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This Websie was created on November 21, 2016, by Dr John WorldPeace JD for the purpose of IMPEACHING DONALD TRUMP from the office of President of the United States in the event the does not resign while serving as President Elect prior to being sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2016.

President Obama has said, he will work against all the unAmerican policies and programs that Donald Trump attempts to delete, thwart or enact. President Obama is with me and the majority of American voters who by a margin of over ONE MILLION votes rejected Donald Trump as President of the United States and his Alt-Right, Isolationist, Racist agenda. Donald Trump does not have a mandate from the Americans who voted on November 8, 2016: Hillary Clinton does. Donald Trump is in office due to the unAmerican Electoral College that should have been repealed over a hundred years ago. In America, the majority rules. The Electoral College is a manipulation of the vote that allows the installation of a President who was not elected by the majority of voting Americans. This is clearly contrary to American Democracy and is a dark if not evil defect in American Law.

I am against virtually everthing that Donald Trump represents from the unlimited accumulation of wealth, a refusal to be charitable to relieve the suffering in the world and to promote uplifting programs, his racism, his focusing on Muslims as secondary citizens, his isolationism in the non-stoppable growing Globalism, his constant lies, his arrogance with regards to just about every one and every country in the world. His refusal to show his income taxes so that Americans can clearly see his bias toward his Empire and potentally contrary to American interests both local and globally. And much more that you can read about below.

My main website is I am an advocate for peace and WorldPeace (world peace needs to be written as one word so it is viewed as one thing, not two) but I am not a pacifist. I am not against everything Donald Trump is for. You will see that below.

I have degrees in Political Science, Accounting and Law from the University of Houston. I am a U S Army Veteran. I have been officially self-employed as a web designer since October 2003. I have pursued my art for over 5 years, Poetry for over 46 years, religious writing on all the major religions with more emphasis on Christianity all my life. I am a spiritual Christian not a religious one; meaning I attend church regularly but I am a member of no church. In fact, I am not a member of anything organization. I consider all membership as creating an Us v. Them mentality which is an impediment to WorldPeace. We must see each other first as human beings.

My signature statement is "How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all religions, all races, all nationalities, all gender designations and especially the equality of women) if we do not include everyone in our vision of peace? The answer is we cannot.

I do not have and will not ever set up a political (other than a political campaign) or religious organization. I do not solicit money. If you want to contribute to WorldPeace then buy my art, books, etc or employ me as a web designer and if you so desire pay me a bonus above what I charge. All money will go toward the advocacy of peace. I do not own a car or a home or more that $3000 in personal assets and not more than $1000 in business assets. The web design business is not one that requires more than a minimal investment in tangible assets. My business and my art and writings etc do have value no doubt but there has never been an evaluation of any of my creations.

I refuse to spend my life accumulating money for the sake of increasing my power and status in the world human society. My power and status comes from who I am and not what I own. My charity focus is primarily centered on creating jobs that allow people peace of mind and the ability to support their loved ones.

I have a significant web site at I probably live the most open life on the planet. Virtually nothing about me is hidden.

The foundation of peace in the world human society and the level of peace in the world human society is controlled by governments, the law and religions. All have reached their limit in significantly increasing the level of peace in the world. It is time for a break out.

I am qualified in politics with a political science degree and running for Governor of Texas in 2002 as a Democrat. I lost the primary in March 2002. I have studied politics all my life with a major interest in American Politics and much study regarding Nazi Germany looking for how sane people could be lead to insanity and undeniable evil.

I am qualified in the law with a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree and 20 years of practicing law in Houston, Texas.

I am qualified to speak about all the major religions of the world because as you can see from I have extensively self studies in all the major religions. I have always been a Christian. I am not a born again Christian. I believe in the red letter words of Jesus in the Bible as a foundation for my personal relationship with God. All the rest is just commentary (much of it edited for political power and control). I believe Jesus was resurrected. Something no other human being has accomplished. Therefore I am a spiritual Christian.

However, that being said, the law of the human race must remain secular. A democracy must embrace all religions. A secular democracy is defective when it makes any pronouncement that any race, religion, nationality or gender of human beings should be considered secondary citizens simply by being a member of a certain classification of human beings.

I believe criminals should be brought to justice and if their crimes are heinous, they can be executed. But the law is so corrupt in every government the death penalty is usually reserved for those without power or money.

You cannot execute an infinite immortal soul. You can only terminate a finite mortal body. And all that is happening with capital punishment is the shortening of a life before its time. In fact, all human bodies die.

Again if you want to know what I believe, read all I have published on my website.

I am not adverse to running for President of the United States as a Democrat or 3d party if that is necessary in my mind to prevent Donald Trump from having a second term in 2020. Right now the will of the American majority was a rejection of Donald Trump as President of the United States. We need to focus on the interim elections in 2018 and make the House and Senate Democratic to throttle back Donald Trumps unAmerican activities.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 161121

Commentary by By Dr John WorldPeace JD during the Presidental campaign of Donald Trump.


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Dr John WorldPeace JD Anti Trump Commentary March 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019



Friends, Donald Trump has no way to be re-elected in 2020. His poll numbers have remained steady in the low 40s. The Republicans lost badly in November 2018.

People are sick of Trump. He was elected as the minority president and he has remained the minority president ever since.

The only way that Trump gets re-elected is if the Democrats put up anyone but Joe Biden. And Joe Biden is only going to win because he represents a return to normalcy in American politics. Bernie will be hammered by Trump as a socialist/almost communist. Trump is going to have his only ace in the hole, the economy which in the past would be enough for him to get reelected. Not now. The economy is not enough but with any of the present Democratic Candidates, it will be enough. There is going to be a lot of bloodletting among the Democratic candidates as we get nearer the Primaries. They are going to be attacking each other and I am going to be attacking all of them and Trump.

None of the Democratic candidates are going to be able to challenge Trump's economics. None of the Democrats have a stronger Ace that Trump's economics.

I am in the process of finishing putting together a platform as an Independent Maverick Candidate for President that is going to be about qualifications and not Party politics and not about PAC money. No one is in my league.

As it stands now, if I do not get enough votes to beat Trump, Trump will be re-elected. I will put all the Democratic Candidates in the far back also ran cluster buster. So, friends, it is Dr John WorldPeace JD or Donald Trump in November 2020.

Dr John WorldPeace JD
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About this website
President Trump’s approval rating has held steady in the days following the release of conclusions from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe that said he found no evidence of a conspiracy between Moscow and the president’s campaign in the 2016 e

Friends the Presidential Election of 2020 is going to be about the qualification of the candidates not Party not Money. Enough of electing a president who is totally lost in office if not malicious in his execution of that office.

No candidate has my qualifications for President. Not even close.

This is short video, without any voice over, of graphics and photographs that for the most part are markers relating to my life.

I have been a WorldPeace Advocate since April 1, 1988. On that day I changed my name to John WorldPeace as a commitment to my Advocacy.

My flagship website is

There are 8000 pages on this website. All my other websites are linked from this website. Whatever you want to know about me, is linked to this website.

In 2016 I declared myself the Independent Maverick Candidate for President 2020.

My presidential website is located at


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twitter: read more >> NO COLLUSION MUELLER FINDS. Friends I think the main thing to understand is that Mueller's technical question was whether there was enough solid evidence to prove collusion. If you can't prove it you have to walk away from it. One thinG that strikes me is that the investigation was massive and took almost two years. Why? The answer is simple, Trump is a pathological liar. No one believes anything he has to say. He created this fiasco with his arrogance and his total lack of credibility. The obstruction of justice investigation will continue and all the other lawsuits will also continue. Trump will spend the rest of his presidency fighting multiple lawsuits that are already filed and proceeding. Not much is going to happen in Congress which is totally deadlocked. The 2020 election is coming fast and furious. The Democrats still have a large edge over Trump. Trump was elected by a minority of the voters. That minority has shrunk. The 2020 election is for the Democrats to lose. If the Democrats do not cut down the field of candidates very soon it is going to hurt them in the long run. None are qualified for the Presidency. The Democrats need to get on the dump Trump message as soon as possible. As far as I am concerned nothing has changed. I am against everything that Trump stands for and much of what the Democrats stand for. The world human society is in a chaotic mess. Trump is a big reason for that. Isolationist and racisism and anti global warming policies cannot go forward. We are a global society and global warming will kill enough people to cause more economic chaos than getting off fossil fuels. Zionist Israel is an affront to American Democracy and values and to the United Nations. I am glad that the Mueller investigation is off the table. It was necessary but the price has been high. Yet I think Trump has seen that it has cost him dearly. Yes there are many out to get him because he is a worthless person and bad for America and the world. From my perspective, anyone who votes for Trump is anti-American mostly out of ignorance. No one hates the not rich more than Trump. For me the top issue is he is a yellow bellied draft dodger and he has raised children to also avoid the military. He has no business as commander in chief. Also, my main campaign mantra is that the 2020 Presidential election must be about qualifications of the next president and not about PAC money or Party affiliation. Party politics do not serve America anymore. I am the only WorldPeace Advocate and my agenda has not changed with the Mueller investigation. It was just a chaotic necessary annoyance because we have a pathological liar, incompetent unqualified vindictive president.

Dr John WorldPeace JD The Independent Maverick Candidate for President 2020
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The investigation found that neither President Trump nor any of his aides conspired with the Russian government, but offered a mixed assessment on whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice.



Friends if you think the smart front running candidates for President are not listening to me about ZIONIST ISRAEL AND NETANYAHU you are crazy. They have all seen my Dr John WorldPeace JD for President website and they know I am coming for them. As an Independent Maverick Candidate I am not subject to any control by the Zionists much less the Democratic Party.

For any Democratic Candidate to support Zionist Israel is going to be a poison pill for their campaign. What you are seeing is that the top Democratic Candidates know it is going to be a very close, tight and soon to get a bit nasty contest for the Democratic nomination. I am outside the Democratic Primary attacking all Democrat and Republican candidates.

The Zionists are nothing but Nazi clones with regards to their politics as evidenced by 70 years of rabid anti-Semitic persecution of the Palestinians which only has its equal in the Nazi persecution of the Jews but no doubt less wide spread and short of the overt gassing of the Jews all from all over Europe.

You can bet the message has now been sent to Netanyahu that his re-election is in deep trouble. The Jews of the world are understanding that the only real friend they have ever had is America and if that goes the entire state of Zionist Israel is in deep trouble.

The Zionist have ethnically cleansed Palestine and created 58 Palestinian refugee camps throughout the Middle East over the last 70 years, created an apartheid state of Jews for the Jews in Israel by making all Palestinians second class citizens, they have established a concentration camp in Gaza for over 2 million Palestinians from which they periodically carry out sniper exterminations and bombings of the Palestinians imprisoned there.

As I said in my prior post, I am back now to posting several times a day in my campaign to be President. My candidacy is about qualifications to be President and not money or the Democratic or Republican Party. America has lost its way and it will take someone so completely opposite of Trump and significantly different from these Democratic Candidates to take over the Presidency and return American Democracy and values to American politics.

Zionist Israel is going to be the poison pill of this campaign. It is going to in November 2020 to be the end of the insane Christian Evangelical and Fundamentalists milking of the doom and gloom of the false Book of Revelation for money and power. The message of Jesus is "Ask and receive, seek and find and knock and enter", This means the future of the Christian world is going to be about a projection of truth justice and the American way and not about the Doom and Gloom of a viciously judgmental Christian end of the world scenario,

If you are really ready to get involved in the return to American Truth and Justice of 1776 you need to immediately view my President website listed below and you need to fund my campaign.

The times have changed and more and more each day you are going to see a more insane corrupt Trump and a greater demand that America get back on track to leading the world instead of harassing it and causing chaos.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 190321

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Democratic presidential candidates are shying away from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee's annual Policy (AIPAC) conference next week, with top candidates declining to attend the event.


Friends, the Golan Heights were occupied by the Zionist in 1967 and the Zinoists have since annexed and settled it. It is against international law to annex territory occupied in a war.

The path for the United States is clear. Support international law. Of course Trump does not care one bit about any law. We all know Trump is a pariah brought into power by Republicans. The worst president ever. A minority president. A liar supreme and a breaker of 9 of the Ten Commandments.

The problem here is proof of what Representative Omar has said since she took office a few months ago and what I have been saying for 50 years. The Zionists own the US House of Representatives and the Senate. The proof is the fact that not a single candidate for President except me has said out loud and clearly that the Golan Heights do not belong to the Zionists and for Trump to act like he has the power to give it to them is an outrage. It shows how dumbfounded and apathetic Americans have become.

Today and really ever since the end of World War II there has been hell to pay for any American who said anything against the Zionists; any American and definitely any American politician. All the Democratic Candidates for President are owned by the Zionist with regards to Zionist interests. All these candidates are American Traitors. If you support the Zionists breaking of international law regards to the Occupied Territories of Palestine you are a traitor to American Democracy. There is no wiggle room on this.

I am not anti-Jews. I am not anti-semitic. I am anit-Zionist and anti-Netanyahu.

The Zionist have tried to appropriate the term anti-Semitism. The legitimate international movement against the Zionists is about anti-Zionism and not anti-Semitism. The Palestinians are Semites and the most rabid anti-Semites in the world are the Zionists.

So my friends, America is in a very dark hour. The cause is the Trump mentality. Trump Repubicanism. The whole American population is paralyzed. No one knows what to do. Except me. Dr John WorldPeace JD the Independent Maverick candidate for President 2020.

My position is easy. Remove the Zionist from the Golan Heights and purge all the Zionist setters off the Occupied Territories. That is the legal move. That is in line with American Justice. That is in line with the international law regarding occupied territories in war.

The main point I want to emphasize is the all the Democratic Candidates for president are owned by the Zionists. The evidence is their lack of comment on Trump's intention to hand over the Golan Heights to the Zionists.

There has been enough bad acts from all these Democratic Candidates to eliminate them from consideration by any true American. I have been sitting back for the last month just watching. That has come to an end. I will be moving very aggressively against all the Democrats running for the Presidency. The election is going to be about qualifications for President not money and the Democratic Party. And if you look at my Presidential website you will very clearly see none of these Democratic posers are in my league.

It is time for you Americans with above average intelligence to support my candidacy for President. Trump has shown all Americans his intent to destroy American Democracy. All the Democratic candidates are just like Trump but running as Democrats. Fund my candidacy or my WorldPeace Advocacy which is 31 years old. I am the only qualified candidate for President. FUND ME if it is your intent to pass on to your children the America your parents passed on to you.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 19*0321

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On Thursday, President Trump tweeted about a hilly plateau beside the Sea of Galilee that has been one of Israel’s quieter frontiers for 52 years.


twitter: read more >> TRUMP GEARED UP TO SELL MORE LIES IN 2020
Friends I have taken several weeks off from posting to update my websites for my campaign for President and to try to get an overall view and feel for what is going on with regards to the 2020 Presidential race. One thing that is very scary for the coming election and the future of democracy is the pinpoint rifle shot targeting of voters with political ads in all forms. The intense research that has been going on in political manipulation since the 1960's now assisted by massive databases and unimaginable hardware to sort through it is a real threat to American Democracy and Global Democracy. In addition to political software and the hardware to run it, there has been intense university research into mind control and psychological manipulation generally. So not only have the hit lists of vulnerable votes been data based, demographics are available that allow an almost infinite focusing on just about every voter. There are surveys that are constantly monitoring a real-time mood of the electorate that allows the creation of messages to subtlely convince voters that black is white and white is black. Then there is all the information that was taken from Facebook that give a profile of everyone who posted in that forum.

This is going to be the most sophisticated mind control project ever created and focused on the voters in 2020. The amount of time remaining until November 3, 2020 and the money that the Republicans who have much deeper pockets than the Democrats will pour into winning is something to be feared. I can easily see the election being up for grabs within 24-48 hours of the actual voting. The massive programs that are even now plotting out scenarios is frankly beyond the understanding of the majority of voters. Those without a college level understanding of statistics have no chance of understanding what is going on.

Everyday, as in everyday, the incredible computer models are fed the latest of data and these programs then play out the November 3, 2020 election and then Think Tanks members who are connected globally are having conferences and all that input is being analyzed. The same computer technology that operates space probes a billion plus miles from earth and intercepts and lands on asteroids that are moving 50,000 mph plus are the same kinds of programs that are moment to moment analyzing American voters individually and as members of numerous groups.

Here is the reality. Since the founding of America and as far back into history as you want to look, the rich have manipulated the poor. In short, the rich have made economic slaves out of the poor. Now with the internet, the poor have an opportunity to see the truth through the internet. Every event is being broadcast in real time in America and a very large section of the global population. It is only through manipulation of the poor by the rich or I should say the super rich, supported by the rich, the minority have been able to stay in political control of the majority. That ability to control is slipping away due to the internet. In the 2016 election, chaos and confusion was inserted into the internet on a grand scale. That manipulation will continue but the subtle almost undetectable nuances of manipulation will be hard to identify.

The rich want the crippling of education. Education of the electorate means the end of control by the rich of the poor and the economic enslavement of the poor. I think private schools are fine. But I do not believe that people who send their children to private schools should have even one penny of relief from paying public school tax. There is an undeniable conspiracy by the rich to sabotage education of the poor and that conspiracy is intense. Without ignorance, the rich cannot stay in power where there are more poor voters than rich. Think about it.

The tactic that Trump and the Republicans are going to use is FEAR. And the basis of that fear is Fear of Race, Fear of Socialism (I am not a sociailist), fear of Women in power equal to men, fear of Muslims.

The second tactic is directed to one of the most critical parts of Trump's base: The Fundamental and Evangelistic Christians. It is critical that these people wake up that Trump as a tool to be used to bring forth the Second Coming of Jesus (who never left after the resurrection) is nonsense. Just about everything that Trump feeds to these Christians is a lie and contrary to the teachings of Jesus. I am working on undermining this Fundamental and Evangelistic confusion with regards to the teachings of Jesus and the reality of the contempt Trump has for Christians and Jesus beyond votes at the polls. The number one reality is that in a Democracy, American Democracy, politicians are elected by the people and not appointed by God. That means everyone who voted for Trump and those who did not fight hard enough to stop the election of Trump, own all the pain and suffering he has caused with regards to the denial of health care to the poor. Jesus said what you do to the least of you, you do to me. This means that everyone who put Trump in office PERSONALLY owns all his anti-Jesus policies. And at the time of death each Christian will be held accountable for the pain and suffering.

What you know but probably have not considered, is that Trump has made fun of just about everyone running against him, Republican or Democrat. The number of things that I have posted against Trump is greater than anyone else. But neither he or any of his followers have said a single word against me. They have been totally quiet. I am the elephant in their room, their world. I will have a significant platform very soon. And I can assure you my platform will change the dynamics of the 2020 Election and neutralize much of what I have said above. The next election is going to be about the qualifications of the candidate more than anything else.

There is no Democrat that can beat Trump that has declared their candidacy. None are in his league. He is in the league of Adolph Hitler. And where he entered the race without the support that Hitler had, Trump has those henchment in place now. And more are coming on board. He is pulling them in with the same elitist message that Hitler used. Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer (one people, one realm, on leader). The leader is the party, the party is the leader. Trump has accomplished this among the Republicans. In two years, he has taken control of the Republican Party.

One positive reality. Trump is the minority president from 2016. In 2018 there was heavy Democratic push back. But in 2020 it will be about huge FEAR that Trump will spread. That is his only hope of winning.

Dr John WorldPeace JD The Independent Maverick candidate for President 2020

About this website
He came into 2016 as an outsider but now he has the Republican party support, big money donors and a new digital guru to power his 2020 campaign


twitter: read more >> HOUSE RESOLUTION 183 CONDEMNING BIGOTRY. Friends this Resolution 183 is the most half baked resolution you can imagine. This resolution was a prime example of what Representative Omar is talking about: The Jewish influence over American Politicians.

"Merriam-Webster Definition of Semite

1a : a member of any of a number of peoples of ancient southwestern Asia including the Akkadians, Phoenicians, Hebrews, and Arabsb : a descendant of these peoples

2: a member of a modern people speaking a Semitic language."

Generally speaking both Muslims and Jews are both Semitic peoples based on the above definitions.

"The International Holocaust Rememberance Alliance Adopt the following non-legally binding working definition of antisemitism:

“Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.” "

This is a Zionist Definition.

"House Resolution 183:

Whereas the violation of an individual's civil rights based on his or her actual or perceived membership in particular religious groups clearly violates the Constitution and laws of the United States;

... It is a foreign policy priority of the United States to monitor and combat anti-Semitism abroad:"

Now here is the short hand rendition of this resolution.

1) Anti-Semitism includes Muslins and in particular those Palestinian Muslims who have been ethnically cleansed from Palestine by the Zionists and live in 58 refugee camps in the Middle East for over 70 years and the Palestinians who reside in the Zionist Concentration Camp known as Gaza.

2) The Jews want to designate the term anti-semitic to apply to only Jews when the global definition applies to Jews and Muslims.

3) The proper language would be that anti-semitism applies to Jews and Muslims and Anti-Zionism applies to only Jews. But if that were the case then the Zionists would be guilty of crimes against humanity with regards to their treatment of the Palestinians.

4) This Resolution uses the Zionists definition of anti-Semitic to apply to only Jews when the global definition applies to both Jews and Muslims. So this is a Jewish influence on politicians that Rep. Omar is talking about. It supports a Zionist bias in American politics.

5) Another important aspect of this Resolution 183 is that it applies the thrust of the Resolution to foreign policy. That means the US cannot endorse the Zionist acts against the Palestinians.

Therefore, the Resolution really attacks the Zionists treatment of the Palestinians and so we have a conflict of laws created by this half baked Resolution to satisfy the Jews who have bought off US Representatives. The resolution bolsters Rep. Omar's accusations against the Zionist lobby.

6) As to dual citizenship, I think Americans who have dual citizenship should have to sign a document of superior loyalty to the United States over any other citizenship they have.

Friends the Zionists acts against the Palestinians for the last 70 years has to stop. And it seems the new representatives to the United States House of Representatives is the beginning of a turning point in US Zionist relationships which is 70 years overdue.

Dr John WorldPeace JD

About this website
Document drafted by Democrats in wake of comments by Rep. Ilhan Omar rejects anti-Semitic stereotypes, including the 'pernicious myth of dual loyalty'


twitter: read more >> ANOTHER TRUMP MARK OF ARROGANT STUPIDITY: THE TRUMP TARIFF. Friends like almost everything these days we see the reality of a big mouth dumbass TRUMP as his policies translate into playing out in the negative. He claimed to be the tariff Know-it-All and turns out as per usual he is the Dumb Ass in Chief. His tariff plan to reduce the deficit increased it.

The whole problem here is that after you agree that Trump is an arrogant fool you get down to his refusal to take any advice. You remember time and again how he knows more than the generals, more than people who have been working in all kinds of government departments for decades while he bought one expensive sex worker after another.

I have been posting for over two years that this guy amounts to nothing across the board. Setting aside that he is a huckster and made for prime time liar.

We need all these Trump investigations to play out so in the end those who voted for him understand that the media is just a facade of nonsense to sell and promote the media business. The truth is that the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. They have no concept of what kind of people accumulate piles of money. These rich people live in a word far above the average American. Not the average American but 98% of all Americans. The predatory folks at the top of the social economic pyramid have long proven track records of confusing and manipulating all the economic slaves that live in America and vote out of their uninformed ignorance.

I have been dealing with these guys for over 50 years in my businesses. They are all predators. They are about control for the purchase of accumulating more money than they will ever be able to spend. They love to beat down others. The pain and suffering of others means nothing to these people. Their mindset is if they are able to screw someone it is their fault for being born naive and stupid and refusing to educate themselves in the ways of the real world.

All the way back to the cave men, it has been a predatory world human society locally and globally.

I want everything to come out about Trump. I want those who voted for him to fully understand what a giant mistake they made thinking the TV clown was more than a slum lord in a $3000 suit.

The time for a reconning with Donald Trump has come. The time to pull back all the covers and take a good look at a piece of garbage at the bottom of a dumpster.

The Trump story ends with him busted flat in New York selling pencils on the street from a tin cup to keep burgers and fries flowing into his big mouth.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 190306

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The gap between US imports and exports hits a 10-year high despite the president's reduction plan.


twitter: read more >> THE STUPID CONVERSATION OVER A TRUMP IMPEACHMENT. Friends in the movie Hildago the bad guys on horseback are driving Frank Hopkins toward a sand trap full of sharpened poles. Keep that image in mind.

In 23 months,Trump will no longer be the President, God willing. In the meantime, he will use every means possible to delay and in essence complicate and expand all legal actions against him. It is his primary knee-jerk reaction.

But over the next 23 months Trump will have immunity as President from being sued in more than a few areas. But at the end of 23 months he will not be president and the day after he leaves office I would say the number of new suits filed against him with double. And TRUMPEE ZERO will spend the rest of his life in lawsuit hell both criminal and civil. And you can bet all his children are going to be dragged along like puppies firmly leashed to a fast-moving automobile.

We, all Americans, need to see Trump lose every asset he has. We need to see every crooked deal aired out. We need a message sent to any other Trump clone that the White House is not a future they should aspire to.

I do not want Trump impeached. I do not want to see Trump dead by his bad health, old age or some psycho. I want him to live the rest of his life in an unimaginable hell on earth. The only thing Trump cares about is his money and his status as a rich guy. I want to see both vaporized. I want in the end to see a poor and penniless pariah wandering the streets of New York city selling pencils out of a tin cup.

So let us all forget about Impeachment because it will just be a waste of time. Let us all think about JUSTICE in January 2020.

My worst nightmare is that Trump gets reelected. And friends with the dog and pony show circus that the Democratic Primary for President is evolving into, Trump could be re-elected.

I am the Independent Maverick Candidate for president 2020. I am not and will not be owned by any large donor or PAC and I will not be owned or manipulated by the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party showed me their true colors when I ran for governor of Texas 2000-2002.

Keep this in mind with regards to the Democratic Primary for President. ONLY ONE CANDIDATE WILL WIN. I will be attacking all of those candidates for the next 15 months and the winner of the Democratic Cluster Fluster for the next 20 months. So these foolish candidates are going to have to play nicey-nice with each other as they try to attack each other under the rules of engagement dictated by the Democratic Party. I am a member of no party and will not establish one. I will not be playing nicey-nice. I did not play nicey-nice in Texas in 2000-2002. I will not play nicey-nice now.

I am the only qualified candidate for president 2020. The only one. The 2020 presidential election is going to be about qualification, NOT PARTY affiliation. That is the change that must take place in American politics. Due to the Two-Party gridlock in Washington, the only solution is an independent President who will be able to force compromise.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 190306

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Donald Trump's entire life story of fighting and surviving, of cheating personal and professional ruin over and over, has delivered him to his greatest battle yet -- the one to save his presidency.


twitter: read more ... TRUMP'S WORLD A TO Z IS UNDER ATTACK. Each day that goes by now brings more bad news to Trump. At a minimum, the next two years are going to be about nothing but the Democrats investigating every aspect of Trump's history. I really dont understand why Trump was so ignorant as to believe that he could hold off very powerful and saavy men and women in the House and Senate from looking into every deal he ever did. So many of these Representatives and Senators have matching egos with Trump. They have spent decades and longer creating a power base different from Trump but none-the-less one that can challenge his reality.

I have said it since Trump was designated the Republican candidate at the convention in 2016 that if he took the job of president he would lose everything he had. I repeat that now. Trump is finished and leaving the White House is not going to end his troubles. From now on his life is going to be about trying to keep his $3 billion empire from imploding. He had it made and then his ego decided he needed to run for King of the USA.

He began his trek to the White House trying to destroy Obama on the birther lie. He was relentless and it paid off in the short run when he won the Republican Primary for President. He has had a two year run at being King in his own mind. Then November 2018 came and he was essentially castrated. He was the minority President placed in office by the undemocratic Electoral College. Then in November 2018 he realized his minority hold on the Presidency had shrunk. All the Representatives and Senators are elected by majority rule. No one should have been surprised that a straight-up election would increase the power of the Democrats in Washington.

For me, the fact that Trump has been neutralized was enough of a victory. He has been stopped from easily continuing his destruction of American Democracy. He has been stopped from significantly acting like a dictator.

My concern has shifted to the come one, come all Dog and Pony show of the Democratic Primary for President 2020. That craziness with last for the next 16 months and I expect will give Trump another shot at being elected. The nasty politics have yet to emerge, but they will. None of these Democratic candidates have my credentials and I believe the 2020 election for President will be about the qualifications of the candidates and not the usual party politics.

It will also not be about money flowing into the candidate's coffers to manipulate the dull and ignorant voters. I intend to show how a run for president can be successful with less than a million dollars. Stay tuned.

I am busy right now cleaning up and enhancing and extending my many websites that I began setting up in 1998.

Dr John WorldPeace JD 190305

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Nearly everyone in Donald Trump's world just became a potential witness.