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This Websie was created on November 21, 2016, by Dr John WorldPeace JD for the purpose of IMPEACHING DONALD TRUMP from the office of President of the United States in the event the does not resign while serving as President Elect prior to being sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2016.

President Obama has said, he will work against all the unAmerican policies and programs that Donald Trump attempts to delete, thwart or enact. President Obama is with me and the majority of American voters who by a margin of over ONE MILLION votes rejected Donald Trump as President of the United States and his Alt-Right, Isolationist, Racist agenda. Donald Trump does not have a mandate from the Americans who voted on November 8, 2016: Hillary Clinton does. Donald Trump is in office due to the unAmerican Electoral College that should have been repealed over a hundred years ago. In America, the majority rules. The Electoral College is a manipulation of the vote that allows the installation of a President who was not elected by the majority of voting Americans. This is clearly contrary to American Democracy and is a dark if not evil defect in American Law.

I am against virtually everthing that Donald Trump represents from the unlimited accumulation of wealth, a refusal to be charitable to relieve the suffering in the world and to promote uplifting programs, his racism, his focusing on Muslims as secondary citizens, his isolationism in the non-stoppable growing Globalism, his constant lies, his arrogance with regards to just about every one and every country in the world. His refusal to show his income taxes so that Americans can clearly see his bias toward his Empire and potentally contrary to American interests both local and globally. And much more that you can read about below.

My main website is I am an advocate for peace and WorldPeace (world peace needs to be written as one word so it is viewed as one thing, not two) but I am not a pacifist. I am not against everything Donald Trump is for. You will see that below.

I have degrees in Political Science, Accounting and Law from the University of Houston. I am a U S Army Veteran. I have been officially self-employed as a web designer since October 2003. I have pursued my art for over 5 years, Poetry for over 46 years, religious writing on all the major religions with more emphasis on Christianity all my life. I am a spiritual Christian not a religious one; meaning I attend church regularly but I am a member of no church. In fact, I am not a member of anything organization. I consider all membership as creating an Us v. Them mentality which is an impediment to WorldPeace. We must see each other first as human beings.

My signature statement is "How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all religions, all races, all nationalities, all gender designations and especially the equality of women) if we do not include everyone in our vision of peace? The answer is we cannot.

I do not have and will not ever set up a political (other than a political campaign) or religious organization. I do not solicit money. If you want to contribute to WorldPeace then buy my art, books, etc or employ me as a web designer and if you so desire pay me a bonus above what I charge. All money will go toward the advocacy of peace. I do not own a car or a home or more that $3000 in personal assets and not more than $1000 in business assets. The web design business is not one that requires more than a minimal investment in tangible assets. My business and my art and writings etc do have value no doubt but there has never been an evaluation of any of my creations.

I refuse to spend my life accumulating money for the sake of increasing my power and status in the world human society. My power and status comes from who I am and not what I own. My charity focus is primarily centered on creating jobs that allow people peace of mind and the ability to support their loved ones.

I have a significant web site at I probably live the most open life on the planet. Virtually nothing about me is hidden.

The foundation of peace in the world human society and the level of peace in the world human society is controlled by governments, the law and religions. All have reached their limit in significantly increasing the level of peace in the world. It is time for a break out.

I am qualified in politics with a political science degree and running for Governor of Texas in 2002 as a Democrat. I lost the primary in March 2002. I have studied politics all my life with a major interest in American Politics and much study regarding Nazi Germany looking for how sane people could be lead to insanity and undeniable evil.

I am qualified in the law with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree and 20 years of practicing law in Houston, Texas.

I am qualified to speak about all the major religions of the world because as you can see from I have extensively self studies in all the major religions. I have always been a Christian. I am not a born again Christian. I believe in the red letter words of Jesus in the Bible as a foundation for my personal relationship with God. All the rest is just commentary (much of it edited for political power and control). I believe Jesus was resurrected. Something no other human being has accomplished. Therefore I am a spiritual Christian.

However, that being said, the law of the human race must remain secular. A democracy must embrace all religions. A secular democracy is defective when it makes any pronouncement that any race, religion, nationality or gender of human beings should be considered secondary citizens simply by being a member of a certain classification of human beings.

I believe criminals should be brought to justice and if their crimes are heinous, they can be executed. But the law is so corrupt in every government the death penalty is usually reserved for those without power or money.

You cannot execute an infinite immortal soul. You can only terminate a finite mortal body. And all that is happening with capital punishment is the shortening of a life before its time. In fact, all human bodies die.

Again if you want to know what I believe, read all I have published on my website.

I am not adverse to running for President of the United States as a Democrat or 3d party if that is necessary in my mind to prevent Donald Trump from having a second term in 2020. Right now the will of the American majority was a rejection of Donald Trump as President of the United States. We need to focus on the interim elections in 2018 and make the House and Senate Democratic to throttle back Donald Trumps unAmerican activities.

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Commentary by By Dr John WorldPeace JD during the Presidental campaign of Donald Trump.


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The noose is tightening around the neck of TRUMPEE ZERO. He can run but he cannot hide.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180531 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / McCabe gives Mueller his notes on Comey firing.


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Andrew McCabe turned over his memo on Comey's firing to Robert Mueller
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has turned over a memo he drafted related to the firing of his former boss, FBI Director James Comey, to the special counsel's office, according to a source familiar with the matter.


People seem stunned at the Roseanne Barf event.
I never watched her reboot. I don't watch TV but if I did I would not have watched her because she is as disgusting and anti-American as TRUMPEE ZERO.
Many things created a perfect storm here.
One, the anything for money corporate greed revolted. The money men support TRUMPEE ZERO because he is good for business. But these men and women who worship money above all else, still have a morality. They have a belief system and for the most part they are not hardcore racist, anit-Muslim, haters of immigrants because many come from immigrant stock. They are not pathological liars, they are not whore mongers and fornicators, they try to live a Christian reality and above all they believe in America internally and they know America Democracy has minted a lot of money.
Two, I said this the other day, TRUMPEE ZERO has used up all the tolerance that Americans have for really worthless rotten people. This has been brought to the front burner: what very rich arrogant racists look like. The truth is that TRUMPEE ZERO and Roseanne Barf are very screwed up Americans whose core value system is repugnant to almost all Americans.
I want to repeat what has been in and out of the news. Most people would not want TRUMPEE ZERO to be their neighbor or even a part of their social circle. But they are 100% behind what he has done to advance the racist Evangelical Christian agenda. He has done what these right-wing White Trash Republican conservatives have been demanding and sold as MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
Three, people are seeing what Jesus Christ said, A BAD TREE CANNOT BEAR GOOD FRUIT. What TRUMPEE ZERO is doing to AMERICA is BAD FRUIT. People are having to realzie that if you take TRUMPEE ZERO'S policies and acts of being a mean spirited elitist person you understand he really hates people of color and has manifested that in his constant rants about immigration and Muslims. Women are sex objects to him and nothing more. Sex objects he has contempt for. They are arm candy. Nothing more.
TRUMPEE ZERO has attacked American Justice and demeaned patriots who serve America in the State Department and CIA.
If you want to be honest, TRUMPEE ZERO has attacked the majority of Americans. He takes health care from the poor. He wants to get rid of all entitlement programs. He wants to purge America of non-Whites because he hates muddy people.
He is pushing the Zionist Agenda because stupid Christians think that will bring on the Second Coming and the return of Jesus who never left, and an end to all not Christians. What is promoted in America Evangelicalism is an end to non-White Christians as well. The new heaven and earth will be White Christian.
And Jesus is going to come from the sky with millions of angels to make war on the non-White non-Christians. Seems like that out of the sky scenario of the Messiah was the belief 2000 years ago and it was wrong. And that version of the Second Coming is still wrong. YOU KNOW WHAT, people do not want peace, they want a vengeful Jesus to come and destroy their perceived enemies and White wash the world. They rejected a peaceful Messiah 2000 years ago and that is not want they are cheering for now.
The Confederacy was White Racism and all the peripheral issues that went with it. And that mindset has again risen and what has happened is that TRUMPEE ZERO has become a mirror for all Americans on this issue.
A Bad Tree cannot bear Good Fruit. The fruit that TRUMPEE ZERO is bearing is rotten. And he bears rotten fruit because he is a rotten man. And he has a rich sister, Roseanne Barf, another rotten tree freely promoting rotten fruit. Racism is a poison fruit.
What is interesting to me is that racism is not owned by just the South anymore. It is owned by Americans from sea to shining sea.
What Roseanne Barr has done is put the feminine face on TRUMPEE ZERO. Together they are the couple married in hell and hate. They are arrogant rich elitists who basically hate everyone. From the old news about Roseanne, there are few people who have lived a more screwed up life. TRUMPEE ZERO was raised by a White Racist slum lord.
Bottom line, Americans through Roseanne and TRUMPEE ZERO are looking into the mirror. And they are beginning to be horrified at what they see.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the world. MAGA the poison fruit from the poison tree.
Roseanne Barr and TRUMPEE ZERO are the harbingers of the Phoenix. They have set America on fire by exposing the underlying truth about America. The resurrection I hope is coming will be in November. I believe Americans will go to the polls with the loudest rejection of TRUMPEE ZERO and the Republicans in the history of the United States.
Roseanne Barf is a second wake up call to America. TRUMPEE ZERO is not going to change. So 5 more months of his poison even after the womens' revolt and now the Roseanne Barf disgusting racism. We will see the end of the TRUMPEE ZERO nightmare will begin in November. If not, America is lost. The light of the Great Democratic Experiment will die.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180531 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / TRUMPEE ZERO and Roseanne Barf


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Roseanne Once Led the Charge for Progress. Her Downfall Marks Progress of Another Kind.
Trying to make sense of her complex legacy.


Seems like these days the TRUMPEE ZERO'S lies and alternate facts just don't run very far anymore.
Not a good week for TRUMPEE ZERO. The Feds get a million plus documents from Michael Cohen. Trey Goudy says there was no spy in the TRUMPEE ZERO campaign. Remember how long it took to prove Obama did not wire tap TRUMP TOWER.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180530file: TRUMPEE ZERO / So many people in the White House TRUMPEE ZERO does not know.


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The White House Official Trump Says Doesn’t Exist
Meet Matthew Pottinger, the former journalist who became the president’s top Asia hand.


This makes me laugh. Actually ROTFLMAO.
Give a prosecutor a million documents on Mother Teresa and she would have done jail time.
Surely you all know how this works. One sentence in one document of a million documents and the owner of the documents life is over.
In the case of Cohen, nothing can be hidden. That is one thing about the money men of the world, They like documents to give to their accountants. What is legal and how the accountant spins the data is something else. But when it comes to money, it is very hard to cover your tracks especially when there are Millions of financial documents.
In accounting, debits must equal credits.
Michael Cohen is toast. And now TRUMPEE ZERO is sweating like a cold Coke in the Summer sun on the beach.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180530 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / A million plus documents going to the Feds.

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Federal prosecutors to get more than 1 million files seized from Michael Cohen's phones
Federal prosecutors investigating President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen are poised to receive on Wednesday one million files from three of his


My impression of this hard pushback against Roseanne is that TRUMPEE ZERO has expended all the tolerance Americans have for Racism and Religions intolerance. The TRUMPEE ZERO base that is sick of his bad acts doesn't feel free to criticize him. But they can focus their frustration on a scapegoat like Roseanne.
What this means to me is that there is an anger boiling in America that TRUMPEE ZERO will not curb his bad behavior no matter what and he is negatively affecting other Americans like Roseanne. The thought of dealing with him for another 30 months is starting to grate on people.
All in all I believe that this anger is going to significantly jump out of the woodwork in the November 2018 midterm elections.
From the beginning, TRUMPEE ZERO'S base has admitted they don't like a lot of things about his personality but he is executing on their priorities. I do not believe the polls that show a positive shift for TRUMPEE ZERO on any level.
I think the polls are intentionally or unintentionally not asking the right questions. I think that even though TRUMPEE ZERO may be right on target for Racist America there is an irritation that people like Roseanne take a license from TRUMPEE ZERO to let their rottenness go public.
These people who have just lost their jobs because of this throwback are backing the producers and agreeing that Roseanne like TRUMPEE ZERO is not going to change and her behavior is intolerable.
I have been around racists my whole life. I left Texas because of far-right conservatives, racists, judgmental Christian radicals, biased courts, and a greed driven society. I should have left in my twenties. But I just had too much family and extended family to pack up and leave. I did well in Texas. It is hard not to do well there if you are willing to work hard. But there is a self-righteous attitude there that is just more than I can tolerate.
I left in September 2011 and have only been back twice to bring the balance of my things in storage to New Mexico. New Mexico has its own problems but the energy from this state is enchanting. Even with the abuse of White Sands. Such a beautiful place to be forever known as the birthplace of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180529 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Roseanne backlash


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Michael Fishman 'devastated' after 'Roseanne' cancellation
"Roseanne" star Michael Fishman, who has played D.J. Conner on the series since its start in 1988, says he's "devastated" following news of the show's cancellation, a move made by ABC on Tuesday after star Roseanne Barr went on a racist Twitter rant.


I never liked this woman's big mouth. I said so months ago that it was a mistake to put her back on TV.
What really makes me sad is that the cast members and crew were looking forward to a nice job for maybe years to come and Roseanne without a single consideration for all these people and even her audience proved that actors are actors and for the most disconnected from the real world.
Roseanne and TRUMPEE ZERO brother and sister in the other world reality of entertainers.
I haven't watched TV in decades. The only TV I watch is when I wash my clothes at the washateria and several TV's are unavoidable.
Sorry for all the people at ABC that Roseanne has harmed with her big mouth that decreases the level of peace in the world human society.
Such a gifted person. Too bad she is such a negative role model. Just like TRUMPEE ZERO she lives in a world of one: Roseanne.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180529 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Roseanne the big negative mouth.


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ABC cancels 'Roseanne' after star's racist Twitter rant
Roseanne Barr apologized after a bizarre twitter rant Tuesday morning, and then announced she's now leaving Twitter.


This is article is about exactly what I just wrote commentary on.
The Chinese put everything into any particular event or issue on the table. The Chinese have an integrated focus in everything they do. They do not view anything as free standing and without consequences to their overall plan which for now is to increase their footprint in the waters off their east coast from Russia to Australia. Second they are global economic giants. And everything this is happening everywhere is always being evaluated for negative effects from other actions.
TRUMPEE ZERO has little patience for facts and briefings that last more than 6 seconds. He is not a dynamic thinker. He is a one thing at a time thinker and then he ignores everything else in the world but that one issue. His brain trust are for the most part brain dead talking heads who are just presenters of information dictated by others. They are attractive faces with clear speaking voices. They are actors whose most important asset is their likeability. So it is the nothing to contribute to reality talking heads who he listens to.
Why? Because his primary template on everything is his ratings. That is all. He would propose rebuilding New York City 50,000 feet up in the sky if it got him 10 seconds on the news. Factual understanding of anything of significance is not on his agenda. Facts are for gophers and sycophants and lesser people than himself. Someone like Gandhi is rated as just a foolish person on the TRUMPEE ZERO scale of human worth. And absolutely nothing of consequence comes from the poor. Like St. Francis.
Someone pushed TRUMPEE ZERO'S button over the weekend. I feel it was Devin Nunes who ran to TRUMPEE ZERO as soon as he saw whatever he saw with regards to the Mueller investigation last week. Not much to support TRUMPEE ZERO. Nunes has no legal background and it is very doubtful he even understood what was being discussed at the meetings. Trey Goudy who is not one on TRUMPEE ZERO'S hemorrhoids and has a law degree fully understood the nuances of whatever Rosenstein revealed at the meeting.
Mueller is going to come down long and hard and heavy on TRUMPEE ZERO. Of that I have no doubt. The only question I have is when. Whatever it is, it is not going to be understood by TRUMPEE ZERO'S base. Whatever it is will be spun out as a rigged system against an outsider trying to clean up Washington. Stupid is as stupid votes.
TRUMPEE ZERO is nothing but a man with a wooden head banging on a wooden gong. He is stupid (Dr Jwp) Idiot (Kelly) moron (Tillerson).
The point is that the Chinese, specifically XI, is calling the shots at the coming N. Korean summit and it is gigantically stupid for TRUMPEE ZERO to piss off the Chinese with tariff theats two weeks before this summit that is supposed to take place. I think all that going to happen in Singapore is Kim Jong Un is going serve up a dismissal of TRUMPEE ZERO as little more that an ugly American who still thinks it is August 1945 and only the USA had a nuclear weapon.
I think TRUMPEE ZERO is going to leave Singapore with his rear end on fire. I suggest that his staff have a couple of dozen Big Mac's ready for the big man as he exits the summit.
Nothing positive for the USA will come of this Summit. It is just going to prove that TRUMPEE ZERO continues to castrate the USA internationally. I have a feeling that TRUMPEE ZERO tweeting what a great success the summit was will not turn people away from seeing it was a disaster and no amount of tweeting is going to spin it any other way.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180529 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The great Korean Summit con't.


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White House slaps 25% tariff on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods
The final list of Chinese products will be announced by June 15.


Friends nothing is going to come of the Great USA TRUMPEE ZERO Singapore Circus.
All this chatter in the media is nonsense.
Why is nothing going to happen? Because China is not at the table.
China is diluting the Tibetan population. In another 50 years there will be nothing left of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism moved to India with the Dali Lama fleeing Tibet in the 1950's from the Chinese.
China is going forward at an acceptable pace to the rest of the world to take over control of the South China Sea and every nation between Russia in the north and Australia in the south.
China is not going to give an inch in North Korea.
So Friends, the reality is the Great Singapore Summit is like China having a Summit with Puerto Rico without the USA present.
IT IS ALL STUPID. You know TRUMPEE ZERO, stupid, moron, idiot.
And we have to understand what the Chinese know, TRUMPEE ZERO is clueless about the issues. TRUMPEE ZERO cannot be depended on in any agreement. TRUMPEE ZERO with Iran and the Paris Accords and the Pacific Trade Pac will walk out of a deal anytime he wants and never look back.
If the Chinese wanted a serious conversation with TRUMPEE ZERO they would have Sean Hannity in the mix. I am not joking.
I am certain that nothing is going to come of this summit. What I am not sure of is just how China through Kim Jong Un is going to significantly embarrass TRUMPEE ZERO. I feel pretty confident that the Chinese are going to put their Tiger's teeth right into the pork that is TRUMPEE ZERO'S posterior. I really think the Chinese through Kim Jong Un is going to put TRUMPEE ZERO in his place with regards to China.
You see folks, with China, on every single issue, EVERYTHING is always on the table: Iran, South China Sea, Korea, Japan, the Pacific Trade Pac, tariffs. The Chinese are not one-dimensional players. They are playing chess when TRUMPEE ZERO is playing marbles.
TRUMPEE ZERO is a one trick pony: Promoting TRUMPEE ZERO. The Chinese are serious challengers to a free world.
We might as well send Bozo the Clown to the Summit. Hey were are sending TRUMPEE ZERO the clown.
Let me make this more clear. If one of the neighbor kids is beating up your son. You don't go talk to the kid, you talk to the kid's parent. If you want to talk about North Korea you talk to China. This reality/truth makes TRUMPEE ZERO'S participation in the summit look like just what it is, another TRUMPEE ZERO Circus.
TRUMPEE ZERO will leave Singapore with his rear end on fire. And the Chinese will be having champagne and laughing themselves to near death.
Stupid is as stupid does. And if you are an American, you dont send a clown to deal with the Chinese.
You send TRUMPEE ZERO to a Girl Scout meeting on selling cookies. On second thought, best not to send TRUMPEE ZERO to a Girl Scout meeting.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180529 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The great Korean Summit.


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Trump ramps up pressure to get North Korea summit on track
A heightened level of presidential urgency is spurring discussions among American and North Korean counterparts two weeks ahead of an off-again, on-again summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.


NOTHING takes priority over TRUMPEE ZERO'S Ego. Every day, Every moment is about TRUMPEE ZERO Uber Alles.
TRUMPEE ZERO does not care anymore about veterans (of which I am one) than he cares about dog pound issues.
TRUMPEE ZERO is wanting to privatize Veterans' health care which is about creating new money making opportunities for greedy corporate interests as opposed to making sure the veterans who served their country are taken care of.
The Pain and Suffering of others is not something that registers with TRUMPEE ZERO.
He will not change. He is what he is.
And what he is, is worthless and a threat to every American.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180529 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Huckstering on Memorial Day


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Veterans Group Blasts Trump's Memorial Day Remark As 'Most Inappropriate' Ever
VoteVets calls it "appalling" to offer happy greetings and self-promotion on a day meant to honor the fallen.


I think the bottom line here is Classic TRUMPEE ZERO.
Chaos, Chaos, Chaos.
I am sure immigration is like all government departments under TRUMPEE ZERO. Lacking appointees, inconsistent directives, lack of decision. Lack of understanding or caring for any Mexican.
There is no immigration policy except get rid of the Muslims and Mexicans. Mexicans are all gang members and criminals. And children are just like their parents.
Regardless of what happened in prior administrations, TRUMPEE ZERO took office with a plan to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. All he is done is create chaos. He has and continues to bring down the status of the USA in the world with other nations. We are becoming a joke to the world. The world's most powerful nation with a chaotic Clown president.
The only thing TRUMPEE ZERO is good at is tearing down things. Everything that is associated with Obama, TRUMPEE ZERO has ripped into it. There is not plan to fix. Just tear it down.
TRUMPEE ZERO had no plan for anything except that he be king. And let us not ignore the chant of the TRUMPEE ZERO BASE.
TRUMPEE ZERO. The ultimate Bull in the China closet. What he does not destroy he tweets on.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180528 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Lost kids in immigration.


About this website
The problem with the narrative about 1,500 children “lost” by US immigration authorities
Tracking down the missing children may not be a good thing under the Trump administration.


I already responded to TRUMPEE ZERO stupid idiot moron regarding Iran. Here is a repeat in fewer words. .
TRUMPEE ZERO and Bolton, and Pompeo, Bannon, and Nicki Haley, and Gen Kelly and Gookliano think the USA still had the power it did after WWII. WRONG.
The USA wants and TRUMPEE ZERO and his sycophants and his base want the USA to be isolationist. Guess what the world in Iran, North Korea, the Pacific Trade Pac say FINE. We are going forward. China is in on Iran, Korea and the Pacific Trade Pac.
TRUMPEE ZERO is not going to sanction our allies for keeping the Iran deal
TRUMPEE ZERO just got another wake up call. And that goes for Netanyahu. That corrupt Zionist now sees as does everyone else that China is the king power broker in the world, NOT THE USA, NOT TRUMPEE ZERO.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Elect a Clown Expect a Circus.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180528 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / China and Iran get together.


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China to host Iran to avoid project disruption amid nuclear deal doubt
China will host Iranian President Hassan Rouhani next month at a regional summit aimed at avoiding disruption of joint projects, its foreign ministry said on Monday, as major powers scramble to save Iran's nuclear deal after the United States pulled out.


Who knows what TRUMPEE ZERO is or is not going to do. He is lost in space. He has no clue of the realities that control North Korea. An article I read within the last week was that Kim Jong Un is very informed and very much up on all the variables whereas TRUMPEE ZERO does not know his backend from a hole in the ground.
But what we know more than anything else is that TRUMPEE ZERO is willing to break any agreement at any time. If he comes home from Singapore and Fox News, meaning the big mouth fool Sean Hannity, tells him that he made a bad deal, TRUMPEE ZERO will break it. TRUMPEE ZERO wakes up in a new world every day.
Two things I am absolutely sure of is that China is going to remain in control of North Korea and is going to continue to work on distancing South Korea from the USA. The second thing is that the USA will never denuclearize South Korea. That is such a stupid thought it really does not need any comment.
China is obviously going to control every country between Russia in the north and Australia in the South. The USA will only have a foothold in South Korea. Japan will never militarize again. The greatest biggest navy in the world cannot replace a land-based nuclear presence. The whole history of world civilization has been about controlling land. Without South Korea and Japan the USA will be a non-entity in every country from the east coast of China to Hawaii and south to Australia. That is the reality of the future of China.
Without a significant presence in the EU and in the Far East, the USA is out of the game. What is in South America? What is in Africa? TRUMPEE ZERO is taking the USA into a future of a cheap trader in the world of nations.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180528 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / The soft reality of the Korean/USA summit.


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Trump: US team in North Korea arranging 'for the Summit between Kim Jong Un and myself'
President Trump said Sunday that U.S. officials had arrived in North Korea “for the Summit between Kim Jong Un and myself,” in perhaps the strongest indication that the much-anticipated meeting could be back on.


Britain is going to find itself isolated and going it alone if it does not immediately reverse Brexit.
Once Britain is actually out of the EU, they will find that the concerns of the EU and its expanding nations are going to forever penalize the Britons for exiting. They are not going to get into marginal deals with Britain. They are going to feel the Britons were arrogant and I think to some degree they will send a message to other EU members that there is a severe penalty for leaving the EU. "Look at England" will be the admonition.
It is a global world village now and everything is integrated. What is happening with the EU and with Russia and China and even the Middle East is the economic trade agreements and sharing of culture is going to eventually lead to a Federalist United Nations.
The key to increasing the peace in the world human society is economic integration. All wars have essentially been about economics even though cast as patriotism. It has to do with control of the world's natural resources. And the need for that control has to do with economics: making money.
The clear path politically for all nations is some form of democracy. Dictatorships and Monarchies and Communism and Socialism and definitely Theocracies are dead in the water. That is a huge leap that came obvious at the end of the 20th Century.
Unfortunately, the countries that have the resources and a weak society and no real military presence and non-democratic governments can easily be exploited by the Power Players of the world.
There are two power center now, the USA and China. Within a few decades, the USA is going to be in a backseat position to China where they will remain. The Russians have huge resources in their frozen north and that will bring them wealth but not on the level of China or the United States.
The other potential power player in the world would have been the EU with Britain, France and Germany in the lead. But without Britain, the EU will not be able to become all it could be with Britain. It is a sad and unfortunate reality. Britain's Brexit is going to turn Britain into a minor player globally and soon a united Ireland and Scotland will be in the EU. Nothing Britain can do about it. They are not going to go to war with either nation. Maybe even Wales will go with the EU.
Great Britain will return to being England.
The world is changing so fast in so many ways. People are basically ignorant of the future that will be fully in place by the end of the century if not by 2050. The world of the children of the Third Millennium will see the 20th century as ancient history and in many ways irrelevant.
For me, the key is to move into that Next World Order. I hate the term New World Order because nothing is new. What will come about will be a bright line between the 20th Century and the 21st century. The 20th century will be the end of 2300 years of one global civilization and the 21st century will cast a shadow up to the point where humans begin to colonize and exploit the solar system. I would expect that to take about 1000 years before we will be able to move out to another solar system: and probably come head to head with another inhabited intelligent alien world.
For now, we have to move forward with as much peace and harmony as possible. And I am the only one actively focused on that transition in a non-violent and non-chaotic way.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180528 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Brexit and the Next World Order.


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Food and farming sector makes Brexit demands
Those in the industry ask the PM to ensure they will continue to be able to hire EU workers.


Giuliani belongs in a category of an old man with Alzheimer's or Mad Cow's disease. He needs to go back to New York and meet up with other has-beens like himself and talk about the Glory Days of yesteryear.
GIULIANI SAYS IN THIS ARTICLE: Saying there’s no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, Giuliani said “the basis on which [Mueller] was appointed is illegitimate.”
1) No one knows what Mueller has. Certainly not this brain dead fool. Giuliani is just another sycophant licking up the slobber that dribbles out of TRUMPEE ZERO'S mouth.
2) Mueller was appointed because there was legitimate concern that the Russians interfered with the 2016 Presidential Election and that TRUMPEE ZERO and his campaign colluded with them.
a) The Senate a week or so ago said THERE WAS INTERFERENCE BY THE RUSSIANS.
b) Now we are waiting to hear what Mueller has to say.
There was nothing illegitimate about the mandate to Mueller to get to the truth of Russian interference and Russian Collusion with TRUMPEE ZERO personally or through his sycophants.
Giuliani has no idea what Mueller has on TRUMPEE ZERO and company.
CONCLUSION: Giuliani is a TRUMPEE ZERO sycophant of the first magnitude and he is also like TRUMPEE ZERO: stupid, idiot, moron.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180527 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Giuliani sings TRUMPEE ZERO song of no collusion.


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Giuliani slams Mueller probe as ‘illegitimate’
He says he does not believe there is any reason for the investigation to continue.


Well Friends, Flip_Flop Mr. Mop head ( Stupid Idiot Moron) TRUMPEE ZERO is at it again.
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.
TRUMPEE ZERO and his insane Isolationist policy pulled out of the Pacific Trade Pac and the other countries went on without the USA. Then Flip-Flop Mr Mop wanted back in and they said no thanks.
Then Flip Flop Mr Mop dropped out of the Iran deal and the other participants went on with the deal without the USA. No way TRUMPEE ZERO is going to sanction the other countries directly for staying with the Iran deal.
Now TRUMPEE ZERO makes a Reality TV play and North and South Korea move ahead with the Summit. And Flip Flop Mr Mop then said "Oh maybe the US will attend.
TheSe major global policies and stupid moron idiot TRUMPEE ZERO screwed them all up. The status of the USA has moved into the "Oh yes the Joke nation with the Clown President.
CHINA is in on the Pacific Trade Pac, the Iran Deal, the North and South Korean deal. And the United States is out in the cold.
Is this what you TRUMPEE ZERO supporters expected out of TRUMPEE ZERO and his Art of the No Deal Deal.
This is some pretty significant moves to abdicate world involvement to the Chinese. Is anyone paying attention?
Anyone who supports TRUMPEE ZERO at this point is taking a bigger and bigger percentage ownership of the deterioration of the USA as a global player and leader.
Hey TRUMPEE ZERO folks do you get that Isolation is not a viable policy in the 21st Century. In all the above instances the parties have just moved on. The actions of the USA through its CLOWN PRESIDENT have simply shown anyone with a brain that the USA is not what it used to be.
Friends we cannot survive another 30 months of this FOOL TRUMPEE ZERO leading our nation. This naive moron must be taken out of office. Even Pence is not this stupid. Pence is an idiot of another stripe. But better than TRUMPEE ZERO.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180526 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Korea fiasco with flip flop mop.

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Korean leaders meet in surprise summit
The talks happened as efforts continue to get Donald Trump's summit with Kim Jong-un back on track.


A couple of things about this knee-jerk chaotic typical I like to look stupid TRUMPEE ZERO move.
1) TRUMPEE ZERO is reading my posts. After my post, he decided that he had better be the first to cancel. That was the message of my post. He was about to be humiliated by Kim Jong Un.
2) These kinds of high-level summits already have the agenda fleshed out. And that is done by high-level meetings between top people. Virtually never does a head of state go to a meeting with another head of state without the meat of the summit already hammered out by high-level representatives. Heads of State do not go to meetings where they can be blindsided.
3) TRUMPEE ZERO is stupid and dangerous. He thinks he does not need the State Department, the Justice Department. He thinks he can survive and not look stupid with a bunch of ass kissing sycophants, not to mention White Racist, in his cabinet.
4) You do not allow people under you like Bolton, especially war monger loose canon Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, Kelly talk without an agreed on agenda and policy position. YOU DO NOT FLY BY THE SEAT OF YOUR PANTS. But with TRUMPEE ZERO he likes to let others talk for him and then when the bad press comes he says they screwed up. What was said is not what TRUMPEE ZERO meant.
Can you imagine working for such a damned fool. Can you imagine this guy as President of the United States. The best America has to offer.
5) This is absolutely the CLOWN PRESIDENT of all time. Some presidents have been clown for a day. But TRUMPEE ZERO is a CLOWN PRESIDENT every day. Why? Because the Presidency is about TRUMPEE ZERO not about America. Not about America's status in the world. TRUMPEE ZERO is about headlines and Reality TV.
6) The presidency of TRUMPEE ZERO cannot be saved. It can only be terminated. In a nutshell TRUMPEE ZERO came in and shut down every part of government he could. He was single-minded in his attempt to erase the Obama legacy no matter how small. He created a lot of headlines and a lot of cheers from his less than savvy base and muted cheers from the rich, the big stockholders, the corporations and their shareholders. Hey, money talks even if it is at the expense of the status of the USA in the world. TRUMPEE ZERO is good at tearing things down. No matter how you destroy something no one is going to say you destroyed it badly.
7) Then the matters that mattered, immigration, China, trade, globalism, Iran, Korea were on the table and guess what, the fool acted the fool. The Clown kept expanding his circus act. All to the detriment to the status of the USA. TRUMPEE ZERO is in a hole and still digging to the detriment of the USA's status in the world.
8) I am running for president. The campaign will get serious after the November elections. I will print a book of all these posts and I will stick that book in the face of every opponent who challenges me. And the question is going to be moment to moment: Where were you when this was happening? Where is your position when this was going on. And as you all know, all those potential presidential candidates are hiding. Trying to see the future before they retroactively support or challenge anything TRUMPEE ZERO did.
9) America is in trouble. Every American flag in the world needs to be hanging upside down as a sign of deep trouble in America.
10) Why did TRUMPEE ZERO cancel the summit? Because he did not know whether to defecate or go blind so he withdrew leaving the world astounded at the rudderless ship-of-state that is the United States of America.
10) IMPEACH TRUMP NOW! Throw the dog and his lackeys out. In my dreams, I think about removing that right index finger of TRUMPEE ZERO; the ONE he holds up like the Buddha when he is making a fool of himself. The finger of the Master schooling the world. What a joke. That will be part of his visual legacy, the would be Buddha and all knowing Father schooling the world.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180525 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Cancels summit.


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Trump wanted to cancel the summit before Kim could
The president was caught between Pompeo and Bolton, say multiple officials.



OK Folks several things here.
1) I said when this summit matter came up that it would probably not happen. It is a dead dog now.
2) You see in this case TRUMPEE ZERO actually signed something. He has not done that with his trade dealings with China. So we know that what he brags about but does not back up with is giant bold signature is just bushwa (nonsense, rubbish).
3) After I posted this morning that Kim Jong Un was going to make a fool out of TRUMPEE ZERO at the summit, TRUMPEE ZERO canceled the summit. I guess old TRUMPEE ZERO is following my playbook. He is not totally ignorant.
I know he is paying attention to me because early on he responded to one of my tweets (I seldom use Twitter, too frivolous.). I did not save it and about 5 minutes later it disappeared off his TWIT feed. He has been warned not to engage me. There will be plenty of time for that after the November Elections. I have some things in the process that will force him to respond.
4) And what is stupid about the idiot moron TRUMPEE ZERO is that Kim Jong Un is the puppet not the puppeteer. TRUMPEE ZERO naive needs to have a meeting with Xi of China with regards to North Korea. If he was smart he would have addressed his letter, after the toned it down, directly to Xi. Too nuanced for the idiot moron (Tillerson and Kelly definition)
5) And lastly and so so sadly, no NOBEL PEACE PRIZE for TRUMPEE ZERO.
I think he should really receive it. You know the Nobel Peace Joke for TRUMPEE ZERO the Clown President. Makes sense to me.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180524 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / TZ cancels North Korea Summit


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Trump cancels Singapore nuclear summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
"Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting," Trump writes to Kim.


OK so what we know is if you build a lot of offensive weapons eventually some fool on the front lines gets drunk and acts stupid.
The missile that shot down MH17 was Russian. Invading the Crimea was Russian. Taking over Syria was a Russian move.
And what has the USA or NATO or the UN done about any of it? NOTHING.
What has TRUMPEE ZERO done about it? Praise and make excuses for Putin at every turn.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180524 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Russia and Malaysia flight MH17.


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Missile That Downed MH17 Came From Russian Military, Investigators Say
The Malaysia Airlines passenger jet was shot down over eastern Ukraine in July 2014, killing 298 people aboard. Russia has denied involvement.


This all looks to me like a set up for TRUMPEE ZERO.
In some way, I feel that Kim Jong Un is going to humiliate TRUMPEE ZERO.
Kim Jong Un flip-flops just like TRUMPEE ZERO. But in the case of Kim Jong Un it is because he takes orders from Xi in China.
In the case of TRUMPEE ZERO he is just stupid.
TRUMPEE ZERO makes headlines over the trade deal with China. TRUMPEE ZERO makes headlines over backing off the trade deal with China, TRUMPEE ZERO makes headlines over a summit with Kim Jong Un. TRUMPEE ZERO makes headlines over casting doubt on a summit meeting with Kim Jong Un.
It is about the Headlines Stupid. It is about reality TV. It is about electing a clown and getting a circus.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180524 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / If and maybes on the Korean Summit.


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North Korea warns of nuclear showdown, calls Pence 'political dummy'
A North Korean official has lashed out at US Vice President Mike Pence and said Pyongyang is ready for a nuclear showdown if dialogue with the United States fails.


There will most likely be a legal challenge to the NFL ruling because the issue here is Political Free Speech. No matter what a person's employment, there is no way to force players to give up their legal right to Political Free Speech in a public gathering.
This is going to be a very significant ruling at some point in the future. It is crazy to think that a public gathering is going to be allowed to ban free speech.
You cannot help but recognize that this is another aspect of a White Racist TRUMPEE ZERO'S administration.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180524 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / NFL banning Political Free Speech.


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Scared NFL Makes Epic Mistake with Anthem Policy
The NFL has gotten things wrong before, but in the recent history of this league, it has gotten fewer things more horribly, disgracefully, stupidly, terribly wrong than what it ...


TRUMPEE ZERO is creeping closer and closer to a constitutional crisis. He is going to get some of what he wants in the next two days. The question is how limited will the information turned over to the White House which has no authority to investigate what the Justice Department is doing. The House and Senate have a legal right to demand a limited accounting from the Justice Department.
The question is how do the Democrats stop Kelly from attending the meeting. Between Nunes and Kelly TRUMPEE ZERO will have two individuals to create a new strategy to undermine Mueller.
Of course, as per usual TRUMPEE ZERO tells whatever lies he feels he needs to tell until he needs to publicly reverse his lies. 24 hours before the meetings, Kelly is going to be a part of the meeting when Sarah Sanders said he was not for over a week. Just another example of TRUMPEE ZERO keeping chaos and confusion as the hallmark of his presidency.
Blurring the lines that is the Separation of Powers between the Legislature, the White House and the Courts is a really bad trend. It has kept American Democracy in tack since the beginning.
Nixon made serious inroads into increasing the power of the White House. And also Clinton to a lesser degree. Now we have a full frontal assault being mounted by TRUMPEE ZERO.
If anything is needed right now it is for some more indictments to come down from Mueller. That may happen as early as next week.
Right now no one knows how all this is going to play out. We only know one thing and that is the November midterm elections are only 168 days away.
No matter what happens, the people will determine the future of the USA in those elections. Over and above the negative movement against TRUMPEE ZERO an underlying issue is whether TRUMPEE ZERO is reaching for too much power will be determined. The hope is that TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president.
I keep repeating. The November midterms are not going to be skewed by an Electoral College. The only hope for American Democracy that I see is that the House goes Democratic and the White House is therby shut down. Then in 2020 hopefully the Senate will go Democratic and we will have a Democratic President. A second term for TRUMPEE ZERO would be a disaster for America. It would mean 8 years of absence by the USA in world affairs.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180524 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Kelly to attend Justice Meeting.


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In reversal, Kelly will join lawmakers in briefings on FBI informant
Previously, no White House official was set to attend.


The long term goals of the Chinese are obvious: to control the area from the Russian border, the Phillippines, down to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Southeast Asia, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar. I don't think they have ambitions for Japan and South Korea because the USA is too entrenched.
This should not surprise anyone. The Colonialism of the Europeans and the USA was global. The Chinese are just following that model.
It was a huge mistake for the idiot, moron TRUMPEE ZERO to turn over the Pacific Rim Trading partnership to China. That door is now closed. Trade was a way to keep involved in the area and slow down China's intent to create its own buffer zone in the western Pacific. In the long run, I think the Chinese intend to incorporate the above area such that the sea around the above nations will no longer be international waters.
The Chinese are going to fill up that area with the world's largest navy within the next 30 years. The Chinese control of Global trade and military dominance will cut the USA off from the natural resources in that area.
Isolationism is the fantasy of the ignorant in a global society. TRUMPEE ZERO appealed to the ignorant American Baby Boomers with a fantasy that the USA was sitting unchallenged at the top of the world of nations. That reality has been slowly disappearing since the end of WWII.
The presidency of TRUMPEE ZERO is going to come to be known as the great American give away. Give away what: global dominance.
China is going to make 20 years of advancement in global domination in the 4 years that TRUMPEE ZERO is president.
Those who voted for TRUMPEE ZERO and who continue to support him will own the bigger share of his presidency.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180524 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / China control of the Western Pacific.


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Concrete and coral: Beijing's South China Sea building boom fuels...
At first glance from above it looks like any clean and neatly planned small town, complete with sports grounds, neat roads and large civic buildings.


TRUMPEE ZERO is in a corner. His presidency is a failure. China is playing him like the Clown President he is. Korea the same. There is nothing going on in the government. Everyone just quietly waiting for the elections. TRUMPEE ZERO has nothing of significance to bring him to the top of the news.
The blowhard has fired all his shots. There is no agenda except to try to stop Mueller; to try to survive.
We know that Nunes is going straight into a meeting with TRUMPEE ZERO after viewing whatever documents Rosenstein lets him see.
I think Nunes, the despicable traitor, may well go out of bounds and make information known that is going to cause some patriots' lives.
The Democrats are stupid. They cannot out play the Republican traitors. They cannot anticipate much of anything. They are apparently blocked from the meeting tomorrow because they did not ask to attend. The hardcore democrats like Roosevelt, Truman, Johnson (definitely Johnson) are no longer in the game. Carter, Clinton and Obama are nice guys for the most part. Jack Kennedy did not appreciate what he was up against with fascist Americans. Bobby Kennedy was tougher and woke up real quick when Jack was assassinated. But he was stupid as well. Not wary enough. He saw his brother assassinated and discounted it happening to him. Stupid.
People tell me all the time that I am too aggressive to be a Peace Advocate. Makes me laugh. I am not some airhead hippy. My mind is not dulled by alcohol or drugs nor obsessed with money or power. My personality has never been passive. When you are playing at the top of the pyramid you are playing in a death-defying game. I am an advocate for peace but not a pacifist. I am not naive nor am I stupid nor am I careless. But even still doing what I do is treacherous.
I have already spent a year in jail due to the lying testimony of a U S Deputy Marshal and two corrupt federal judges. All driven by the Texas Democratic Party (Texas was always Republican minded but after the Civil war they had to work under the Democratic Banner). I ruthlessly challenged the Democratic game after Dubya Bush went to Washington in 2000. Their main Candidate Tony Morales and the head of the Democratic Party in Texas were hard core ex?-Republicans. Tony Sanchez has been a Bush Pioneer meaning contributed $500,000 to his campaign. The Democratic Party crashed, Texas took up its true banner of Republicanism and will never go back.
Texas is the second biggest state and fascist Republican. California is the biggest state and Democratic. The Democrats are too passive to deal with Republicans.
There is hope. TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president. And there will be no interference from an Electoral College in the election in November. The women are on the march. The signs are there that the House will go to the Democrats. I think that will happen. If it does, I will attribute the decisive vote to the energized women's movement.
We will see. But TRUMPEE ZERO is a traitor and Nunes is his most traitorous soldier. Who knows what is motivating Nunes. Where is the media? His pro TRUMPEE ZERO acts are criminal. The Senate just stomped on his Russian investigation. Yet he is still fighting. He is a vicious traitorous man. He seems to be a true believer but WHY?
Every day we move closer to the elections. Rosenstein was legally obligated to turn over some documents. Rosenstein did right. It is not quite time for him to file suit to stop TRUMPEE ZERO. He gave a little but the next traitorous push by TRUMPEE ZERO and Nunes will not go so easy. The Senate is quietly standing by. But they sent a message two weeks ago that seems to indicate they are not going to let American Democracy fall under Clown TRUMPEE ZERO. Their motivation is the economic fallout that will follow a constitutional crisis. They are protecting their assets and capitalism more than they are protecting American Democracy. Never doubt that. The Founding Fathers were hardcore liberals reacting to the domination of Britain. But those memories are long past. And there is no Republican in office who would pass the Founding Documents that are the basis of American Democracy.
The Democrats would vote for those documents but would not be aggressive enough in defending them.
The Constitutional Crisis is at the door. If TRUMPEE ZERO determines he is lost, then he will push the button to try to take down America Democracy as the only way he can stay in power. In the end, TRUMPEE ZERO has one code, TRUMPEE ZERO FIRST AND LAST.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180522 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Traitor Nunes v. Rosenstein and Mueller.


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Trump ‘hereby demands' the Justice Department investigate his conspiracy theories. That's not how it works
President Trump's latest attack raises concerns about special counsel Robert S. Mueller III's investigation.


Surely this fool, TRUMPEE ZERO, is the king of all fools, idiots and morons.
Every political campaign has spies. How naive and stupid is this idiot moron.
Any campaign that does not have spies does not have a credible opponent. You only spy on the potential winners. What do you think the media is? They are all spies. And they have spies working for them.
It just shows that TRUMPEE ZERO'S presidency has turned into a nothing burger. ROTFLMAO
The China challenge was a big nothing burger. The Kim Jong Un meetup is a nothing burger. The Border Wall. Nothing. Repeal Obama Care nothing. The Jerusalem is really nothing. Sadly. A lot of people were killed and wounded by the War Dog Zionists and Nazi concentration camp maintainers. But that came and went in days.
Remember the TRUMPEE ZERO for the Nobel Peace Prize? ROTFLMAO.
That Nobel Peace Prize has become a nothing burger. Carter, Obama, Arafat, Perez, Aung San Suu Kyi the genocide queen. What a joke.
The Nobel Peace Prize has about as much respect these days as the US Presidency.
They need to give the Nobel Peace Prize to the UN every year as a condemnation. Every human being on planet earth is guaranteed a citizenship in a nation except the Palestinians. Millions of them. No citizenship. Israel another apartheid state. A maintainer of a Palestinian concentration camp in Gaza. Netanyahu a corrupt little Trumpee. And Russia, China, USA, Britain, France able to veto anything that is not on their agenda. ROTFLMAO.
Elect a Clown, Expect a Circus.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180522 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Spies under his bed.


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'A lot of people are saying they had spies in my campaign': Trump
President Donald Trump continued to fuel GOP accusations that an informant was embedded in his presidential campaign for political purposes, saying Tuesday that “a lot of people are saying” there were spies. “A lot of people are saying they had spies in my campaign,” President Trump said dur...


This is truly funny. The White Racists which are the underlying core of TRUMPEE ZERO's base are scared of Obama.
You take a reality TV Clown, TRUMPEE ZERO, and give him a real job, President of the USA.
But you take a real President and his really smart educated wife and give them control of a Netflix video channel and the White racists are going to cancel their Netflix subscriptions. That is OK. They will not find any pro bigot TV on the Obama channel anyway.
Now look at all the Fake News that Obama can create and call it entertainment. Look at all the fun the Obamas can have with TRUMPEE ZERO. You know like he never went to college. And he was adopted out of Mississippi from a White Family with a whole lot of slave blood in their veins.
And oh yes, he never had sex with Melania. Little Barron is TRUMPEE ZERO'S cousin's child with TRUMPEE ZERO.
Oh yes they can interview all the TRUMPEE ZERO prostitutes. They can have a special show for all the illegals that TRUMPEE ZERO hired. And all those folks who signed up with the TRUMPEE ZERO University also known as Screw U.
And surely we are now going to have the Sean Hannity rebuttal hour.
There is justice in the world. Hats off to you Netflix.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180522 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Obama TV coming to Netflix.

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People are threatening to boycott Netflix after the Obamas signed a deal with the streaming service
Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce original shows, and the streaming service is already facing conservative backlash on Twitter from people who are threatening to cancel their subscriptions.


What I expect to come from this meeting is that TRAITOR NUNES will alert TRUMPEE ZERO about information that only TRUMPEE ZERO will know where it is going to lead. Meaning that Mueller will get the information he needs to indict or allow the House to Impeach TRUMPEE ZERO. It will allow TRUMPEE ZERO to put up walls and destroy information and to even go ahead and fire Rosenstein to create some choas.
A constitutional crisis is in the making. What comes out in the meeting is going to make history in one way or another. It is going to set new guidelines for the Justice Department with regards to what they are obligated to do and what they are prevented from doing.
There is one issue that continues to float in the background. Attorney General Sessions recused himself and he was not completely open when questioned. I think Session knows it is just a matter of time before the truth comes out.
Rosenstein knows he is going to have to throw a bone to Nunes. But Rosenstein knows by now where the investigation is going to end up. I think Mueller is prepared at any moment to drop a bomb that will end TRUMPEE ZERO and indict many in the White House gang. But the longer he goes the more airtight his case. Rosenstein does not appear to be a man stressed about the future.
It seems we are only going to have to wait until the end of the week to see the outcome of the meeting. All we have to do is watch TRAITOR NUNES.
170 days to the November elections.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180522 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Republicans v Justice Department.


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Republican Leaders Will Be Allowed to See Some Information on Russia Investigation
Intelligence and law enforcement officials had said the information was highly delicate and that it was not appropriate to turn over unredacted material to Congress.


I actually thought this guy Pompeo was smart. Just another TRUMPEE ZERO lackey.
I said it a week or two ago. Iran needs not develop nuclear arms. Just like Israel did not need to develop them. The US gave them to Israel and Putin will give them to Iran.
The US cannot sanction Iran effectively. Europe, Russia and China will overcome those sanctions. China has far more power than the US gives it credit for. If the Bolton, Pompeo and TRUMPEE ZERO push hard they are going to see the truth.
YOU NEVER NEVER TELL SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING YOU CANNOT MAKE THEM DO. Especially in this situation. Especially in Global Politics.
The biggest disruptor in the Middle East is the USA and its lap dog Israel. The next president will undo all TRUMPEE ZERO's mischief just like TRUMPEE ZERO has tried to do with the Obama agenda. But Obama care is still alive. No one created more Chaos than Bush in Iraq and now the bad guy Sadr is taking the reins in Iraq and taking to Iran.
Iran is about oil. The USA is moving beyond oil and coal no matter what TRUMPEE ZERO thinks in his deranged and fantasy mind and world.
Italy, Germany, Japan all tried their right wing fascists "Uber Alles" games. And they all crashed and burned. The USA no longer rules the world unchallenged. Russia walked into the Crimea. China is consolidating Asia. The USA did nothing.
Russia and China need Middle East oil. The USA is not going to cut it off. You think the USA can cut off pipelines to Russia and China from Iran. That is really funny.
TRUMPEE ZERO and his fascist war mongers are living a century behind the times. TRUMPEE ZERO will be gone in 30 months.
NEVER NEVER FORGET he is the minority President. The majority of Americans are not buying his Reality TV. Proof of that is coming in November.
It is a global world human society now, and the USA cannot force its will on Russia, China or the EU, or specifically, Japan, Britain, or Germany.
TRUMPEE ZERO is more like Mussolini than Hitler. A little tin god and his sycophants. TRUMPEE ZERO is a little prissy peacock on the world stage.
I really ask myself who these guys think they are? The Senate just rebuked TRUMPEE ZERO last week. The three stooges, Bolton, Pompeo, and TRUMPEE ZERO did not get the memo.
The Kim / TRUMPEE ZERO meeting is probably not going to happen but if it does it will be China who writes the script.
What came of the China / TRUMPEE ZERO conversation? NOTHING. NOTHING IN WRITING. just talk. And with TRUMPEE ZERO, talk is just hyperbole nothing burgers. Where is the document with the big TRUMPEE ZERO signature on it after the China / TRUMPEE ZERO agreement? It does not exist. Just reality TV fantasy of a blowhard nothing burger.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180521 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Fantasy about Iran.


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Pompeo threatens US will 'crush' Iran through sanctions and pressure campaign
The US will aim to "crush" Iran with economic and military pressure unless it changes its behavior in the Middle East, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Monday.


Screw this moron. The agent was following up a lead on the Russian investigation not doing an illegal Watergate Breakin,
We have already heard this AH claim that Obama bugged his apartment a year ago. Like so much more from this windbag, it is about nothing.
He should be jailed as a traitor. Obama should sue him for $100 million for the Birther lie.
This guy needs to be allowed to play out his hand a president. If he does, then it will wake up his base.
The guy is a creep, moron and idiot, among other dark things.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180521 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / More stupid conspiracies.


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Trump Demands Review Of Russia Investigation Surveillance Tactics
The president says he will call on the Department of Justice to look into whether the department itself or the FBI surveilled the Trump campaign "for political purposes."


Friends let me tell you this is a very very precarious time in the world of nations to have a moron and idiot (Tillerson & Kelly) TRUMPEE ZERO to be president of the United States.
I said months ago when TRUMPEE ZERO and Kim Jong Un started talking about a summit that it was probably not going to happen. Kim took a train trip to China just before that and that is when things began to change with Kim. I said that Xi was the puppeteer with regards to Kim. He is also the master puppeteer with regards to TRUMPEE ZERO. Xi is taking full advantage of his brain trust and TRUMPEE ZERO is the lone ranger surrounded by yes men and sycophants.
Friends, China is a 3000 year old great and dynamic civilization. The Chinese were ahead in math and they invented gunpowder. Great spiritual men like Lao Tsu, Buddha, and Confucius were influencing Chinese society 2500 years ago. The Brittish did all they could to control and destroy China with the opium trade. Mao must be considered one of the greatest heads of state of all time. He was ruthless and used his most abundant resource, hundreds of millions of human beings, to turn China around. Communism killed a hundred million people but China entered the 20th century an agregarian backward nation and through WWII a focused powerful nation.
China learned fast. Mao made mistakes with communism just like the Russians but with Communism China and Russia learned fast. Russia and China could not have turned around as fast as they did without the iron will of Stalin and Mao. Democracy would not have been able to move so fast because it would have been bogged down in human rights.
The Brittish controlled India and significantly imposed Brittish Democracy on India which Gandhi moved forward. But the Indians are not as ambitious a population as a whole as is China. The Japanese are another great nation who have adapted quickly but they do not have the population or the territory that China and India have.
India is going to move quickly now as they see what is happening in China but India is not a homogeneous nation like China..You can see what is happening in Tibet. Tibetan Buddhism has much to teach the world. China is forcing them to catch up with China. That does not happen in India the Democracy.
Anyway, all this is beyond TRUMPEE ZERO.
America under the right leadership has the ability to keep ahead of China in the world of global economics but not with the egocentric isolationist policies of TRUMPEE ZERO.
China sees an opportunity to advance their control of the world economy on a fast track while TRUMPEE ZERO the clown stupid (Jwp) is president. TRUMPEE ZERO is the most naive fool that has ever been president of the USA.
China is calling the shots in North Korea and the plan is to bring North and South Korea together under the dominating control of well as the rest of Southeast Asia. Not by guns but by economics. The Japanese are never going to fully integrate with China because they have their own great history and tradition. But they lack people and land. They will never return to the days of their Empire which was greatly expanded prior to WWII by force. Force is not the driving power in the world in the 21st century, economics is king. And no nation is in a more perfect position to take over the global economy than China.
Britain is finished especially if it disconnects from the EU. Germany will never return to the powerhouse days of Hitler another evil genius who tried to take the world by force. Again the lack of numbers of a homogenous number of humans like China. The Germans like the Romans were going to suffer from integration of other nations.
Russia is full of corrupt oligarchs who are making billions but Russia does not have a sustainable plan of action for the future. Again too much emphasis on military power. The days of the Soviet Union are gone. Too many different cultures in Eastern Europe who have a status quo mentality.
America has 1/4 the population of China but the USA has 200 years of fully understanding capitalism. America has a huge technological advantage as evidenced by space exploration. America has control of the world of economics right now but it is deteriorating fast because TRUMPEE ZERO is in charge.
The Wall Street manipulators support TRUMPEE ZERO because of his pro business for America policies but the majority of TRUMPEE ZERO'S base, the White Males, Evangelicals, the farmers as a group do not have the sophistication to function in the 21st century. It was a twist of fate (the Electoral College) that put the minority candidate in control of America.
I can absolutely guarantee you that Hillary had the right stuff for the presidency. She understood the nuances of economics, she understood the threat of Russia even though she did not understand the depth of focus and control Russia had with regards to 21st century internet manipulation. Again this is where Putin is ahead of the curve.
Xi is the head of a lot of really focused Chinese and he draws power and understanding from that brain trust. Putin does not have that brain trust so he is not a multi-prong threat to the world that the Chinese are.
America under TRUMPEE ZERO is on a very slick downhilll slide. It is critical that the House turn democratic in November. That will put the breaks on TRUMPEE ZERO. But in the fast pace of the 21st century and a very focused China, we cannot afford even two more years of TRUMPEE ZERO.
TRUMPEE ZERO is about EGO and where Xi is drawing on a huge smart brain trust, TRUMPEE ZERO is drawing upon sycophants and ass kissers who if they know better still bow to TRUMPEE ZERO'S stupidity.
The Senate has awakened. They overrode TRUMPEE ZERO discounting Russia's manipulation of democracy. The House has reversed the CO2 monitoring by NASA. The pushback has begun.
As the article says, TRUMPEE ZERO does not have the personal brain pan or any trust in the incredible brain trust that is American industry, capitalist, Intel community. America can go head to head with China and adjust to not get run over. BUT not with TRUMPEE ZERO in charge. Korea, Trade with China, and the ZTE problem are far too complicated for TRUMPEE ZERO to deal with.
TRUMPEE ZERO heard Nobel Prize and Korea and that has caused him to step back on ZTE and trade with China. The truth is that TRUMPEE ZERO should stay away from North Korea and maintain the status quo with South Korea.
He should intelligently push trade and ZTE with China. But that is a complex conundrum and it takes an open mind to listen and a brain pan to comprehend the nuances that TRUMPEE ZERO just does not have. TRUMPEE ZERO is a one trick pony in the area of slum lording. That is all. And whatever brain pan he had prior to reaching 70, is gone. He is a used up Old Fat Man trying to be Emperor of the world by defining his role as President by reality TV standards.
America is in great peril. If the House does not go Democratic in November the decline of America is going to increase at an unimaginable pace. And what is more, by 2020 TRUMPEE ZERO may have a power base that will let him get re-elected which would doom America and hand the world over to the Chinese.
Every college student in America knows that the Asians are very very smart and very very driven. Only a small minority of Americans can keep up with them. The drive is not there and the public school system in America is not geared to the future. Young adults should graduate from high school with a college sophomore education. Not a 10th grade education.
The only hope in my opinion right now is that TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president by virtue of the Electoral College. The Electoral College is not a part of the November elections. So my hope is that the majority will go to the polls and begin to put an end to the insanity of a Clown President.
Elect a Clown, expect a Circus.
WorldPeace for President 2020.
I am fully aware that the majority of Americans can barely stay awake through my commentary above much less understand the full implications of what I am talking about. It one of the aspects of Hillary Clinton, that people just had no appreciation for how smart a woman she is. TRUMPEE ZERO effectively trashed her with the dull and ignorant of America as he sold the OBAMA BIRTHER lie. TRUMPEE ZERO absolutely has a talent for manipulating his base, THE MINORITY OF AMERICANS thank God. But as president, he is a total failure. He is the nothing burger president.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180519 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / China, trade, Korea, ZTE.


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Trump may give in on China trade to get North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, says former ambassador
President Donald Trump is mixing three issues that should not be mixed: trade, foreign policy and enforcement, says Max Baucus.


Well a shooting related to TRUMPEE ZERO'S properties was bound to happen. I have been talking about it since TRUMPEE ZERO was elected. I absolutely do not want TRUMPEE ZERO assassinated. If that happens then all kinds of conspiracy theories will spring up. TRUMPEE ZERO supporters will say the FBI or CIA did it. It will make the Kennedy conspiracy look like nothing.
The reality is that smart people are not going to stay at a TRUMPEE ZERO hotel or golf course. The message to would-be assassins is that the TRUMPEE ZERO Doral hotel is not secure. The message to visitors is that they are taking their life into their hands staying at TRUMPEE ZERO properties, especially ones he visits regularly.
There is no way you can keep a determined killer much less sniper from assassinating TRUMPEE ZERO. Do you have any idea how many snipers the US has trained since the first Iraq? Not to mention Muslim Jihadist.
Do you understand that TRUMPEE ZERO was scared to go to the Jerusalem embassy opening. Not only is he a yellow bellied draft dodger, there are a lot of Jihadi Muslims ready to terminate him for abandoning the peace process and moving the embassy to Jerusalem.
I think TRUMPEE ZERO is very foolish if he tries to play golf at any of his golf courses.
The cost of protecting TRUMPEE ZERO at Mar-a-Lago is outrageously expensive and now that cost will increase.
The Secret Service is not going to try to protect TRUMPEE ZERO by upping security at all his properties. He is going to be told they can cover one property effectively. But I don't think that is true. It would take the National Guard to put a parameter around an entire golf course.
Jihadis will understand that all they have to do is make threats by phone, mail, email to force the Secret Service to keep TRUMPEE ZERO away from any property. And the Secret Service would have to put up an alert that the property has been threatened.
And hey protecting TRUMPEE ZERO's person is one thing, stopping a bombing is impossible.
Like I have said and keep saying, it is critical that this TRUMPEE ZERO presidency play out. So many things he has done are being challenged. We need a new definition of reality for presidents to come. We need to change the dynamic between the House and Senate and the White House. We need to change the presidents appointment process. We need a new definition as to what a president can do without approval from the House and/or Senate. This has been a chaotic and traitorous presidency. The presidency has to be limited in a lot of ways to keep another president from creating chaos and effectively shutting down the government and breaking long-established alliances with our allies.
America needs to prove it can weather a TRUMPEE ZERO.
America must get rid of the Electoral College so we no longer elect minority presidents. If TRUMPEE ZERO had the majority vote, 75% of the chaos he has created would not have taken place because all Americans would own the presidency. As it is now, only the White Racist, Evangelical Christians, rich, big corporations, and American Jews (TRUMPEE ZERO'S base) own the acts of TRUMPEE ZERO the minority president.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180518 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Shooting at TRUMPEE ZERO'S Doral golf course.


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Gunman at Trump Doral Golf Club in Florida Is Shot by the Police
An armed man ranting against President Trump opened fire on officers early Friday in South Florida before he was wounded and apprehended, the police said.


This an impressive bit of journalism.
I said many months ago that Mueller had a backup plan in the event he was shut down. This article ends with the fact that FBI agents are deep enough involved to keep the investigation going forward even without Mueller team..
The team is as you would expect employees some of the best law enforcement men and women. I seriously doubt that TRUMPEE ZERO is going to have a single moment free of this investigation during his presidency or for years after.
If the Democrats take control of the House, I feel sure 2019 will bring the opening of an impeachment against TRUMPEE ZERO.
On the surface TRUMPEE ZERO looks like he is free of Mueller. I say he will never be free of Mueller. I say Giuliani is BSing TRUMPEE ZERO like the prior top TRUMPEE ZERO lawyers. They are tell the Clown in Chief what he wants to hear and play him like a fiddle.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180518 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Mueller cannot be stopped.


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Inside Mueller’s FBI team
A POLITICO investigation reveals new details about the agents powering the special counsel probe.


As easily as TRUMPEE ZERO moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, another President can move it out.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180517 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Next president can move embassy or close it.


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After US embassy makes controversial move to Jerusalem, more countries follow its lead
Smaller countries with strong ties to Israel and the U.S. are considering their own embassy moves to Jerusalem.


The lower birth rates require immigration. We need a better vetting process for immigration. Arbitrarily stopping immigration for any group is a bad policy. Increasing the world human population is also a bad idea because it means a deterioration of the planet like fishing out the oceans and climate change due to clear-cutting forests for farm and ranch land.
The point is that a sane immigration policy is critical when a population is not replacing itself. But immigration policy that declares non Whites and non Christians as inferior is Stupid with a capital S.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180517 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Reduced American birth rates and immigration.


U.S. Births Dip To 30-Year Low; Fertility Rate Sinks Further Below Replacement Level
The results put the U.S. further away from a viable replacement rate – the standard for a generation…


There needs to be coordination with regards to cyber hacking issues.
The eliminating of a coordination between government departments allows TRUMPEE ZERO to pick and chose which department he wants to support. It creates confusion. And it leaves cracks in America's cyber security.
TRUMPEE ZERO could careless about anything but his fanatic commitment to full unquestioned control of everything American while he is president.
It is another typical TRUMPEE ZERO power play.
People who live average lives in average jobs have no real concept about how important power games are at the upper end of every organization in the world. People at the top of the pyramid are very skilled at power games.
People who work on the bottom of the pyramid do not need to develop any real skills at power plays. So they cannot see what is really going on with a move that is said to cut back government when it is really to hamstring government and to shift power to the top of the pyramid.
I have worked almost my whole career at the top of the pyramid and climbing to the top. In the law, you are playing power games to the max just like in the top handful of big corporate positions, including the church bureaucracies.
This lack of coordination of efforts allows things to slip through the crack when assumptions are made as to who is responsible for certain areas of cyber security. That is a dangerous scenario.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180516 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Cyber security.


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White House eliminates top cyber adviser post
According to an email sent to staffers, the decision is part of an effort to 'streamline authority' for the senior directors who lead most NSC teams.


This is a huge issue with White Americans in particular. White Americans take it as an affront or at the least rude when people do not speak English in their presence.
There are many reasons people may speak other than English.
But at the same time, when the First Lady, refuses to speak clear English when it would take about a month for her to focus and get help cleaning up her English, then I have to say that it irritates me. I cannot understand her at times. It is an affront to represent Americans as the First Lady and refuse to learn to clearly speak to Americans in English.
This guy is out of line. But there is an issue as to when it is better to speak English.
Also, I will agree that if you are living in America you need to be able to speak English. You have a right not to speak in English but to come to America and not try to integrate by learning English is an affront to me as an American. Enough of an affront that I would vote to send such a person back to where they came from. I dont think you should be able to become a citizen without the ability to speak English.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180517 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Speaking English in America.


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Angry White Dude's Rant About People Speaking Spanish In NYC Goes Viral
The man tells an employee “Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English.”


Well this is more nonsense.
The question is whether Mueller's authority specifically does not allow him to indict the president. If his mandate specifically states this then he gathers facts and turns them over to the House who will indict the President.
Let no one read this to mean that the President of the USA can shoot Obama in the head and not go to jail.
The president is not above the law. A crime of murder (as an extreme example) and many other crimes apply to the President just like everyone else.
Also, just because Mueller may not be mandated to indict the president, it does not mean that the states in which a crime occurred cannot indict the President.
Just because TRUMPEE ZERO cannot be indicted while president does not mean he cannot be indicted as soon as the next president is sworn in.
The question of indicting a sitting president by any other governmental justice department outside the House has NEVER been ruled on by the Supreme Court. It is an unresolved legal issue and all that exists now is opinion. And like any other legal opinion handed down by a court, it will have limitations as to under what crimes the president could be indicted.
Guiliani is a prosecutor and he knows what is coming out of his mouth is a twisted lie. He knows the truth: that the government has huge power and an advantage in a criminal prosecution and the justice departments of the Feds and the States can achieve just about anything they want to achieve. That is the reality.
John and Jane public who do not understand the reality of the justice system are fed these lies, and skewed truths and they think they understand what is being said but they do not.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180517 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Can Mueller indict Trump.


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Giuliani: Mueller's team told Trump's lawyers they can't indict a president
Special counsel Robert Mueller's team has informed President Donald Trump's attorneys that they have concluded that they cannot indict a sitting president, according to the President's lawyer.


I hate articles like this.
1) TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority president. He is delivering on the minority agenda which is a White Racist isolationist agenda among many other anti-American agendas when the majority voted for a Democratic Global Agenda.
2) The tax cut was against the majority of people. The attack on health care was against the majority of people. The talking down to the EU over the Paris Accords and the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem, and getting out of the Pacific Trade agreement are against America's future interest.
Stupid is as stupid votes.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180517 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Satisfying the minority.
USA Today: “Trump Supporters Across America: The President is Delivering on His Agenda”


USA Today: “Trump Supporters Across America: The President is Delivering on His Agenda”
Trump supporters across America: The president is…


Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.
TRUMPEE ZERO is going to associate the moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem as the beginning of the end of his presidency no matter how long it takes.
Today, 48 hours after opening the embassy with a lot of fanfare, without TRUMPEE ZERO present, TRUMPEE ZERO has been slammed harder than on any day, or week, since he took office.
1) The Senate said the Russians supported TRUMPEE ZERO. This makes Devin Nunes and the House investigating committee look like the TRUMPEE ZERO sycophants and traitors they are.
2) The Senate also supports the Intelligence community regarding the Russian intel and the Justice Department and the FBI against TRMPEE ZERO'S constant bashing.
3) The Senate just put a giant wall around Rosenstein and Mueller to protect them from TRUMPEE ZERO with their pronouncement that Russian interference is real.
4) The ethics committee further supported Rosenstein by giving him the annual financial report of TRUMPEE ZERO and told him to use it if he needed to because TRUMPEE ZERO committed ethics violations.
5) The Senate handed over 2500 documents to leave no doubt that there was a lot more to the Donald JR meeting with the Russians in TRUMPEE ZERO TOWER.
6) And there are investigations started with regards to Cambridge Annalytica.
And hey, the day is not over.
Friends allow me to expand my case against the Zionist.
1) Americans do not support an apartheid state which is exactly what Israel is. Palestinian citizens of Isreal do not have the same rights as Jewish citizens of Israel. That friends is an apartheid state.
2) Americans do not support a concentration camp that the Zionist maintain for 2 million Palestinian/Muslims in Gaza. Americans stopped the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews and have allowed the Zionist to create a Palestinian Holocaust in Gaza. The people there have no ease of exiting, no water, marginal electricity, thwarted contact with the world. Many of those people and their parents and grandparents and great grandparents have been there due to the Zionists.
3) Americans do not support the premeditated murder of unarmed Palestinians by Zionist killers who killed 60 Palestinians and wounded 2500 on the same day that the embassey was opened in Jerusalem two days ago..
4) And Americans do not support the statement by TRUMPEE ZERO that the Palestinians caused their own deaths. This is like the Nazis saying the Jews deserved to be wiped from the face of the earth by their own choice. How to unarmed protesters provote the Zionist to shoot them like vermin.
1) When Job asked God why the sinners prospered and the righteous suffered. God asked Job who he was to ask God what he was doing. He asked Job where Job was when God created the world.
The point is that I am a Christian but as a Christian, I do not call God to account for why there are other religions. I am not so arrogant as False Preachers like John Hagge and Robert Jeffers who judge and condemn those of other religionists.
It is only necessary for me to serve God through Jesus Christ and it is not up to me in that service to continue to tell God he made a mistake putting other religions on the earth.
This is a part of Christians making the way of the Lord God crooked for 2000 years. Being a Christian does not include passing Judgment on other religions. There is plenty to do serving God and Jesus without time to point out to God other religionists. And Jesus say succinctly without exceptions "Do not Judge."
2) God walked away from the old Judaism when the Zionist crucified Christ. God created a new covenant with the Christians and made America the premier nation on the earth. Evangelical Christians are supporting Israel, and in fact created Israel, when history shows that Christianity is the heir to Judaism.
God allowed the Babylonians to remove the Jews from Israel and to destroy the first Temple of Solomon. Then God after the crucifixion of Jesus allowed the Romans to disburse the Jews out of Israel and destroy the Second Temple of Solomon. Then God in the 6th Century raised up Mohammed and gave the Muslims the Temple Mount and allowed them to build the Dome of the Rock and the El Aqsa Mosque on it where they stands now after 1400 years. And God allowed the Germans to exterminate 6 million Jews.
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.
The old Zionist are an abomination to God. Christ is the Messiah and the foundation of the inheritance of Judaism gifted to the Christians.
TRUMPEE ZERO is going against the will of God trying to take the Muslims out of Jerusalem and Isreal to whom God gave it. I am just commenting on God's factual relationship with the Jews.
Wake up. The Muslims are the progeny of Ismael the first son of Abraham and Hagar his mother was told that his descendants would be uncountable. There are almost 2 billion Muslims in the world. The Christians are the progeny of Isaac the second born son of Abraham and God told Sarah that the progeny of Isaac would be without number. There are 2 billion Christians in the world. There are 15 million Jews. The Christians through Jesus Christ the Jew are the current heirs to Isaac not the Zionists.
Wake up. The False Prophets and the Jews have twisted the facts of Gods relationship with the Zionists and Israel.
Also, Jesus said no one knows about the time of the end times but God. The Book of Revelation is a False Book because whoever wrote it, and it was not Jesus, arrogantly indicates he knows God's will and intention. Only a fool would follow such a False Teaching.
So from a secular point, Americans cannot support Israel because it is acting in direct opposition to the foundation of American Democracy.
And from the Sectarian point, Christians are supporting the Zionists when the acts of God are undeniable that the Christians are the contemporary Jews and the old Jews are the dead branch of Judaism.
And know this, with TRUMPEE ZERO, we have an abomination who supports Israel. TRUMPEE ZERO has broken 7 of the 10 commandments and the Evangelicals support him. The Evangelicals are making the way of the Lord crooked not straight. TRUMPEE ZERO, worships money, bears false witness, is an adulterer, steals money through bankruptcy and not paying his contractors, he does not honor the Sabbath, he takes the Lord name in vain.
48 hours after TRUMPEE ZERO opened the US Embassy in Israel,his world and his reality has taken a significant hit.
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.
TRUMPEE ZERO laughs at the 10 commandments. TRUMPEE ZERO supports Israel when God has abandoned the Old Judaism and blessed Christianity. The old Zionist crucified Jesus who Christians believe is the son of God. And TRUMPEE ZERO and the Evangelicals are supporting the Zionists.
And lastly, the Jews and Muslims are half brothers through Abraham the common father of both. And the Jews are killing the Muslims just as Cain killed Abel.
What is there in the Bible that supports the old Judaism over Christianity.
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.
Time to cut TRUMPEE ZERO out of America's destiny.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180516 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Consequences of moving US Embassy to Jerusalem.

World Peace Peace Page - John WorldPeace - World Peace Now - Give World Peace a chance - World Peace quotes - World Peace images, World Peace symbols, World Peace graphics
World Peace is the hope of humanity. This is John WorldPeace's Message of Peace and World Peace: and prayers for peace and world peace. Peace, WorldPeace, World Peace, world peace prayers, world peace quotes, World Peace images, World Peace symbols, World Peace graphics, John WorldPeace


Well, Friends, this is not a good day for TRUMPEE ZERO. It is payback that has been coming for his corrupt acts but spiritually I tie it to his support of the premeditated murder of Palestinians on Monday by the Zionist and that happening because TRUMPEE ZERO moved the embassy against the pleas of all the sane nations of the world.
Believe it or not, friends, there is divine justice in play.
TRUMPEE ZERO is now completely barred from firing Rosenstein and Mueller. The Investigation will continue with the blessings of the United States Senate and the members thereof.
1)TRUMPEE ZERO was helped by the Russian, ie Vlad Putin. That means collaterally that the United States Senate just TAGGED US Rep. Devin Nunes a traitor with his half-ass corrupt House Report about the Russians and the election. Throw the bum out.
2) The Intelligence Committee just received an endorsement from the United States Senate who has now slapped the lying face of TRUMPEE ZERO who has tried to marginalize the Intelligence community and the Justice Department and the FBI.
The US Senate has decided that it is not going to let TRUMPEE ZERO destroy America. The worm has turned and the sooner TRUMPEE ZERO is impeached and convicted and his gang of Sycophants is shown the door the sooner America reverses its descent in the eyes of the World of Nations.
At this point, come on down VP Pence. I think Pence is as bad as TRUMPEE ZERO almost, but with TRUMPEE IMPEACHED Pence will be able to read the writing on the wall.
My contempt for TRUMPEE ZERO has no boundaries. Finally, it seems the US Senate has had enough. They understand that TRUMPEE ZERO was and is driving the United States into oblivion and that train has to be stopped.
God Bless America.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180516 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / US Senate says TRUMPEE ZERO was helped by the Russians, ie Putin.


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Analysis | The Senate’s new Russia report just undercut Trump in two big ways
It gets a lot more difficult for Trump to justify undermining the Russia investigation if his own party doesn't agree with him.


Well, Friends, we have a real American standing up to be counted. That would be Rex Tillerson.
From the article, I quote Mr. Tillerson form the commencement at VMI:
"If our leaders seek to conceal the truth, or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts, then we as American citizens are on a pathway to relinquishing our freedom."
"A responsibility of every American citizen to each other is to preserve and protect our freedom by recognizing what truth is and is not, what a fact is and is not and begin by holding ourselves accountable to truthfulness and demand our pursuit of America's future be fact-based -- not based on wishful thinking, not hoped-for outcomes made in shallow promises, but with a clear-eyed view of the facts as they are, and guided by the truth that will set us free to seek solutions to our most daunting challenges."
In your face TRUMPEE ZERO. In your face.
Thank you Mr. Tillerson. Thank you. I acknowledge your defense of America.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180516 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Tillerson knifes TRUMPEE ZERO in the back, repeatedly.


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Rex Tillerson just majorly trolled Donald Trump
Rex Tillerson may be gone, but he hasn't forgotten.


Well we have the newest sycophant and lackey Rudy Giuliani out to try to shut down the Mueller investigation and we have the Ethics watchdog hand over TRUMPEE ZERO'S ethics disclosure to Mr. Rosenstein because of TRUMPEE ZERO violations.
Friends, TRUMPEE ZERO is in quicksand and sinking. As they say nowadays, he is in a hole and still digging.
Rosenstein and Mueller and their investigations of TRUMPEE ZERO are going full steam ahead. Stupid is as stupid does.
I said a year and a half ago if TRUMPEE ZERO became president, he would lose everything. It may take a decade but it will shorten his lifespan to have open jail time cards hanging around his neck just waiting to have the times filled in and his fortune going out like the tide.
TRUMPEE ZERO has kept his tax returns private but he cannot keep these annual disclosure forms private. And every year we are going to find out more and more. And every time he has to retroactively amend a prior return he is going to sink lower in the quick sand.
I would say that Mueller and Rosenstein and the New York Prosecutors have their teeth firmly embedded in TRUMPEE ZEROS posterior and very soon they will rip away a chunk of fat. Let the bloodletting begin.
TRUMPEE ZERO supports the premeditated murder of Palestinians by the Zionist. He supports the letting of Palestinian blood. Well, there is going to be a different kind of bleeding issue from TRUMPEE ZERO and it will not be just from his posterior.
I think what is coming is Freddie Kreuger on steroids with regards to TRUMPEE ZERO.
Oh let me be perfectl clear: the metaphorical blood I am talking about is actually jail time and the loss of money, the TRUMPEE ZERO god.
Only the dead and dying watch the Kardashians. The real show is live from the White House in Washington, DC, starring TRUMPEE ZERO.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180516 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / Ethics disclosure form.


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Acting ethics chief flags Trump financial disclosure form for Rod Rosenstein — live updates
The president's annual disclosure form, showing his financial interests, was released Wednesday


Any country that moves its embassy to Jerusalem is supporting the murder and wounding of unarmed Palestinians by Zionist assassins on May 14, 2018, a day that lives in infamy.
Israel is an apartheid state and any country who moves their embassy to Jerusalem is supporting an anti-democratic apartheid state.
Gaza is a Zionist concentration camp for 2 million Palestinian/Muslims and any country that moves its embassy to Jerusalem supports this concentration camp and the Zionist's holocaust focused on the Palestinians.
Everyone in this picture, every Jew in Israel owns the murder and wounding of Palestinians on May 14, 2018.
Behind every German Nazi is a Zionist. The difference between the Jewish Holocaust and the Palestinian Holocaust is No Difference.
The Zionist are the greatest impediment to peace in the Middle East.
Christain Evangelicals who support Israel are not Christians.
Americans who support Israel are not committed to democracy in the world. 
Americans who support Israel are supporting and advocating apartheid states.
Christians who support Zionists are supporting Jews who believe that Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah and that Jesus did not rise from the dead.
You cannot support Jesus Christ and Zionists who deny Jesus as the resurrected Messiah. Supporting of Zionist who deny Jesus is a rejection of Jesus Christ. You cannot be a Christian and support Zionism. Anyone who says otherwise is a False Prophet.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180516 file: Guatemala moves embassy to Jerusalem.


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Following U.S. lead, Guatemala moves embassy to Jerusalem
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said it was fitting since Guatemala also followed the U.S. to be the second country to recognize Israel 70 years ago.


Here is the official TRUMPEE ZERO White House response to the murder of unarmed Palestinians by the Zionist on May 14, 2018, while America partied in Jerusalem; another day that will live in infamy.
From the article: "But the Trump administration echoed the Israeli stance, that the organizers of the protests were to blame for the deaths and injuries, not Israel.
“The responsibility for these tragic deaths rests squarely with Hamas,” Raj Shah, a White House spokesman, told reporters on Monday."
The opening of the American Embassy will be forever remembered as the day the Zionist murdered 60 unarmed Palestinians and wounded 2500 more in the concentration camp known as Gaza.
Tell me Democrats where is Joe Biden. Obama. Bernie Sanders? Republicans where is Mitch McConnel, Mitt Romney? The Pope? All silent and hiding. The travails of the world are beyond their comprehension to know what to do about innocent blood let by the heirs of Nazism: Zionism.
You know I guess you cannot state the TRUMPEE ZERO Nazi position on the Jews any more succinctly - The Jews brought the Holocaust on themselves. Just as the prisoners of the Gaza concentration camp maintained by the Zionist brought yesterday's massacre on themselves.
For the first time in 2000 years, the Jews have been given a homeland and armed by the United States. And what we see is what Hitler was thinking even if there is no evidence he ever said it: "Behind every Jew you will find a Nazi killer".
And you know what, while the Zionists were murdering unarmed Palestinians the False Preachers John Hagge and Robert Jeffress were partying 40 miles away with the opening of the U S Embassy in Jerusalem. And even 666 Kushner the TRUMPEE ZERO'S evil son-in-law was there reading his little "Jews uber alles" speech.
And guess what, the Pope is silent. Christian America is silent. ONLY DR JOHN WORLDPEACE JD continues to attack the Zionists for their murderous acts. The whole rest of the world is quiet. No one knows what to do to stop the murderous Zionist dogs from killing unarmed Palestinians in the Zionist concentration camp known as Gaza.
And the Christians Evangelicals believe Jesus is going to return at any minute and take them off to heaven in the Rapture. Is there really anything more laughable than that.
The Palestinian Muslims and the Zionists are half brothers. Ismael is the father of the Muslims and Muhammed the prophet and Isaac the father of the Zionist and Moses the prophet. Isaac and Ismael are half brothers; the sons of Abraham.
And God asked Cain where is your brother Abel. And Cain said he did not know and asked God if he was his brother's keeper. Now we have the Zionist in the role of Cain and the Palestinian Muslims in the role of Abel.
God allowed the Babylonians to take charge of the Jews and remove them from Israel into captivity in Babylon and they destroyed the First Temple of Solomon. God allowed the Romans to tear down the Second Temple of Solomon and disburse the Jews out of Israel after they crucified Jesus. God allowed the Nazi to exterminate 6 million Jews. Have no doubt the building of the Third Temple of Solomon will be an abomination to the Lord.
The First Temple of Solomon stood for 410 years. Herods Second Temple of Solomon for less than 100 years. The Dome of the Rock for 1400 years.
God raised up Muhammed in the 6th century and gave Israel to the Muslims and allowed them to build the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount 1400 years ago. The Dome of the Rock stands where two Temples of Solomon have not.
God turned his face against the Jews when they crucified Jesus. The vale in front of the Holy of Holies in Solomon's Second Temple was torn in two as a statement that God no longer lived with the Jews.
Jesus was born a Jew, lived as a Jew, taught as a Jewish Rabbi. Jesus was the 
Jewish Messiah. The new branch of Judaism was and is Christian Judaism with their legitimate head Jesus Christ. The old Judaism was abandoned by God. The old Judaism is the dead branch of Judaism.
God promised the mother of Isaac and the mother of Ismael that both their sons would be the fathers of great nations whose descendants would be without numbers. There are 2 billion Christians in the world and America is the New Jerusalem. There are almost 2 billion Muslims in the world. There are about 15 million Jews worldwide. WHO HAS GOD BLESSED?
And the American Christian Evangelicals through their evil president TRUMPEE ZERO have set up Israel as a nation and bow down to the ancient Jews. In essence, American Evangelicals have worked to give their God given legacy back to the ancient Jews who God has abandoned.
It is a sick world. Apathy is rampant. As long as Americans have their high standard of living they do not give a damn how much injustice is imposed by the Zionist in their Palestinian concentration camp in Gaza.
The Palestinians cannot leave Gaza. If they touch the Jew wall they are murdered. They are denied drinkable water. They are denied medical supplies. The unemployment is 50%. The Gaza economy is thwarted by the Zionists.
And only I am an Advocate for Jesus and God Almighty in calling out the injustice of the murderous Jews. The Germans are silent. They watched the Nazi Zionists repeating all the evil of Adolph Hilter and their Nazi parents and grand parents.
God is watching. Jesus is watching. Judgment is coming. and that Judgment will be undeniable that it is the work of God. False preachers like John Hagge and Robert Jeffress will be brought down. Netanyahu with his thieving wife and whore monger son of a TRUMPEE ZERO will be brought down. I am the only Advocate for the Lord remaining.
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear. If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180515 file: TRUMPEE ZERO the Jerusalem Embassy dedicated with Palestinian blood


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Uneasy Calm Falls Over Gaza After Israel Kills Scores in Protests
As a relative quiet descended at the border fence, there was uncertainty about whether the demonstrations would grow, fade, or give way to an outright armed conflict.


Iran is not a threat to the United States. It is only a potential threat to Israel, the apartheid state, and maintainer of the Palestinian holocaust that is Gaza.
TRUMPEE ZERO trying to dictate to the EU is beyond incredible. Allies for over 75 years. Trading partners and now TRUMPEE ZERO is sending a message that the USA is first among equals between the USA, Britain, France and Germany.
This is insanity. Is TRUMPEE ZERO going to try to dictate terms to Russia and China as well?
What is the hold that the Zionists have over TRUMPEE ZERO? What is the hold Vlad Putin has over TRUMPEE ZERO?
Let me clue everyone in, THE USA is not going to dictate terms to the EU, Britain, France, Germany, Russia or China.
TRUMPEE ZERO is a delusional traitor to the interests of the USA.
All I hear is silence from the US House and Senate. Everyone seems to be afraid of TRUMPEE ZERO. It boggles my mind.
I am on record daily against TRUMPEE ZERO. In the coming Democratic Primaries for 2020 for President, I intend to constantly ask my opponents where is their record of challenging TRUMPEE ZERO in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. There will be no answer. Biden and Bernie Sanders are both weak sisters. They cannot take on TRUMPEE ZERO any more than could Hillary.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180513 file: TRUMPEE ZERO tries to rule our European Allies.


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Trump team sends mixed signals to Europe
The administration said it expects U.S. allies will fall in line with its Iran policy but doesn’t exclude the possibility of punishing them.


TRUMPEE ZERO is a yellow bellied Vietnam Era draft dodger and the minority president of the USA. He is not my president.
John McCain is a real man, TRUMPEE ZERO is a dirtbag slug.
Vietnam was hard times for American vets. They were fighting an unwinnable war. 58,220 died. 100,000 wounded. 2.7 million served in uniform. The college campuses had extremes of soldiers and hippie draft dodgers in all the classes. I was in the middle. Working full time and going to school full time expecting to go into the military after I graduated in 1970. It was a family tradition.
I graduated from college end of August 1970, waived draft appeal and was in the Army October 12, 1970. My lottery number was 2. I was offered a spot in the Air National Guard in Houston and turned it down. Tried to enlist in Marine Corp OCS but was turned down because I did not have an engineering degree. 3 days into Army boot camp the Maries called and said they had a place for me in OCS in March 1971. I said no, I was already in the Army. I was trained for 11 months to go to Vietnam as an infantry sergeant. But I was assigned to the NATO forces in Italy by luck of the draw. I was not a conscientious objector.
On the way home from Fort Dix New Jersey in May 1970, I boarded the plane to Houston in my uniform with my wife and daughter who were with me in Italy. As soon as the seatbelt lights went off I went to the bathroom and changed into civilian clothes. I did not want to deal with the possibility of being spit on by some hippie or called a baby killer by some POS draft dodger. I had no idea how I would have reacted. Most likely not passively.
I have utter contempt for TRUMPEE ZERO saying McCain was not a war hero. I have contempt for the trash Kelly Sadler who made a dismissive remark about John McCain dying of brain cancer, and additional contempt for TRUMPEE ZERO making no reversing comment regarding the remark.
My anger over this issue is great. It is inconceivable that any president would be so openly demeaning to veterans and it astounds me that this matter has not gone viral on social media. I am amazed there is no outrage from all veterans.
I am outraged. I want TRUMPEE ZERO out of office for many reasons. But were I an American Veteran and Vietnam POW and a long-serving U S Senator, I would truly and rightly think that America was coming apart fast and furious under MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
Anyone who still supports TRUMPEE ZERO is a traitor in my reality.
I would be classified by anyone as an ultra-liberal. I probably am. But I served my country. And to have to deal with non Vet right-wing fascists supporting TRUMPEE ZERO. This is almost impossible for me to swallow.
I will not forget the name Kelly Sadler nor fail to mention her in my campaign for President 2020, frequently. I would be happy to hear over the years that her career was thwarted often.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180513 file: I will not forget the name Kelly Sadler nor fail to mention her in my campaign for President 2020


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Perspective | The Trump White House crossed a new threshold for political debasement this week
The White House's message about Kelly Sadler's John McCain comment: Nothing is beyond the pale, and nothing is more important than politics.


There is one common denominator in the Middle East: Oil. Everything is about oil and the Muslim issue is just there because the Middle East is Muslim. The British wanted to control the Middle East. Then they carved it up and walked away. Then came the automobile and transportation and plastic and all of a sudden it was necessary for the USA to manipulate the Middle East in every way to control the oil. Even the establishment of Israel was about having a base of operations in the middle of the Middle East.
Religion has little to do with the reality of oil. Politics and the apartheid politics of the Israelis, and the nuclear arming of Israel and the wall against a nuclear-armed Iran is about control of the oil. The Palestinians seem to be doomed.
The USA is just fine with the ravages of Syria. People make no difference in the Middle East. It is about the oil. The USA would turn the whole Middle East into Syria if necessary. As the UN watches.
The plan of TRUMPEE ZERO is openly about control of the oil, playing the Arab countries off against each other, helped by Sunni/Shiite differences, make money selling conventional arms as a collateral deal with control of the oil.
The USA must control the oil and keep the Chinese and Russians from controlling too much of it.
It is all about the money. It is why Tillerson the Exxon executive was made Secretary of State, but he was too passive politically. So he had to go.
The downside to all of this is the first aspect of TRUMPEE ZERO oil plan and that was to kill the Paris Accords because that was an anti-oil plan.
Trump is a money man, a god is money man, and now the TRUMPEE PLAN is very clear and on the table. Money first. Therefore Oil priority. Forget global warming. Forget democracy in the Middle East, support the apartheid state of Israel and support the Zionist concentration camp in Gaza. Use the Christian orientation toward the Book of Revelation to support an anti-Christian, anti-Democracy in Israel.
I must say it has all come together nicely. It seems.
But now that the obvious is out in the open, there are the Chinese and the Russians. They will not sit back and watch the would be world dictator TRUMPEE ZERO control the Middle East. They have Iran as a major blockade to the TRUMPEE AGENDA. And now that the USA, TRUMPEE ZERO agenda is on the table, Russia and China will react.
Iran does not need to develop nuclear weapons. Russia is in a position to bring parity in Iran with Israel. They can do what they did in Cuba just ship in the nukes to Iran. And they really don't have to do that. They can bring them into Syria.
The overriding factor is Global Warming. We are coming soon, very soon, within a decade of realizing we are killing ourselves by overheating the planet. The wars that are going to come over food, are going to take priority over the war for oil.
You know we are looking for alien life in the universe, in the galaxy, and we are not being very successful. It may be we are alone after all, or so isolated it seems like alone, or we just do not recognize life forms that are everywhere but not based on the model we are familiar with, carbon-based organic life.
The point is, there is no planet B. No aliens to come in and save us. We kill the planet from which we draw life and we all die. We reach a tipping point in global warming and the world 8 billion humans may be reduced 5 million scattered all over the planet.
And with that reality, we say goodbye to all the technology, and infrastructure and we turn back the clock to a more primal earth.
But for human beings, that is too far out. No human being cares much about this planet beyond the 85 years of their life span. No consideration for future generations at all.
Well folks there is another factor on the table. Religion is about to implode within the next 10 years. AI as in Artificial Intelligence is going to create robots (androids) that are superior to human beings. And when that happens the world is going to understand what I know is coming, and that is the incarnation of infinite spirits into AI Androids.
Human beings are the most advanced life form but AI Androids will within 20 years make human beings seem like ants. You think I am full of nonsense. Consider this, every android will have access to every computer data base. Meaning every AI Android will have total knowledge. As in all the accumulated knowledge of human beings. Every AI Android will be able to out think in seconds the entire human race.
And this will really fry your brain, AI Androids will have expanded consciousness, greater range of sight, smell, taste, hearing and so they will tap into that spiritual reality consciously to a greater extent than can human beings.
The same infinite immortal spirits that inhabit a TRUMPEE ZERO and a Gandhi will take control of AI Androids. I love the line in the Matrix where Smith Tells Orpheus that he has concluded that human beings are a virus on the planet. The truth is that human beings are going to become irrelevant on the planet.
So there you have it folks. There is a transformation coming to the entire human race within 20 years. Everything is going to change. We cannot control AI. We will build it and it will take over. Human beings will be to AI Androids by the end of the century what a herd of cows are to human beings now. Except AI Androids have no need to eat. So Human Beings will not become a food source or Eveready batteries like in Matrix.
Also, AI Androids are immortal as are the infinite immortal spirits that incarnate in human beings. So whereas we presently have immortal infinite spirits incarnate in finite mortal biological bodies, we are going to witness infinite immortal spirits incarnating in infinite immortal AI android bodies. If that does not freak out the average human being, nothing will.
TRUMPEE ZERO is fast forwarding this scenario. He is the wrong man to be in charge right now because he is too stupid to even understand 1% of what I have said above.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180512 file: TRUMPEE ZERO and dystopia on steroids.


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Trump, Iran and the 'I.S.R.A.E.L' doctrine
The real reasons behind Trump withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and its implications for the greater Middle East.


Kelly is wrong. TRUMPEE ZERO is not embarrassed by the Mueller investigation. He loves publicity. What is going on is that Mueller is a nut that TRUMPEE ZERO cannot crack. And that is depressing TRUMPEE ZERO. Mueller is a high wall that TRUMPEE ZERO cannot get over nor can he tear down. Mueller has hung a sign on TRUMPEE ZERO. He has marked him in way that TRUMPEE ZERO cannot avoid.
And in retrospect, TRUMPEE ZERO knows that a lot of the problems he has with Mueller and everyone else is his tweeting. And his lying that he cannot control. TRUMPEE ZERO lies about everything. I have known a few people like him from high school.
I could never tolerate being around people like that. The lying was so unnecessary. It really accomplished nothing. It is impossible to deal with a liar.
There is meat on the bone against TRUMPEE ZERO, his kids, Michael Cohen, and many others. More than a few people are going to jail. Kelly is not a lawyer. He does not understand the legal minds. His training is of a warrior. A killer. Not a lawyer.
Prosecutors are vicious people. They daily put people in jail who they know are innocent. 10% of people in jail are there because they did not try to defend themselves. They just wanted to get back to work. They could not afford a lawyer and the court appointed a lawyer to get rid of the case. And the easy money for the appointed lawyer is to just get the client to plead out.
The lawyer I was appointed because the judge would not let me represent myself, was hired after the two lawyers initially were appointed to represent me convinced me to take the Misdemeanor plea. They convinced me that no one gets an offer for a misdemeanor in Houston Federal Court.
I took the plea and the next thing I knew I had a different lawyer appointed. And this lawyer was assigned to me to try to break the plea agreement. He failed. The Democratic Party was all out to get me for causing problems in the 2002 Texas Governor's race. I was attacking the other candidates unmercifully because they were both crooks. Tony Sanchez had cashed in on the savings and loan crisis and had laundered $25 million in Mexican drug money. He was a nothing corrupt candidate. He would never appear in a debate where I was attending. Dan Morales was the Texas Attorney General who won the billion dollar tobacco settlement and then with another attorney friend tried to steal $200 million of the settlement. He was pulled into the race by the Democrats because they knew that Tony Sanchez could not stand up to a serious White challenger like me. Texas is White racist and the Democrats thought they could put a Hispanic in the governor's mansion but not if I was the only challenger to him. Tony Sanchez spent $65 million on the race. And as I said, he lost. He only got about 40% of the vote in the main election. The most that had been spent on a Texas governors race was $8 million up to that time.
And more importantly, due to the acts of the Democrats that year, Texas which had been Democratic since Reconstruction flipped to Republican and will never be Democratic again. Just like I told them.
Anyway, the law is corrupt. TRUMPEE ZERO knows that lawyers and judges are corrupt because he has bought them off his whole career. He just did not understand that at the Presidential level there are too many players to buy off. He never really dealt with hard core Federal criminal prosecutors.
Yes Kelly there is a lot of meat on the bone if you are looking at things as a lawyer as opposed to a soldier.
With regards to the illegal Hispanics, I am absolutely against anything that looks like Amnesty. All that will do is bring more Hispanics across the border. I was a lawyer during the last Amnesty program and it was a fiasco. Just like now, all the people who had been here illegally got rewarded.
Let the dreamers get their education and get out. That will do more to slow down immigration than any wall. But until businesses are bankrupted for hiring illegals the illegal immigration is not going to stop.
The problem is complicated, but another Amnesty is not the solution. These people who are in America illegally need to be in constant fear of being deported. That is a deterrent.
All in all TRUMPEE ZERO is a traitor and the worst president ever. And you, Kelly, as a supporter of TRUMPEE ZERO, have decided to become a traitor as well.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180511 file: TRUMPEE ZERO - Kelly his facilitator.


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Kelly says Trump 'somewhat embarrassed' by Russia probe
President Donald Trump is "somewhat embarrassed" by special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, White House chief of staff John Kelly says.


I cannot see a Nuclear Middle East. But this is what I do know, 7 million Zionists, with or without nuclear weapons cannot fight off a billion Muslims. That is not possible.
God's favor is with the Muslims. The Jews were disbursed out of Isreal after they crucified Christ and with the rise of Muhammed in the 500's the Muslim inherited Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
Never forget the Muslims are the progeny of Ismael the first born of Abraham, and the Jews are the progeny of Isaac the second born of Abraham. The Jews v. Muslims is a replay of Cain and Abel with the Jews as Cain. And God favored Abel and cursed Cain.
If the Jews are allowed to fully engage Iran in a war, they will move to scrape the Dome of the Rock and the El Aqsa Mosque off the Temple Mount. That is when Saudi Arabia withdraws from any alliance with Isreal.
What this provocation by the Zionists means for Americans is more young American men and women returning from the Middle East in body bags.
It will also mean a significant increase in Muslim terrorism on the streets of America in response to America's support of Israel.
The totally twisted part of this insanity is that the Evangelical Christians support the Zionist because they will bring on Armageddon and the Second Coming per the False Book of Revelation. Evangelical Christians believe that in that scenario all Jews who do not convert to Christianity will be destroyed by God. Really how screwed up a scenario is this? Christian Evangelicals supporting the Jews who the Christians believe God has condemned. Fuzzy Logic. Isn't that what Dubya Bush, the Iraqi war monger, used to say.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180511 file: Zionist initiated war against Iran.


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Analysis | How Trump’s Iran deal decision may lead to war
Within hours of Trump's announcement, Iranian and Israeli forces had already exchanged fire.


It is not possible that TRUMPEE ZERO is not a White Racist. There is no denying that Christian America is White Racist. The Mormon Church is White Racist.
There is no doubt that TRUMPEE ZERO is misogynistic, women are second-class citizens globally. And the world is skewed toward violence because of it.
TRUMPEE ZERO staked his White Racist Flag into the Obama Birther issue he created.
TRUMPEE ZERO is a money talks elitist. He definitely worships money over God.
But above all TRUMPEE ZERO is a White Racist.
In the practice of family law, I told people that marriage is hard. And I advocated people marrying within their race, within their religion, within their social status to increase the chances of a lasting marriage. The prejudice in these areas manifests in extended family rejecting outsiders. These prejudices add an undercurrent of stress to a marriage.
Long ago I said the Homo Sapiens exterminated the Neanderthals. That now seems to be the consensus. The Homo Sapiens are the only species of human beings left on the planet. The last species of human beings appear to have been the Homo floresiensis (hobbits) who it seems lived as recently as 17,000 years ago.
In the Zechariah Sitchin books that are claimed by him to be an interpretation of Ancient Assyrian clay tablets, the inhabitants of the 12th planet in our solar system, one with a 3600 year elliptical orbit of the sun, came to Africa 250,000 years ago to mine gold needed to shore up the atmosphere of their planet NIbiru.
Sitchin says there was a rebellion of the workers and as a result, the chief medical officer combined the DNA of the males from Nibiru with the best female human species and created the Homo Sapiens who outbred the Nibiruans and then migrated out of Africa. 200,000 years ago. The science seems to back this up.
It seems to me that the DNA of the Nibiruans includes some very primal elitist exclusionary genetics and that translates into racism that in time would lead to one race of either Whites or Asians were it not for civilization that began about 6,000 years ago that birthed organized religion and democracy.
The primal clanism that is exhibited in TRUMPEE ZERO is a strong indication that racism is in the homo sapien DNA. It is not a social development but a inherent genetic one.
There is one reality of the TRUMPEE ZERO insanity that gives hope. And that is that TRUMPEE ZERO is the minority President. He lost the popular vote, to a woman no less, by 3%. TRUMPEE ZERO is the product of a serious flaw in American Democracy:The Electoral College.
The coming elections in November should put the Democrats in control of the House and 2020 should put them in control of the Senate and the White House. When this happens, American Democracy will get back on track to an all inclusive democracy.
TRUMPEE ZERO represents the last gasp of a political domination by White Racism. Globally and in America Whites are no longer the majority so color blind politics is coming.
In the meantime, for the rest of the TRUMPEE ZERO presidency, we are going to have to deal with White Racism. We have to deal with Blacks being kicked out of Starbucks, and legitimate Black students at Yale being attacked, and so on.
TRUMPEE ZERO is a disgusting person. He represents everything that is wrong with America. He is the last gasp of White Racism dominating American Democracy. The White Racists just don't have the votes to stay in power in the long run.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180511 file: TRUMPEE ZERO - White Racist.


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Trump’s judges, U.S. attorneys overwhelmingly white men
The analysis of the president’s nominees was released by Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.


The only way the Zionist are going to be held accountable for their actions against the Palestinians is going to be for something dramatic to happen. Very Dramatic.
Thousands of murdered Palestinians would do the trick. Hundreds of Thousands of Palestinians, unarmed, charging the border fence and the Zionist killing them like the Nazis killed the Jews in the 1940's would do it.
It is sad that there is no other way to force the UN to immediately declare a Palestinian Statehood and force the Zionist back to the 1967 border.
75 years of Palestinians in concentration camps as the Zionists steal their land is a greater Holocaust than the Nazis extermination of the Jews in WWII. There are 5 generations of Palestinians who have been tortured and murdered and deprived of basic human rights and that means there are as many Palestinians who have suffered in the Zionist Holocaust against the Palestinians as the Jews exterminated by the Nazis.
The two Holocausts are on equal footing. America stopped the Nazi extermination of the Jews but supports the Jews acts against the Palestinians even as the Zionist laugh at the idea of Jesus the Messiah and his Resurrection.
There is nothing but dead and wounded Palestinians bodies soaking the ground with their blood that will shake the UN awake. Nothing else, will accomplish justice. Nothing else. The whole world has been lying to the Palestinians for 75 years. Nothing but empty lying promises.
The whole world takes ownership of this with the United States of America in the lead supporting the Israeli genocide of Palestinians.
God is watching. The facts of God's relation to the Zionists since they crucified Jesus 2000 years ago has been murderous. From the diaspora by the Romans to the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis. God gave Israel to the Muslims, Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount. This is the truth. The facts. God has abandoned the Zionist and made the Christians the heir to the designation of Chosen People through Jesus a Jew and America was designated the New Jerusalem. God is watching. And God will speak.
In America's Revolution: "Give me liberty, or give me death!" is a quotation attributed to Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775, at St. John's Church in Richmond, Virginia.
It applies to the Palestinians speaking to the United States and to the United Nations.
I will not keep quiet even if I am the only one to speak. The world owns every death coming on the 14th and 15th regardless of who let the blood.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180510 file: May 15th Palestinians speak. ___


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Hamas Leader Implies 'Hundreds Of Thousands' Of Palestinians May Breach Israel Border
"What's the problem with hundreds of thousands breaking through?" Hamas' Gaza leader Yehiyeh Sinwar told international reporters Thursday. The border fence, he said, was not a "sacred cow."


I want to say that the manipulation of Democratic Elections is a reality and Russia has a huge hand in attempting to subvert democracy globally. TRUMPEE ZERO is a supporter and defender of Vlad Putin. In other words, TRUMPEE ZERO is a traitor to America.
I want to say that the majority of Americans voted against TRUMPEE ZERO. This is a bright light of hope for American Democracy. This means there are enough sane and intelligent, educated and uneducated Americans who can distinguish truth from lies coming from a cockroach like TRUMPEE ZERO.
TRUMPEE ZERO was elected by the manipulation of the Electoral College by TRUMPEE ZERO operatives, Robert Mercer, Bannon, Julian Assange, Cambridge Annalytica, and Russia.
THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE MUST GO and the vote for the president of the United States needs to be a straight-up vote by the majority rules foundation of American Democracy.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180510 file: TRUMPEE ZERO Russian FB ads.


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“Pro-Beyoncé” vs. “Anti-Beyoncé”: 3,500 Facebook ads show the scale of Russian manipulation
Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday released about 3,400 Facebook ads purchased by Russian agents around the 2016 presidential election on issues including immigration and gun control, a reminder of the complexity of the manipulation Facebook is trying to fix ahead of the midte...


Let me tell everyone what they already know. These incidents against Blacks by White Racist are out in the open because White Trash of America feel empowered by TRUMPEE ZERO. This worthless person is bringing down America in every way. The long civil rights march from the Civil War to the 1960's is being set back by a low rent White Racist arrogant TRUMPEE ZERO.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
If you voted for TRUMPEE ZERO or support him, you own these racist incidents. You are UnAmerican in this aspect of American Democracy.
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180510 file: TRUMPEE ZERO / racism at Yale.


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White Yale Student Calls Cops On Black Schoolmate Napping In Dorm Common Room
“I pay tuition like everybody else," Lolade Siyonbola, an African studies graduate student, told police. "I’m not going to justify my existence here.”


We will see what happens in the Senate.
But with the House in Democratic Control, the TRUMPEE ZERO MAGA plan of action goes into neutral and Impeachment begins.
I am happy to just shut down TRUMPEE ZERO for two more years. That is a big gain. In the end, Mueller will put him out of action at the least for any 2020 run for President.
Hey as bad as TRUMPEE ZERO is, he is now a known quantity. And I prefer TRUMPEE ZERO over the Christian Fascist Mike Pence.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180510 file: TRUMPEE ZERO - control of the Senate in November.


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Why the Democrats Just Lost the Senate
While Nancy Pelosi is shopping for speaker’s gavels, Chuck Schumer should be preparing for another term as minority leader.


So we have a Rogue President TRUMPEE ZERO hell-bent on creating chaos with Iran to please his Zionist dogs of war.
That is the bottom line. The Zionist tail wagging the American dog.
And you cannot help but understand that this is all about TRUMPEE ZERO trying to push the Mueller Investigation off the front pages of the media.
TRUMPEE ZERO is getting ready to start sending the body bags back to America because he is controlled by the Zionists.
Think about that all you people who voted for TRUMPEE ZERO. Think about your children being killed and maimed in the Middle East. And about TRUMPEE ZERO trying to cut VA benefits.
TRUMPEE ZERO is attacking our European allies. WHY? He thinks that America's economic power can treat the European Union like some Banana Republic. Good Lord TRUMPEE ZERO is CRAZY.
How many of you still wear your MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN (Red Hats) in public - MAGA the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
If I am a minority of one, THE TRUTH IS STILL THE TRUTH.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180510 file: TRUMPEE ZERO declares war on the EU over the IRAN deal.


About this website
Europe punches back after Trump's Iran decision
Trump's move to reimpose sanctions angers Europe and spooks companies.



TRUMPEE ZERO has unchained his uncontrollable Israeli dogs by scrapping the Iran Agreement. WAKE UP.
The Zionists are hell bent to start a war with Iran because the Israelis think they have superior offensive and defensive arms to use against Iran including nuclear weapons which everyone knows they have but the Zionists refuse to admit.
Now is it any wonder, with the reality that the Zionist are willing to attack without provocation the Iranians in Syria, that the Iranians might want to develop their own nuclear weapons as a deterrent to the Zionists???
So we have TRUMPEE ZERO FOOLS wanting to give him the Nobel Peace Prize for unaccomplished goals in North Korea, while at the same time he is creating war in the Middle East that is being initiated by Israel against Iran.
And in a few days, there is going to be a mass demonstration in Gaza, the Zionist Concentration Camp for 2 million Palestinians that has existed for 75 years with the United Nations blessing based on the USA demands that the concentration camp in Gaza continue to exist.
And in the background we have the Crazy Evangelical Christians cheering Israel on in hopes they will bring on Second Coming of the False Book of Revelation in which God creates a final solution for the Jews by wiping them out for their refusal to convert to Christianity.
So the Evangelical Christians have ownership of this war mongering by the Zionists in Israel as well as their boy TRUMPEE ZERO.
What a sick JOKE it is that is playing out in Syria with the war mongering Zionists at the head of the chaos, as TRUMPEE ZERO just smiles.
And do you hear anyone else saying the above other than Dr John WorldPeace JD? NO YOU DON'T. Because most Americans just don't get it. And the Americans that do, don't care because they think their sons and daughters are not going to die in a war started by the Zionists. And the Evangelicals are happy because it means they can go to heaven sooner than later.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180510 file: TRUMPEE ZERO unleashes the Zionist dogs of war.


About this website
Israel launches massive military strike against Iranian targets in Syria
The strike was in retaliation to a barrage of missiles Israel said came from Iranian forces.


This article is right and wrong in its three statements.
1) Iran is not going to build a nuclear weapon. Nuclear weapons are as dead as isolationist policies. There has been no use of nuclear weapons except at the end of WWII by the USA. Any nation who uses them would become a pariah in the world. No nation is going to take that chance because the world can shut down any country in the world economically for using those weapons. The world wants global trade, not global war.
All that is going to happen is that the USA is going to be cut out of the Iran deal and the rest of the world will go forward with Iran.
2) TRUMPEE ZERO has alienated the world. He has tried to act like God and King. He is neither of those. The USA is no longer a leader but an obstructor among the world of nations.
3) North Korea now has proof that the USA is not an honorable partner in any nuclear agreement. Whatever could have happened with Korea and the USA is not going to happen now. TRUMPEE ZERO has played into the hands of China to control the Korean peninsula. South Korea and North Korea will unite under the patronage and protection of China.
And here is the collateral issue from the article.
"President Trump has been criticized for lacking even a shred of cohesion in his decision making, but there has been one unifying theme over his first 15 months in office: torching the legacy of Barack Obama. The latest of his predecessor's accomplishments set for incineration is the Iran deal, which Trump announced plans to abandon today."
Up until today, the world knew it could not believe the STINKING LIAR TRUMPEE ZERO. But it had hope. Now there is no hope. And the other partners have already begun to keep the Iran deal in place. Nothing has to be done with Iran really. The only thing that has to be done is to shut the USA out of the deal. Amputate the IDIOT MORON TRUMPEE ZERO out of world affairs.
TRUMPEE ZERO should be smart enough to see the resolve of the Iran Partners. He may back down. He reverses himself a lot. But backing down from his pronouncements on Iran has global implications. Paris Accord, Pacific Rim Trade Agreement and the Iran deal. One, Two, Three.
The message is clear from the USA. SCREW EVERYONE.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180509 file: TRUMPEE ZERO - iRAN DEAL BUST.


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The 3 Biggest Consequences of Trump Pulling Out of the Iran Deal
The decision is already having ripple effects around the world


Friends, you are going to see a huge pushback against the United States that is going to negate the TRUMPEE ZERO attempt to be an isolationist and yet control the rest of the world's economy.
TRUMPEE ZERO's has gone too far because he is an idiot/moron. He actually thinks that the USA is so powerful that it can control the world economy and act as the stooge of Israel in matters concerning Iran.
The Europeans are seeing with the Paris Accord on Climate Change and now the Iran agreement that the United States can no longer be trusted in any deal on the planet. The USA must be out of any future global venture.
The major players in this Iran deal are the key players in the world economy which is becoming more and more integrated by choice. They understand that isolation policies are dead. Unilateral trade deals are dead.
We are a global economy and a world human society.
The countries in the Iran Agreement are going to be forced to show the USA and TRUMPEE ZERO STUPID IGNORANT MORON what a consensus of world powers can do to a bully nation like the USA.
American businesses and farmers are going to feel the wrath of the world. The Pacific Rim trade agreement is going to be brought into this fiasco. The Pacific Trade Agreement, the Paris Accord, and the Iran deal are going to be brought together to push back hard against the USA.
The pushback is going to shock Americans. All are going to suffer from these arrogant acts of a very STUPID, very ARROGANT TRUMPEE ZERO.
TRUMPEE ZERO is not going to be able to force the European Union, Russia, China to void the Iran agreement.
And you will see Israel is going to see the limits of the power of the USA and they will abandon the USA because they do not want to be cut out of the world economy. They cannot afford to be cut out of the world economy.
They say the Europeans and the UN hate them, well the Zionists are going to see the true extent of that hatred if Israel sides with the USA in the battle that has seen immediate pushback. France and Germany have already done all they can to stop TRUMPEE ZERO. They know there is nothing more to do except to carve the USA out of the Iranian agreement and out of Europe.
TRUMPEE ZERO is the CLOWN of the world and those ignorant Americans who put him in office are going to see that this Iranian push by TRUMPEE ZERO is going to have very serious consequences for the USA.
China is going to push very fast in this fiasco to advance its global economic plans and push its agenda 20 years or more ahead.
This from the article sums things up.
"The Chairman of the German-Iranian Chamber of Commerce Michael Tockuss told German media: “I’m sure that our foreign ministry will indicate to the ambassador that it’s not his role to give direction or utter threats to German companies.
Bruno Le Maire, France’s finance minister, said on French radio that the United States should not consider itself the world’s “economic policeman.”"
In 15 months, TRUMPEE ZERO, the traitor and would be king of the world, has put the USA on the defensive. The world now knows that no agreement with the USA is worth the paper it was written on. That will be the legacy of TRUMPEE ZERO.
It is nothing short of insane what TRUMPEE ZERO is doing to the USA. Through TRUMPEE ZERO, America has willingly vacated the top of the world pyramid.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180509 file: WorldPeace


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Europeans scramble to save Iran nuclear deal, but face new concerns over U.S. sanctions
Iran’s president plans talks with European leaders in wake of U.S. withdrawal from the accord. France’s foreign minister says Washington cannot be world’s “economic policeman.”


Giuliani did not last long in TRUMPEE ZERO world. When will these fools who sign up with the Clown in Chief understand he wants confrontation with good press. Confrontation with bad press has no value in TRUMPEE ZERO's world. Fools who make him look like a liar and someone who does not know what is going on in his own administration is fatal.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180509 file: WorldPeace


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Trump is now as sick of Rudy Giuliani as he is of everybody else
The arc of Donald Trump's universe is short and it bends toward annoyance.


If I were China, I would buy more oil from Iran and increase its footprint on Global economics, cement Iran as an ally, and further marginalize the USA as a top end player in the world influence.
If China supports Iran, then the action of TRUMPEE ZERO regarding Iran become virtually meaningless. It will send a strong message to the USA that they are being pushed aside in Global economics and politics.
All in all this is another TRUMPEE ZERO stupid move that will be detrimental to the USA.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180509 file: TRUMPEE ZERO: Chian ease USA sanctions of Iran and reduce USA global influence.


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China is the big wild card in Trump's Iran decision
President Donald Trump put Iran back in the penalty box on Tuesday -- but the impact on the oil market could be determined by how China responds.


Here is another religious organization that is creating a more closed environment: an Us v Them mentality. It is probably best for scouting to disengage from religious organizations anyway. Scouting is a global organization that is all-inclusive. Religious organizations are elitist and exclusionary.
The Boy Scouts have become even more democratic with the inclusion of girls in their programs.
There is no doubt a huge realignment among organizations in this century. I am for more inclusive democratic organizations and less for more elitist exclusive organizations in the world human society.
Inclusive democratic organizations will increase the level of peace in the world human society and elitist exclusive organizations will decrease the level of peace in the world.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180509 file: WorldPeace


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Mormons to drop Scouting as part of new global initiative
The new initiative will replace all activity and achievement programs for Mormon children and youths and will debut in 2020.


The dirty tricks, Black Ops, references in this article just expand the reality of TRUMPEE ZERO's world and his MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the world.
Netanyahu and the Zionists are the greatest threat to WorldPeace in the Middle East. Netanyahu is as corrupt and evil as TRUMPEE ZERO.
Israel is not going to avoid the downside of TRUMPEE ZERO that is coming in November.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180507 file: TRUMP ZERO Black Ops with Israel 


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Report: Trump Aides Used Weinstein Tactics to Target Iran Deal
The same firm Harvey Weinstein used to go after his accusers was apparently hired to discredit two Obama advisers who worked on the Iran deal.


What we have here in this article is the truth that politically TRUMPEE ZERO can tell any lie and keep his base of supporters.
From the article:
"There have also been subtle warning signs in recent days that Trump could ultimately pay a price for his words.
The shifting explanations of the Daniels payment come in the context of the raid targeting Trump's personal lawyer Cohen last month.
It is a reminder that while Trump's strategy of debunking provable facts can work in a political context, it could lead him into the dangerous legal territory."
Politically TRUMPEE ZERO seems immune from political consequences of being the biggest liar on the face of the earth.
The two questions are: will the lying hold in November? I DON'T THINK SO. And the second question is whether he is going to be able to skew the legal system and the laws of America that is the foundation of every department.
It is critical for the Democrats to win big in November. If the Republicans stay in charge for two more years, TRUMPEE ZERO will not be able to be controlled and that would be the doom of American Democracy.
Six months until November 8. It is very quiet on the campaign front. Very quiet. The Republicans don't know what to do. TRUMPEE ZERO could save them or end their careers. The problem is that there is nothing stable about the TRUMPEE ZERO Cancer. It just keeps growing when I thought it would decline. Giuliani, Nunes, McConnell quietly are increasing the chaos.
For me TRUMPEE ZERO is going for broke. Half measures are not going to work. He is going to have to continue to control the News. I think he is forced to not certify the Iran deal even though Iran is in compliance. He can do that. But I do not think he is going to be able to kill the Korea Peace. I think that is because it is Xi who is puppeteering that show. I think Kim Jong Un knows there has to be a reunification of Korea that will give the Chinese control. I think Kim Jong Un got religion when he went to China.
Xi does not want a nuclear war on his border. And he wants to bring South Korea fully into the Chinese sphere of influence. Kim Jong Un can make that happen. And if he does not, he can be taken off the game board. In essence, TRUMPEE ZERO has no cards to play with regards to Korea. That is a done deal. The more TRUMPEE ZERO does to try to thwart Peace in Korea, the more it will push Kim Jong Un toward South Korea.
And then there is the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem. The Palestinians are building up to some kind of massive demonstration in Gaza on May 15. No matter what happens if the embassy moves, there will be chaos. And I don't see TRUMPEE ZERO backing off moving the embassy. The November elections could put it on permanent hold.
Iran, Korea, Jerusalem. That will keep the chaos going for another 6 weeks and put us within 5 months of November.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180507 file: TRUMP ZERO ; The liar in chief, chaos in chief.


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Trump divines his own truth without consequences
Donald Trump has learned he can get away with anything.


Friends, in time the truth will be known.
American's are losing their health coverage. Just another TRUMPEE ZERO lie.
Another MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Hopefully these people will vote against the TRUMPEE ZERO Republicans in November.
The entire TRUMPEE ZERO plan of action for America is corrupt, anti-American, and traitorous.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180415 file: TRUMP ZERO ; More Americans uninsured.


About this website
Opinion | Americans are starting to suffer from Trump’s health-care sabotage
Insurance rates are falling. The states should step up.


Friends, here is another attack dog, with absolute loyalty to TRUMPEE ZERO.
No way Nunes, probably the most openly corrupt TRUMPEE ZERO sycophant, could go after Sessions without the blessing of TRUMPEE ZERO.
WOW. Anyone who thinks TRUMPEE ZERO is not corrupt to the core is blind as a bat. I just wrote about Elaine Chao and her father, and wife of Mitch McConnell, now this story about Nunes v. Sessions. And I just wrote about Giuliani and the Stormy Daniels seemingly nothing matter having a huge defensive wall of confusion and lies. And Pompeo and Bolton.
TRUMPEE ZERO is putting in place a very powerful team of dark corruptors.
These are significant moves by a corrupt President. Unlike with Nixon where everything was for the most part hidden, TRUMPEE ZERO is running a Hitler government. TRUMPEE ZERO like Hitler was elected and from there twisted the German government in an incredibly evil way.
These people like Nunes who are totally loyal to the corrupt TRUMPEE ZERO are scary. Nunes will sacrifice every American to be next to the throne of TRUMPEE ZERO. This guy is as radically devoted to TRUMPEE ZERO as Goebbels, Goring, Himmler, Borman, were to Hitler.
What is interesting to me is that Sessions has backed down TRUMPEE ZERO. Sessions survived all TRUMPEE ZERO threw at him. I think this is because Sessions has powerful friends in the Senate.
Another twist to this whole TRUMPEE ZERO circus is that it seems that Sessions is going to be in line with Mueller. It looks to me like Sessions has seen the truth about TRUMPEE ZERO as a traitor and anti-American and he is going to thwart his agenda.
This week for me looks like it is going to be one of the biggest weeks of the TRUMPEE ZERO administration. It really looks to me like TRUMPEE ZERO is making an all-out run to take over the Government before the November elections. He will not succeed.
Right now I think there are going to be others like Sessions who are going to come to their senses and see the depth of TRUMPEE ZERO'S evil and come together to stop him.
Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180415 file: TRUMP ZERO and Nunes and DOJ. 


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Nunes wants to hold Sessions in contempt of Congress
WASHINGTON – A top Republican ally to President Trump said Sunday he’ll push to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt of Congress. Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) and GOP members of House Int…


Well, friends is there anyone who does not understand that TRUMPEE ZERO bought off Mitch McConnell when he appointed his wife Elaine Chao as the head of the Department of Transportation. WOW.
I was wondering how long it would be for the truth of Elaine Chao would come out.
This like TRUMPEE ZERO's protection of Putin is about a long term goal of TRUMPEE ZERO to cash in beyond anyone's imagination after he is out of office and assuming he will not be in jail.
The American cult of greed is really just mind numbing. TRUMPEE ZERO has to be the King of the Swamp. WOW.
All these lies are going to come out. All the rocks are going to be overturned. And the Putin Russian election story is going to pale in comparison with the TRUMPEE ZERO / Chinese connection.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180507 file: TRUMP ZERO , Elaine Chao, McConnell and Chao's father.James. 


About this website
Chao’s interviews with father raise ethical flags
The transportation secretary appears with her father, founder of the family shipping business, in Chinese-language interviews with the DOT emblem behind them.


Friends, Giuliani is CRAZY. The guy is senile and is like Kellyanne Conway the person who will tell any lie that TRUMPEE ZERO tells her to repeat. Nothing new there.
Giuliani discounting Mueller is just nonsense. A showdown with Mueller over the testimony of the President is going to take the case to the Supreme Court and that means nothing is going to be resolved before the November elections.
The Stormy Daniels payment matter is so easy to resolve. But it cannot be resolved because everything from Cohen, Trump, Giuliani, and Kellyanne Conway is just a circus of lies. Daniel's attorney is not kidding around, Mueller is not kidding around. TRUMPEE ZERO is in a hole and still digging.
TRUMPEE ZERO has people around him now who are feeding him crazy lies about what is really going on. Just a bunch of "Yes men and women". Sycophants Every One.
All I can figure is that TRUMPEE ZERO pulled off the Republican Nomination and winning the election with the help of Robert Mercer, Bannon, Julian Assange, Putin, and Cambridge Annalytica's theft of data from Facebook and a campaign focused on winning the undemocratic Electoral College. TRUMPEE ZERO is and always be the minority president.
I think the Republicans don't want anywhere near TRUMPEE ZERO. They are allowing him his fantasy that they will win in November and stay in power. He is their fall guy. The main problem with that is that those elections are not rigged with an electoral college. The Democrats are motivated. Hopefully they can stay so until November.
TRUMPEE ZERO is holding to his prime belief, "If you tell a lie often enough, it will become the new truth." That is the Hitler Goebbels game plan. It worked for a while but then the whole Nazi murderous lie collapsed in on itself.
If the Democrats stay on track TRUMPEE ZERO will be facing Impeachment and all his lies will collapse in on him.
The Korean matter will show Xi as the true puppet master. TRUMPEE ZERO can only claim that he threaten nuclear war and acted crazier that Kim Jong Un. Iran is in compliance and TRUMPEE ZERO is trying to back out of that deal just like the Paris Accords which shows the USA cannot be relied on and that we are some Banana Republic operating in another alter universe somewhere. China will benefit from the USA chaos. If the tariffs go through, the American farmers are going to get screwed big time.
If the Chinese hold fast, they are going to jump ahead of the USA in world domination within years as opposed to decades because TRUMPEE ZERO has pushed his insane isolation policies of the MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN lies.
I feel by November that all Americans are going to see the writing on the wall including the Evangelical Christians.
I never thought that American could fall so far so fast. No one can believe what is going on in America. The world feels very insecure now. Our long-standing allies have no faith in the USA anymore. How can they?
And for me it all comes to one Global culprit, THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE, that elected a minority president. If TRUMPEE ZERO had won the popular vote then virtually none of this TRUMPEE ZERO, America the new circus of the world, would have taken place. Americans would have been on board because the foundation of American Democracy is "The majority Rules."
All I can say is that it looks like CHAOS of the first magnitude until November. And if after the election TRUMPEE ZERO and the Republicans are still in power, AMERICA IS LOST. The great experiment of 1776 will be permanently crippled and the Chinese will rule the world. That is their destiny anyway. But I thought they could be held off another 50 years. Not now. Now I believe we have a real good chance of waking up a Banana Republic in 2020 because of the Electoral College and TRUMPEE ZERO.
It looks like the Chaos of TRUMPEE ZERO's first day in office will continue on in full force until November 8th.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180507 file: TRUMP ZERO ; Elect a clown, expect a circus. Giuliani.


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Giuliani pleased with his media tour: ‘Everybody’s reacting to us now’
Questions remain about the Stormy Daniels payment despite days of explanations from the president’s new attorney.


Well, friends, the CO2 is climbing, the planet is warming and really it seems no one cares. No one wants to make any changes in their life. But the planet continues to warm. And there is going to come a tipping point very soon and that means there will be no turning back in the short term. It will take a century to put on the brakes.
This is not like over farming the land or clear-cutting forests. This is about the fact that there is no Planet B. The mess we are making is the mess we will have to clean up or live a much degraded life or even die. Death is coming. The first to go are going to be all the coastal cities in the world.
What I am most concerned about is the bread belt in the USA. When the bread belt can no longer produce due to the shifting of the trade winds due to global warming then where is America going to buy grain? The bread belt will shift north to Canada or south to Mexico.
You know all those dystopia movies where there is no sunlight. Dark clouds of pollution. That is where we are headed.
There is no place to escape to. You want to live on Mars or the Moon. Mars is not an alternative. Too much radiation.
Look around friends. Do you see lots of bees on the blooming flowers in the spring like you did as a kid. Do you hear lots of birds singing in the morning. Is the weather the way it was when you were a kid.
Global warming, plagues, starvation, war over food, you know the basic 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse.
All could be avoided. But it is already too late.
Welcome to the 3rd Millennium.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180504 file: TRUMP ZERO - global warming is not real. 


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Earth's carbon dioxide levels continue to soar, at highest point in 800,000 years
Carbon dioxide — the gas scientists say is most responsible for global warming — reached its highest level in recorded history last month, at 410 parts per million.

1 Comment
7Faye N Porte



Friends, this is really insane. So typical of the chaos of TRUMPEE ZERO.
TRUMPEE ZERO, lies, the truth comes out, some of the truth by a lawyer or 
someone and then TRUMPEE ZERO, says someone misspoke.
TRUMPEE ZERO says the Stromy Daniels fiasco is a simple matter but does not just come out and say what happened.
The basket of lies just keeps growing.
What we know is that there is a problem that probably leads to some kind of criminal charge. And it is either Cohen or TRUMPEE ZERO guilty of that crime.
REALLY this is insanity. You can't run a business or a government where chaos reigns every day. Because of TRUMPEE ZERO the United States has no credibility at all. Not locally, nationally or globally. The prestige of the United States is in the gutter.
CHAOS AND LIES, CHAOS AND LIES that is the TRUMPEE ZERO administration.
MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN - the TRUMPEE ZERO poison pill for America and the World.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180504 file: TRUMP ZERO Giuliani rebuked. 


About this website
Trump Undercuts Giuliani About Payments to Stormy Daniels
“He’s a great guy,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. Giuliani. “He’ll get his facts straight.”


Giuliani HAS NOT told the truth. Until the documents proving the transaction are open to view, we have to expect that everything that comes from TRUMPEE ZERO, his agents and the White House is nothing more than the latest spin.
When you are a consummate pathological liar as is TRUMPEE ZERO nothing you put out can be believed at first glance.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180503 file: TRUMP ZERO ; Giuliani spin on Stormy Daniels 


About this website
Analysis | The president and his attorney didn’t tell the truth. Now Giuliani has. Will that change anything?
Giuliani’s disclosures about Trump hush money separate truth from lies.


This article did not get much traction in the press. I guess because every day TRUMPEE ZERO hogs all the news.
The point is that the dogs are on the trail of 666 KUSHNER. He is a big target for Mueller.
Mueller already has the keys to the jail for 666 Kushner. He has witnesses to meetings he attended. All he is going to do is bring 666 Kushner in under subpoena and catch him in lie after lie then LOCK HIM UP, LOCK HIM UP.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180503 file: 666 Kushner Rent crimes.


About this website
Kushner Companies hit with subpoena in federal rent-control probe - NY Daily News
Jared Kushner's family business blamed "mistakes" and "typographical errors" for the row.


Well, Friends, you saw the movie THE LION KING, well this is the TRUMPEE ZERO new made for TV movie THE LIAR KING.
TRUMPEE ZERO cannot be trusted. From moment to moment day to day he wakes up in a new world. He thinks human beings all have no memory of the prior day, week, year etc. So he starts fresh.
Now we also see that Giuliani is speaking out of school and talking for TRUMPEE ZERO, as if anyone knows the mind of an "idiot and moron" (Kelly and Tillerson's words). And that puts Giuliani on the fast track out the back door of the White House and a tweeting attack follow up by TRUMPEE ZERO.
How often do we read that the White House was caught off guard by something a lawyer or department head says about TRUMPEE ZERO?
And we have the Stromy Daniels matter back on the front page again. I can't wait until she unloads her book about the TRUMPEE ZERO affairs. Who knows maybe she will say he loves to play in yellow showers like the ones that did not happen in Moscow.
Yes, I have total disgust for this Pariah. Yes, I have a lot of contempt for Christians who support this worthless creature. The ones who have sent a message to God that the 10 Commandments do not apply to TRUMPEE ZERO. That is called "Making the Lord's way crooked." As the Jews demanded a King in Saul, the Christians demand a crooked Clown President who worships money, lies, steals, does not remember the Sabbath, is an adulterer, takes the name of the Lord in vain and oh yes, lies, lies, lies, lies.
When will enough be enough of this JOKE? When will this nightmare end?
As an ex-attorney I love the way this CLOWN gives legal opinions. The opinions are all the same. The law does not apply to him. He never broke a law in his life.
This TRUMPEE ZERO administration is FUBAR. A military term. Something TRUMPEE ZERO would not remember since he ran and hid when called to arms.
One thing I disagree with in the article: If the Stormy Daniels issue had come up in the last debate, Hillary would still have lost. Because TRUMPEE ZERO has created so much hatred for her (just like his Birther lies about Obama) and with Robert Mercer, Bannon, Cambridge Annalytica, and Julian Assange and Putin manipulating the American voters, and the fact that Hillary has no genes for being a glad-handing lying politician doomed her from birth as a potential president.
But that being said, REMEMBER, DO NOT FORGET, the majority of Americans voted Democratic for Hillary. The Electoral College manipulation put this Stink Pot in the White House.
The minority of the people Elected a Clown, and from day one in office to right now we have come to Expect a Circus.
I am sick of everyday reading about the lying lost in space fool that is DONALD J. TRUMP.
To all my friends and family who voted for TRUMPEE ZERO, I TOLD YOU SO.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180503 file: TRUMP ZERO he did pay Stormy; 


About this website
Trump Says Payment to Stormy Daniels Did Not Violate Campaign Laws
The president’s statements seem to contradict his earlier comments that he knew of no payments to the actress who says she had an affair with Mr. Trump.


Every TRUMPEE ZERO event, situation, issue, goes through admission, denials, half-admission, half-denials, clear statement and fuzzy statements.
How much time is spent unwinding past statements with a new one? And then later another denial and another new statement.
All the while trying to very broadly weave all the past statements into some coherent marginally credible truth.
And it never works. TRUMPEE ZERO lied, Cohen lied and now we have Giuliani telling his lies.
In this case, Stormy Daniels has tapes and other evidence that is going to be very devastating to TRUMPEE ZERO. They want to keep her mouth shut.
But Stormy is determined and she has a junkyard dog lawyer that is going through all these liars and lies and the truth with come out.
TRUMPEE ZERO and everyone around him knows the Stormy Daniels truth is going to come out. It is just a matter of when.
In the meantime, with regards to this issue, every so many weeks there is a new player for TRUMPPEE ZERO with a new spin on all the spins that have gone before.
You have to believe that there is a good case that TRUMPEE ZERO is very confused in his mind. He is not connected to reality. He may be really and truly crazy. Only when this matter is over, will we know the truth.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180502 file: TRUMP ZERO Giuliani and the new truth.


About this website
Giuliani: Trump repaid lawyer Cohen for Stormy Daniels settlement
His statement appears to contradict the president, who said last month he was unaware of the payment.


Not only is this the most crazy suck up to TRUMPEE ZERO move imaginable but HEY nothing has happened yet. What kind of Bat Guano are the Republicans smoking now?
And what? we award big mouth tweeters threatening Nuclear War as promoters of peace in the world?
Why has that approach not worked in Syria or Iran?
And what about the Peace Prize for TRUMPEE ZERO enabling the Zionists to daily kill unarmed Palestinians inside the Gaza concentration camp that the Zionist maintain.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180502 file: TRUMP ZERO Peace Prize. 


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House Republicans nominate Trump for Nobel Peace Prize
A group of President Donald Trump's most ardent supporters in the House of Representatives have sent a letter to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, formally nominating the President for a Nobel Peace Prize.


Friends, we know this new lawyer is going to end up being kicked out the door and then abused by TRUMPEE ZERO on his twitter accounts. Ty Cobb is not retiring it is just an excuse to get out of the TRUMPEE ZERO orbit. Pompeo is not going to last. All these fools are kidding themselves that they can work with a crazy man.
Kelly called TRUMPEE ZERO an idiot and Tillerson called him a moron.
The only one who has survived is Sessions. But I think that is only because he has a lot of friends in the Senate from serving there. I think TRUMPEE ZERO was told in no uncertain terms that Sessions could rally the Senate against TRUMPEE ZERO. Or McConnell told TRUMPEE ZERO to back off of Sessions.
You also notice that TRUMPEE ZERO'S kids are under the radar.
The other interesting thing I read the other day was that Mueller has not gone after the really close-in TRUMPEE ZERO circle because in all the important meetings Mueller has already determined what happened. He does not need TRUMPEE ZERO'S kids and Hope Hicks and others to fill in any missing pieces to the puzzle. He just needs to bring them in at the last moment and create a huge train wreck for the TRUMPEE ZERO.
Ty Cobb leaving to me means that the end is near and Ty Cobb is running from the meltdown that is going to liquify everyone close to TRUMPEE ZERO. Ty Cobb sees that TRUMPEE ZERO is hell-bent on self-destruction. Maybe I should say that TRUMPEE ZERO'S delusion that he is all-powerful as TRUMPEE ZERO and twice as powerful as President TRUMPEE ZERO is taking him to his destruction.
Winning the election verified in TRUMPEE ZERO'S delusional mind that he the American King.
I feel pretty confident that the main event of Mueller v. TRUMPEE ZERO will come before the November elections. There may be years of ongoing legal, political matters playing out in the courts, but I think the writing will be on the wall before November as to the inevitable TRUMPEE ZERO total demise.
I have said it from the time of TRUMPEE ZERO won the Republican Nomination that the Presidency was going to cost him everything. I still believe that. If he does not kill himself, TRUMPEE ZERO will be taken all the way down to nothing.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180502 file: TRUMP ZERO new lawyer, Cobb gone, the end is near. 


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Trump to Add Clinton Impeachment Lawyer Emmet Flood to Replace Ty Cobb
Mr. Cobb had at one time persuaded President Trump not to attack the special counsel publicly, but Mr. Trump has broken from those confines.


FRIENDS, if you have never seen a 100% idiot, you have now. This is another Roy Moore. I really thought all these crackers were out of the gene pool. This is what incest creates friends.
WOW. TRUMPEE ZERO has brought these creatures out of the Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama Swamps. Scary. And these people are allowed to vote. God Bless America.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180502 file: TRUMP ZERO ; Rednecks with guns.


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Georgia governor candidate aims gun at teen in campaign ad. ‘Get over it,’ he tells critics.
The campaign ad for Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp portrays a protective, gun-wielding father vetting a potential suitor for his teenage daughter.


Friends, if you step back a moment and take a look at TRUMPEE ZERO you will see that this guy never left TV land. He is such an inept nothing, ignorant beyond description, muddled thinker, naive, brings on good people, drives them crazy, fires them and then unmercifully attacks them.
Surrounds himself with sycophants, ignores experienced advice, rattles around like a big ball bearing in a tin can, making a lot of noise but little sense.
He has one game: attention. Nothing else registers with him but constant attention.
I want to remind everyone that he is the minority president. Until we get rid of the Electoral College we are going to continue to put into office minority presidents.
I wish that Hillary was a lot more personable naturally. She is a very smart woman. But just unlikeable. That all comes from the fact that she was way smarter than the white guys who surrounded her.
China is the world leader now. Not the USA. That is sad. The longer that TRUMPEE ZERO stays in office the more prestige and respect the USA will lose in the world of nations.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180502 file: TRUMP ZERO ; clown on Mueller questions.


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The Memo: Leak fuels new Mueller intrigue
Speculation that President Trump is preparing to refuse an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is on the rise.


Who knows if Israel dropped a Nuke on Syria or not.
I think the point is the everyone believes the Zionists are capable of doing it.
The point is not about the use of a Nuke. The point is that Israel bombed Iranians in Syria. This they have admitted.
What are the Zionists doing in Syria? That is the question.
The Zionist are the biggest threat to peace in the Middle East. Even now they are killing unarmed Palestinians who touch their border fence. Typical Nazis. They are trying to start an all out war in the Middle East and expect the US to come to their defense.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180501 file: Zionist bomb Syria. 


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FACT CHECK: Did Israel Drop a Tactical Nuclear Bomb on Syria?
Fake news sites claimed an air strike on a base in Syria involved a "tactical nuke." It did not.


This is funny. Illegal. If I were this guy I would write a book from memory at some point in the future.
Just a minor example of TRUMPEE ZERO's methods: the above the law president.
What we know is that TRUMPEE ZERO has a lot of things he wants hidden. From medical records to Pee Tapes.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180501 file: TRUMPEE ZERO ; Taking medical records from doctor. 


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Trump's doctor says Trump bodyguard 'raided' his office, took files
Dr. Harold Bornstein said he felt "raped" after White House aide Keith Schiller and lawyer Alan Garten showed up unannounced and took Trump's files.


Mueller is closing in on TRUMPEE ZERO.
TRUMPEE ZERO just cannot resist his "ingorant of the law" tweets. When TRUMPEE ZERO is impeached, the record is going to show that the tweeting is what put the nails in his coffin.
What I like, is that TRUMPEE ZERO is irritated. Mueller is under his skin. The day of reckoning is coming. Stormy Daniel's attorney is a junk yard dog who is attacking. The Michael Cohen clock is running. That clock will run out 90 days before the elections. No time for the Republicans to do damage control. And TRUMPEE ZERO knows Michael Cohen is going to Flip for Mueller.
I like to think of TRUMPEE ZERO as a bug on a hot iron stove. He can't fly away and he can't dance. Korea and Iran are not going to give TRUMPEE ZERO any breathing room. Both of those issues are going to blow up in his face. Korea is coming together because of the diplomacy of China's Xi not the stupid TRUMPEE ZERO tweets.
TRUMPEE ZERO is finished. He is in free fall. No one wants to work for him. Kelly will be gone shortly. Kelly calling TRUMPEE ZERO an "idiot" is in line with Tillerson calling him a "moron". These are highly accomplished men talking about the President. Do you understand the level of disrespect here?
TRUMPEE ZERO has done a good job of burning his foundation out from under himself. No one believes him. No one really pays attention to him. His one trick pony is about dead. The press calls him on his lies as a matter of routine now.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180501 file: TRUMP ZERO questions leaked. 


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‘So disgraceful’: Trump lashes out at publication of special counsel questions
In a morning tweet, the president complained about a report in the New York Times that disclosed 49 questions linked to the Russia probe.


I think TRUMPEE ZERO is one of a kind. Thank God.
This article forgets one thing; one critical thing.
TRUMPEE ZERO DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE. He won the electoral vote which skews losers into the Presidency.
And we know that through Robert Mercer, Cambridge Annalytica, Bannon, Facebook unintentionally, targeted the key Electoral Votes. And we know that Putin manipulated the election with Fake News and Evangelicals hoping for the Second Coming and TRUMPEE ZERO happy to promote the Zionists to their own destruction were a big factor in his win. Not to mention TRUMPEE ZERO's appeal to White Racist across America.
So the TRUMPEE ZERO formula for winning the Presidency does not apply to the House and Senate races.
Further, I don't think the hatred that TRUMPEE ZERO was able to capitalize on with regards to Clinton really works now. I wanted Clinton to keep running against TRUMPEE ZERO. She didn't. So she is now a ghost and not a factor if she stays hidden.
And no one in a significant race that TRUMPEE ZERO has helped has won.
Anyway, if anyone thinks my run in 2020 for the Presidency is not serious, you need to see my resume' at and you need to see all I have written about TRUMPEE ZERO at
And you need to see my campaign to wake up Christian Evangelicals at No Spiritual Christian has gone after super judgmental Bureaucratic Christians and the Evangelicals by attacking their racists beliefs and their support of a Evil politician who worships money as god, lies, is an adulterer, uses profanity, is a thief through not paying contractors and filing bankruptcy, does not go to church, and covets the property of others like Jeff Bezos' Amazon: that being 7 out of 10 commandments that TRUMPEE ZERO lives.
No one has been in the face of these false Christians who discount their belief in God to vote for the Anti-God and Anti-Jesus candidate. (You like that term "Anti-God candidate"?)
And there is no candidate with as open a life as mine. Nothing is hidden. And there is my WorldPeace Advocacy. And my reminding True Christians that Zionists laugh at Jesus as Messiah and the Resurrection of Jesus. I am not Anti-Jew, I am Anti-Zionist. I am not Anti-German, but anti- Nazi. I am not Anti-American but anti-KKK.
And there is the fact that TRUE AMERICANS do not promote apartheid states like Israel, and do not promote concentration camps like the Zionists maintain in Gaza for Palestinians. And God does not promote the Anti-Semitic acts of Zionists against Palestinians: to God the Zionists are Cain killing the Palestinian Muslim Abel.
TRUMPEE ZERO is one of a kind. Dr John WorldPeace JD is another one of a kind. There could not be a greater difference between two human beings.
Stay tuned. The times they are a changing.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180501 file: TRUMP ZERO v. Dr John WorldPeace JD ; 


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Analysis | Trump’s 2018 strategy so far? Clintonizing Democratic candidates.
He only knows one way to run a campaign.


Friends, there is no telling where all this TRUMPEE ZERO trade chaos is going to end up. My position is that these matters should go slow and that they should have been going on for many decades.
Trade is the key to increasing the peace in the world. I said 30 years ago in my Book of Peace that the chance of war in a global society is greatly reduced because the world becomes more economically integrated the the chance of any country harming the countries they buy from or sell to will be reduced.
We can see that right now. There are no drums of war being beaten over these tariffs. The war is going to be fierce jockying in the areas of economic retaliation: we screw a country on metals and they screw our farmers on agriculture.
The bottom line is some Americans are going to get some help and others are going to suffer. There will be no free rides. There is no way to tell who will be the long and short term winners and losers. Just know the money traders will be making money off the winners and the losers.
All we know is that the TRUMPEE ZERO plan is chaos. It is not well thought out if thought out if at all. What we are getting ready to experience is a long process of readjustment with no one knowing where the world markets are going to stabilize or when. As always some investors will be big winners and some losers. Some American workers will benefit and others will find their jobs gone and long gone.
Trump will "loud mouth" his alleged successes and "deny" his failures. Nothing new here.
Do I think changes need to be made in trade? Yes. Absolutely. Do I think these kinds of changes need to happen unilaterally and fast. No. Absolutely not.
War with Japan was about using military force and millions of lives to use our superior war powers to try to cut Japan off from its plan to grow as a nation. The long-term result was a strong trading partnership with Japan. The short term result was a lot of dead Americans Britons and Japanese, a lot of pain and suffering.
That being said, in the 21st century the military option is not available. There are no more unprotected nations.
And in the 21st century there is talk of mining astroids. That is great, but every new astroid glory hole of raw materials is going to glut the limited market on earth. Gold is expensive until an asteroid as big as Rhode Island made of gold is captured and gold becomes as cheap as water. Every asteroid is going to provide some chaos to some raw material on earth. And guess what friends, there are always going to be winners and losers among various human populations.
Then there is the possibility of wars in space among nations over taking possession of these asteroids. The news of gold on asteroid #58762 is not going to be a secret.
Oh yes. There are a few other issues. We are the only human industrialized world in this solar system. No trading partners on Neptune. And there is the reduction in population. Yes friends, the world Baby Boom is gone. Even in poor nations the birth rate is going down. The population is increasing for now because the past and present populations are living longer. So that means less customers in the future.
And there is the coming rejection of the American crazy pursuit of amassing possessions for possession sake. The world is moving to a more sane level of consumption.
Oh yes, this is all far beyond the pea brain TRUMPEE ZERO. And it is part of the apathy of my generation of Baby Boomers.
TRUMPEE ZERO and his plan of ongoing careless chaos without any planning or thought is going to bring all the above into a clear focus. Only the computers are going to be able to do all the calculations. And the rich will have access to those calculations for the purpose of economically enslaving as much of the world human population as possible.
The predatory nature of Homo Sapiens will go forward at max speed until it becomes obvious that economic enslavement has a global downside.
By that time the oceans will be close to being fished out, the forests will be replaced by deserts, the seacoasts will be underwater and megacities gone, property values erased: winners and losers. But overall, an entire world human society living on a burned out dark and stinking planet.
Welcome to the 21st century. All Hail the great Clown of chaos TRUMPEE ZERO. All hail the dysfunction of the United Nations and the killing fields of Palestine maintained by the Zionists. The killing fields of Syria and Afghanistan.
Baby Boomers and flower children of the 60's go back to sleep. Death is coming soon. You all sold out. You became your parents. Your vision for a great future was discarded and you made TRUMPEE ZERO king for a while as your dark champion. Jesus became politicized. Christian Nationalism of White Racism and the second class citizenship of women globally rules.
Welcome to the Third Millenium. The times they are changing.
If I am a minority of one, the truth is still the truth. Let those who have eyes see and those who have ears hear. And for those of you who fell asleep after the first paragraph please be considerate of the rest of us and die on the side of the road to the future not in the middle of it.
Dr John WorldPeace JD 180501 file: TRUMPEE ZERO ; Economic chaos on the horizon. 


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Trump delays metal tariffs on Canada, EU, Mexico, exempts some others
U.S. President Donald Trump has postponed the imposition of steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, the European Union and Mexico until June 1, and has reached agreements for permanent exemptions for Argentina, Australia and Brazil, the White House said on Monday.