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This Websie was created on November 21, 2016, by Dr John WorldPeace JD for the purpose of IMPEACHING DONALD TRUMP from the office of President of the United States in the event the does not resign while serving as President Elect prior to being sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2016.

President Obama has said, he will work against all the unAmerican policies and programs that Donald Trump attempts to delete, thwart or enact. President Obama is with me and the majority of American voters who by a margin of over ONE MILLION votes rejected Donald Trump as President of the United States and his Alt-Right, Isolationist, Racist agenda. Donald Trump does not have a mandate from the Americans who voted on November 8, 2016: Hillary Clinton does. Donald Trump is in office due to the unAmerican Electoral College that should have been repealed over a hundred years ago. In America, the majority rules. The Electoral College is a manipulation of the vote that allows the installation of a President who was not elected by the majority of voting Americans. This is clearly contrary to American Democracy and is a dark if not evil defect in American Law.

I am against virtually everthing that Donald Trump represents from the unlimited accumulation of wealth, a refusal to be charitable to relieve the suffering in the world and to promote uplifting programs, his racism, his focusing on Muslims as secondary citizens, his isolationism in the non-stoppable growing Globalism, his constant lies, his arrogance with regards to just about every one and every country in the world. His refusal to show his income taxes so that Americans can clearly see his bias toward his Empire and potentally contrary to American interests both local and globally. And much more that you can read about below.

My main website is I am an advocate for peace and WorldPeace (world peace needs to be written as one word so it is viewed as one thing, not two) but I am not a pacifist. I am not against everything Donald Trump is for. You will see that below.

I have degrees in Political Science, Accounting and Law from the University of Houston. I am a U S Army Veteran. I have been officially self-employed as a web designer since October 2003. I have pursued my art for over 5 years, Poetry for over 46 years, religious writing on all the major religions with more emphasis on Christianity all my life. I am a spiritual Christian not a religious one; meaning I attend church regularly but I am a member of no church. In fact, I am not a member of anything organization. I consider all membership as creating an Us v. Them mentality which is an impediment to WorldPeace. We must see each other first as human beings.

My signature statement is "How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all religions, all races, all nationalities, all gender designations and especially the equality of women) if we do not include everyone in our vision of peace? The answer is we cannot.

I do not have and will not ever set up a political (other than a political campaign) or religious organization. I do not solicit money. If you want to contribute to WorldPeace then buy my art, books, etc or employ me as a web designer and if you so desire pay me a bonus above what I charge. All money will go toward the advocacy of peace. I do not own a car or a home or more that $3000 in personal assets and not more than $1000 in business assets. The web design business is not one that requires more than a minimal investment in tangible assets. My business and my art and writings etc do have value no doubt but there has never been an evaluation of any of my creations.

I refuse to spend my life accumulating money for the sake of increasing my power and status in the world human society. My power and status comes from who I am and not what I own. My charity focus is primarily centered on creating jobs that allow people peace of mind and the ability to support their loved ones.

I have a significant web site at I probably live the most open life on the planet. Virtually nothing about me is hidden.

The foundation of peace in the world human society and the level of peace in the world human society is controlled by governments, the law and religions. All have reached their limit in significantly increasing the level of peace in the world. It is time for a break out.

I am qualified in politics with a political science degree and running for Governor of Texas in 2002 as a Democrat. I lost the primary in March 2002. I have studied politics all my life with a major interest in American Politics and much study regarding Nazi Germany looking for how sane people could be lead to insanity and undeniable evil.

I am qualified in the law with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree and 20 years of practicing law in Houston, Texas.

I am qualified to speak about all the major religions of the world because as you can see from I have extensively self studies in all the major religions. I have always been a Christian. I am not a born again Christian. I believe in the red letter words of Jesus in the Bible as a foundation for my personal relationship with God. All the rest is just commentary (much of it edited for political power and control). I believe Jesus was resurrected. Something no other human being has accomplished. Therefore I am a spiritual Christian.

However, that being said, the law of the human race must remain secular. A democracy must embrace all religions. A secular democracy is defective when it makes any pronouncement that any race, religion, nationality or gender of human beings should be considered secondary citizens simply by being a member of a certain classification of human beings.

I believe criminals should be brought to justice and if their crimes are heinous, they can be executed. But the law is so corrupt in every government the death penalty is usually reserved for those without power or money.

You cannot execute an infinite immortal soul. You can only terminate a finite mortal body. And all that is happening with capital punishment is the shortening of a life before its time. In fact, all human bodies die.

Again if you want to know what I believe, read all I have published on my website.

I am not adverse to running for President of the United States as a Democrat or 3d party if that is necessary in my mind to prevent Donald Trump from having a second term in 2020. Right now the will of the American majority was a rejection of Donald Trump as President of the United States. We need to focus on the interim elections in 2018 and make the House and Senate Democratic to throttle back Donald Trumps unAmerican activities.

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Commentary by By Dr John WorldPeace JD during the Presidental campaign of Donald Trump.


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Dr John WorldPeace JD Anti Trump Commentary September 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018


Well friends what we are seeing is a worst case example of a Hitler scenario of being properly elected but then corrupting every institution of democracy and turning Germany into a Fascist state with extremely negative consequences throughout Europe and the rest of the world. And in the end Doom and Gloom for Germany.
TRUMPEE ZERO has shown Americans the flaws and cracks in American Democracy. We are seeing that American Democracy is for sale and that the established wealth at the top 5% of American society owns the Republican party whose upper 5% are all corrupt.
I have been screaming warnings about TRUMPEE ZERO for two years and the few people who are listening have done nothing of significance. If the Democrats do not take the House in November, it is doubtful they will take the Senate. If that happens, TRUMPEE ZERO will have two more years to deconstruct American Democracy into another Fascist state on the same path and template as Germany. At the top of my Impeach Donald Trump website, listed below, you will see the Hitler template that TRUMPEE ZERO is using to deconstruct American Democracy.
What has caused this Kavanaugh crisis?
1) The primary core corruptor of American Democracy is the Electoral College. Without the Electoral College, TRUMPEE ZERO would not be president because he lost the election by 3 million votes. There is no way anyone can say that Hillary Clinton would have taken America to the level where it now operates under TRUMPEE ZERO. The demonizing of Hillary Clinton DID NOT stop her from getting the majority of votes. This is the only hope we have for the November elections, that there will be no Electoral College influence on the vote. TRUMPEE ZERO was elected by the Republicans focusing on the areas that could deliver the Electoral College through the misuse of Facebook and other social media databases by Cambridge Analytica. With the help of the Russians.
2) TRUMPEE ZERO was elected by the wealthy 5% of Americans, the Christian Evangelicals who backed TRUMPEE ZERO, a man who has undeniably laughed at and broken 8 of the Ten Commandments. The Christians are as corrupt as any other corporate entity on the planet. The Jewish religion had been corrupted to such a level that they crucified Jesus, an innocent man whose crime was to call attention to the fact that the Jewish bureaucracy was corrupt and had sold out God for money and power. I will note here that the Jews 40 years after the crucifixion of Jesus were removed from Jerusalem and Israel by the Romans, the Second Temple of Solomon was razed to the ground, in the 600's Israel was given to the Muslims as descendants of Ismael the first born son of Abraham through the prophet Mohammed, who then built the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount in place of Solomon's Temple (where they both stand today) and under Hitler 6 million plus Jews were exterminated like vermin by the Nazis. The Jews claim to be the Chosen of God but obviously, THEY ARE NOT. Further on this subject, Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, taught as a Jew, died as a Jew. After the crucifixion, the Jewish Christians through a 400 years struggle conquered Europe and became the dominant religion. Now in the world there are 2 billion Christian Jews, the progeny of Isaac, the second son of Abraham, and almost 2 billion Muslims the progeny of Ismael the first born of Abraham just as God promised to the mothers of Isaac and Ismael. The ancient Jewish religion now has about 30 million adherents. Further, to show the truth of God's plan, the Christian Jews established the United States of America, the most powerful nation in the world. The New Jerusalem. Yet starting with Harry Truman the Christian Jews have begun to abdicate their position as the Chosen People of God and building up the nation of Israel out of nothing and in obvious contradiction to the curse that God put on the Jewish bureaucrats (Zionists) when they crucified Jesus. The Evangelical Christians have through False preachers adopted the Book of Revelations which predicts the end times of the world and is a False Book because Jesus said no one knows about the end times but God, not even Jesus or the angels. Yet the Book of Revelation was written by John the Elder a disciple of John the Apostle on the isle of Patmos which had a drug-induced culture of prophecy. The third group of American supporters of TRUMPEE ZERO are the Americans without college educations and who are easily manipulated by the False news and advertising paid for by the 5% wealthy who own America. These 5% are for the most part corrupt individuals whose wealth comes from owning Wall Street and the controlling interest of stock in every American Corporation. These 5% have made war on the education system in America which has a high school dropout rate of about 10%. 33% percent of Americans obtain a Bachelor degree, 8% a Masters Degree and 3% a PhD or Professional Degree (Lawyers). Absolutely the higher education a person has, the more money he or she makes. I can find no statistics about what percentage of the top 5% in wealth in America Society have higher education but you can bet it is very high. The top 5% fully understand that to stay in control of the wealth and power they have created they must educate their children. And they fully understand how to manipulate the 65% of Americans without a college education and therefore without the ability to understand how they are manipulated by the 5% and in essence turned into economic slaves with no significant assets at retirement compared to the 5%. The fourth area of manipulation is the worldwide subordination of women as second-class citizens. This is accomplished by making sure the White Males run all the major institutions and the Christian Churches most especially the Catholic Church which is the greatest subordinator of women on the planet followed up by Islam and Judism in Western society. And here is the craziness of it. The first thing little girls learn in the Christian and Jewish religions is that God proclaimed that women, because of Eve were condemned to be subordinate to their husbands forever. Friends, had I had been born a female and told this starting at the age of about 3, I can assure you I would have found a way to distance myself from religion. In the Book of Hebrews 8:10-12 in the Christian Bible God says that he has written his laws on the hearts and minds of all human beings and there is no need for anyone to teach anyone else. I, Dr John WorldPeace JD, am a spiritual follower of Jesus but I am not a card carrying member of any Christian bureaucratic corporation of men and never will be. But I do attend church every Sunday. The Christian Churches are every bit as corrupt as are all governments and all courts of law because they are entities controlled by men, mostly White Men.
These are the reasons that we have a corrupt, moron, idiot, anti-Christian President who is determined to destroy America for the sake of more money and more power to the detriment of 85% of the American voters.
Based on the above, the 5% will always fund and vote for the politicians (who by the way the majority of which are lawyers) who will do their will and who are committed to the preservation of the money and power of the 5%. Providing free college education will significantly reduce the inability of those without a college education to clearly understand how all government, churches, and courts actually work, and clearly understand why it is so difficult for those without education to rise much above economic existence as opposed to economic wealth. Further once the lies promoted by the church bureaucrats is understood by the rank and file Christians (The primary understanding of all church bureaucrats: when the preservation of the church bureaucracy is in conflict with the teaching of the religious founders, Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, then the message and truth of the founder is skewed to preserve the bureaucracy.) then they will be free to vote such that they will be free of their manipulation by the 5% and their economic enslavement.
Based on the above which no one can deny because it is the truth of modern day capitalism and its tool of control, skewed American Democracy, if you carve out the False Christian beliefs and give free education, and free women to understand that God had not dictated them as second class citizens (The ancient Judaism subordinates women, the teaching of Jesus elevates women to equal status.) then you have the 85% controlling the 5% and not vice versa because of the one person one vote foundational rule of Democracy.
For power and control the 5% have manipulated through false news to the non college graduates (the primary corruptor being Fox News) and corrupt Christian preachers and the Pope, supporting the top 5%, as they have in every government where the majority of citizens are Christians, and through religion that subordinates all women to second-class citizenship and status in American society. So it really is easy to see how if you educate the whole population and recognize the manipulation of the Religious bureaucrats in the name of God, we can terminate TRUMPEE ZERO and all who would follow in his path.
Two more things. 1) Jesus was crucified because he never quit attacking the Jewish religious bureaucrats. You cannot find anything in the Bible where Jesus had anything positive to say about these men. And friends everything he said about the ancient Jewish bureaucracy is absolutely true about the contemporary Christian bureaucrats and all other major religions in the world. The resolution is to take Christianity, remove everything but the Red Letter words of Jesus and become a spiritual Christian and you will be free of the corrupt male religious bureaucrats and their manipulation for the 5%. 2) There is an undeniable cadre of White Males who run just about everything in American Democracy and society. Make half of all governing bodies in Politics, the courts of Law, and in religious bureaucracies, women, then true Democracy will prevail. Women must take their equal position in ALL aspects of all of American society for the innate predatory nature of the White Males and Males in general can be neutralized.
If you want to increase the level of peace in the world human society, the above template will get us all there.
And one last thing about the False Book of Revelation. It is the same scenario the Jews believed 2000 years ago. Jesus coming out of the sky with an Army of Angels to get rid of the Romans. God HAS NEVER WORKED global magic along these lines. God plan is always to send one man with a new message that would germinate in the world human society. There can be no Second Coming because Jesus never left, but the corrupt part of Christianity and its rebirth will not come under the template of the False Book of Revelation but again of one man sowing the truth of spirituality and Democracy.
As it stands now there are only three Republican Senators who can stop American Democracy from descending to the next level of corruption under Donald Trump by killing the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Courtney Schwab:
Senator Flake, Senator Collins and Senator Murkowski
Dr. John WorldPeace JD / The Kavanaugh FBI investigation
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About this website
Democrats Denounce Limits on F.B.I.’s Kavanaugh Inquiry as a ‘Farce’

Even Democratic senators who knew the investigation would be limited expressed disappointment as investigators planned to interview only four witnesses, at least initially.

Friends we may have received a huge break against Kavanaugh by his own calendar.
Per this article, on July 1, 1982, there is an entry that Kavanaugh was at a gathering with Mark Judge and PJ Smith, who Dr. Ford identified as being present at the party, In addition, there was a guy there named Tim Gaudette there. His mother owns a house 11 miles from the country club.
Now all that is necessary is for the FBI to go into that house and if there is a narrow stairway, small bathroom and bedroom at the top, bring in Dr. Ford to verify that is the house, then Kavanaugh is finished.
The FBI are no fools. Kavanaugh knows that. That is why he did not ask for an investigation by the FBI to clear him.
I will say this, I think Kavanaugh is the highest of high stakes poker players if all this true. And he makes him the most rotten of all rotten Republicans running Washington DC.
This whole thing may be over Monday. Once Kavanaugh and Trump are told that this is the house, the House of Cards, comes tumbling down and it will go a long way to giving the Senate to the Republicans in 4.5 weeks as well as the House.
If this is true, Kavanaugh's life will be over, and I think he may just commit suicide. I hope not because then there will be all these insane conspiracy theories that Trump loves so much.
Dr. John WorldPeace JD / The Kavanaugh FBI investigation
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Kavanaugh 1982 calendar entry could be examined in FBI investigation

The 1982 calendar that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee could be scrutinized by the FBI during its investigation into sexual assault allegations against him.

Friends, Flake is a flake
This Republican double-speak of there is no evidence against Kavanaugh and at the same time refusing to have an FBI report is an obvious lie that only the stupid ignorant TRUMPEE ZERO voters take in.
TRUMPEE ZERO has screwed everyone who voted for him but the rich.
Here is the problem that NO ONE has mentioned.
You put Kavanaugh on the bench, without looking at the FBI evidence, and then Kavanaugh has received a loud and clear message that evidence does not matter. So he can lead the rest of the court to ignore any inconvenient evidence and rule any way they want.
And Kavanaugh knows he owes the Republicans for putting him on the bench so the Supreme Court becomes politicized.
That is the beginning of the end of American Democracy.
Ignore Evidence and Politically skewed judges.
There is also the larger issue.
Remember Clarence Thomas. Remember Bill Clinton. Remember Brett Kavanaugh.
All trashed the pain and suffering of women who have been abused and used by these sexual predators.
I am going to repeat my number one Mantra. Without the Electoral College which allows the majority vote to be skewed, there would be no minority President.
If we get rid of the Electoral College and elect the President on the raw majority vote then the TRUMPEE ZERO chaos will not reoccur.
AND FURTHER, there are more people in the lower 85% of the social pyramid than at the top 15%. This means that the only way the Republican rich stay in power and get richer is by lying to the stupid and ignorant in the bottom 85% of the social pyramid.
The corruption of the rich Republicans is grounded in the manipulation of the stupid and ignorant.
The other huge faction of the Republican corruption is the Evangelical Christians. I am in the process of carving them out of the Republican party and move them to the Democratic Party. It will take a few years.
With the stupid and ignorant waking up to their being manipulated by the Republicans and the Christians not voting for a dark soul like TRUMPEE ZERO, the Republicans will be muzzled and chained so that they can make money but they will send money back down to the people who spend their money to make them rich. If Walmart has no customers, then it goes broke. If people buy from Walmart, then some of those profits come back down for government programs for those on the bottom who are sending money to the top.
These are not hard concepts. But the Republicans know they must undermine education and they must mind control the stupid and ignorant to stay in power. They must also make economic slaves out of those in the bottom 85% of the social pyramid to get richer.
Lastly, it will be proven shortly that Dianne Feinstein did not leak the Dr. Ford letter. It was one of her friends. But the Republicans hammered the Democrats as corruptors by blaming Feinstein for intentionally delaying the investigation of Kavanaugh which was a lie.
The Republicans operate on the proven trick of repeating lies over and over and over and over until the stupid and ignorant take it in as truth.
America and the world are headed down a path of destruction at this time. American Democracy is under attack by the Republicans. The majority of voters are Democrats. The Democrats must take back the House and Senate and Marginalize the Republicans from now on. The vote in November is critical.
The Democratic rallying cry must become REMEMBER KAVANAUGH.
Any Ameican female that votes Republican from this day forward is brain dead.
American Democracy needs to race toward female parity in the House and Senate. When that happens American Democracy will be safe.
Dr. John WorldPeace JD / The coming Kavanaugh vote..
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Democrats Protest As Republicans Likely Lock Up Kavanaugh Committee Approval

Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake says he'll support Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination, making his confirmation much more likely.
Friends this video is about my personal objectives in this life and my commitment to increasing the level of peace in the World Human Society. I am an Advocate for Peace and WorldPeace but not a Pacificist. I am a follower of Jesus but not a member of any church. Jesus and God are about spirituality and the church is a corporate man created entity. I believe in Jesus but not the church.
I changed my name in April 1988, just before I turned 40, 30 years ago, as a commitment to increasing the level of peace and WorldPeace in the world human society.
There are three entities that responsible for maintaining the level of peace in the world human society. Religion, Politics and the Law.
I was born into a Christian family and came into this life with Jesus and God. I am not a born-again Christian. I have written books on Christianity. As a child I went to church and Sunday school 48 Sundays a year and now at 70 I go to church 45 times a year.
In addition, I have rewritten and reinterpreted all the foundational sacred texts of all the major religions, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucius and so on. I have self-studied all the major religions and feel I have a PhD equivalent in the area of global religions.
So I have the practical day to day experience of religion and I have the education, theory etc about religion.
I have a Political Science Degree and I have run for governor of Texas in 2002. So again, I have the experience and the formal education. I am running for President of the USA, 2020.
I have a Doctor of Jurisprudence (Law) degree and I practiced law for 20 years.
So in the areas of the world human society charged with maintaining the level of peace, Religion, Politics and the Law, I have the education and experience to speak to the issues related to these three entities.
I believe in capitalism and not socialism or communism. But I am not a pure Capitalist because I believe in Welfare. I am not a libtard liberal because I believe in the 2nd Amendment. Citizens need to be armed for the preservation and maintenance of democracy.
I do not believe that a person can go to Church on Sunday and be a Christian for a few hours and then Lie, Commit Adultery, worship money, steal and so on during the week.
We must merge and make a coherent connection between our Religion and Politics and the Law.
On my main website, there are 8,000 pages about the above issues and more being added every day.
This video is to give you a greater understanding of who I am and what I represent. There will be many more videos to come.
Dr. John WorldPeace JD / The Kavanaugh hearing.

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Kavanaugh is finished !
Friends, I watched the entire Kavanaugh hearing today. I was glad that weeks of waiting and tension between the Republicans and Democrats bled off a lot of energy today.
Bottom line: Kavanaugh is finished. Trump will withdraw his nomination.
The most interesting thing to me is the hatred that the Republicans have for Dianne Feinstein. At the end of the hearing she said she did not leak Dr. Ford’s letter. John Cornyn a corrupt Republican right in there with Lindsay Graham, John McConnell and of course Donald Trump. I know John Cornyn from Texas politics when I was running for Governor in 2002. I saw him at various political events on the campaign trail. Shook his slimy hand once.
When Feinstein said she did not leak Dr. Ford’s letter, Cornyn asked if it was her staff. She said no. Cornyn said why don’t you ask them. Feinstein replied she just did because her staff was sitting behind her. Cornyn shut up. It seems that one of Dr. Ford’s friends took it upon his or herself to leak the letter to the media.
Feinstein honored Dr. Ford’s request and probably would not have leaked it without Dr. Ford’s permission.
The problem here is the vicious attacks by the Republican Senators against Feinstein and contempt Kavanaugh has for Feinstein and all the rest of the Democratic Senators; Kavanaugh craziness. The Republican Senators had significantly demeaned Dr. Ford and also attacked Senator Feinstein. Both women. Women watching the hearing saw first hand the contempt the Republican males have for women. It is going to cost them severely in November.
Dr. Ford was very credible. A fragile woman some of that fragility was due to Kavanaugh sexually assaulting her 36 years ago. She was open, agreed to have the FBI investigate her. Totally compliant. Certainly, the evidence she gave proved she was not a paid for Democratic assassin as she has been portrayed by the Senators.
Kavanaugh got my attention with his opening statement. I was impressed with his presentation and his incredible Resume’.
That being said, his contempt and open disrespect for the Democratic Senators showed his true political nature and really proved he cannot be an impartial Supreme Court judge. He is going to rule for the Republican agenda every time.
Kavanaugh does not have the right stuff to be a Supreme Court judge.
Kavanaugh wiped out his impressive opening with his belligerence in the Question and Answer part of the hearing. All I could think about is “this guy in a drunken stupor would be impossible to deal with”.
I thought it was interesting that in his responses to the Senators he thinks everyone is a heavy drinker. It seems that almost all of his friends are significant drinkers. I am not a drinker. In 70 years I may have imbibed one keg of beer and 10 bottles of whiskey, 1/3 of that as a cold remedy with lemons and honey. I have a negative attitude about alcohol. Kavanaugh all but admitted that he loves his beer.
Kavanaugh kept repeating his same answers which were in line with some 
non-lawyer like Donald Trump would say. As a judge, he would never allow a trial to go forward by denying 80% of the witnesses an opportunity to testify. He tried to say 4 letters were adequate evidence of his innocence. In court, one side presents evidence and the other side gets to attack it. Letters are not evidence when witnesses are available and can be examined and cross-examined.
Kavanaugh was asked by 5 of the 9 Democratic Senators if he would ask Trump to direct the FBI to reopen the investigation. He refused to answer the question. Absolutely refused to answer the question. Unlike Dr. Ford who welcomed an investigation, Kavanaugh loudly and belligerently asserted his innocence and refused to ask Trump or even Grassley to turn his three accusers and related witnesses over to the FBI for further investigation.
I think that Kavanaugh believes that he has enough friends in high places, many of whom were his friends in school, would create a barrier around him and make him untouchable. He was wrong.
Trump does not like people around him that will make him look bad. That third accuser coming forward with an incredible testimony about Kavanaugh and Judge was the straw that broke Kavanaugh’s back. Trump seeing that Dr. Ford was very credible, turned the light on in Trump’s head that the other two accusers were going to be credible as well.
I think we will know tomorrow, if not by Trump tweet about 3AM in the morning, that he has withdrawn Kavanaugh’s nomination.
And within a month Kavanaugh will be out of the judge business and probably the law business as well. In short, he is going to lose everything. And based on what he did to Dr. Ford that is how it should be.
Kavanaugh cried about how his family had suffered for 10 days. No consideration of 36 years of suffering by Dr. Ford.

Dr. John WorldPeace JD / The Kavanaugh hearing.
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Friends, there does seem to be a growing determination among those who know things about Mr. Kavanaugh to be heard.
The Republicans are stupid if they think that all these witnesses are delusional and liars. They are stupid to think that others, probably many others are out there, who are on the verge of also coming forward to testify against Kavanaugh.
There is no way Kavanaugh is worth the potential cost to the Republicans that they will incur if they put Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. As it stands now, his presence on the court will create a stink that will be there as long as he is on the bench. It will demean all the judge on the Supreme Court.
What is going on here is fear among the Republicans. They see the Grim Reaper coming in the elections. Every day now a new witness steps up requesting to be heard. If all these people are crazy and liars then let the FBI do an investigation. But you see if what is being said about Kavanaugh is true, and I think only fools and TRUMPEE ZERO sycophants think Kavanaugh is innocent, the FBI is going to bring more negativity by way of more witnesses and victims and participants in the dark world of Mr. Kavanaugh and his friend Mr. Judge.
The Republicans are in a hole and still digging.
The Republicans can procedurally put Kavanaugh on the bench. But if they do, without hearing all the witnesses, then you can bet there are going to be books coming out and probably some state has some laws that will allow criminal prosecution of Mr. Kavanaugh. There is already an uproar among the students at Yale and Harvard of the stink that Kavanaugh has smeared all over those universities.
The Republicans need to face the fact if they force Kavanaugh on the bench without a credible investigation, this matter will have a very long shadow into the future. The Supreme Court will face endless protests when they are in session. The law will become a bigger joke and farce than it is. Every Federal Judge with take on the Kavanaugh stink.
American Democracy is in jeopardy. This is a simple matter. Just charge the FBI to do the investigation and let the chips fall where they may. Problem is that investigation will be a cancer and grow and will not be finished by the time the Democrats take over the House and Senate in January.
I say this often. TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president. Republicans are in the minority. Only the corruption of the Electoral College put TRUMPEE ZERO in office. There are more Democrats and revolting Republicans now and women who are going to throw the Republican bums out in November. Republicans are very mistaken in believing they are not going to have a revolt in their ranks over this.
TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president. The majority of Americans understood in November that TRUMPEE ZERO is a one man septic tank. There will be no Electoral College corruption in any of these November elections. The majority will rule.
Dr. John WorldPeace JD The Kavanaugh fiasco and corruption.
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Opinion | Mark Judge’s former girlfriend is ready to talk to FBI and Judiciary Committee, her lawyer says

This might increase pressure on Republicans to bring in Brett Kavanaugh's alleged accomplice.
This video is about establishing an Independent Coalition, not an independent party, for the purpose of breaking the deadlock in Washington.
After 240 years the American Democracy had become deadlocked and there needs to be a compromising force. An independent coalition that can keep the government functioning no matter which party is controlling the Senate or the House.
I am promoting the idea that the President always needs to be an independent. We have seen what happens when the House and Senate and President are of the same party, Democrat or Republican. What happens is deadlock and very hard lines drawn which choke off the government.
With an independent president, the number of deadlocks should be an exception not the rule.
One particular thing that needs to be addressed is the Electoral College. It needs to be abandoned, deleted from the presidential election. No other election in the United States has a corrupting force like the Electoral College. The president should be the one with the most votes. Without the Electoral College, we would not have a minority president and 80% of the problems we are having right now would not exist. The Democrats have a right to challenge Donald Trump because he is not the majority president.
As an independent candidate, I do not have to get in line with the Republicans or the Democrats. Both are just as corrupt as the other. They are the product of the American Democracy as it stands right now. And where it stands is non-functioning.
Not only am I not going to be controlled by Democrats or Republicans, I am not going to be controlled by PAC money or corporations. I am only going to accept money from individuals and not more that $2500 per individual.
I am not going to run a high finance campaign. With social media, web pages and such I dont need a lot of money to run an independent campaign. I have been building web sites since 1998 and I know how to get my name out to America and the world.
As an independent candidate, I can challenge Democratic and Republican candidates. Here is an example.
1) Any candidate who is not a vet is going to be hammered by me as being an American in name only. As president, I will bring back the Peace Corp as an alternative service for those who do not want to go into the military.
2) I go to church every Sunday. Any candidate who wants the Christian vote needs to go to church more than a few times during the campaign. I am a believer in Jesus not the church. Christians are members of a corporate church. I believe in Jesus not the church. The church is just another political party in my opinion. I came into this life with Jesus and God and have never lost the faith. I am not a born again Christian. the book of Hebrews says that God wrote his laws on our hearts and minds and no one needs to teach anyone. Just look inside.
3) I have a law degree and practiced law for almost 20 years. We can all see what happens when you have a non lawyer as president. Donald Trump is lost as president. He is ignorant of the most basic foundation of American law. And as a result we have chaos in the White House.
4) I was a member of Mensa and Intel which means my verified IQ is in the top 1%. Donald Trump is a low mentality human being. He says he is smart. If he is he should show us by taking the Mensa test. Any candidate who does not have a high IQ, top 2% required by Mensa is not competent to be president. We dont need another Dumb Ass president.
5) I have been posting 500 to 1500 word commentaries about day to day events related to Donald Trump for two years. If a candidate opposing me does not have that track record, they need to stay out of the race. I do not twitter because it is too frivolous. If you want to know what I have to say, go to or my timeline on Facebook.
Dr. John WorldPeace JD 

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Well friends, I said a week ago that there would be more women coming forward. Why? Because I am a 70 year old White Anglo Saxon male, with three degrees and a career of dealing with other White men like myself who owned businesses. I have degrees in political science, accounting and law. And I had my own businesses over the years in insurance, accounting, tax, law and web design. I was also a member of the Masonic Lodge and was in the Army 1970-72.
When you have a White guy with a drinking problem, one who really can't keep himself under control, incidents like dry humping women and trying to strip off their clothes and exposing himself, the now two incidents are probably in my mind an indication of a hundred other incidents in your school days.
You take a drunk, a tightly wound A student type under constant pressure to succeed, alcohol can let out the Werewolf. My bet at this point is that Kavanaugh has a significant reputation as a wild and crazy guy when he is on the juice (alcohol). Probably everyone knew if you got a few drinks in ole Brett, he was going to get crazy.
I never was a groupie because I had too much to do. I worked full time and went to college full time 9 of my 10 years in college. But rich guys like Kavanaugh have the freedom to get stupid when they come down from their studies.
In the Army, I was part of a squad and platoon and there was a bonding even in a short period of time where you protect your own. The Army teaches this indirectly because when you are headed for war, (when I was drafted and sent to Ft. Polk, La. they were sending 2000 guys to Vietnam and my job was infantry, the trained killers) that bonding is critical to a mini-pack of killers.
So I can fully understand all Kavanaugh's buddies enjoying his brand of entertainment when he was drunk and acting dumb when someone outside the group started asking questions.
These guys come from rich families and school ties open lots of doors at the top of the social and career pyramid.
I would say that Kavanaugh learned when he left school that he had to keep the drinking under control. I have little doubt there are incidents in his adult life where he got crazy with alcohol. But when you are in a powerful position with lots of powerful friends, people tend not to screw with you out of fear.
Another topic in the news is the pedophile priests. There is a code of silence that allows these creeps to function over decades no matter how much pain they cause in the name of Jesus.
At this point, Kavanaugh is toast. He is not going to be on the Supreme Court. He is going to be out of public office. He will find a good job but out of the limelight. And he will not be considered for other jobs with powerful men who have no tolerance for lack of control. In the upper level of White male society there is no place for outrageous behavior. The only exception is when a guy is undeniably responsible for bringing in a lot of money and making people rich like Harvey Weinstein.
The reality is that Clarence Thomas has filled the slot of sex addict and there cannot be two on the Supreme Court. The credibility of the Supreme Court cannot suffer two sex addicts. Much less when the President of the United States is one in the same political party.
With two women coming forward, no sane Senator is going to feel comfortable that more women will not come out. I think other women who have been abused by Kavanaugh are not going to let him get away with it and they are not going to let two women be demeaned.
Hey, friends, Kavanaugh has already been given a clean slate with a pseudo Kangaroo Court of media coverage. No testimony in this case is valid that does not come under oath. Under oath, in this situation, you cannot be sure that some other old school buddy will not out your lies.
One thing Kavanaugh has made certain is that any White male trying to secure a top end job is going to be thoroughly vetted about his sexual relationships with women all the way back to kindergarten.
Kavanaugh is going to have to resign the nomination. He is going to have to make an excuse of protecting his family and get out of the frying pan. If he goes to the hearing on Thursday he will pass a point of no return where his potential future career could be reduced by 75%. And he will become a pariah among his peers. His peers are going to suffer from this rotten egg getting nailed.
Kavanaugh is an alcoholic maybe a drunk. And I think he makes excuses for himself that alcohol made him do it so whatever he does is excuseable.
I can also alert you that he is close to losing his wife. She comes from that same social strata and he has made her look like a fool. Big mistake when your whole life has been centered around what people think of you.
Bye Bye Brett my boy. You had a good run. Now every time you walk by anyone, there are going to be whispers and hatred that you showed the reality of life at the top and endless jokes. Every time you hear someone laugh you will wonder if they are laughing about you. But this will not be like the laughs you got in college. These laughs are going to have a very sharp edge and decided ugliness.
You are a lost cause and a liability to Mr. McConnell now. They have their hand on the toilet level where you are swimming.
Dr. John WorldPeace JD 180923 /TRUMPEE ZERO / kavanaugh for Justice of the Peace.
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A second woman comes forward with sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

Deborah Ramirez says Brett Kavanaugh exposed himself to her in college at Yale.
The False Book of Revelation: Dr. John WorldPeace JD : Christianity
The Book of Revelation is a false book and you should rip it out of your Bible and burn it. The following is why.
The red letter words in the Bible are those of Jesus. That is what Christians believe. The red letter words of Jesus are superior to anything anyone else in the Bible says. The words of Jesus are true. The words of others are only commentary on what Jesus said.
Jesus was crucified and was resurrected 3 days later. This was the Second Coming. The Book of Revelation talks about a Second Coming other than the resurrection.
Jesus said, "I am with you always," Matt 28:20. "Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am there." Matt 18:20.
Jesus never left after the resurrection. So there can be no Second Coming as is talked about in the Book of Revelation.
No Christian would stand up in church and say that Jesus was not present on Sunday morning in their church. They would not say that because they believe Jesus is present like he said.
If Jesus is present, how can he return? That would be nonsense. Either Jesus is present in every church every Sunday or he is not. I believe he is.
Jesus said, "No one knows about the end times except God." Matt 24:36. Jesus does not know, nor the angels. Only God.
The False Book of Revelation was written by John the Elder, a disciple of John the Apostle, on the Isle of Patmos, where people 1900 years ago would go to question the oracles there. And maybe take drugs to have visions. This was about 100 CE when John the Apostle was exiled on Patmos.
So in the False Book of Revelation we have John the Elder saying he knows what Jesus nor the angels know about the end times. Obvious John the Elder Nobody did know what Jesus said he did not know. Nonsense.
The Book of Revelation needs to be ripped from your Bible and burned.
Now what did Jesus say about the future.
"Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter. For whoever asks received, who seeks finds and to whoever knocks it will be opened. Matt 7:7
"If you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move mountains." Luke 17:20
Truly, truly , I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do and greater works will he do because I go to the father. Whatever you ask in my name I will do for the greater glory of the father through the son. Anything you ask in my name, I will do it." John 14: 12-14
What do these verses mean? They mean that we write our own future. What we believe about the future is what will happen in the future.
What this means is that prophecy is not set in stone. Prophesy is nothing more than someone's fantasy about the future. If you do not believe in psychics and don't visit psychics then you need to discard the False Book of Revelation which is prophecy.
The future is what we as individuals, as groups, as nations as a world human society project the future to be.
False preachers like John Hagge of San Antonio, Texas and Kenneth Copeland, and their peers make a lot of money talking about the doom and gloom in the False Book of Revelation.
They are doing this for money and power and status.
They are projecting a very negative future that needs to be rejected and replaced with a more positive future of peace and harmony.
The False Book of Revelation is about an alleged set in stone future. Jesus said the future is not set in stone but is what people project it to be. This cannot be denied.
Stop listening to corrupt false preachers and project a positive future.
The Book of Hebrews says God has written his laws on our hearts and minds and all we need to do is look inside to know the truth. That is what you need to do with what I have said above. It is not necessary for anyone to teach anyone else. We all know the truth. Hebrews 8:10
The truth is that we can make the future a wonderful thing or a negative thing. Right now America under Donald Trump is creating a very negative reality. I think in part due to all the Christain Evangelicals who believe in the False Book of Revelation and who support Donald Trump.
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Dr. John WorldPeace JD 180923
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The False Christian Preachers and Corrupt Politician's Abortion Power Issue!
Friends, Christian Brothers and Sisters the abortion issue is nothing but a power grab by False Preachers and Corrupt Politicians.
The human body is mortal and finite. It is dust and ashes. Nothing more. We all know this. We all know that all human bodies die.
When a fetus is aborted, the mortal finite body dies and returns to dust.
When there is procreation and the sperm enters the egg and an embryo comes into being, at that moment, the infinite immortal spirit attaches to the finite human mortal body.
When an abortion occurs the human body is terminated and the spirit goes elsewhere. I am not going to discuss that right now.
God and only God can create a spirit and God and only God can terminate a spirit.
So Christian brothers and sisters it has been inferred to you that when an abortion takes place a spirit is terminated. That is the great lie of False Preachers and manipulated by corrupt politicians for acquiring more power and controlling the nonthinking Christian's vote.
Have you ever heard what I am saying? No. But what I am saying is the truth of the Bible the foundational sacred document of all Christians.
Further, brothers and sisters, if you do not intend to adopt these fetuses that you require to be born, then you need to stay out of the conversation.
And further, if you brothers and sisters insist that fetuses be born and you do not want to adopt them, you are required to pass a companion bill to the anti-abortion bill that provides welfare for these unwanted children. Yes, food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and so on.
Now, why is that necessary? Well, brothers and sisters if you demand that children be born then you own their birth and owning their birth requires you to respond to Jesus when he asks you why you did not provide for these fetuses you demanded to be born.
Jesus said, "What you do to the least of me, you do to me."
So, brothers and sister, this is what the False Preachers and Corrupt Politicians do not talk about. According to the Christian Bible if you allow one of these children to go hungry or without healthcare then you will answer to Jesus for it.
What a woman does with the fetus in her womb is no one's business. But if you step into that relationship and demand the woman bring the child to full term, then you had better make sure you provide welfare to support those children or you will answer to Jesus and according to Christian belief, if you harm children you are going to have to do some time in hell according to the red letter words of Jesus.
Now that brings me to the reality that if you Christian brothers and sisters allow and demand FREE birth control then you will significantly reduce the number of unwanted children you own and must account to Jesus for.
Think about it, brothers and sisters, do you really want to answer to Jesus for all those unwanted children you demanded to be born and then refuse to adopt or provide welfare for?
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Dr. John WorldPeace JD 180922

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The Ten Commandments do not apply to Donald Trump! False Christians support him ! Why?
This video is about the fact that Donald Trump ignores 8 of the Ten Commandments.
John the Baptist charged people to "Make the way of the Lord straight." You make the way of the Lord straight by abiding by the Ten Commandments.
Knowing that Donald Trump ignores 8 of the Ten Commandments, Christians and especially Evangelical Christians are making the way of the Lord Crooked.
Jesus said, "A house divided cannot stand." Mark 3:25
Therefore Christians, God does not support Donald Trump. If God supports Donald Trump, then Jesus is a liar and a house divided against itself can stand. You Christians who believe in the Ten Commandment and try to live by the Ten Commandments when you voted for Donald Trump and support Donald Trump. Christians are creating a house divided when they believe in and follow the Ten Commandments and vote for and support Donald Trump who does not believe in or abide by the Ten Commandments.
This is what is know as wrong thinking. And Preachers who support Donald Trump and advise their congregations to support and vote for Donald Trump are False Preachers.,
There is no way you can make your actions as a Christian support Donald Trump a Christian in name only for the sake of the Christian votes only.
It is time to make the way of the Lord straight. And the means getting rid of Donald Trump as president. You either believe in God and Jesus or you believe in Donald Trump who ignores the Ten Commandments.
If you vote for and support Donald Trump then you own his example of wiping his feet on God's Commandments.
Donald Trump is a Christian in name only.
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180922

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Sorry friends I could not get the Facebook live stream working. So I cut an introductory video on YouTube.
I cannot live stream until tomorrow on YouTube if I decide that is what I want to do. We will see.
I was not going to create videos until after the elections but there is too much going on and I am too angry to wait any longer.
So the WorldPeace World Tour Now begins on the internet.
Thanks for your consideration.
I am an advocate for WorldPeace. I am not a pacifist. I am an angry man. There is a lot of things wrong with the world and with America. I am arrogant and confident enough to think I can actually change the world or at least increase the level of peace in the world human society. Whatever I do is better than doing nothing and waiting for Mr. Death to come calling. I have miles to go before I sleep on that you can bet.
Dr John WorldPeace JD

WIN 20180920 16 55 32 Pro
Introduction to Dr. John WorldPeace JD Send emails to all my other websites…

Friends this is a very interesting article. The thrust is that Dr. Ford has lots of options.
Dr. Ford is highly accomplished and educated. As was Anita Hill. Anita Hill was railroaded by the Senate and now we have the corrupt Clarence Thomas on the Supreme Court. Clarence Thomas and TRUMPEE ZERO are both female abusers and offenders.
Now we have Mr. Kavanaugh another rapist wannabe wanting to set on the Surpreme Court too. Two female abusers at the top of the American Democracy are two too many. Three would be outrageous.
Senator Grassley is treating Dr. Ford with total disrespect. He demands that she testify in his committee. Hey Senator she already testified significantly. And you sir, have done nothing about it. Dr Ford gave you plenty to kick off an investigation and you have done nothing at all.
Dr. Ford does not want to be a part of your dog and pony show. She is not going to be Anita Hill Two. I think as this article says she has plenty of options and Dr. Ford is going to control the ball Senator Grassley, not you. You need to wake up sir.
As soon as you vote to go forward with the corrupt Mr. Kavenagh, I think Dr. Ford is going to be the star of the television media and she is going to rip a hole in you Senator Grassley.
She sir is baiting you. And when you are secure in your own trap she is going to bring down the hammer.
You see Senator Grassley Mr. Kavanaugh is not the target. TRUMPEE ZERO is the target. Dr. Ford is creating a false diversion, what they call in the law a "Red Herring". You are trying to protect a Supreme Court candidate that has all the wrong stuff. Not the right Stuff. Certainly not the American right stuff.
With no FBI investigation, you are not aware of how many more Indians are in the woods. How many more women are ready to come out against Mr. Kavanaugh after you give him an A+ and send him out for Senate confirmation.
You Senator Grassley are totally focused on ruining Dr. Ford. You and your Republican buddies are obsessed with this upity female. And the truth is that Dr. Ford has all the aces in this abomination of corrupt Senatorial treason.
Strong words. Yes. I am 70 years old sir and I am hard as nails. I am talking to you like TRUMPEE ZERO talks to everyone. I am talking to you sir in a language that TRUMPEE ZERO understands. I meet all people on whatever level they chose.
Yes, I am Dr. John WorldPeace JD an advocate for peace and WorldPeace but I am not a pacifist. I served in the Army as an infantry sergeant 1970 to 72 but by the grace of God I was sent to Vicenza, Italy. Without any request to go anywhere but Vietnam for which I was trained for 11 months.
I am not a big mouth lying coward like TRUMPEE ZERO. But I have no problem talking like him to get his attention and deal with what I think General Mattias called a 5th grade mind and who General Kelly called an idiot and Mr. Tillerson called a moron. Not my words sir. But I have no problem repeating them.
Friends read this article. Dr. Ford has a lot of arrows in her quiver and all have poison tips. Read this article. And sit back and lets see what happens.
My bet friends is that Dr. Ford is the proverbial fat lady that everyone is always waiting to sing.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180920 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Dr. Ford is controlling the ball not Senator Grassley regarding Mr. Kavanaugh.
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Opinion | Republicans, be forewarned: Kavanaugh’s accuser has options

Ford has a powerful story to tell the American people.

Well friends, as we wait to see if Dr. Ford is going to speak, and I think she will, more and more truth comes out. Now we find out that Kavanaugh likes pretty law clerks. Supposedly really smart, but definitely pretty.
The guy is a creep. He is everything wrong. He does not have the right stuff to be a Supreme Court justice much less a Justice of the Peace.
We have a token Black on the court who also serves as an in your face #MeToo poster child as well.
Really are we now going to have two Supreme Court justices and a president who assault women?
One thing I have to give credit to TRUMPEE ZERO for is bringing the dark side of the Republican Party out of the swamp for a dose of truth and light.
This Kavanaugh guy is on a slippery slope back into the swamp.
I think Dr. Ford is going to show up on Monday because like it or not she is the standard bearer for women. She is being told, or I hope she is being told, that if she shows up, Kavanaugh if finished.
If she shows up, then the FBI will get involved. They have to considering the death threats experienced by Dr. Ford. And if she shows up other women will step forward who have had encounters with Kavanaugh.
We have seen this scenario over and over during the last year. It just takes one brave woman to shut down these White sexual perverts in high places.
The Christians have their female subordinators like the Pope and their sex addicts like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart.
It would be nice if we could have one or two of these accusers to stand up before the November elections.
The #MeToo movement needs to score against Kavanaugh. The women's movement in general will gain a lot of ground if Dr. Ford shows up.
Dr. Ford will be payback for Clarence Thomas and for Merrick Garland.
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Dr John WorldPeace JD 180920 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Kavanaugh has a preference for pretty law clerks.
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'No accident' Brett Kavanaugh's female law clerks 'looked like models', Yale professor told students
Guardian learns Amy Chua said she would advise students on their physical looks to help win post in Kavanaugh’s chambers


Friends the Supreme Court is corrupt as is biased toward corporations. This means when MONEY is up against every other section of the American Society, MONEY wins.
There is a way to end this. There is a way to fix the highjacking of ALL THE COURTS IN THE UNITED STATES.
The way you accomplish this is to require that law students chose a path to being a judge at graduation. It means that being on a court requires the giving up of joining a political party.
Political parties are biases and want to skew the justice and equality of the Constitution. If you belong to a political party, you have a bias against justice and equality.
After 230 years, the time has come to begin to carve the bias out of American Democracy through the courts and especially the Supreme Court.
The reality friends is that there are more votes against MONEY bias than for MONEY bias. There are more votes for truth, justice and equality.
The MONEY bias wins because there is a conspiracy among all corporations and the 3% most wealthy to run ads to manipulate the uneducated majority of voters. MONEY is always against education. It is a mandate of MONEY to keep the majority of voters ignorant through lies and manipulation. THIS IS REALITY.
Here is the truth about ALL world governments. There are a certain class of human beings who are wired to go to the top in any political system for the sole purpose of power and control. The personalities at the top of Communism, Socialism, Theocracies, Democracies are all cut from the same cloth. And their one common denominator can be boiled down to an inability to be satisfied with any level of power less than ultimate power as represented by MONEY. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO SATISFY THE HUNGER THAT IS GREED AND GLUTTONY.
It is time to dilute MONEY influence in a Democratic America. The way is very simple. DISCLOSURE. Disclosure means all financial contributions over $5000 be traceable to the actual HUMAN donor. Once that is done, the WATCHERS as I call them, the people who analyse these contributions, will disclose to the public who is controlling American Democracy.
Friends TRUMPEE ZERO is the outer limit of MONEY run amock. TRUMPEE ZERO is a treasonous traitor to American Democracy and Values. TRUMPEE ZERO is the perfected MONEY controlled politician. His history friends is that of a Reality TV Huckster. And the election of TRUMPEE ZERO is a virus infesting Democracy in America and in the World Human Society and the World of Nations.
FRIENDS, I have been a political prisoner of MONEY engineered by the Democratic Party when I ran for governor of Texas in 2002. MONEY and most especially MONEY INTERESTS in politics have identified me as their enemy. Well folks, I have learned since 2002 much. And I am back. I will be heard. I will make an impact.
TRUMPEE ZERO is a very loud alarm to all Americans that American Democracy and Values are in jeopardy.
Support and Vote for WorldPeace for President 2020.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180919 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Corruptions of the American Justice System.
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"EVERY DAMN TIME!!!" Sheldon Whitehouse SCHOOLS Brett Kavanaugh on SCOTUS Corporate Corruption
Sheldon Whitehouse destroys Trump SCOTUS…


Friends a pitched battle is taking shape. The supporters of Ms. Ford and Kavanaugh are lining up and armoring up.
I expect protests on the day the hearings takes place. Women are going to rally for transparency and fairness and are not going to allow another Anita Hill rape by the Senate to take place.
Kavanaugh's friend Mr. Judge is going to have to testify and my bet is that he will not lie because he does not want to go to jail. When Judge is forced to testify and he has a come to Jesus moment, Kavanaugh will withdraw his nomination.
Under TRUMPEE ZERO the bottom feeding Republican predators have descended to a new level of corruption and anti-American behavior. They are not going to get away with it.
The women will set the elections on fire if Kavanaugh is seated on the Supreme Court. Why do I say that, because the only way he is going to be seated is if the Republicans procedurally run interference for him and ram him down the throats of Americans.
All of America will be watching these hearing. If Judge testifies he will sink Kavanaugh's boat.
It is less than 7 weeks until the November elections. Stormy Daniels book is coming out. The budget has to be resolved by the end of the month. And there is the ever-present Mueller sitting in the wings ready to bring out the big hammer.
Stay tuned folks this is going to get very tense and vicious. The tide has turned on the Republicans because they thought that they could ride along with the treason of TRUMPEE ZERO unscathed.
The Republicans are being dragged and sucked into the cleansing fire of the November elections. I feel confident the protests and marches and activism of the Vietnam War and Civil Rights is going to be resurrected and stoked in a way the Republicans never imagined. The more they fight, the more votes they will lose.
TRUMPEE ZERO and his bad and treasonous actions since taking office and his whore mongering, his lying, the corruption of his inner circle, his creating chaos in the USA and the world and his all out effort to prove he is above the law has sickened all Americans. The Republicans voted for a reformer and they got a treasonous anarchist.
The end is near for TRUMPEE ZERO/ The friends of Ms. Ford send their letter to Congress.
The Independents and Democrats are going to adopt my rallying cry against TRUMPEE ZERO: NEVER AGAIN. NO MORE TRUMPS.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180918 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Support for Ms. Ford.
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Kavanaugh accuser's classmates send letter of support to Congress
Twenty-four women who attended the Holton-Arms School with Christine Blasey Ford have signed and sent a letter of support for her to Congress.


Friends what you are seeing here are the acts of a very desperate TRUMPEE ZERO. The Presidency is spinning out of control in so many different ways it is almost impossible to keep up with everything. TRUMPEE ZERO in no way understands what is happening and much less of course does he have any idea to stop the train that is coming down the tracks with its main light focused right on TRUMPEE ZERO.
What you are also seeing is that in contrast to the incredible chaos in the White House is the Mueller investigation. Mueller is the executioner who is like Goliath walking slowly and deliberately toward TRUMPEE ZERO with a 2000 pound hammer that he is going to bury into the chest of TRUMPEE ZERO.
There has not been a single leak out of Mueller's office. This is part of what is driving TRUMPEE ZERO crazy. There is not a single crack in the Mueller wall. No place for anyone to get a foothold to see the Mueller evidence and battle plans. If you think about how long Mueller and his team have been gathering information, you know he already has all he needs to take out TRUMPEE ZERO. i believe that Mueller sees a target rich environment of TRUMPEE ZERO's partners in crime.
I repeat again what I have said from the beginning, TRUMPEE ZERO and family are going to lose everything. Everything.
I feel that TRUMPEE ZERO's Mafia connections and Russian connections have already prepared to terminate TRUMPEE ZERO. At this point there seems to still be hope by these people that TRUMPEE ZERO has enough power to shut everything down before Mueller breaches the inner sanctum of the TRUMPEE ZERO crime consortiums.
If the Republicans get run over in November and lose the House and the Senate, I think these crime syndicates that are connected to TRUMPEE ZERO will terminate TRUMPEE ZERO. They will not be able to allow an Impeachment to go forward because too much information will come out.
Unfortunately, nothing can be done right now. TRUMPEE ZERO will be allowed to run amock until November. All the polls and opinions are just guesses. The dynamics are just too numerous to calculate the outcome in November. The vote will be the truth of what people want to do with TRUMPEE ZERO.
I believe in TRUMPEE ZERO's mind, all these documents he has released are going to allow him to fire Rosenstein and Mueller. I think it is a fantasy in his mind. The time to get rid of Mueller is long past.
Seven more weeks until the election. Then everyone will know what to do. Everyone will know what is coming.
Kavanaugh is finished. His friend is crazy and seems to be a promoter of rape and dominance and bondage of women. The history that has come out will allow people to see him as an excited voyeur as Kavanaugh attempted to rape Ford. Ford may not remember who was at the party but Kavanaugh and his friend know and they know exactly where it took place. And that information will trigger more memories in Ford. The questioning is going to be intense. Kavanaugh cannot bail out without looking guilty. The Republicans cannot put him on the bench without serious defection of Republican voters in November. It is a lose/ lose scenario.
Fox News is going all out to attack the attackers of TRUMPEE ZERO. What you don't see is TRUMPEE ZERO putting together one of his rallies. I think his people have told him that he could not fill a circus tent at this time. I think his base will still be on his side but I think they are not going to go to the polls in November.
It is all up in the air. No matter what amount of chaos TRUMPEE ZERO creates in the next 7 weeks, nothing can be done until those elections show an undeniable direction for the future. I believe the Democrats will have their undeniable mandate to THROW THE BUM OUT.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180918 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Declassifying documents for Nunes..
Dr John WorldPeace JD books available: Category - Books: search John WorldPeace


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Trump orders feds to declassify key FISA documents, text messages in FBI Russia probe
President Trump on Monday ordered the declassification of several key documents related to the FBI investigation of Russian actions during the 2016 presidential election, including 21 pages of an application for a renewed surveillance warrant against former campaign aide Carter Page, and text messag...


This is more nonsense. There was more than enough reason to investigate to its fullest the TRUMPEE ZERO / Russian collusion. At the foundation of this investigation is whether the vote of the American people had been corrupted and if so, the foundation of American Democracy is at risk.
Ferreting out the truth on something this mind boggling was not going to be easy.
We are talking about a cold war of enormous consequences.
I am sick of all the speculation. We shall see what Mueller ends up with then we can make a judgment. In the meantime, we know we have a Liar of unprecedented capacity as the president of the United States. He is a despicable human being with empathy for no one except himself.
What I am noticing is the attacks against Mueller are increasing in intensity. This means that the Republicans see their reality imploding. How long has it been since there is any good news out of the White House. Nothing but more reality about the deep dark hole TRUMPEE ZERO and his Republican enablers have taken America.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180917 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Ongoing nonsense from Republicans about no evidence before Mueller even speaks except in all the indictments and convictions.
Dr John WorldPeace JD books available: Category - Books: search John WorldPeace

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Dems have 'narrow path' to Senate, says ex-Obama strategist
Former Obama campaign strategist Joel Benenson said on Friday that Democrats have a "narrow path" to taking back the Senate in November.


I am a 70 year old White Guy with political science, accounting and law degrees. I am fully aware of the attitude of old White Guys toward women both positive and negative. This ridiculous opinion is suggesting we don't even need to hear Ms. Ford. Courts everyday are dealing with "he said" "she said" cases where a jury like in this case must simply decide who is the most truthful. Human beings are not stupid. They deal with truth tellers and liars everyday. So let us put on Ms. Ford to tell her story and be cross examined and then let us hear from Mr. Kavanaugh. Then make a decision. I feel certain there are more than a few other women out there with experiences with Mr. Kavanaugh. They are weighing whether they should step in and bolster Ms. Ford's testimony. We have seen this happen in case after case. There is almost never just one victim. And generally the number of women joining the chorus are the strongest of women. Definitely not the only women.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180917 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Christine Blasey Ford v. Kavanaugh.
Dr John WorldPeace JD books available: Category - Books: search John WorldPeace

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Opinion | The #MeToo Kavanaugh Ambush
A story this old and unprovable can’t be allowed to delay a Supreme Court confirmation vote.


Friends we are at a watershed moment in history.
We have a sexual abuser President, we have a sexual abuser on the court, Clarence Thomas. Now here we go again with another judge wanting to be on the Supreme Court with a history of sexual abuse if not ATTEMPTED RAPE.
We have a woman who is credible to me because she related this story years ago to a psychiatrist. She has had a lifetime of PTSD. PTSD is real. I only in the last two months put my PSTD related to the cancer that was my first marriage and everything that issued from that marriage including children. I found a way two months ago to disconnect.
PTSD is some many times so subtle that you give it no credence. There are no physical scars sometimes. It is the accumulation of mental abuse or in this case being put in the fear of your life because a man decided he would exercise his sexual prerogative to take a women and rape or try to rape her. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be at a party having fun and then be manhandled and put in fear of my life.
One thing about this incident that bothers me. Another guy was there. There seems to be no denial that Kavanaugh and this other guy were alone in a bedroom with this 15 year old girl.
We have had to endure the disgusting whoremongering of TRUMPEE ZERO. His lies and his contempt for women. And along the same lines we have a Pope enabling God only knows how many child abusing priests. A Pope who is determined to subordinate women in the church world wide in the name of Jesus. HOW STUPID. Jesus never had contempt for women. NEVER.
Friends women are second-class citizens the world over. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are rabid male chauvinist religious bureaucracies.
When a spirit decides to incarnate into this reality, a choice has to be made, male or female. When a person dies Jesus says spirit bodies are like angel bodies meaning no sexual gender. Why? Because souls cannot procreate souls the way that human bodies procreate human bodies. Only God can create a soul. So. There is no gender and no sex in heaven.
Further, the Book of Genesis written allegedly by Moses, when it was not, states flat out that God has cursed women. God Almighty himself has cursed women. And there is the Apostle Paul talking endlessly about women serving their husbands. God does not curse women. This is a male supported lie to keep women in their place, second place.
Now think about it for a moment. From their first Sunday school class, little girls are immediately brainwashed into subservience. Had I been born female and heard that, I would have never returned to church.
It is time to end the second class citizenship of women globally. It is definitely time to override the Republican agenda to keep women in their place. It is definitely time to stop what is coming: the demonizing of this woman for speaking out against Kavanaugh.
30 years ago I wrote this in my Book of Peace.
"There is no logical basis for continuing to discriminate against women. 
Women are not property, nor are they inferior to men. Women as a whole are generally physically weaker than men but that is not a valid reason to subordinate women in any society. Men and women are complements of each other and the sooner that women are allowed to assume an equal role in society, the sooner we will have a whole society.
When the yoke of frustration due to sexual prejudice is removed from the backs of women and they are granted a truly equal status in society, a great wave of inner peace among women will harmonize the earth with the love and nurturing which is their nature and their collective love will counter-balance the innate aggressiveness of the masculine orientation which presently dominates the planet."
Christine Blasey Ford must be heard. Christine Blasey Ford cannot be a repeat of Anita Hill. My outrage is great already. It will increase is Christine Blasey Ford is discounted or in any way demonized. Let her speak so we can judge if we believe her.
Regardless, this is a very brave woman. Anita Hill and all the other MeToo women have shown a very clear history of what males do to women who speak up about sexual abuse. As the article says: we will see if anything has been learned since TRUMPEE ZERO became president.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180917 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Christine Blasey Ford v. Kavanaugh.
Dr John WorldPeace JD books available: Category - Books: search John WorldPeace


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Perspective | Do we really ‘believe women’? How the Kavanaugh accusation will put a slogan to the test.
What have we learned in the past year, and the questions we need to ask ourselves.


Friends, this Kavanaugh allegation is about as explosive as it gets. Many aspects of this.
1) We already have Clarence Thomas, a sexual predator with Anita Hill and others, on the Supreme Court. Is it possible that the Republicans will put another lying sexual predator on the Supreme Court? To do so will significantly degrade the respect for the Supreme Court.
2) This matter is set to be another Anita Hill cover-up were it not for MeToo. Times have changed. TRUMPEE ZERO set this off with his bragging about sexually assaulting women at will.
So consider a President and two Supreme Court justices all sexual predators. My God this cannot happen.
3) Those 65 women who said Kavanaugh did not sexually abuse them means nothing. Predators focus on a prey and act normal to others who do not appeal to them or cost too much to pursue. Too much negative downside. Let us have Kavanaugh take a polygraph.
4) One thing for sure the Republicans are going to be out for blood. They will not be able to vet another Supreme Court candidate before the November elections. McConnel blocked Obama from appointing a Supreme Court judge. The Republicans will again go all out to make sure they get another corrupt Republican on the Supreme Court.
5) What I a pretty sure of is that if Kavanaugh goes to the Supreme Court before the November elections, the female turnout against the Republicans in November will be off the charts. It will be a statement that there has been enough female assaults by powerful men in society. The question for the Republicans is if Kavanaugh is worth losing the House and the Senate. And Kavanaugh on the court will have a long long deep shadow all the way to the Presidential Election in 2020.
6) I am glad to see the Democrats start to play by the Republican rules and I am glad that Obama has decided to get into the November election mix. TRUMPEE ZERO has discarded all past protocols. Obama needs to end a prior president sitting on the sidelines where American Democracy and Values are in severe jeopardy. Sadly Obama is too nice to go all out for TRUMPEE ZERO'S throat. Hillary needs to orchestrate some vetting audiences like TRUMPEE ZERO and hammer home he is the minority president. Believe me Obama and Hillary the two people on the planet TRUMPEE ZERO hates the most will drive him over the edge. The Obama birther issue needs significant payback focused on TRUMPEE ZERO.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180915 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The Kavanaugh Sexual abuse.


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California professor, writer of confidential Brett Kavanaugh letter, speaks out about her allegation of sexual assault
Christine Blasey Ford alleges that Kavanaugh attacked her more than three decades ago when they were each in high school, an allegation Kavanaugh has flatly denied.


Folks do not think I have turned narcissistic. However, my run for president 2020 is very real. I ran for governor of Texas in 2002 and got defeated but received 20,000 votes in the Democratic Primary. (You can look it up in All I did was run robocalls. Millions of them. But no video and that was a very big mistake. I thought people would go to my website. But there were comments that there was an Indian running named WorldPeace. So I have to keep posting current pictures. Shortly I will establish a YouTube channel and comment on the things I don't have time to respond to in long political postings. I cannot really finalize my platform until after the November elections. What I do know is that I have decided not to run as a Democrat and definitely not a Republican. I am going to attack in both directions. My friend, Bernie is a great amateur photographer, and he puts up with my weekly requests to take pictures. He and his brother and I go walking about 3 miles 5 mornings a week at the foot of the Sandia Mountains. After five not perfect relationships with women over 45 years, I have concluded that I am bad at choosing companions. So alone but not lonely for the last 3 years, open to a relationship but not actively looking. Too much to do right now to think about it. I feel sure I am not meant to travel alone from now on. When the Democratic party engineered a year in jail for me as a political prisoner in 2008, because of the hell I caused speaking too much truth about them in 2001 and 2002 about their actions in the governor's race, I thought that the woman I was looking for is in Paris. I was there in 72 and have tried for the last 10 years to get back without success. Anyway, miles to go before I sleep. How a good day.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180914

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Friends TRUMPEE ZERO has no shame. He just discounted 3,000 Puerto Ricans who died as the result of TRUMPEE ZERO's inability or lack of desire to put out much effort to non-Whites in a non-state. TRUMPEE ZERO said all kinds of negative things about Puerto Rico at the time.
TRUMPEE ZERO is really losing his mind. He is spiralizing completely out of reality. In his mind, he is incapable of doing any wrong or making any mistake. Everything he does is perfect no exceptions.
Everyone is a liar but TRUMPEE ZERO. Everyone is out to get him. The Democrats are evil. Hillary is evil. Obama is evil, The media is evil. The list is endless.
Friends we have to get rid of TRUMPEE ZERO. He is unfit for office. And all the Republicans who support him, and that would be every Republican, must be voted out of office.
Americans have got to get in sync, come together and LOCK TRUMPEE ZERO.OUT of the White House. Enough is enough.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180913 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The Deaths in Puerto Rico.


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Trump falsely claims nearly 3,000 Americans in Puerto Rico 'did not die'
Nearly 3,000 people died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. President Donald Trump denied this reality as a hurricane barrels toward the Carolinas.


Friends. This video is truth. In a nutshell, the 1% super rich who own 60% of the world's assets see the 99% as potential economic slaves. There has always been disinformation coming from the 1% to control the 99%. Simple question sums this up. Are you buying a new car because you need a new car. Or are you buying a new car because through advertising you have been manipulated into buying a new car and obligated yourself to paying notes, with after tax dollars, for what? 7 years? You have to work more. You have to deny your family other things that may be more uplifting to them than riding around in a new car.
And you know what, it is not your peers who are telling you to buy a new car. It is the 1%. I knew this as a teenager. I read and studied and went to college in order to be free of manipulation by people who could never have enough money. NEVER HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. And to accomplish endless accumulation of wealth, they designated the 99% as prey with them as predators.
It is becoming obvious, that the November elections are going to be a reaction of the voters to being manipulated by a clown huckster to their detriment.
A vote for any Republican is a vote for your economic enslavement.
There was a big tax cut for the 1%. There were tariffs put in place so the rich could get richer and Middle American farmers are screwed. There was a decision made by TRUMPEE ZERO that raises were canceled in January for all Federal employees. Half of those Federal employees were Republicans; who are screwed by the guy they voted for..
Watch this video 5 times. Dr Noam Chomsky is a really smart guy. He is not part of the 1%. Watch this video 5 times.
The 1% designate him as a Liberal liar. He is not. He is telling you to wake up.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180912 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Noam Chomsky and truth.

Noam Chomsky - Best Speech In 2018
Noam Chomsky Lecture, May 2018 Noam Chomsky talks about the major threats to the human race and other important issues of today. Avram Noam…


Friends, the TRUMPEE ZERO attack on the Palestinians is doomed to failure. John Bolton is a Nazi Fascist and Nationalist promoting the United States Over All. The thwarting of the International Criminal Court is an admission that the United States has contempt for international law and this is contrary to the sane human beings in the world human society to foster in any way increasing the level of peace in the world. Without an international criminal court, there will never be any semblance of peace in the world as the countries on the UN Security Council carve up the world in spheres of influence that are just a 21st Century refined system of global colonialism. It is a policy of power and money as being superior to justice in the world human society.
TRUMPEE ZERO is a one trick pony who believes money is the key to all things. He believes he can cut off funding to the Palestinians and force them to sell out their rights as if they were Indian Tribes trying to thwart Manifest Destiny. Make treaties with the Native Americans and then break them. Like Americans making a deal with Iran and then TRUMPEE ZERO breaking it.
Israel is a postage stamp nation and the tail that is wagging the dog (the USA). TRUMPEE ZERO is owned by the Zionist. That is obvious. The withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement, the cutting off of funds to the Palestinians and now the closing of the PLO mission in Washington.
We must look at two aspects of the Isreali problem. 1) Secular and political and 2) one religious.
1) From a secular point of view, Israel is an apartheid state. All Palestinians have less rights if any rights at all that are inferior to those of Jews in Israel. Israel is not a democracy on the American model and never will be. Israel is an apartheid state moving to imitate the Theocracy of Iran.
Further, Israel is a violator of international law which prohibits the annexing of occupied lands.
Further and most hypocritical of the Zionist is their annual Cry about the the Nazi holocaust as they maintain a concentration camp and Holocaust for Palestinians in Gaza.
TRUTH: The United States allegedly supports international law, opposes apartheid states as being undemocratic and is absolutely against the establishment and maintaining of concentration camps of any kind based on the Nazi model.
Yet we have the TRUMPEE ZERO administration violating all three of these and making American Democracy an in your face farce in the world human society.
2) From a religious perspective Christian America believes that the Jews crucified Christ and at the time of his death, per the Bible, the vale of the Holy of Holies was rent in two signifying that God had abandoned Isreal and no long would reside there. Subsequently, in 72 AD God allowed the Romans to raze Jerusalem, including the Second Temple of Solomon and at the same time in 72 CE disbursed the Jews out of Israel who then scattered all over the world. Subsequent to that, per the Christian Bible, God raised up out of the progeny of Ismael, the first born of Abraham as opposed to the second born of Abraham, his son Isaac. God empowered Muhammed to create Islam and in the 600's AD gave Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to the Muslims. God also allowed the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque to be built on the Temple Mount where they still stand today 1400 years later. Further and most recently God allowed the Nazi's power to exterminate 6 million Jews.
I think that intelligent Christians who believe Jesus is the Messiah, as opposed to Jews who believe Jesus was a farce and definitely not the Messiah, understand that since the crucifixion of Jesus God had turned his face against Israel and made war on the Jews. The facts of history on this matter are undeniable.
The Christians believe that if the Jews are not converted to Christianity, they will be condemned by God and doomed to hell.
Yet we have America under TRUMPEE ZERO, a professed Christian, reaching out to wipe out the Palestinians by starving them to death and denying them health care just like he denies health care to poor Americans. It is hard to argue against the reality that TRUMPEE ZERO has confronted God and is attempting to hand over all of Palestine to the Zionist contrary to the undeniable war that God has carried out against the Jews since they crucified Jesus Christ 2000 years ago
NOW LISTEN CAREFULLY, I am presenting the political anti-Democratic position of the United States and I am quoting Christian beliefs and the factual history of what the Jews have had to endure since they crucified Christ.
The logic dictates that the intervention of TRUMPEE ZERO on behalf of the Zionist is pretty obviously not in line with the factual actions of God or American Democracy and Values. God told Hagar the mother of Ismael that his progeny would be without number. The same thing was told to Sarah the mother of Isaac.
The reality is that the Muslims are almost equal in numbers to the Christians. The Christians through Jesus Christ who was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, taught as a Jew, and was crucified as a Jew, established a rebirth of Judaism as Christian Judaism and now known as just Christianity.
2 billion Christians and 1.6 billion Muslims and about 30 million archaic Jews is a clear indication that the progeny of Isaac the Christians and the progeny of Ismael the Muslims have validated God's promise that both religions would be without number. Archiac Judaism has no place in God's plan for the world. It is nonsense to think the 30 million Jews are going to rule over half the world's population. The Christians absolutely do not believe they are subordinated by God to the Archaic Jews.
Yet that is the plan of the traitor TRUMPEE ZERO; subordinating America to Russia and more blatantly elevating Israel whose politics are an abomination to American Democracy above America.
Further and the main point of the above summary of the relationship between America, Israel and the Muslims is the fact that TRUMPEE ZERO by defunding the Palestinians when he should be divesting and marginalizing Isreal is going to force the Nations of the world to replace the funding to the Palestinians or to step in and create a nation for the Palestinians as is dictated by the UN that "all human beings must have a citizenship in a nation." So it is my opinion on every level the TRUMPEE ZERO plans for Israel are going to bring about the end of Israel as he forces the entire world to put Zionists in their place with the old South Africa.
The TRUMPEE ZERO plan is to hand over all of Palestine to the Zionist and then allow them to herd all the Muslims into Gaza where they will be starved to death or sent to neo-gas chambers for disposal. The TRUMPEE ZERO plan has no place for Palestinians.
One last reality. The Zionist will never take possession of the Temple Mount and without the Temple Mount, Isreal will never be a nation of Jews for Jews. If the Zionists with or without the help of America ever try to take over the Temple Mount there will most likely be a global Muslim Jihad to wipe all Jews off the face of the earth. 30 million Jews cannot survive a Jihad of 1.6 billion Muslims based on the occupation of the Temple Mount.
Right now we have a Cain and Abel scenario in the Middle East. The Zionist are Abel and the Palestinians are Cain. The Zionists are trying to exterminate the Palestinians. If the Bible is true, then God will soon ask the Jews where are their brothers the Palestinian Muslims. The answer of the Zionist will probably provoke God to place the mark of Cain on the Jews as well as their enablers the Americans.
My advocacy is for increasing the peace in the world. That is my objective. I have presented the above as talking points regarding 70 years of abandonment by the United Nations of the Palestinians. The same way the UN has abandoned the Syrians to 8 years of brutal massacres by Assad with the support of Russia.
John Bolton says the UN is worthless because it tries to dictate to America. I say the UN is worthless because it does not represent a global democracy but instead is ruled by 5 nations who have carved up the world to suit their own purposes. There must be a new UN Charter. In 70 years, the UN has not solved the Palestinians problem. So what good is the UN at this point?
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180910 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The support of the Zionists.

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Trump Administration to Close Palestine Liberation Organization Office in Washington
The Trump administration is expected to announce Monday it will close the Palestine Liberation Organization’s office in Washington, widening a campaign of pressure amid stalled Middle East peace efforts.


This the movement of America Jews to stop the abuse of Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territories.
I endorse this group.
Dr John WorldPeace JD


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Join our Movement
Join IfNotNow to end our community's support for the occupation.


Dr. John WorldPeace JD
Calvary Church ABQ New Mexico
Sept 9, 2018
Anyone seen any Pictures of TRUMPEE ZERO the FAKE CHRISTIAN going to church. EVER? The great profit (not prophet) of the Evangelical Christians and the Pence Messiah. The truth is often Paradoxical.
WorldPeace for President 2020

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Friends from a practical standpoint, TRUMPEE ZERO trying to ferret out the author of the Anonymous Op-Ed will very possibly end his presidency.
Woodward's book indicates there are a lot of people with the same perspective as the Anonymous Op-Ed author. NOT JUST ONE.
TRUMPEE ZERO and the media act like there is just one bad apple in his administration. NOT TRUE per the Woodward book.
Tillerson and Kelly and others have already labeled TRUMPEE ZERO an idiot, moron, 5th grade mentality in public.
If the Anonymous Op-Ed author is identified or to me, more likely, he or she steps forward, then my bet is that the others with the same views, the ones in the Woodward book, are going to step up and bolster the Op-Ed author which would be an internal vote of NO CONFIDENCE and will lead to TRUMPEE ZERO'S termination as president.
In the rule book of the Trial Court there is one outstanding rule. Don't ask questions you don't know the answer to if you don't want your case to blow up in your face.
I would say THAT TRUMPEE ZERO is stupid to make a very public search when he does not know who wrote the Anonymous Op-Ed. Anything is possible. What if it is Sarah Sanders or Kellyanne Conway or Hope Hicks is the one? What if it is Jared Kushner? Far fetched, yes! Impossible, no.
But this I know for certain, whoever it is, whenever he or she is unmasked or steps forward, there is going to be Extreme Chaos within the White House that will collapse the TRUMPEE ZERO presidency.
In a nutshell: TRUMPEE ZERO himself is going to bring down his presidency within the next two weeks. TRUMPEE ZERO is not capable of conceiving of he above possibility much less run out the possible consequences. He has tunnel vision right now: Find the Rat no matter what.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180908 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Who is the Anonymous Op-Ed author?

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McCarthy: Deep state 'took out an advertisement' in the NY Times
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) says the anonymous op-ed published in The New York Times blasting President Trump and discussing a resistance within the administration is proof of the Deep State.


Friends here is another day with so many things going on it is hard to put them together in a logical order.
1) The Republican argument seems to be in this article that the Anonymous Op-Ed will just make TRUMPEE ZERO more crazy and more paranoid and harder to deal with and harder to control.
2) That being said, the article seems to indicate that there is a determination to keep TRUMPEE ZERO in office. What is being said here friends by the Republicans is that we need to keep an unstable imbecile in office for another two and a half years. CRAZY FUZZY DISCONNECTED LOGIC.
3) The White House is in chaos, TRUMPEE ZERO is a traitor. He is creating chaos worldwide and within the United States. And the Republicans want to keep him in office. This is INSANE.
4) It was a radical move for the New York Times to print an Anonymous Op-Ed. So radical that the writer would have to be a major player and that leaves only a handful of people. Pence. Sessions. McConnell. This Anonymous Op-Ed was expected by the author to have a good chance of terminating TRUMPEE ZERO. And potentially dire negative consequences for the author. So the stakes are the highest possible stakes for the author.
5) All the focus is on who is the traitorous author. There is a whole book full of names in the Woodward book. This is one of those contributors bolstering the entire book. This Op-Ed is not about finding out who the author is. This is about validating the book. The book has been marginalized by a search for one Republican supporting witness with a whole lot of credibility.
6) I repeat. It is taken as a fact now that TRUMPEE ZERO is an idiot among many other negative things and generally a huge detrimental burden to American Democracy. No one is defending TRUMPEE ZERO. All that is being said is that he can be controlled to some degree. Without control, the fate of America is a coin toss. This is the consensus. THIS IS INSANITY.
7) Impeachment should have been started yesterday.
8) I think the author threw in some words about "Agreeing with the President's agenda" but the real expectation of the author is that TRUMPEE ZERO will be impeached. If this anonymous Op-Ed supporting Woodward's book does not do the trick in the next 24-48 hours, then I think a second Op-Ed is going to appear in the New York Times maybe anonymous and maybe be not. The third op-ed will not be anonymous because a third anonymous op-ed is not going to immediately start impeachment if TRUMPEE ZERO cannot be convinced to immediately resign; like Nixon with 24 hours notice.
9) Pence says God said he would be president and I believe that. No matter what happens now, TRUMPEE ZERO is never going to finish out his term. If Pence just sits back, he can get to be President with no backstabbing on his record.
10) McConnell is really not a senior official in the TRUMPEE ZERO organization but he is someone who the New York Times would agree to publish anonymously.
11) That leaves Sessions. LIke Cohen, TRUMPEE ZERO's trusted lawyer, he has taken a lot of abuse. I think he has been pushed to the max. And his pushing back against TRUMPEE ZERO shows he has had enough. But TRUMPEE ZERO does not understand nuance and subtleties. And remember friends, Sessions knows something about Russia. That is why he recused himself. I think Sessions told Woodward and the New York Times separately that it was time for TRUMPEE ZERO to go for the sake of America.
Sessions could pull the trigger on TRUMPEE ZERO and survive as AG under Pence.
12) I still believe that TRUMPEE ZERO will be gone by the end of next week.
13) The Anonymous Op-Ed person is ready to take off his mask. He went into this ready to do that.
14) Oh yes, All these letters to TRUMPEE ZERO claiming not to be the author of the Anonymous Op-Ed, there seems to be little mention of the fact that they are not members of a conspiracy. When the walnut brain of TRUMPEE ZERO gets that message, he will trust absolutely no one. That will crash his parade and end his presidency.
15) And as a relevant aside, Senator Cory Booker, has stepped up to the plate like Sessions. He is the only Democrat I respect right now. He put his job on the line to stop Kavanaugh, a scumbag of the first magnitude. Right up there with Clarence Thomas the Supreme Court's Uncle Tom in residence. The Supreme Court is corrupt. I give as evidence its support of breaking treaties with all the tribes and supporting Slavery. Both contrary to the Constitution. They all have their agendas and biases. There are degrees as to how offensive each of these justices are to me. Kavanaugh could easily be replaced with Roy Moore of Alabama fame.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180907 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Loyalty oaths.


America is upside down when a lying draft dodging coward President takes up the America Flag to beat down an accomplished Blackman of worth. This is just a replay of the Ali tragedy in the 60's. As a Vietnam Era veteran, I have always claimed the right to use the Flag that I defended to protest and I am fine with a man of undeniable achievement and character to use it just the same. Donald Trump? Disgusting! The forever minority president. Traitor in chief.
Dr. John WorldPeace JD 180906

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Friends there is so much in this article that it is hard to keep it all in any logical order.
2) The senior members of the TRUMPEE ZERO administration have jumped in to verify the Woodward book. What that means is that they have sent a loud and clear message that they are moment to moment trying to keep TRUMPEE ZERO under control and they cannot keep it up for another two and a half years if even another day.
3) The senior staff are saying to the Senate if the impeachment starts they will deliver the evidence to terminate TRUMPEE ZERO as president as unfit for office.
4) The senior officials and the Senate and others are meeting right now to come up with a plan of action. There are too many conversations to be had for McConnell to give TRUMPEE ZERO an ultimatum to resign or be impeached message that there is no way out. Too many variables to be discussed in terminating TRUMPEE ZERO. That is why I say it will be the end of next week before the end of TRUMPEE ZERO.
5) Right now TRUMPEE ZERO can trust no one. All the circuits in his brain are on overload. He does not have the mind to process the fact that probably half of all the Senior Officials are against him. How can he conduct business knowing that he will have to look at everyone as a traitor. All business at the White House will stop immediately.
6) The fat is in the fire. TRUMPEE ZERO has no way out. He has been checkmated.
7) Pence is going to be told that he cannot pardon TRUMPEE ZERO as Ford pardoned Nixon because Mueller's investigation must go forward.
8) Paul Manafort is a smart guy and he now knows that he cannot rely on TRUMPEE ZERO to pardon him because TRUMPEE ZERO could resign at any moment. And if an Impeachment has to proceed, TRUMPEE ZERO is not stupid enough to pardon Manafort. That means Manafort is going to talk to Mueller within a few days about flipping on TRUMPEE ZERO.
9) TRUMPEE ZERO will not be president so Mueller is free to subpoena him and all these senior officials know that if TRUMPEE ZERO testifies he will end up in jail because he is incapable of telling the truth.
10) I have been saying it since TRUMPEE ZERO was elected that if he is sworn in, he will lose everything he has and that probably applies to his children as well.
11) This will go down like Nixon. Things are moving very fast now and TRUMPEE ZERO could resign at any moment.
12) Googliani is screwed. His credibility is zero. HIs defense of TRUMPEE ZERO has always been nonsense. He can retire to Iceland now and live out his days. He has used up all his 911 credibility.
13) There is going to be a mad dash to undo as much of TRUMPEE ZERO'S mischief as possible before the elections. And that means paying the $200 million for the Palestinians and moving the US Embassy out of Jerusalem within the month.
14) The Iran deal will be reinstated and the Paris Accords regarding climate change will be endorsed.
15) All these things must happen try to stop the House going Democratic. But I think it will be too late. When all the bad things about TRUMPEE ZERO come out, the Republican Senators will not be able to explain their inaction. All those Republicans in the coming election who shifted to singing the TRUMPEE ZERO song are finished.
16) There is going to be chaos. And there is not going to be anywhere for anyone to hide.
17) There has been NO ONE, politician or otherwise, who has called TRUMPEE ZERO a TRAITOR since he was elected. I have a website full of anti-Trump commentary that speak exactly to what is happening right now. I am running for President and I will come down hard on any candidate who claims they were working behind the scenes. Democrats and Republicans all own this travesty of putting a traitor in the White House.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180905 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Senior staff publically turn on TRUMPEE ZERO.


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New York Times publishes opinion piece from anonymous senior Trump administration official

The New York Times opinion pages took a rare action Wednesday, granting anonymity to a senior Trump administration official to publish an opinion piece about how administration officials are working to undermine the president.

Friends I have not backed off TRUMPEE ZERO since he was elected in 2016 and before. I have used all the negative names various people working under him have used to describe him. There is no one, as in no one, who is running for office in November or any of the potential Democratic candidates for president in 2020 who have almost daily been attacking TRUMPEE ZERO as the worst president ever and a Traitor to American Democracy and Values..
Now we have a book from Bob Woodward whose work ended the Nixon presidency. Now he has just taken a ten pound sledge hammer to the credibility if not the sanity of Donald Trump. Every day now it seems more and more bad news of significance lands on TRUMPEE ZERO'S desk.
The tide has turned. The momentum is picking up and the good thing is that we have two more months before the election. Bob Woodward's book is going to carry the news for at least two weeks and then we will be within seven weeks of the elections with the budget needing to be resolved before the end of September.
My question right now is whether the Republicans are going to ever step up and get in line with the reality that they put a dog and dangerous clown into the presidency.
We are only 19 months into the TRUMPEE ZERO presidency and the facts from 19 months ago are now coming to light. The most important revelation here is that the people who are in TRUMPEE ZERO's inner circle are not quite the traitors I thought. They are trying to keep the potential acts of TRUMPEE ZERO that would put America in jeopardy globally out of his reach. TRUMPEE ZERO is so mindless that he can't seem to keep up with what he is trying to do. I can't imagine someone pulling something off Obama's desk and Obama not asking where that document went.
Over the last few weeks, I have backed off posting every day to work through my plans to make an impact in the 2020 Presidential election. I have not solidified the details of my plan of action but there are a few things that have become obvious to me.
1) Six months ago I said the only way to break the deadlock in the House and Senate is with a third party. But that third party means that it must in truth be an independent third party. But the truth is that independents will never come together in an official party because being simplistic the independents shift from supporting Democrat to Republican issues and vice versa frequently.
Therefore, there cannot ever be a third party but election to election there can be a coalition which shifts as the political landscape shifts. In other words, an independent coalitiion will not be nailed down to principles for a century like the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln. The world is moving to fast for that.
The Tao te Ching says what is rigid breaks and what is flexible endures. An independent coalition will be that flexibility that will force the Republican or Democratic party to tweak their positions in order to get the support of the independents
The bottom line is the inflexible gridlock between Republicans and Democrats will have to flex from election to election if they want to stay a viable party and win.
2) Consequently, my run for the presidency is going to be as the focal point of these shifting independent coalitions. Yes I said coalitions. The independents are never going to come with a 100% supported position. But that is OK because if 70% of the independents are moving a certain way, it will still be enough to force adjustments within the Democrat and Republican Parties.
My vision is one that if it works would mean that the President would always be an independent because the voters will understand from the experience of the last 50 years that when the White House, House and Senate are the same party, good sense takes a back seat and the desire to compromise fades away for four years.
3) From a technical aspect, the only way a person can run for president as a true independent would be with a write in vote campaign.
This write in vote would be significant enough to force the Democrats or Republicans to bend. They would fear that ignoring the write-in vote would leave them short of a majority vote. In other words, the Independents could force a loss to one of the Parties which is the backside of the Independents delivering a win.
Compromise would come back to American Politics which is the only thing that ever works in a Democracy.
4) Further, as an independent, I can attack parts of either party's platform. For instance, I could attack all the Democrats for sitting back with muffled attacks on TRUMPEE ZERO. Obama, both Clintons, Biden, Jimmy Carter should have been screaming out loud that TRUMPEE ZERO is a traitor. They did not. If anyone knew how bad TRUMPEE ZERO was, it was these people.
If I ran as a Democrat I would have to be kind to Obama for playing nice when the country was in peril. People tell me all the time that I am too aggressive to be a WorldPeace Advocate. And I remind them that Hitler should have been stopped and could have been stopped had the opposition been more vocal and outspoken.
Also, things like welfare are presented as black and white issues. An independent voice can work a middle road. For instance, I object to welfare being paid for unwanted babies. If the father is not identified by the mother, so that he can reimburse the government for entitlements, then the mother gets no welfare. And to help reduce the abortion problem, contraception needs to be free across the nation. The cost of contraception is minuscule compared to the cost of the government supporting unwanted children. And further, we have a dropout problem in education. So I would push to end welfare for people with no high school diploma or GED. It may sound a hard solution but I am not a socialist. The government needs to help people who need assistance but not when they have created their dependence on welfare. And I am absolutely against families who have lived multiple generations on welfare.
5) Lastly, with the internet and social media, it does not cost millions of dollars to become elected. Even though I have not had a superior amount of traffic to my website for the presidency, I have been posting and as I gain attention, people will be able to go back and see where I stood all along even though they did not initially pay attention. Social Media will require the candidate for office to speak often and will require more developed comments as opposed to one sentence meaningless frivolous sound bites. With the candidates speaking more directly, Fake news is cut back dramatically.
TRUMPEE ZERO has shown us the gaping flaw in American politics in the way that TRUMPEE ZERO has run his presidency based on TRUMPEE ZERO's rules as opposed to the rules of American Democracy and Values. American Democracy is in a lot more potential jeopardy than anyone imagined possible.
Back to the topic at hand, it is time for the insanity of TRUMPEE ZERO to end. First by putting the House in the hands of the Democrats and Second by impeaching and convicting TRUMPEE ZERO. And to increase the number of criminal lawsuits filed against the financial criminal acts of TRUMPEE ZERO that have nothing directly to do with government but have to do with keeping liars and thieves out of the Presidency.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180905 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The Bob Woodward Book


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Bob Woodward: Trump's aides stole his papers 'to protect the country'
President Donald Trump's closest aides have taken extraordinary measures in the White House to try to stop what they saw as his most dangerous impulses, going so far as to swipe and hide papers from his desk so he wouldn't sign them, according to a new book from legendary journalist Bob Woodward.


Friends, the behavior of TRUMPEE ZERO is really outrageous. It is anit-American and it is without dignity.
Jeff Sessions is making a serious stand against the character of the President. I think Sessions is too conservative but he has been one of the few who has ignored TRUMPEE ZERO ranting and survived in office.
I think part of that has to do with the fact that Sessions has a lot of friends in the Senate. And we need to all remember that the foundation of TRUMPEE ZERO's contempt for Sessions is that he recused himself from the Russian investigation. The only reason Sessions would do that is if he considered his actions during the campaign to be illegal. And that means if TRUMPEE ZERO were to fire him he could flip on TRUMPEE ZERO who really could not survive another person, one with a lot of power, to flip. So I think Sessions feels secure in his job. He may well last the rest of TRUMPEE ZERO'S full term in office if that happens. With the Democrats in control of the House, TRUMPEE ZERO is going to be severely limited in what he can get away with. He will be shut down.
TRUMPEE ZERO really does act like a Banana Republic dictator. He cannot understand why being the most powerful man in world he does not have the uncontrolled power of a Banana Republic dictator.
There are two more months until the election and in my opinion TRUMPEE ZERO does understand that 60 days is all the time he has left with unchallenged power moves. An article the other day claimed that TRUMPEE ZERO has spent 25% of his days in office playing golf and more time at his other properties. His agenda has been shut down even with a Republican House and Senate. He could not reverse Obama Care. He could not get the money for his stupid wall. He did pass a tax bill that outrageously transferred money to the rich and the big corporations they own to the detriment of the average American. He through mostly executive orders unchained corporate restraint which allowed the stock market to soar. When the Democrats take over fully in 2020 you can expect about a 25% drop in the Dow Jones. Not a problem for the rich, they make money when the markets goes up and they make money when it goes down through options and other vehicles. TRUMPEE ZERO has increased government spending far beyond what any Democratic administration has done. His tariffs are going to definitely hurt Americans over the next two years. His attacks on John McCain have shaved more votes from his base. No question but TRUMPEE ZERO hates veterans which is what you would expect of a yellow bellied draft dodger.
I want to repeat something I repeat often. TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president due to the corruption that is the Electoral College. There is no Electoral College in play for the November elections. So I would say that the Democrats will definitely own the House in January and I think they will own the Senate as well. TRUMPEE ZERO is not going to stop being outrageous. He is trying to stop a pay raise for Federal Employees in January. Only a fool would not expect that he has lost those votes in November. And there are the women who supported him but have flipped. Muslims and Hispanics who are significantly affected by his immigration policies.
Come November TRUMPEE ZERO will be neutralized. The investigations will intensify and increase in number. Impeachment will loom over the rest of his presidency and much of what he has accomplished by Executive Order will be reversed through legislation.
TRUMPEE ZERO'S pose in the picture attached to this article is really telling. It is the pose of an arrogant elitist who will not be controlled by people or the traditions of the presidency and American politics in general.
After November, and having nothing to do with the elections, the policies of TRUMPEE ZERO are going to start showing the negative reality of those policies. By the time 2020 elections come around, there will be a wall around a shrinking TRUMPEE ZERO base. The best thing that could happen is that his base forces the Republicans to again make him their candidate. It will be suicide but I dont think they will have any choice but to back him if he is not Impeached and Convicted or has not resigned.
The second Manafort trial will begin in a few weeks and the budget fight must come to a head before September 30th. Neither of which are going to be positive for TRUMPEE ZERO. I expect Manafort to flip right before his coming trial and cut a deal for about 15-20 years in jail.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 1809047 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The Banana Republic Dictator wannabe.


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GOP Senator Slams Trump On Sessions: 'The U.S. Is Not Some Banana Republic'
We don't have a "two-tiered system of justice — one for the majority party and one for the minority party," said Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse.