannot reverse global warming.
And here is the reality. Once the climate is significantly altered to where people cannot deny the catastrophe that is coming it will be impossible to reverse the trend and go back to the way things were. There is no guarantee that the changein the tradewinds and ocean currents after being disrupted will go back to the old patterns even if the climate is cooled.
What is going to happen in this scenario is that fertile areas are going to turn into deserts and deserts are going to get additional rainfall but rainfall on a desert is not going to give the soil the makeup that will allow abundance harvest. You can water sand and dust all you want and it is not going to produce food of sufficient quantities to feed the world.
There is no Planet B.
Jesus is not going to come out of the sky and wave his hand and reverse all the human devastation that has taken place on the earth in the last 200 years.
It is time to wake up. Famine, plagues and wars are coming and it has to do with the stupidity of the world human society. Everyone will lose. Everyone will be affected.
No one can imagine a global collapse of the world human society on all levels but it can happen. We know the global economy can crash. We saw that in the 1920's. We are about to see the effects of TRUMPEE ZERO tariffs and the cascading effects of disrupting parts of a very very complex world economy. Automobiles are very complex machines. But if you can no longer get radiators for whatever reason the production lines stop. As in stop. And that backs up other production lines.
We are all part of a global society from the economy, to food production, to climate change, to religions, to politics, to armies and lack of armies and so on. Isolationism is a nonsense philosophy. We are a global society and we are going to prosper or be devastated by thinking that we are immune to what is going on it the world due to our assets, our religion, our military. It is a false security. All religions, all races, all forms of government, all genders are going to suffer with what may seem like a very minor disruption in any aspect of the world human society.
30 years ago I refused to be around people who were full of doom and gloom. Individuals and groups. I had a positive outlook on the world human society. Not now.
We can look around and see evidence of many civilizations going back into pre-history that just vanished. We cannot build pyramids. We do not have the technology. But there were civilizations that could. There were huge civilizations in central America just 700 years ago that are gone. Why?
There is evidence of a global megalithic civilization all over the planet that just disappeared. Why? What happened?
Does anyone really consider what happens if our electrical infrastructure collapses? Has anyone considered that the internet globally can crash? There is thought that cryptocurrencies could collapse the internet. Has anyone considered the global implication of the breakdown of the cell phone infrastructure?
No one has seriously considered any of these. Yet to even the most stupid person who sits down and considers how fragile a house of cards the global civilization we live in really is can deny the world human population is living on the edge of potential doom.
If 2 billion people die on the planet, there will not be enough people to keep the infrastructures we all depend on operating. That is the reality. Again in every area of the world human society there is the potential of passing a tipping point of no return.
The killing fields of all wars of humanity and the greatest of all plagues in history is nothing compared to what is coming if global warming is not put into check immediately.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180618 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Global warming lack of water in India.


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Deadly Tensions Rise as India’s Water Supply Runs Dangerously Low
Some 600 million Indians, about half the population, face high to extreme water scarcity conditions, with about 200,000 dying every year from inadequate access to safe water, says a government report.


Friends, let me tell you this, the TRUMPEE ZERO dog and pony circus is coming apart at the seams.
You want to say TRUMPEE ZERO did not collude with the Russians. Well, FRIENDS if that is true, what is also true that his failure to collude with the Russians was not due to a lack of trying.
Gooliani is a fool and a liar and an evil fool and enemy of American. The evidence keeps growing and growing. And who knows how much Mueller really has that we have yet to see.
The amount of smoke is increasing. And where there is smoke there is fire.
Roger Stone is a criminal and traitor. And for him to open up about this Russian meeting and try to cover his backside after all these months says he is scared. Just like Manafort was scared enough to try to tamper with witnesses even as he was under house arrest and under constant surveillance by the Feds.
I think there is about to be a mass exodus away from TRUMPEE ZERO based on the fear of getting the TRUMPEE ZERO taint all over themselves.
Things have just gotten worse day to day for TRUMPEE ZERO after he came back from the nothing burger Summit in Singapore. That meeting with Kim Jong Un showed Americans what a nothing burger TRUMPEE ZERO is.
Now we have the breaking up of families and no plan to put those families back together. These children are destined to be in a permanent state of limbo like the Dreamers. And worse. The Dreamers have not had to deal with being imprisoned.
And like aways it is not the crime that is as bad as the reaction. The reaction in the immigration matter was TRUMPEE ZERO and AG Sessions saying the scarring of these innocent children is fully justified.
This is the TRUMPEE ZERO America. This is the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World. This is an Anti-Christian America at its worst.
What do you Evangelicals and Republicans think about your Blue Eyed Boy now?
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180617 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Roger Stone and another unknown Russian meeting. Unknown my American in general but I doubt unknown by Mueller's investigation.


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Former Trump operative Roger Stone met with Russian who wanted $2M for Clinton dirt
Conservative political provocateur Roger Stone met in May 2016 with a Russian who offered damaging information about Hillary Clinton in exchange for $2 million, Stone and former Trump campaign communications official Michael Caputo told CNN on Sunday.


Well Friends I think we can all agree that TRUMPEE ZERO is a sociopathic AH with little or no human emotions about anyone. It is absolutely over his head how anyone could care less about these child victims of the TRUMPEE ZERO insane immigration plan.
It blows my mind that these prison officials would try to back down United States Congressmen. This reminds me of Jim Jones and the murder of Leo Ryan at Jonestown in 1978.
But this is not Jonestown and Jim Jones. This is the United States and TRUMPEE ZERO and AG Sessions
Thank God the do nothing Democrats have finally taken a stand.
Thank God the Evangelicals have taken a stand against breaking up families and creating pain and suffering for innocent children in the name of TRUMPEE ZERO over God and Christian values.
TRUMPEE ZERO a rotten waste of human flesh. He is a creature from hell and a traitor to American Democracy and American Values.
This Friends is exactly how Hitler came to power. People who knew better let him get away with the most sociopathic acts. Who can imagine the human pain and suffering this Evil Clown has caused these innocent children. They are scarred for life. FOR LIFE !!!
Sure we have an immigration problem but does the pain and suffering of trying to fix immigration come down to putting children into internment camps? TRUMPEE ZERO like always has no plan. He could care less about repercussions of his evil acts. All he cares about is headlines. All he cares about is staying at the head of the news 24/7.
What country were these child internment guards raised in? How is it possible that these guards could be told not to let US Congressmen into these internment camps? Who gave that order?
My hope is that this event is going to end up in the immediate termination of the TRUMPEE ZERO immigration attack on families.
TRUMPEE ZERO is totally incompetent. A moron. An idiot. A clown and a traitor to American Democracy and American Values.
I pray to God this is the point of no return. I pray this is where the whole TRUMPEE ZERO dog and pony show takes down its tent and gets to hell out of town if not out of America.
Every American owns the immigration fiasco. All Republicans, All Democrats, All Christians, All Americans.
Why everyone is not as angry as I am about what TRUMPEE ZERO has done as president is beyond my understanding. Maybe, just maybe this is the turning point where EVERYONE wakes up and says TRUMPEE ZERO has to go. Not in November but right now. Impeachment hearings need to begin RIGHT NOW.
By God I told you so. For 18 months I have told you so. I have never backed down one moment from attacking the cancer that is TRUMPEE ZERO'S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180617 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The Democratic Revolt against TRUMPEE ZERO destruction of families in the name of immigration reform.


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Democrats gain entry to NJ immigration detention center after arguing with cops, 'literally banging on the door'
Seven Democratic representatives attempted to enter an immigration detention center in Elizabeth, N.J., on Sunday, in a Father's Day trip designed to draw attention to the family members who have been separated by federal authorities while illegally crossing the border.


The world human society is a complicated environment. The immigration problem is the problem of the failure of the United Nations to be united.
Syria shows how ineffective the UN is. The Zionist apartheid state and the Zionist concentration camp for 2 million Palestinians in Gaza is a prime example of the failure of the UN.
A prime failure of the UN is its structure. Five Nations have absolute veto power that allows the US to promote a criminal Israel and Russia to promote acriminal Assad.
The only way I see to remedy this is for member nations of the UN to begin to abandon the UN and join a newly created International Government. If any government is an apartheid government, it is the United Nations.
United Nations: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Article 15:
(1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.
Millions of Palestinians have no nationality. The prime obstacles are the United States and the apartheid nation of Israel.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180617 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The failure of the UN.


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Italy demands Netherlands recall NGO migrant rescue ships
Italy on Saturday demanded that the Netherlands recall two Dutch-flagged migrant rescue ships after one of the non-government organizations that operate them called the interior minister a fascist.


Friends as usual TRUMPEE ZERO has launched his trade war with no idea how it is going to turn out. He has not presented a global plan which shows the USA a winner or trade deficits decreasing for the USA. The more variables in play the more unlikely the future can be predicted.
1) The truth is that the global economy is so complex there is no way to determine what is going to happen in a global trade war.
2) This we know for sure, right now being simplistic TRUMPEE ZERO is favoring Steel and Aluminum over his voter base of farmers.
3) In some areas, the prices for Americans are going to increase. Maybe the price of everything.
4) We know that the money men and women make money whether the stock, bond and commodity markets go up or down. So in truth, these people are used to risk and even though things are going to be more complicated in predicting the future of all investment vehicles there are going to be winners and loser just like there are everyday.
5) My opinion is that all this is going to make a negative picture about the time of the November elections. And a negative picture means greater chances of a Democratic majority in the House and Senate which I am for. If the America economy goes south, TRUMPEE ZERO owns it 100%.
6) TRUMPEE ZERO as per usual is only concerned with ratings. He could care less what the reality is. He will make up any lie to support his brain farts. If he is wrong, he denies whatever he said that turned out to be wrong.
7) We are headed for chaos. That is the bottom line. ROUND AND ROUND SHE GOES AND WHERE SHE STOPS NOBODY KNOWS.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180616 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The coming chaos of the TRUMPEE ZERO trade war.


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Just the Fear of a Trade War Is Straining the Global Economy
As President Trump intensifies trade hostilities, the potential for conflict has begun to disrupt business, sowing worries about global economic growth.


Who knows if TRUMPEE ZERO was kidding or not. Who knows when he is lying or not. We all know his brain is scrambled.
But all TRUMPEE ZERO has to do is find a way he can execute whoever he wants instead of just tweeting, and anyone foolish enough to be around him would always pay attention to the max.
But who pays attention to a Clown president, but not my president. The minority president. Elect a Clown, expect a Circus.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180615 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / TRUMPEE ZERO wants people around him who sit up and pay attention. I guess instead of texting leaks.

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Trump: Kim's people sit up when he speaks, 'I want my people to do the same'
President Trump said on Friday that he want

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Hey friends, this is nothing more than TRUMPEE ZERO'S rich friends and big corporations preying upon seniors by churning their retirement accounts and stealing as much of their retirement as they can.
TRUMPEE ZERO has taken down the consumer protections against the money men and women and they are licking their lips over the easy money to be made in bilking American seniors.
TRUMPEE ZERO'S is the minority president and therefore not my president.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180615 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Merrill Lynch opens doors to churning retirement accounts.


Merrill Lynch Weighs Fewer Retirement Account Restrictions
Wealth head Andy Sieg told brokers firm will decide in about 60 days how to simplify its rigid DOL Rule restrictions and perhaps allow commissions for some asset classes.


Friends do you understand that Nazi Germany was a Christian nation and Hitler was legally elected. They passed laws to deal with Jews and Communists and the handicapped and non Germans.
Therefore we can say the Jews were legally exterminated. Their children were not just segregated but exterminated and burned. And that was all done with the blessing of Jesus and the Christian church.
The Zionists are not Christians even though Evangelical Christians go out of their way to support their apartheid state and concentration camp of Palestinians in Gaza.
And hey they have laws about Palestinians who touch the Zionist fence between Gaza and Israel's illegally annexed Palestinian lands. Killing Palestinians who touch the fence is a righteous act.
So if you are ignorant and stupid then you swallow and repeat that if there are laws against something, even illegal laws that are crimes against humanity, Jesus said obey the law. Give to Caesar what is Caesar's. Be sheep. Go to the slaughter and support the fascist regime of the TRUMPEE ZERO White House and Aparthied state of Israel. Support AG Sessions and Mike Pence.
TRUMPEE ZERO is not my president. He is the minority president. And I am not proud to be an American over this issue.
If I am a minority of one. The truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180615 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Break the law and Christians believe you get what you deserve.


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The racist history of the Bible verse the White House uses to justify separating families
Romans 13 has long been incorrectly used to defend government oppression.


Manafort must know that he is going to lose if he goes to court. Only 2% of criminal defendants are stupid enough to go to trial.
Manfort tried to get free of house arrest and it seems that had that happened he would have left the country. He has enough friends around the globe and most especially in Russia to disappear for the rest of his life.
The witness tampering was truly stupid. He is a gigantic fool to think the Feds did not have him wired and videoed 24/7. He was stupid to think he could make the contacts he made without being caught.
Now he either flips on TRUMPEE ZERO and other known criminals, which may get him terminated, or he prays that TRUMPEE ZERO will give him a pardon. But he has state court problems no doubt so he will not get out of jail even if TRUMPEE ZERO pardons him.
The problem with a pardon is that it would probably come close to the November elections and such a pardon would have a very negative effect on the Republicans as in very high Democratic turnout and a lower Republican and Christian turnout.
I think Manafort is a dead man walking. He knows it. He tried to get free to run but could not make it happen. If he is in the general population in jail, there is a good chance he will slip on a mop and break his neck. He is a desperate man. The only way out is to flip and get a new ID from the Feds. I have been in a Federal contract jail in Falfurrias, Texas, illegally as a political prisoner in 2008. No one is safe there. I was in solitary confinement, administrative segregation, because I was a non Spanish speaking white guy in a jail with 495 Hispanics, 4 segregated blacks, and me. The only way they could get to me was to poison the food or deny me medical care for my heart. I had a very near fatal heart attack in 1997. I was only out of my cell 13 hours in 5 months. Which of course is illegal.
Some convicts across the hall from me set their cell on fire and the fire was growing. The guards did not know what they were doing. I had to get under a wet blanket and lay close to the floor with my face over the drain to try to avoid the toxic plastic smoke. Jail is not a safe place no matter what.
I think Manafort is a dead man if he flips, and if he goes to trial and if he is pardoned. He knows too much.
He needs to deliver up TRUMPEE ZERO and some other serious criminals and trust the Feds to protect him. But even still he will spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder.
Welcome to the real world of TRUMPEE ZERO. This is not reality TV but reality.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180615 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Manafort goes to jail.


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Judge sends Manafort to jail, pending trial
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will await his trial for foreign lobbying charges from jail.


Roody Gooliani is about as brain dead as an old politician can get.
He needs to go back to New York and talk about his Glory days instead of being the Buffoon in Chief of the TRUMPEE ZERO sycophants. He needs to take that fool Sean Hannity with him.
Maybe TRUMPEE ZERO can call Putin and get Gooliani and Hannity a room with service in Moscow like TRUMPEE ZERO enjoyed. And plenty of Viagra for Gooliani.
It looks to me like Gooliani is trying to get as fat as TRUMPEE ZERO. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180615 file: Gooliani, TRUMPEE ZERO sycophant in chief.


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Giuliani denies report that Michael Cohen may cooperate with investigation
Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani put to rest claims that Michael Cohen, the president’s personal lawyer, might cooperate with the Mueller investigation after reports emerged that he was looking for new lawyers.


There is no greater threat to peace in the Middle East than Israel, and a big part of the driving force behind that threat is Netanyahu.
Isreal maintains a concentration camp for Palestinians in Gaza. They are an apartheid nation. They within the last month killed hundreds and wounded thousands of unarmed Palestinians protesting their imprisonment in Gaza by the Zionist.
The Zionists have begun to bomb Iranians in Syria.
And the prime enabler of this murderous Zionist is TRUMPEE ZERO.
The question is whether Americans are going to let this corrupt arrogant Zionist draw Americans into an expanded war in Syria. Will it be your sons and daughters who go to fight for this war monger?
Obama kept this dog on a tight leash. TRUMPEE ZERO moved the US embassy to Jerusalem.
The Evangelical Christians cannot give enough support to this Pariah who thinks Jesus is a joke, not the Messiah, was not resurrected. The Evangelical Christians believe in the false Book of Revelation where Jesus returns in the middle of the Battle of Armageddon. Actually, Jesus never left. He said he would not leave. He said he would be with us always. Not a single one of these Evangelicals will stand up in church on Sunday and proclaim that Jesus is not present in the church service. And what is even more ridiculous is that these Evangelicals believe that the Jews who do not convert to Christianity will be sent to Hell by God. So, in essence, the Christians are helping God to send the Jews to hell by supporting the bad acts of Netanyahu against Iran. Go figure.
I served in the Army 1970-2, and all three of my sons served in the Marines in the 90's. It will not be my children and grandchildren who will be coming home in a body bag or seriously crippled by the war Netanyahu proclaims he is appointed by his God to begin.
So is Netanyahu doing God's will in the name of Judaism and the rejection of Christ or is it the Evangelicals who are doing God's will?
In either case, TRUMPEE ZERO is the enabler.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180615 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Netanyahu unleashed.


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Israel bombs Syria to stop refugees fleeing to Europe, Netanyahu says
Netanyahu accused Iran of bringing some 80,000 Shiite fighters to Syria, from countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, to “convert” Sunni Muslims in Syria and launch attacks against Israel.


Stupid is as STUPID does.
Of course if TRUMPEE ZERO was not a yellow-bellied draft dodger and had served his country, he would understand the protocols related to a salute.
Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180614 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / TRUMPEE ZERO salutes North Korean officer.


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What was Trump thinking when he saluted a North Korean general?
During his brief trip to Singapore for a historic summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, President Donald Trump was introduced to North Korean Gen. No Kwang Chol. Trump extended his hand. Chol saluted. Trump saluted back. Then the two men shook hands.


Friends, I think we all knew that TRUMPEE ZERO'S spin on the FBI was without basis. TRUMPEE ZERO said he fired Comey due to his refusal to white wash the Russian investigation. And his lawyer bolstered that position.
But what is more interesting here is the timing. On Tuesday the great Singapore Nothing Summit took place. That gave TRUMPEE ZERO a little positive bump but not grounds for a Nobel Peace Prize.
Then we had the story about Michael Cohen flipping on Cohen. Then the story about the New York AG suing TRUMPEE ZERO'S and his Ivana squid for his fraudulent self-dealing trust. Then today we find that the Inspector report of the FBI undermined TRUMPEE ZERO'S claims of bias and inappropriate actions against him by clearing Clinton. And tomorrow we should here the names of the Manafort witnesses he tried to manipulate.
So the Nothing Summit with Kim Jong Un has been buried and probably forgotten. TRUMPEE ZERO talking to Kim Jong Un was not like Nixon talking to Chou Enlai in 1972.
Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180614 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Inspector General finds no bias against TRUMPEE ZERO.


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Comey Cited as ‘Insubordinate,’ but Report Finds No Bias in F.B.I. Decision to Clear Clinton
An inspector general report gives President Trump new ammunition to criticize the F.B.I., but it does not fit into his theory that agents conspired to help Hillary Clinton.


Hey friends, so what is new. TRUMPEE ZERO and his Ivana kids are crooked as snakes and dishonest to the core.
These creatures are hogs at the government trough.
And of course the usual TRUMPEE ZERO response: his charity is the greatest and gave more money than exists in the whole universe.
TRUMPEE ZERO claims to be worth $10 billion and he gave away $19 million of it. ROTFLMAO.
When the Democrats take over in November then hopefully we will see the emoluments clause get some traction.
But here again, look at what is happening. TRUMPEE ZERO comes from a moderate bump from the great Nothing Summit in Singapore with Kim Jong Un, and a few days later Michael Cohen seems ready to flip on TRUMPEE ZERO. Now today we have this criminal lawsuit for self-dealing via his Greatest of All Time Trust.
Let the good times roll. I have said since the Republican Primary that this Clown was rotten to the core. The crook of all times was Roy Cohn the primary mentor of TRUMPEE ZERO. Roy Cohn died of AIDS. Does that have something to do with TRUMPEE ZERO'S war on the LGBT community?
And the Mueller investigation goes on and on. On Friday we are going to hear in court a list of witnesses who Manafort tried to manipulate as he waits for trial. That list should be interesting in that it will expand the public knowledge of who else is in bed with TRUMPEE ZERO through Manafort or maybe Manafort through TRUMPEE ZERO.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180614 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / New York sues of TRUMPEE ZERO trust fraud.


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New York attorney general sues Trump Foundation
The New York attorney general on Thursday sued President Donald Trump's charitable foundation along with its directors -- the President, his sons Eric and Donald Jr. and daughter Ivanka, alleging they violated state and federal charities law.


Well friends, we see again that TRUMPEE ZERO is petty and vindictive. He could care less about strategy and good political moves when he is criticized. Apparently, Sanford was voting for the TRUMPEE ZERO plans but he made the mistake of speaking against TRUMPEE ZERO. The message is clear. Don't criticize the Clown in Chief. And that applies to heads of state as well.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180614 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Don't criticize TRUMPEE ZERO; Mark Sanford.


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Trump ignored advice when he went after Mark Sanford
President Donald Trump's decision Tuesday to go after an incumbent Republican congressman who had previously criticized him flouted the advice of allies who suggested he stay out of the race.


From the Article:
--- "He'll just declare victory and move on. It's what he does."
That approach to life is how Trump has weathered -- and even prospered! -- amid three bankruptcies and as many marriages. He acts like he won, like he knew this was happening all along, like he meant it to happen. He creates a reality that may, but often does not, comport with actual reality, and then sells that created reality as hard as he possibly can.
The narrative Trump is always selling -- regardless of whether he is flacking some deal he made as a private citizen or talking up the Singapore summit -- is of total victory. And not just that, but a victory that others couldn't achieve. Historic victories. The biggest. Record-setting.
Trump's "Art of the Deal" is a testament to this idea. And this quote from that book really stands out:
"The final key to the way I promote is bravado. I play to people's fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That's why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It's an innocent form of exaggeration, and a very effective form of promotion." ------
What is being said here is that TRUMPEE ZERO thinks everyone is stupid. In fact, his approach to life has worked. Just tell people what they want to hear no matter how exaggerated. Lie and when proven wrong tell a bigger lie or put some spin on it like it was all intentional.
I have known too many people like TRUMPEE ZERO because virtually my whole career I have dealt with small business owners in my insurance, accounting, tax, law and web design businesses. 85% of the really successful ones were mini TRUMPEE ZEROS. Hustlers one and all.
It is not the average person's fault that they chose to work in a limited environment in a secure job all their lives. It is not to be held against them that they took the safe path for the security of their family. I never did that. I felt the best way for me to be successful was to do business with people who were successful and find out their secrets of success. And I learned a lot.
In accounting, tax, and law people have to tell you the truth in order to get what they need done. They know if they lied to me they were not going to accomplish their goals because I would be operating on a lie and that could produce some very negative consequences, not from me, but from those I was communicating with on behalf of my client.
In the insurance business, people would tell me they were not going to leave a lot of money to their wife so the next husband could spend it. In the accounting business, 95% of all business owners do not process cash payments so they dont have to pay taxes on that income. In the law, anything goes. People do all kinds of bad things and called me when they got caught.
All my friends, almost none of which were business owners could not understand why I was attacking TRUMPEE ZERO so hard. Well, this is the reason. I saw this POS as a sociopath on the top of the corrupt lying pyramid. And I did not want to see him in charge of the USA. The truth is coming out. He is exactly what I have said he was. He is always hustling. He is always scamming.
And America is suffering for it. He considers every world leader except the dictator predators beneath him. His business model is predatory. His political mindset is predatory.
His most perfect clone is Benjiman Netanyahu. In Netanyahu's case he thinks he is God's anointed King of Israel. That is why he murders Palestinians and maintains a concentration camp in Gaza. Then he says he has to protect Israel from the rock slinging and kite flying Palestinian with deadly force. What a farce what a lie. What an abomination to God Almighty.
I repeat. TRUMPEE ZERO is a minority President. The majority of people did not buy into this lying arrogant worthless sociopathic behavior. And the wealthy saw him as a tool to make more money. And he has delivered. The only thing that gives me hope for November is that the majority of people saw through his predatory lying nature in 2016 and there will be a determination to shut him down by filling the House and Senate with Democrats. That is my hope. That is what I am working to bring about.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the world.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180613 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The lying nature of TRUMPEE ZERO exposed.


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Donald Trump's fake-it-until-you-make-it strategy on North Korea
Donald Trump has ended the nuclear threat from North Korea!


There is a core genetic makeup of homo sapiens to violently oppose anyone or any group that challenges their race, religion, nationality, male gender.
This has led to the genocide of the Neanderthals 40,000 years ago, to the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis and the White Racism of TRUMPEE ZERO of right now today.
My father who was a much better father than I was able to become, was a rabid racist. There was no logic to his racism. He also hated Democrats and people with a college education. He would have voted for TRUMPEE ZERO because TRUMPEE ZERO is an outrageous elitist and can do what my father never had the power to do. He would have joyed int he acts of TRUMPEE ZERO which I consider anti-American and anit-Jesus.
Yet I never saw my father on a one on one encounter deny help to someone who asked for it and appeared to need it. No doubt being a not degreed, white Republican would get his attention more than others.
I have always been a flaming liberal. A Christian. A Democrat. And I have three degrees. My father loved me as a child but never congratulated me in any way for any of my degrees. He took every opportunity to at time intensely try to get me to give up college.
So all the things people say about me along these lines simply does not impact on me. I just think their mindsets are sad and unfortunate.
Einstein is just a homo sapien. Later in life, he mellowed. But when his race and religion, Jewish, was allowed to be exterminated by the White German race he attacked Whites.
TRUMPEE ZERO fully understands racism. And he exploits it at every chance. He exploited in to become President. But I must always remind everyone that he is the MINORITY president made so by the corruption of American Democracy the Electoral College. The Majority of Americans reject the fascist mindset of TRUMPEE ZERO. And that is why there is hope for America.
Those Americans who voted for and support TRUMPEE ZERO are traitors to the foundational principles of democracy that has made America the premier nation of the world. But the genetics of being a homo sapien override the truth of American Democracy and even the ultra-liberal teaching of Jesus. When forced to make a decision the TRUMPITES fall back on WHITE IS RIGHT and apply it to the entire world.
In Houston, Texas, I not only had my father as a role model but virtually everyone in my community. I was saturated with racism everywhere I went. But I never adopted that mindset and never will.
The best and worst of homo sapiens cuts across all lines of race, religion, nationality and gender. No race, religion, nationality is exclusively evil or good. That is the lie of Nazi Germany. It is the lie of TRUMPEE ZERO.
I will never back up one inch and support the darkness of the human race that TRUMPEE ZERO represents in the majority of his personality traits. I acknowledge that even the most evil of people are capable of acts of kindness.
But the president of the United States must accept all races, all religions, all nationalities, and all genders as the head of a secular and democratic United States of America or he is a traitor to the United States and all it stands for.
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180613 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Traitor to American Democracy.


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Einstein's diaries contain shocking details of his racism
Newly translated into English, Albert Einstein's private travel diaries from the 1920s reveal that he was racist in his early life, especially towards Chinese people.


Friends, here is the core of the TRUMPEE ZERO Republican base.
Disgusting. Can you imagine living in this community?
Evangelical Christians take note. You own this guy through your support of TRUMPEE ZERO.
Don't discount this small community as a representative of what we have seen and heard from TRUMPEE ZERO since his campaign. It is an anti-American message. It is the MAGA message. The most obvious is the most hidden.
If I am a minority of one, the Truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180613 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The TRUMPEE ZERO riff-raff.


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Brothel owner and reality TV star Dennis Hof advances in Nevada election
Dennis Hof, who has billed himself as the “Trump from Pahrump,” won handily.


Friends, do not be concerned about these Red Neck KKK Republican fools who are winning primaries on the coattails of TRUMPEE ZERO. Remember Roy Moore!!!
First, I don't really see any statewide office going to these KKK Republican candidates. Ever again.
Second, never forget TRUMPEE ZERO is the MINORITY PRESIDENT. He is anti-American and the Russian candidate. Without the Electoral College skewing of one person one vote, TRUMPEE ZERO would still be assaulting women and clowning as the APPRENTICE.
And think about that show, THE APPRENTICE. That is what was elected by the minority of Americans as President of the USA. An APPRENTICE. A Trainee. A Neophyte. And if one thing the TRUMPEE ZERO Presidency has proven it is that TRUMPEE ZERO is an APPRENTICE. The Art of the Deal is NO DEAL. The Art of the Deal is freedom to break any deal. The Art of the deal Artist is a liar and enemy of American Democracy and every worthy ally the USA has had. He is an admirer of dictators.
Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus.
Enough of the Clown. Time to get back to the business of leading the world not attacking our friends in friendly nations and promoting isolationism in a Global Society of economics and social media. Isolationism brought America into WWI and WWII. Fascist elitism is the evil of contemporary democratic globalism. Globalism is all inclusive and democratic. Isolationism is Elitist and Exclusionary. Fascism has always ended with a crash. WorldPeace is about Globalism. How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all religions, all nationalities, all genders) in our vision of peace? An American (or any other nationalist politic) elitist exclusionary peace will never manifest WorldPeace!!! If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180613 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / KKK Republicans winning primaries.


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Virginia GOP Senate Nominee: Locking Up Hillary Clinton 'Might Just Happen'
Trump loyalist Corey Stewart won this week's primary to challenge Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), Clinton's 2016 running mate.


Hey friends, is this not great. It is a fantastic followup to the Kim Jong Un / TRUMPEE ZERO made for TV summit.
Michael Cohen is toast. No way he can afford the legal fees required to review 3.7 million documents. The whole concept is absurd. The lawyers are quitting for one and only one reason. They see there is "no money". There is no reason other than "no money" that drives lawyers off cases. And if Michael Cohen is required to have an appointed counsel, then Michael Cohen knows all he can allow that attorney to do is work out a plea. And here is the other reality in a case like this, the judge is not going to commit the funds to an appointed attorney which would go down as the biggest payout to an appointed attorney in the history of the USA. Having practiced law for 20 years, the reality is that appointed attorney are appointed to settle cases. Every criminal attorney knows this. Appointed attorneys are just for show. They work for the judge who approves their applications for government money. So guess who is calling the shots.
The whole criminal justice system is a charade. The judges and appointed attorneys run the show. The only way to fight that reality is to have a virtually unlimited pool of money. 1 in 100,000 indicted individuals have the assets necessary to buy the right attorneys. Most of the time ones associated with the judge before he was appointed or elected to the bench. So as with everything else in life, money talks. But that is a whole different story not meant for this commentary.
The word is that TRUMPEE ZERO treated Michael Cohen like a dog. Kicked him at every chance but did not kick him out.
It is good that this case is dragging on. It gives Michael Cohen time to reflect on the end of his life which can end in jail. The end of everything. Family. money. assets. power. prestige and fun. Will he commit suicide? Does he look like the type?
It is not going to make any difference to whatever case is there against TRUMPEE ZERO and family and others. Why? Because it is about the documents. It is about moving money and shady deals. It is about truth and lies. The prosecutors do not need Michael Cohen except to make things go faster. All they need is the documents which will lead to other documents and paper trails and other people who will be indicted.
There is really no way to imagine what a mother lode of information that was siezed can produce. It may take a decade or decades to track it all down. But virtually every document will lead to other documents and will name names. Covert and hidden owners of corporations. Think about 3.7 million documents and other evidence and each one referencing two people or a person and an entity owned by other persons.
And these documents will lead to all kinds of factually proven conspiracies between crooked people.
TRUMPEE ZERO is never going to be shed of investigations in this lifetime. Who cares if he stalls things because maybe he cannot be indicted until he is no longer president and has no pardoning power.
The whole TRUMPEE ZERO dog and pony show is just a house of cards. And like all houses of cards, it will collapse in time.
The two good things about this article are 1) It should end the blah blah blah about the TRUMPEE ZERO - ZERO SUMMIT. It is an article about a choke chain on a dog. The dog is kept in line by that chain. Go to Singapore and make a big production and the choke chain gets a huge jerk within days. 2) And this is even better. TRUMPEE ZERO will have to deal with the fallout of these documents for the rest of his life. These lawsuits will go on for decades. And the fat boy formally referred to as the one with the orange hair will never have the stink of these lawsuits off of him.
I have always said, that if TRUMPEE ZERO actually became president it would cost him everything. Think of Hitler. Think of Mussolini. When you float a nothing burger Circus, especially one anchored in lies and deceit and corruption and criminal acts, it is just a matter of time when the truth comes out. As Jesus said, "What is hidden, will be brought into the light."
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180612 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The end of Michael Cohen.


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Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen likely to cooperate as his attorneys leave case: Sources
Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s longtime confidant and former personal attorney, is likely to cooperate with federal investigators, as his lawyers are expected to leave the case, sources said. To date, Cohen has been represented by Stephen Ryan and Todd Harrison of the Washington and New.....


OK friends, several days have passed. And still everyone is scratching their heads trying to figure out what does it all mean.
All it means is that TRUMPEE ZERO reached out to Kim Jong Un after threatening to bomb North Korea back into the stone age.
Again I say, TRUMPEE ZERO is all show and no go. That means he likes the photo-op but has no patience to formulate a plan to move forward. No stated goals.
He broke the ice with Kim Jong Un. Great. He has stopped the joint South Korea and USA military exercise. Great.
What's next? Who knows?
As far as the Nobel Peace Prize we have to add the Palestinians to the mix. A few weeks ago, the Zionist were killing and maiming Palestinians faster than Hitler could throw Jews into the Nazi ovens.
In Israel, the TRUMPEE ZERO peace plan resulted in a lot of deaths with TRUMPEE ZERO beginning the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem. So the effect was negative. Very negative. Very NOT peaceful. Deadly.
What about North Korea. A communication line opened and a huge photo op. No one died. Nothing much on the agenda for the future.
The Democrats need to take virtually all the air out of the Summit. And hammer on the fact that it was just a Nothing Burger Photo Op. Standard TRUMPEE ZERO grandstanding.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180613 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The Nothing Burger Korean Summit.


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Lingering questions from the Trump-Kim summit
The summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un undeniably deserved the overused epithet "historic."


There was never any chance of a nuclear war. KIm Jong Un had no way to deliver nukes to the USA. TRUMPEE ZERO is just another Saddam Hussein and his mother of all wars hyperbole.
We did not know either of these guys 5 months ago. Now we know Kim Jong Un is really smart and fully aware of what is going on. TRUMPEE ZERO is huckster big mouth who has accomplished nothing but chaos since he took office.
TRUMPEE ZERO never has a follow-through plan. He comes on stage. Makes a big splash. Tweets and Twitters. And leaves others to follow through on a no plan - plan. And then he loves to tweak our Allies.
Myself and others have been saying it all along. More a year ago than now. TRUMPEE ZERO is about TV and ratings. Politics bores him. The world bores him. At the end of the day all that will be noticed of the TRUMPEE ZERO presidency was that the White House food budget went down when he left.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180612 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The end of the nuclear war BS.


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Opinion | Trump and Kim Have Just Walked Us Back From the Brink of War
Don’t scoff. The Singapore summit is a first step toward peace.


Well, friends, we have a typical nothing burger from TRUMPEE ZERO.
There is absolutely no doubt that the meeting between Kim Jong Un and TRUMPEE ZERO was a huge step forward. Nothing much can happen without communication.
But as per usual TRUMPEE ZERO is full of hyperbole and hype but nothing much accomplished. It would seem that there could be one tangible commitment signed off on at the end of the great summit. But there was nothing.
The best and easiest commitment would mean an ongoing communication between North Korea and America at the DMZ. All kinds of small steps could be accomplished in a build up to solving greater issues. But there was not even a commitment to meet again in the future.
One good thing is that there were no embarrassing moments: no slips of the tongue. There are as of yet no leaks of communications between TRUMPEE ZERO and Kim Jong Un.
So all in all for me just a Nothing Burger. A very significant line of communication has been opened. However, if there is no further communication, then what good is it. At the most, TRUMPEE ZERO will be off the playing field in 6 years but Kim Jong Un and Xi will be a local and global presence for many decades to come.
The way to infiltrate North Korea is with the ending of some sanctions no matter how small. A deal to sell agricultural products to Korea. But there is nothing.
There were no proposals for anything ongoing. No new tangible steps toward expanding on the great summit.
A great breakthrough in communication between America and North Korea was accomplished. A huge closed door to communication was opened. But no follow up agreed to. Which discounts the great breakthrough.
TRUMPEE ZERO will get a bump for the coming November elections. People can tout the great breakthrough that the TRUMPEE ZERO threats of nuclear annihilation accomplished but nothing more.
The Democrats do not have a plan in place to take over the House. They have no underlying campaign to take the House and clip TRUMPEE ZERO'S wings. The only one who always has a campaign of propaganda going is TRUMPEE ZERO. There is no substance to much of anything TRUMPEE ZERO says. But he looks busy.
The Democrats have no plan to get their share of the daily news in the coming months. They have no underlying campaign message to hammer the voters with over the next 5 months.
On the Korean Peninsula, the real progress is going to take place between North and South Korea and whatever significant progress is made will be made there. TRUMPEE ZERO will not be part of that. TRUMPEE ZERO is not going to rapidly ease sanctions and he is not going to quickly reduce the military drills with South Korea or even reduce the American troops in South Korea.
You also notice there are no big announcements from the House or Senate Republicans. Everyone is quiet. Why? Because there is nothing of substance to talk about.
I hope the Nobel Peace prize does not go to Kim and TRUMPEE ZERO for this meeting. It would be just like all the Nobel Peace prizes that have been awarded regarding Israel with not a single scrap of significant action to end the Palestinian Holocaust foisted on them by the Zionists for the last 70 years.
There is also no announcement from the UN about the future of North Korea.
Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Just a big nothing burger.
The fat men have met. The fat lady whoever that may be has not sung. Lots of Fanfare, no substantive commitment to a path forward..
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180612 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The great Kim Jong Un / TRUMPEE ZERO summit.


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Singapore summit: How Trump-Kim ties could transform Asia
With a handshake, the leaders of the United States and North Korea broke through decades of antagonism, signaling a willingness to stake their reputations on forging a new relationship between the two nations.


Who knows what is going to come of this summit.
All we know is that TRUMPEE ZERO is an arrogant, volatile, ignorant, ego centric liar who views himself as the undesignated Emperor of the world.
We know the Chinese and Kim Jong Un have a well thought out agenda and game plan and TRUMPEE ZERO will be flying by the seat of his pants telling whatever lies he needs to tell to support his fantasy world.
And we know one absolute fact, that TRUMPEE ZERO will break a deal on a moments notice. Nothing he agrees to can be relied upon.
I predict the summit will end in the typical TRUMPEE ZERO chaos with an "I am the Greatest" spin regardless of the real outcome of this meeting.
Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus.
Be prepared for anything. The Art of the deal is really the deal of a Clown President. But TRUMPEE ZERO is not a Funny Clown.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180611 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The summit.


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Trump and Kim Jong Un to kick off U.S.-North Korea summit with 1-on-1 meeting
2 leaders will meet with nobody apart from their translators before inviting their teams of aids and advisers into the room


This photo will be one of the defining images of the TRUMPEE ZERO presidency.
I am amazed at Abe with the same posture as TRUMPEE ZERO. He has been bought. Bolton as TRUMPEE ZERO'S right-hand man is crazy. Bolton is as crazy as an outhouse rat. He is a poster child for all White Racist Isolationist idiots.
Bolton is the guy I would like to meet in a one on one street fight and stomp him out of commission. Of course, I cannot do that being Dr John WorldPeace JD and all. But maybe he will put on the gloves and get in the ring with me until I knock him out.
Yes boxing is the ticket.
I would like to see Merkel in the ring with the yellow belly draft dodger a/k/a TRUMPEE ZERO. And if he tried to throw in the towel because he has limp wrists or something, I would like to see Merkel kick his teeth in before letting the fight end.
Two TRAITORS; Bolton and TRUMPEE ZERO. There is the reality.
What is funny is that TRUMPEE ZERO let Merkel stand over him while he sits. I did not realize his gut is getting so big he can hardly cross his arms anymore. Someone told him there would be some Big Macs at that table is how he came to be sitting there. ROTFLMAO
Also, notice that TRUMPEE ZERO has begun to wear Red and Blue ties. I think he is going to run as the candidate of both parties in 2020.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180611 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The belligerent TRUMPEE ZERO Merkel photo.


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Body language: Photo of Merkel, Trump captures G-7 tensions
One photo is telling it all about tensions at the G-7 summit.


The Democratic Party like the Republican Party is ruthless. I went head to head with the Texas Democratic party in 2002 when I ran for governor. They illegally took my law license, I was finished practicing law anyway, and they illegally put me in jail for a year. But everything I said during my campaign came true. Texas went Republican in 2002 and will never go back to being Democratic. Texas was always Republican but was controlled by the Democrats due to Reconstruction after the Civil War. The Republican Party was the Black party, so Texas was Democratic. Until the Democratic fiasco in 2002.
Bernie will have to become a Democrat. He cannot win no matter what. The Democratic Party needs a Bernie Sanders but if he wants to run, he will have to declare himself a Democrat.
Bernie is old school politics. The Democrats need a Democratic TRUMP rebel but not an idiot traitor like TRUMPEE ZERO.
There is only one person who can go head to head with TRUMPEE ZERO on his terms and that is me, Dr John WorldPeace JD.
I know how to deal with the Democrats. For now, there is nothing I can do but continue to attack TRUMPEE ZERO. No democrat is creating a record of criticizing TRUMPEE ZERO like I have been for 18 months. They are going to have to answer for that in the 2020 campaign.
There is no way to know right now how the political landscape will look after the November 2018 elections. So there is no way to formulate a platform and campaign plan of attack. All that can be done now is to going at TRUMPEE ZERO day to day for his insane acts as Clown President.
Stay tuned.
The Democrats are screw-ups in many ways. They need Bernie to jazz up the race but they need him as a Democrat. He cannot waste energy and money trying to fight the Democrats in court. He will lose. No avowed Republican can run in the Democratic Primaries so it is an easy step to disallow avowed independents.
Become a Democrat Bernie or retire and go home. You could not outmaneuver Hillary you have no chance against TRUMPEE ZERO.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180611 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Democrats forcing Bernie to become a Democrat


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A new rule adopted by the DNC may block Bernie Sanders from running as a Democrat in 2020
The Democratic National Committee adopted a rule that may block Bernie Sanders from seeking the Democratic Party's nomination in the 2020 presidential election.


The American political system of two parties is broken. We have hatred across the isle. We have Democrats without a real plan of action and where there is a plan of action there is no one who can step out of the control of the Democratic party with a TRUMPEE ZERO attitude to fight TRUMPEE ZERO. All the Democrats are sell outs.
The Republicans are traitors to allow TRUMPEE ZERO to daily tear down American Democracy. It is not possible to have a more ignorant, arrogant, ego centric AH as president. It is not possible to have a more traitorous president to American values. No Republican will cross TRUMPEE ZERO.
The Democrats may be sell outs but they are not traitors.
I hope these actors will take their star power and come together and run some ads to castrate TRUMPEE ZERO. We have a beginning. We will see what the next 5 months bring.
They are talking the talk but will they walk the walk to November?
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180611 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The actors speak out.


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Tony Awards 2018: ‘Harry Potter,’ ‘The Band’s Visit’ Win Big in Politically Charged Show
“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two” nabbed best play and “The Band’s Visit” was recognized as the best musical in an emotional Tony Awards that mixe…


I have said Brexit would be a disaster for Britain. Nothing has worked out the way the isolationists thought it would. The only hope is that they reverse course, apologize to the EU for the chaos, even though all nations will learn a lesson from Brexit; The economic global world order cannot be ignored. There is no survival for isolationist mindsets.
TRUMPEE ZERO is burning every bridge he can because he thinks he has the power to turn back the clock to 1945. He can't.
What is coming if the Democrats do not prevail in the November 2018 elections, is that TRUMPEE ZERO will succeed in making America a second class nation to China by the end of 2020. Of that I am absolutely certain.
Once China takes over the world's economic leadership they will never be dispossessed. The Chinese are a 3000 year old civilization. As Bill Clinton said, "It is the economy STUPID." So goes the global economy, so goes the global politics.
It took Britain 100 years to come to nothing compared to where it was. It now seems to me that within 4 years America by way of TRUMPEE ZERO can set the United States on a fast track to subordination. What TRUMPEE ZERO is doing to America's allies in the name of arrogance and belligerence is going to have a very long negative shadow.
We are headed to a place where no nation will be able to trust the United States to honor even the most basic agreement. And there will be hell to pay by the United States for the administration of TRUMPEE ZERO and the chaos it has and continues to create in the world.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180611 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The late great Britain and Brexit.


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Brexit is even messier than critics expected. So what happens now?
With only months to go until Britain leaves the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May faces a showdown with critics in parliament on Tuesday.


What is that saying? "Everything I know I learned in kindergarten."
TRUMPEE ZERO: the goofball president of the United States.
TRUMPEE ZERO says whatever enters his empty brain pan. Never apologizes. Never explains on the spot; just moves on to some other irrelevant nonsensical proclamation.
Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180607 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Canada our enemy since the War of 1812 proclamation.


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Trump baffles with White House fire remark
"Didn't you guys burn down the White House?", he reportedly asked Canada's leader (they didn't).


Freinds you should read this article about the talk about turning America into a dictatorship with TRUMPEE ZERO at the top.
Never has there been such talk. NEVER. I said from day one that TRUMPEE ZERO wanted to be Hitler. We have actually come to a day when the Conservative Republicans are chatting up an American Dictatorship without saying dictatorship.
There is no way that the president is above the law. There are powers given to the president for the purpose of checks and balances within the government. There are powers for the president to conduct foreign policy. There are laws to keep the president out of court battles while he or she is a sitting president.
But to kill someone in the Oval office. No. To sell public land and put the money in the president's bank account. No. To rape women. No. To gas the entire House and Senate. No.
This reality TV that TRUMPEE ZERO has foisted on America and the world is unbelievable but it is happening.
I said TRUMPEE ZERO was crazy from day one. I said he was a would be dictator. I said like Hitler he was legally elected Head of State. I saw the country was in deep trouble.
Here we are 16 months into the TRUMPEE ZERO presidency and we have total chaos and insanity.
What we are really hearing are arguments that have some validity as to the unthought of powers of the president. NO ONE ever thought we would actually have a president who hated America. One who would attack our allies and support Russia.
You have to consider at this point that TRUMPEE ZERO is not just a Show Biz Clown. He is really a danger to American Democracy.
We have to see that the ultraright conservatives have high jacked the government. We have proof that ultra-right conservatives are a threat to American Democracy. We have to understand that these ultra-conservative people are the New Fascist.
And we have to acknowledge what happens to all fascist governments. As in Nazi Germany.
We have a crazy man in the White House and he is supported by Right Wing Fascist Conservative Republicans.
I am wondering if we are going to make it to the November elections.
The whole world has to be wondering how is the premier nation in the world so vulnerable.
What you are seeing is how a nation can lose its mind. What you are seeing is how the Nazis took over Germany. I have wondered and studied this my whole life. And the answer is mass manipulation of a society prepared to mad.
America is in crisis. Christianity is in crisis. The world is on the threshold of crisis.
We cannot allow TRUMPEE ZERO to continue on for the full term of his presidency. America would be in shambles. Know that America's enemies are being shown how to take down America.
AND DO NOT FORGET that I, Dr John WorldPeace JD, is the only Patriot who has attacked this traitorous creature TRUMPEE ZERO totally and absolutely without rest for 18 months.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180604 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / TRUMPEE ZERO can pardon himself.


About this website
Opinion | What GOP cowering has gotten us: Talk of self-pardon and absolute power
When did Republicans become cheerleaders for an imperial president?


Friends let me give you the bottom line on TRUMPEE ZERO and Mueller.
Can a person commit murder? Yes. Can he get away with it? Probably not.
Can TRUMPEE ZERO fire Mueller? Yes. Can he get away with it, probably not.
If TRUMPEE ZERO fires Mueller then a couple of things will happen.
1) A lot of what Mueller has going on is going to the State Courts over which TRUMPEE ZERO has no control. Committing certain types of murder has joint jurisdiction, Federal and State.
2) The lawyers have no idea the direction Mueller is going. The courts cannot demand that Mueller tell the courts. So until Mueller lays out his case, no one is going to successfully shut him down.
3) If TRUMPEE ZERO shuts down Mueller, there will be an immediate case filed in Federal Court to decide if TRUMPEE ZERO can shut down Mueller. Will the court put a hold on Mueller's work, probably not. So as the question of if Mueller can be fired or hampered by TRUMPEE ZERO will go on in the court and Mueller will keep working.
After the lower court rules, then the case moves to the Federal Appeals court and after it is processed there it will go to the Supreme Court.
Why? Because that is the way the law is going to work with regards to legal questions that have never been considered by the Supreme Court. It will be classified as a case of first impression.
That is why there will be a constitutional crisis. It will be TRUMPEE ZERO vs. the Justice Department. The case TRUMPEE ZERO'S lawyers are making is that the office of President is a dictatorship and TRUMPEE ZERO can do whatever he wants.
Even the dumbest America gets that part.
4) If this matter goes to court, it will just cook for maybe decades. It will definitely not be resolved before 2020. Probably TRUMPEE ZERO will die of natural causes before this matter gets fully adjudicated. If TRUMPEE ZERO dies the question is whether the case can go on as a case against the office of president or whether it is a case against TRUMPEE ZERO. If it was just against TRUMPEE ZERO then the case would end when TRUMPEE ZERO dies. But it is unlikely that the case would be terminated because TRUMPEE ZERO dies.
5) Bottom line here is that TRUMPEE ZERO'S stupid lawyers are making up a hypothetical case and trying to give their opinion of how things would go in their hypothetical case. The courts cannot decide hypothetical cases. So every opinion of the lawyers is just urine in the wind.
Until Mueller shows his hand, nothing is going to be resolved. Or until TRUMPEE ZERO does something against Mueller or the Investigation, nothing is going to be resolved. THE COURTS CAN ONLY DEAL WITH A REAL SET OF EVENTS AND FACTS.
6) Mueller is operating under his mandate. His position may or may not be for or against TRUMPEE ZERO. Until that is known, probably nothing is going to happen. And when it is known, expect a couple of decades before final resolution.
7) TRUMPEE ZERO in the meantime is screwed. As long as he is in office, even 8 years, he is never going to get this off his back. And even after he leaves office this will still be on this back until there is a resolution by the Supreme Court. Or the House and Senate could step in on some things and just make a law and make it retroactive. But that law would also have to go through the courts. When you jack with the balance of power between the courts, congress and the presidency, then you can expect a resolution in the Supreme Court far down the road.
8) And remember this from the last few weeks. The Senate has lined up against TRUMPEE ZERO with regards to shutting down Mueller or the investigation. TRUMPEE ZERO is not going to shut down Mueller without throwing a refinery of gasoline on his presidency with regards to chaos.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180602 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The power of TRUMPEE ZERO over Mueller.


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NYT: Trump lawyers sent Mueller letter arguing President can't obstruct Russia probe
President Donald Trump's lawyers argued in a confidential January letter to special counsel Robert Mueller that the President cannot illegally obstruct the Russia probe because he, as the top law enforcement officer, has authority over all federal investigations, The New York Times reported Saturday...


Friends, I have been telling you that Kim Jong Un was going to make TRUMPEE ZERO look stupid every since the N Korea / USA summit came up (And TRUMPEE ZERO was proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize. ROTFLMAO.)
Without threats and tweets and canceling the North Korean / USA summit, Kim Jong-Un had a meeting with Lavrov without any fanfare.
Anyone who does not see TRUMPEE ZERO as an inept bungler and stooge on the International scene is brain-dead.
The EU, Russia and China are working with Iran against the Ego centric Clown who is TRUMPEE ZERO.
Now we have Russia joining China to water down any hard bargaining the Isolationist King of the World chatters about N Korea. From the Bungler in Chief who is TRUMPEE ZERO we have more humiliation for America from the major powers of the world of nations.
Foolish people in America want to be isolationist and Russia and China and the EU are making that plan of action come true.
The USA is being marginalized by the major powers in the world. America is being isolated. Why? Because we have a Clown President who loves tweeting and eating Big Macs above all else.
And oh yes, Israel had a conversation with Putin about backing Iran away from the Syrian Israeli border.
Everyone who voted for and continues to support TRUMPEE ZERO and his traitorous American policies under the guise of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World has reduced the status of America in the world by 50% in 16 short months.
And now TRUMPEE ZERO has put tariff sanctions on our allies greater than the sanctions on China.
I have been screaming for going on 20 months that TRUMPEE ZERO is destroying America internally and on the International scene as fast as he can. ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS HEADLINES. Nothing else.
America cannot survive 30 more months of TRUMPEE ZERO. He has to be sent a message by Americans giving the Senate and House majorities to the Democrats in November so he can be Impeached and Indicted early next year.
TRUMPEE ZERO is an enemy of the state and a traitor to America of the first magnitude.
The Russians and Chinese and the EU have wanted to reduce the status and influence of America since WWII. And the far right Republican conservatives served up TRUMPEE ZERO, an American reality TV clown, as the fulfillment of that dream of dreams.
What do you think about your Blue Eyed boy now America?
Stupid is as stupid does. It is time to purge the Stupid from the White House.
I am running for president in 2020. I am the only one with a record of fighting the Clown president. I am his nemesis because he is a traitor to everything American. The question my opponents in the 2020 election will have to answer is: Where is their record of speaking out against the decline of America as I have. Where is their on the record challenge to TRUMPEE ZERO.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180601 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Lavrov meets with Kim Jong Un.


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Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov meets Kim Jong-un
Lavrov-Kim meeting in Pyongyang is the first time the Korean leader met a top Russian official.